The train ride

The Train Ride
Has anyone taken a night train following a major event in an
Asian country? I have. If you think trains are crowded during
peak hours in New York, you must experience riding trains in
Asian countries. Then you may ask what is common between a
crowded train in Asia and a can of sardine.
The idea to see the festival was planted in our minds by George,
who was our bartender at the hotel. He stated that the Kandy
parade was a once in lifetime experience, two days before we were
to head back to Oslo. After hearing what we were about to miss,
we made plans to hit the road next morning to see the parade
before we retired to our rooms that night. Roger, my s****r’s
fiancé opted to stay behind, as he was somewhat under the
weather, but my girlfriend Edna and my s****r Laura joined me for
the journey.
The parade was fabulous, the weather was fair and the food was
great. However, our only problem was getting back to the capital
to collect our belongings and making it to the airport following
night as we had a night flight to London and a connecting flight
to Oslo from there. I became worried when I couldn’t secure first
or second-class reserved seats on the night train that was to
depart at 1.00 am, but the girls agreed to try the coach with
locals, even though that somewhat scared me having heard about
pick pocketing and other crimes on crowded trains. Unfortunately
I did not have other options, but to ride the train with two
beautiful girls, therefore soon after the parade, we rushed to
the train station with thousands of other people who had the same
Our short walk to the train station started with bunch of small
groups rushing in that direction later became like a many small
streams joining a one big river. Then we were carried by a wave
of people and I wasn’t sure if my feet ever touched the ground
till we got to the train platform.
As we stood there waiting for the train, I expected a long train
with many compartments to carry the masses that waited for it,
but to my utter surprise, a train with three compartments
approached the station. As it slowly approached the station, many
started to hop-on to claim seats for themselves; their friends
and f****y. Suddenly when the train came to a stop, we were
pushed and shoved right inside a compartment and we floated as
the flood of crowed made us finally land at the end of the
compartment, nowhere else to go. I found Edna facing right and
holding to a headrest of seat, I was with my back against the
back of the compartment and Laura was in left front of me,
partially leaning against my body while the rest of her body was
on a tall oriental girl. I remembered seeing her with few others
at the train station, dressed in a short red dress. Even though
her beauty drew my eyes few times, I thought she had bit more
makeup on for my taste, but I know I would not chase her out of
my bed. I was pleased to have good-looking girls putting their
weights on me over a rough local man.
The girl was tall for an oriental. Even though she didn’t have
much on her chest, she looked fairly good-looking. Once she
became crammed into the back of the train, she yelled in a
foreign tongue, which I assumed was one of the eastern European
languages to get the attention of others who were in her party,
but they were helplessly crammed as well in the train compartment
designed for about 50 people to stand, but now packed with nearly
five hundred, if not more. She turned her head towards me and
said something in her language that I didn’t understand and then
smiled. I returned a friendly smile as the train pulled off the
Then it became evident that this train had more than one problem.
Cabin lights started dim, shutoff and then came back on, when the
train started to make its way down the mountainous path.
Irritated by the cabin lights or wanting to rest, several guys
went on to cover lights nearby them with whatever that they had
in their disposal and others soon followed, making the entire
compartment dark. The light that emitted through the materials
was not enough to brighten the cabin, but no one complained or
was too tired to try. Then the singing began from a party at the
front, while others tried to find comfort in whatever the
position that they were in and tried to rest.
Few minutes later at the next train station, we had more
passengers getting on, but I didn’t notice anyone getting off the
train. The train continued on its journey in herky-jerky motion
again, while we tried to find comfort attached someone else’s
body from all directions.
My attempts to readjust my position was prevented the women who
sat by me with a tall wicker baskets on their lap, and therefore
I had to endure the pain of bouncing bodies with the oriental
cutie who stood next to me. The only other comfort that I had
left was still being able to put weight on one leg or standing on
my heels and toes as all of the other passengers.
The next stop came few minutes later and again no one got off the
train, but few managed to squeeze in. The conductor announced the
next stop would come in forty-five minutes and someone translated
that for us in English.
We continued down to the low land again in the crowded dark train
compartment. I noticed Edna finding little room to comfort her,
she fold her arms and rest her head on a backrest of a seat. By
doing so, she bent her back making the area cram more for me and
caused me to lean more towards the opposite side. The oriental
girl did not resist my movement; instead, our bodies came so
close that it would have been an impossible task to drop a fine
needle between our bodies.
Few minutes later, I felt some movement over my crouch and did
not bother to investigate since I was already getting similar
unintentional rubs and hits from others. Then when I felt someone
intentionally trying to squeeze my dick over my shorts, I looked
at Edna who had dozed off. And my s****r, who was in front of me,
wouldn’t dare to do such thing, I knew, even though she could
have moved her hand behind her back to do so. Then when I looked
at this oriental girl, she turned her head and smiled, as to
acknowledge her action. I thought “Holy shit, what the hell this
girl is trying to when I am with my girlfriend and s****r”, but I
didn’t resist or corporate.
The caresses continued and my dick started to respond even in
this crowded and hot train. The oriental beauty moved her hips
sideways to insert a leg between Laura and me and kept squeezing
my cock over the fabric of my shorts as my dick kept growing. Not
wanting to be left out of the action, I decided to lower my left
arm down her back and let it wonder around her firm round ass. I
was sure glad that she had a thin dress on. Also two elderly
women who sat with baskets on laps provided a perfect cover for
my hand.
I was almost to the full length when I felt her trying to unzip
my fly. She fought the zipper with one hand and I knew she was
having difficulty opening it. Thoughts of experiencing a strange
adventure alone as enough to get me excited. I took my hand from
my s****r Laura’s shoulder and unzipped my shorts as the girl
quickly adjusted her body in such way that she could access my
dick and sent her fingers inside the crouch grabbing my member
over the garment of my boxes. It didn’t take her long to unbutton
my boxes and bring my dick out to feel the dampness of the air
outside. After that she turned her back to me and continued to
hold my dick with her right as she massaged my dick-head with her
thumb. I myself had enough to explore.
I looked around see if anyone was watching our little play, but
to my relief Edna was still dozing on her side and my s****r’s
head was resting on an older guy who stood next to her with her
back somewhat on the oriental’s girl’s body. I inserted my
fingers inside her panty from the side, pulling it lower as well.
At that time, this girl placed her hand on mine and squeezed it
and guided it inside, while she herself dropped her panties
lower. Her hand was moist and covered with a slippery substance.
I wasn’t sure whether that was my own pre-cum, but I knew she
held my dick only with her right hand and was still holding it
when she touched my hand. I proceeded to pull her underwear even
lower, exposing her porcelain ass cheeks. They weren’t fat and
bouncy. They were firm, yet wrapped in silky soft skin.
I lowered my hand down her clean shaven pubic area and then
instead of finding a wet opening, I ran into a stiff resistance.
It was stiff and very stiff. In fact it was another cock. WOW!
All along I thought that I got lucky with a beautiful girl, but I
was shocked to find a cock attached to her body, that was hard as
a rock and pointing upward and pulsing. He or She didn’t look
back, instead the person adjusted position and brought my cock
between person’s legs and released it, causing it to bounce up
and down and settled between pair of thighs. I was helpless and
speechless. I always wanted to fuck a girl in the ass, but I had
no desire to fuck this unknown Stanger. But my dick was so hard
and I knew it wasn’t about to shrink without shooting a load.
In any case, this person’s thighs were smooth and silky and
before I knew it, the person closed the gap between them,
sandwiching my dick in between and swung person’s hips back and
forth without giving me a choice. Much as I didn’t want to do it,
I began to enjoy the action. You may think I am gay, but I know I
had never thought of having sex with another man.
Under normal circumstances, I would have shot my load, but in
this occasion it did not and stayed on to enjoy soft thighs where
my cock was in between and the movements of the train that made
my cock move. Then suddenly, this person increased the speed of
motion for minute or so then stopped, abruptly. Then parted his
thighs to let go of my dick, but it sprung in between and pocked
him in his ass.
In a way I was glad that he stopped. I thought my dick would get
soft soon and then I could tack it inside the confinement of my
pants. In its current state, it would not go in without me
dropping my pants down completely and I had no plans of getting
unwanted attention.
Then he moved sideways, grabbed my dick again and jerked it few
times. When he turned, I my s****r Laura’s body moved backwards,
since she had her weight on him before. Then in a swift movement,
he pulled me forward by pulling my dick making me bear the weight
of Laura’s body, pointed my dick down and then let it go.
I instantly realized my dick was now between Laura’s thighs and
this oriental had the hem of Laura’s dress up around her ass.
Soon thereafter I felt warm thick juice that dripped from her
pussy, dripping down to lubricate my cock. I wasn’t sure if Laura
was aroused or this person had just fucked her or both at the
time. When the train negotiated the next curve, weight of Laura
entire body settled on me, causing my cock move the length of her
valley, making me sweat, yet giving my cock a new sense of
urgency. Second later I felt a caress on the underside of my
shaft making me think someone was still fingering Laura and the
same time extending fingers to touch my shaft.
I was somewhat surprised but, wasn’t stunned. Laura was tomboyish
when she was young and was much wilder before she met Roger. At
times I suspected she was either a lesbian or bi-sexual. I had no
idea how she acted normal up to this point when a stranger
fingered her and most likely fucked her in a train. Then again, I
was in the same boat with her, but now I had my cock between her
slippery thighs, navigating the length of her valley while a
stranger continued to rub her clit and massage my dick. Thinking
about it made me hot and wanted to shoot my load, but knowing the
wet cunt that I was enjoying belongs to my s****r, I just stood
there not knowing how to proceed.
Second later, I felt the hand that rubbed my cock guiding its
head towards my s****rs slippery hole, and I involuntary
cooperated by lowering my hips and sending my dick-head inside
Laura’s warm and wet pussy. I almost came then. The warmness of
Laura’s pussy, excitement of the hand that still caressed the
under side of my shaft and wickedness of having my cock-head
inside my s****rs very wet and silky pussy hole had my cock ready
to shoot. I no longer cared about anything but to send the rest
of my length inside my s****r’s hole and to shoot as soon as
possible as my dick had suffered for some time without any
relief. I lowered my hips little more for leverage and trusted
almost the entire length inside sending shrives through my entire
body next. For my utter surprise, Laura wiggled her hips and
tightened her thighs giving me tremendous pleasure and bringing
me ever so close to my pinnacle. Laura slowly rocked me, grinded
me, with a rolling rhythm as the train kept moving. The hand that
rubbed my cock appeared to be playing with Laura’s sensitive
clit. Then I felt Laura’s cunt tightening more around my cock and
sudden collapse of her body over mine while shivering her body.
No sooner she stopped wiggling her ass; I shot my load deep in
her and held on to her shoulder to keep my balance. I must have
cum in buckets inside of her as I felt warm cum further
lubricating her hole and dripping along my still hard pole.
I looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to what
just took place and was relieved to find that none was awake or
able to see our action. I continued sliding my cock up and down
Laura’s cunt as it remained hard. Laura rested her head on my
shoulder and rode my dick slowly but steadily. Then when her
elbow stated to rub my side, I noticed that she was not only
allowing me to fuck her, she was busy massaging oriental
girl/boy’s dick, keeping him engaged in the action that for some
reason excited me even more. I no longer had anything to conceal
from Laura, since it appeared as she was well aware that I had
once cum inside of her and still had my dick buried deep inside
of her while I kept riding her cunt.
I drove my dick in and out of my s****r’s cunt as fast as I can
without attracting any obvious moves to attract attention. I
wanted to cum one more time before the sunrise. Within few
moments, I felt Laura’s pussy tightening again around my cock and
she arched her back to give me better access to pump her cunt as
I wished. I withdrew much as possible and started to thrust her
hard sending her over the edge once again. I shot my load
immediately after her climax and leaned on the back of the train
compartment to support my weight.
The oriental girl/boy gave a big smile and f***ed his thin body
between me and Laura. I knew it was time to tuck my limp dick in
my shorts and watch the oriental girl/boy banging Laura. Minute
later, I reached from side and massaged Laura’s clit as I felt
that I owed them a favor. My s****r turned her head back and