Uncle In

If you bother to look at my profile you will see that sex within my f****y happened I suppose it still does but I am here in the UK and most of my f****y are back in the US.
Now look at my age? This was therefore a long time ago however some parts of what happened stay with me big time and I am sure as you read you will see why?
I grew up travelling around the US with Mom and Pop as he was based at whatever airf***e base they needed him. Sometimes he would simply go away for 6 months coming home maybe once. Working all hours.
Anyway my Mom bless her did well bringing up me and my b*****rs. They where terrible. Would do excactly what they wanted whenever they wanted. When Pop got home it was a different story and what they had done would be held in account till he got home.
My eldest b*****r would fuck just about any girl he could he was handsome and boy was he hung. The sort of cock all girls like around 7inches when flacid and thick. So when he got hard he would put another inch or so on and jesus would it be very thick then. How do I know thats for another day. Anyway he would bring girls back and bang them in his room Mom got fed up with this and lock the outisde door so he could not get in so he would fuck them in the yard.
God I saw some sights. He would ALWAYS end up fucking them from behind and when he could he would slip between pussy and arse. I watched several times either from my bedroom of if I could sneak out from nearby bushes.
My Mom was no saint and with Pop away her needs where seen too buy various visiting airmen that of course came to see if her welfare was OK? That alwasy made me laugh.
Anyway I had a colourful up bringing.
I am not going to give my age when Uncle Dick had me the first time however he should not have been been fucking me. 1 Because he was f****y and 2 because I was a little young.
The time I am about to relay to you was indeed when Pop was away and had been away for a coupel of months. Uncle Dick came around during the day to see Mom. However he knew she taught at the base school so would be in work till late as she ran after school classes. Therefore there was only one reason for his visit he was horny for young cunt.
He stood thier in our kitchen nice neat well ironed shirt pleated shorts that fitted perfectly a stunning 30 something. The bulge in his shorts had only appearded once I crossed my legs. I knew he could see my cunt. I did not care. I always wondered why he made sweet talk going on about this or that when all he wanted was to slide my knickers down.
Anyhow he spoke about how his b*****r was getting on and all the time the bulge got bigger and longer and stretched his shorts. I fancied playing around a little so simply opened my egs in short gym skirt with cotton knickers on I must have looked like a little slut. But there I sat showing all. I knew my little nipples had hardened and he could see.
So whilst he was talking I stood up and walked outside. He must have thought shit I can go out there as it was ages before he appeared. I sat legs apart with a damp patch around the crotch on the swinging chair not a care in the world. He had to do a double take when he appeared from inside as it was real bright and I was under a big tree shaded. Pop had only put the swinging seat up just before he went and I loved it. My b*****r had christened it the day after as he grunted and shoved his thick meat into yet another girlfriend.
My uncle walked over and stood about four feet from me and told me what a lovely young lady I was. I smiled and sucked my thumb I knew he loved that. He would ask me to do it as he fucked his cock up me.
He kept going on about how I should get a boyfriend etc. I simply did the girlie thing and giggled. In the end he stood just inches from me he towered over me when I stood however sitting down his 6 feet 3 ins dwarfed me. Right in front of me was his zipper. I inched it down as he spoke. Like a lot of guys of his age he wore nothing underneath and out flopped a half hard cock. It was always thick even after he had cum his muck but horny like this is looked huge in my hands. Yes both hands he was a big boy. I slowly pulled it back and forth licking the tip from time to time. It oozed pre cum like it was going out of fashion his was reallt hick. I have never met another guy who pre juice was like syrup. He was getting so turned on who could blame him/
It must have been a sight looking down at my little blonde head licking his fat cock for him. He was hard now and my god he was hard. When he went fully hard there was zero bend in it just like a stick of wood.
I sucked that big fucker down my throat I can tell you. Tweaked his balls played with arse the whole nine yards. I though he wanted me to make him cum so went for it. However he had other ideas and suddenly pulled out with a very loud squelch.
His shorts where off ans shirt unbuttoned as he lifted me and pulled my knickers to one side I slid nealy down his hard cock. His big powerful body allowed him to simply slide me up and down his shaft. It always felt good with him.
He banged me like this forawhile and I remembered thinking fuck it when he slid it out of me as I was cumming. He placed me on the swinging chair so that my legs fell over the front and my cunt was exposed. Pulled my knickers off and I fought back which to me seemed silly as he had just fucked me standing for 10mins. But he like that and ripped them to pieces. Kneeling on one knee he was just right. I think Pop must have put it at that height so his b*****r could fuck me?
I remebr looking down thinking that was just about the biggest I had ever seen him. He simply slipped it up me god so nice. Filling me right up then gentle he rocjed the swing getting perfetec distance so I swung away and it left the tip in then it filled me. It was so horny being fucked like that. I came very quickly. He banged me like that until it all went in all 10" of his fat thick cock. He was amazing I have to say as he could fuck for simply hours stay hard and just when you thought he could not cum bang he would. Today was the same he got bored with that and there I was on all fours being well and truly banged. Back to the swinging chair then up against the side of the house he just got more and more confident. It was while we where in missionarly that we heard the car cumming up the drive way. Too late to do anything much he pulled out of me. My Mom saw me laying there her b*****r in law with 10" of steaming cock hovering over me and did NOTHING. Simply got out of the car said Hi Dick and walked into the house. He was back up me in a blink I was very puzzled however I dont know if it was becasue I was sucking my thumb or that we had been caught but he suddenly pushed it all in grunted and let fly with the biggest cum load I had ever felt from him.
he wiped his cock as I lay there cum pouring out. He simply lent forward kissed me and said ask yer Mom.
I did do that rather red faced and shocked a few minuted later. Turned out that gool old Uncle Dick had been good to his name and regularly fucked my Mom and she knew he did me too.
Filthy I dont think so horny yes but thats my f****y