St Monicas School

Don`t know who author is but excellent story wish there was more.
Jenna woke up early today. The first day of school was always exciting, but
today was even more exciting because today, she was the teacher. She felt
fortunate to have been so lucky as too land her first job as a teacher at
St. Monica's School for Girls. And the school was only a half-mile away
from her Midwestern, tree-lined neighborhood. The Catholic school was
renowned in the area for its high standards of discipline and education.
As she showered, the petite blonde reflected back on the interview process
with the head mistress, s****r Ann. She remembered how s****r Ann commented
on how tiny she was and that she wondered if she might 'get lost in the
crowded hallways'. At the time, Jenna felt a little uncomfortable at the
comment and wanted to point out that not many of the teenage girls had
breasts her size, but thought better of it and let the comment
pass. Thinking about it now, she realized that she had, in fact, been
mistaken from behind for a young teenage girl numerous times before. That
was until she turned around and the person saw how large her breasts were
and then immediately realized their mistake.
Jenna marveled at how young s****r Ann was. She couldn't have been more
than forty, but she looked really good for her age, no matter what it
was. When the interview concluded, she recalled, she wasn't sure how well
she had done, but she felt good about it. Jenna remembered her excitement
at receiving the telephone call from s****r Ann notifying her she'd gotten
the job. Now she couldn't wait to start her first day.
Jenna hurriedly laid out the prescribed garb for non-s****r's, as provided
by s****r Ann. White blouse, plaid skirt, white socks and shoes. The
philosophy at the school was that students learn better from teachers that
they can relate too, so teachers were expected to dress in a similar mAnnr
as the students. Jenna finished powdering herself after her shower and
began to get dressed. Everything fit fine. The blouse was tailor made, so
it accentuated her full figure and gave her already narrow waist and even
tighter V-shape. She pulled on the skirt and realized that it seemed
extremely short. It came to just above mid-thigh. Jenna turned around
several times and checked her appearance in the mirror. She figured the
skirt must have been okay, since the blouse fit perfectly. With one final
approving glance, she gathered her things and headed to school.
Fall was in the air as the smell of freshly fallen leaves filled the air as
she walked from the parking lot to the school. It was a large two-story
brick building, partly covered in ivy, that housed a dorm section for the
girls to sl**p in, a recreation room and classrooms. Jenna was scheduled to
teach English and gym this semester and had her first few classes already
mentally mapped out as she entered the school very early for her first
day. The excitement and anticipation had her stomach in knots and she felt
a little nauseous as walked down the empty hallway toward the Head
Mistress' office.
The high ceilings did nothing to lighten the dark corridor and her high
heels echoed as clicked along the linoleum floor as she walked. She noticed
the new posters lining the cold tile walls, welcoming the c***dren back to
school. Each classroom door was trimmed and stained in dark wood, which
framed an opaque wavy glassed window with the classroom number on it. Jenna
clutched her books to her chest as she approached the Head Mistress' office
clearly marked as such. Jenna tapped sheepishly on the window as she could
only make out a couple shadowy figures inside.
"Come in," a voice inside beckoned.
Jenna slowly opened the door and peeked inside to see s****r Ann and
another woman who was much older. She entered the room when s****r Ann,
seated behind her desk, gestured her to do so with her finger.
"Welcome Jenna. I'd like you to meet Ms. Stach, she's our office
manager. She'll help you get set up in your new room. I hope you're ready
for your first day, it'll be busy."
"Oh, yes, I am. I've been looking forward to it for days now," Jenna said
enthusiastically as she stood on the other side of the large oak desk. "And
it's nice to meet you, Ms. Stach."
Jenna shook the old woman's hand and found it kind of cold and clammy. The
old woman didn't seem real happy to see her and grumbled a "nice to meet
you" back at her. Jenna figured she'd seen a lot of young teachers come and
go in her time and wasn't impressed by anyone new.
"Let me show you to your new classroom," s****r Ann said as she stood and
walked out from behind her desk.
Her black robe looked heavy, as did her habit, Jenna thought. She was just
glad she didn't have to wear it. As they headed back into the hallway Jenna
saw a few other nuns making their way to their classrooms in preparation
for the day. Things were picking up quickly and her anticipation grew
accordingly. s****r Ann pushed open the door to classroom 111 and Jenna
walked in. Jenna had two classes to teach at her new school, English Comp
and gym. The desk at the head of the class was actually a table. The rows
of desks that faced it were the old style with the lift up desktops and
all-in-one construction.
s****r Ann at in the chair behind the teachers desk and patted the table
and said, "This will be your spot for English. And you know where the gym
office is already."
Jenna felt s****r Ann's eyes roam her figure as she stood before her. She
felt a twinge of concern as s****r Ann checked her out. Had she forgotten
something? The long pause made Jenna want to scream, "what is it?!", but
she composed herself and asked, "Am I dressed okay?"
"Uh, well, now that you asked, I need to make sure you've followed the
rules we provided you in your orientation packet," s****r Ann stated
plainly. "Oh yes. I followed them exactly," Jenna reassured her.
"Please step over here," s****r Ann said as she pointed to a spot on the
floor directly in front of her.
Jenna, unsure of why she wanted her so close, was not in any mind to upset
her new employer so early so she stepped onto the spot she pointed too.
Jenna looked down at her head mistress as she watched her hands grab the
hem of her pleated skirt. Her stomach tightened as s****r Ann's hands
touched her outer thighs and began to slide upward. Jenna stepped back and
in a shocked tone exclaimed, "What are you doing?"
"Jenna," began the calm voice of s****r Ann, "I need to check if you're
wearing panties."
"What? Of course, I am," Jenna insisted, thinking that s****r Ann must have
thought she was crazy if she wasn't. But much to her chagrin, s****r Ann
replied, "Then we've got a little problem."
"The dress code for teachers here at St. Monica's clearly states that
teachers must wear ONLY the uniform prescribed and that it is a condition
of employment. No undergarments are permitted here at the school,
Ms. Tarp," s****r Ann declared sounding more authoritative than before. "If
that's a problem, and then we'll have to reconsider our offer to you."
Jenna didn't know what to say. She knew she'd only glanced at the
orientation package and didn't really read it. It looked standard to
her. Now, here she stood before her new employer and she had to make a
decision and quick. She could see s****r Ann's disappointment that she'd
apparently agreed to all the conditions of employment and then had
willfully violated one already. Her stomach was really tight now and felt a
bead of sweat form on her forehead. "Well, Ms Tarp," s****r Ann
impatiently stated, "What's your decision?" Jenna knew she had blown it
already and didn't want to upset her new employer anymore than she already
had. She must have had her reasons for the policy and she didn't want to
upset her further by asking her for an explanation now. "I, uh...I," Jenna
"Come on girl, spit it out! Do you want to work here or don't you?" hissed
a growingly impatient s****r Ann.
"I...yes," withered Jenna as she had concerns of how she would pay bills
and rent if she didn't have a job racing through her mind. "Yes, I
want...the job. I'll do whatever is required, just please don't let me go,"
she pleaded. She hated sounding so needy, but in these economic times jobs
were harder to come by and she'd be smart to hold on to hers.
"Fine," began s****r Ann sternly, "but they're can be no more violations of
school policy, understand?"
"Y-yes, I understand," replied a visibly shaken Jenna. Ten minutes into her
new job and she'd almost lost it. She felt relieved to still have her job
and was determined to do whatever it took to keep it. She understood how
disappointed s****r Ann must have been and she committed to following all
the school rules from that point forward.
"I'll need to collect your undergarments, then. Please remove them and give
them to me. You can pick them up in my office at the end of the day and
take them home with you," s****r Ann stated flatly.
Jenna's stomach tightened again. Certainly she didn't mean for her to take
them off here, now, did she? Jenna's mind was awash with
uncertainty. Should she take them off right here, in the classroom? She
looked at her head mistress who was sitting in her chair with her arms
folded across her chest. She showed no signs of getting up to leave, so
Jenna assumed she must have meant now. This was incredible. Her new
employer was asking her to undress in front of her.
Jenna reasoned that this was in fact, NOT a public school and that perhaps
they could indeed set their own rules. Her thoughts were briefly
interrupted when she heard s****r Ann clear her throat, which she took as a
sign to get on with it. Nervously, Jenna began to unbutton her blouse. Her
sweaty palms and clammy fingers slipped on the buttons as she pressed them
through the tiny holes. She couldn't believe she was doing this. Her
embarrassment increased with each button opened. Halfway down her blouse
she felt as if she would pass out from shear humiliation. Her cheeks
flushed and she had to turn away from her employer as she pulled the blouse
out of the confines of the skirts waistband and opened the last button.
As she pulled the garment off her shoulders the cool room air gave her a
chilling sensation - a sensation she hadn't felt since she was a teenager
when her and her cousin Sandy stripped naked in the woods and ran around
like natives. They had a great time that day, doing something they knew was
wrong, but felt great anyway.
She laid the blouse on the desk beside her as she did her best to cover
herself with her free hand. She glanced over her should at s****r Ann and
took note of her stare. The look confused Jenna and she thought about it as
she reached behind her back and undid the clasp on her bra. "What was that
look?" she kept asking herself as she pulled the bra off her now throbbing
breasts. When her sizeable breasts were released from their tight confine,
Jenna sighed a barely audible sigh. "What was that for?" she questioned
herself. "What's going on?" Jenna was having an immediate increase in
arousal. She felt her nipples harden as the air struck them and she had an
urge to touch them. She struggled with the idea for a moment, shaking her
head to clear the cobwebs forming there. Why was she feeling like this? She
attempted to cover herself again. This was humiliating. The embarrassment
of the situation took over again. She felt like crying as tears welled up
in each eye when she handed her bra to s****r Ann sitting quietly behind
Jenna couldn't believe it. Was she really standing topless in front of a
Catholic nun for pete's sake? The whole situation was almost more than she
could bear. She wanted to run away and hide. The shame she was feeling was
killing her inside. But she was already committed and had agreed to the
terms of her employment. Shakily, she unclasp the hook on her skirt and let
down the zipper as she tried to use her arms to squeeze her breasts
together and keep them out of sight. "Here goes," she groaned in her mind
as she dropped the skirt to the ground and re-covered her breasts with her
arms and pushed her knees together.
"Oh my gawd," Jenna panicked in her mind, "I'm practically naked. I've got
to get these panties off quick, so I can get dressed again." She dropped
her arms and grabbed the waistband at each hip and bending forward at the
waist, pushed her panties to the floor. Jenna didn't stop to think about
what she had just done until she heard s****r Ann's voice.
"You could have used the restroom to change in, Ms. Tarp," s****r Ann said
in a disgusted tone.
Jenna almost passed out as she stepped out of her panties and bolted
erect. "Oh no, what have I done?!" her brain screamed as she clambered to
cover herself. She didn't know what to do. She stood frozen, naked and
statue-like for what seemed like hours. Her mind was racing and her ears
pounded like bass kettledrums. "What should she do? Would she be fired? Why
did she assume she was supposed to change in front of her? What was she
thinking? Was s****r Ann mad at her? Did she think she was some kind of
pervert? Would she still be allowed to be around c***dren? Should she
apologize? Should ignore s****r Ann's comments and act like she didn't hear
her?" A million questions clouded her mind and limited her decision-making
ability. She didn't even feel s****r Ann's hand on her hips turning her
around to face her. Jenna had gone totally into her own mind as was
completely unaware of her surroundings.
s****r Ann admired the tight slender blonde for a moment. The girls arms
barely covered her large, firm breasts and she could see each nipple was
surrounded by large dark aureoles that were perfect for sucking. It was
obvious to s****r Ann that Jenna worked out. Jenna's small waist and taught
stomach stretched above a soft blonde, triangular mound that had evidence
of excitement clinging to the hair. She knew she had the new teacher in a
humiliating predicament and she was going to take full advantage of the
situation. "Ms. Tarp?" s****r Ann said in stern voice to the unresponsive
girl, "Ms. Tarp!"
Jenna recovered slightly and looked down at s****r Ann who was glaring back
at her with a look of disbelief and disappointment. Jenna tried to cover
herself as she stood naked before the catholic nun, the head mistress, in a
classroom for 7th graders on the morning before the first day of school was
to begin! Somehow, she had done the impossible, the improbable. She had
managed to humiliate herself in the most degrading manner possible. The
whole scene was surreal. Her mind clouded over again as she contemplated
what she should do and what would happen to her.
Jenna stood motionless, staring into space. s****r Ann stood up and hugged
the mortified young woman.
Jenna felt a sudden sense of relief as she was wrapped in the warm robes of
the nun. The humiliated young woman closed her eyes to hide her shame and
hugged the nun back. "I...I," She wanted to tell her she was sorry, but
thought it may draw even more attention to her plight. Jenna wanted to hide
her nakedness and pressed herself closely into the robes of s****r Ann. She
felt the nun comforting her and stroking her soft skinned back. "She is
such a wonderful person for not humiliating me," Jenna told herself, "she
recognizes my shame." Jenna buried her face into the nun's chest and took
comfort in her touch.
As the two stood hugging, s****r Ann seized the moment. She continued to
stroke Jenna's back in soft circles and gradually worked her hand down
across the young woman's ass. When she didn't feel resistance to her touch,
she squeezed the tight butt cheek as she passed over it. The young woman's
soft flesh was so warm. She hadn't touched a young woman for so long, she
was overwhelmed by her luck. Here she had a new young teacher naked in her
arms. She started telling herself how easy it would be to control her. She
could use her position of power to make the young woman 'do' things for
her. She sighed deeply as she squeezed the woman's buttocks with both
Jenna felt the nun's seeming growing interest in touching her ass, but
figured the nun didn't realize what she was doing. She was a nun after
all. Jenna figured it was just her way of keeping her warm. Since her whole
backside was exposed to the cool room air and her touch did feel kind of
good, she let it pass.
s****r Ann persisted. She began to knead the firm globes with regularity.
Jenna felt uncomfortable and tried to end the prolonged hug.
s****r Ann sensed Jenna's desire to end the hug, but she wasn't ready to
relinquish control just yet. She squeezed the young woman tightly and
cooed, "it's okay Ms. Tarp, don't feel ashamed, it's okay."
At s****r Ann's words something strange began to happen. Jenna felt a
tingling sensation cover her with goose bumps. She closed her eyes and
tried to forget what was happening. She wanted this whole ordeal over
with. Still paralyzed by what she had done, she couldn't understand why her
breathing became shallower. s****r's hands warmed her buttocks and the
constant massaging was suddenly relaxing. Something was happening to her
that she couldn't explain. Waves of emotion were being pushed up from
through her stomach and into her throat. She was beginning to feel
weak. Was this right? Was it okay for her to be hugging a nun? Of course it
was okay, she told herself. s****r Ann was just comforting her, right?
s****r Ann squeezed the woman's cheeks, lifting and separating them. She
could tell by the girls change in breathing that she was starting to enjoy
her manipulations. She really wanted to taste the girls sex, but this
wasn't the time. She continued to circle Jenna's ass in a "wax on, wax
off," fashion. She could see that Jenna was distraught, but succumbing to
her touch. She had her right where she wanted her. She'd bring her closer
to orgasm before she'd stop and then she'd smack her ass and bring her
quickly back to reality.
Minutes later, Jenna was gasping for air, or so it seemed, as her body heat
rose inexplicably. Her mind was reeling. She didn't understand any of
it. She must be sick for letting these innocent touches by a nun arouse
her. But, she couldn't help it they felt so good. She relaxed her legs a
bit and spread her feet a little. Secretly she hoped s****r would push a
finger into her anus.
Suddenly she felt an electric shock bolt through the center of her body,
forcing her to jump and squeal and cover herself. She looked around the
room, gathering her thoughts and taking in her circumstances.
"Ms. Tarp!" exclaimed s****r Ann with a smack on her ass, "What are you
doing?! Get dressed right now, you have a class to teach." She knew that
she had established an early base of control over the young woman and would
have lots of opportunity to expand upon the situation.
Jenna was shocked at her own behavior. How could she have allowed herself
to become aroused by the touch of a nun? She must be sick. Suddenly she
realized she was still naked and standing in front of her new employer. She
grabbed her blouse and picked up her skirt and turned around and quickly
tried to get dressed. What had she done? How could she have been standing
there like that? What was she thinking?
As she buttoned the last button on her blouse and tucked it in, she felt
like crying again. She straightened her skirt and wondered what this all
meant. "s****r Ann...please forgive me...I'm sorry for...for whatever I
did," she said in a sheepish shaky tone.
"We'll let bygones be bygones, Ms. Tarp, so long as you follow all the
rules and conduct yourself in a proper manner everything will be fine,"
s****r Ann reassured her. "Now you have a class to teach." s****r Ann had a
devilish plan to add to Jenna's humiliation and self-consciousness so she
asked, "What's that smell?"
"Uh, what smell?" asked a shaky Jenna, still somewhat aroused, but
humiliated beyond belief.
"It smells" s****r Ann started as she acted like she was
trying to figure out the odor by sniffing the air, ""
Jenna almost passed out. She felt tunnel vision as her heart sank. Was that
her? Was that her recent unexplained arousal that s****r Ann smelled? She
felt like crawling into a hole. How much more humiliation would she have to
endure? She had already violated school policy by wearing undergarments and
then humiliated herself by stripping in front of her new boss and allowing
herself to feel arousal and now she smelled like sex on top of all that!?
Jenna wanted to quit. She didn't know what to say or what to do. Her
parents always taught her to come clean and admit what you did and take
responsibility. She knew she'd have to admit that she had somehow become
sexually aroused when she had removed her undergarments but that the whole
thing was a big mistake. She felt her breath being sucked away as she
began, "uh, s****r Ann, I, uh, don't know what happened," she stammered.
"You don't know how what happened, Ms. Tarp?" pushed s****r Ann sensing her
"I, uh, I don't know how...but I somehow became aroused when...when I took
my clothes off. Oh gawd, please forgive me for I have sinned!" Jenna
finally blurted out. Feverishly she tried to explain what happened, "I
didn't mean to break the rules and when you told me to give you my
undergarments, I thought you meant right then and when I took my clothes
off...I don't know what happened. I just became aroused and I almost had
an...and I don't know, I don't know!" Jenna sobbed as she covered her face
with her hands.
"Now, now girl. It's okay," s****r Ann said as she consoled the distraught
young woman. "If I told you how many young girls have become aroused when
they stand in front of me, you wouldn't believe it. I think it's the
robes," she chuckled. "You're fine," she said aloud while thinking, "oh so
Jenna gathered herself together tried to settle into her new classroom. She
had an hour before her first class and she had to hurry. She was still
feeling the effects of an unsatisfying orgasmic experience and tried to
forget the whole thing.
She finished moving in and took a break to reflect on her future. She
stared out the window of her classroom onto the grassy portion of the
vacant playground. The late summer day was beautiful, warm and sunny. She
started to relax a bit as the morning sun warmed her. She closed her eyes
and inhaled deeply through her nose. She was determined to make the best of
the day.
The first bell rang and she jumped a little. Her heart beat faster as she
knew students would begin pouring into her classroom for their first
period. Right on queue, the door opened and young girls began to file
in. Dressed in their traditional school uniforms with white blouses and
plaid skirts down past their knees and white socks, Jenna immediately
became aware of the fact that her skirt was much shorter than the
class'. Made from the same material, they looked alike in color and pleated
style, but her skirt was above mid-thigh. She remembered too, that she
wasn't wearing panties! She caught several admiring glances of girls as
they passed by her. She felt like they were checking her out! She could
feel their eyes roaming her body and she suddenly felt very
uncomfortable. She tried to cover herself in an inconspicuous mAnnr and
looked down at herself to see what they could possibly be looking at. Jenna
smiled a nervous smile and turned to catch her reflection in window to see
if there was something wrong with her appearance that would rate those
Jenna gasped when she saw her reflection. She hadn't noticed the sheerness
of the blouse before because she had been wearing a bra, but now, without
one on you could clearly see her large, dark aureoles surrounding her still
sensitized nipples. She tried to place her arm across her chest and remain
inconspicuous, but she knew that sooner or later she'd have to use her
hands! Nervously one hand pushed her blonde hair behind an ear while she
held the other limply in front of her.
"Good morning girls. Please take your seats. My name is Jenna Tarp and I'll
be your home room teacher for this year." Jenna began. She proceeded to
tell the class about herself and then asked them to do the same. She sat on
her desk or should she say "table" as she listened to the girls introduce
themselves one-by-one and row-by-row.
When the introductions got to the first girl in the third row, the cute
p*****n Trisha stood up and began, "I'm Trisha and I run this school."
A couple girls began to chuckle nervously, but stopped when Trisha's head
snapped around to locate the offender. Staring straight into Jenna's eye's
she hissed, "You do what I say and everything will be fine. Me and my girls
have certain demands and if you provide them to us, we'll let you keep your
"I beg your pardon?" questioned a shocked and miffed Jenna. How dare she
come into MY classroom and make demands on me. "Sit down young lady and
never speak to me like that again, do your hear me?"
"Yeah, sure," replied a sitting Trisha in a sarcastic song. "We'll see..."
she muttered under her breath.
"What did you say?" asked Jenna, now really annoyed.
"Nothing. I didn't say nothing," responded Trisha using a 'tough guy'
" didn't say anything," corrected Jenna.
"I know. That's what I said," replied Trisha to the laughter of the class.
Jenna, now clearly angry and a little humiliated, leaned forward towards
the girl to say something else to her. When she did, she didn't realize her
legs were f***ed open just enough to allow the girls with the right angle
to see that she wasn't wearing any panties. "You'd better watch your mouth
young lady," Jenna said in a stern tone trying to recapture control of her
"I'm sorry," Trisha began in a sarcastic tone once again, "my mouth tends
to get me in places I'm not always welcome."
The cryptic statement confused Jenna but she decided it was better to move
on to the next girl rather than debate with this one. She leaned back on
the table but forgot to close her legs. She was still fuming about Trisha
and forgot where she was for a minute. She kept focusing on Trisha and
wanted to scold her again, but tried to listen to the rest of the
introductions. She didn't notice several girls sitting directly in front of
her exchanging glances and making gestures with their eyes toward
her. Jenna hadn't really noticed that her skirt had been pushed up on her
waist when she leaned forward to talk to Trisha, so now the hemline was
just barely covering her pussy. Even with her legs closed you could have
seen her blonde bush, but with her legs spread slightly, it was clearly
As the last girl gave her introduction, Jenna scooted off the front edge of
the table to a loud "squeak". He bare ass had begun to sweat as a result of
the heated discussion with Trisha and her sticky skin screeched as she slid
forward. Jenna felt a little embarrassed when a few of the girls giggled at
the sound as though they knew why it happened.
Jenna brushed downward at her pleated skirt on all sides as she gathered
herself to begin the day. She still didn't realize that the skirt was
riding very high on her hips and that the hemline was just below her
vagina. The slightest leaning forward would enable the class to see her
naked ass and she didn't even know it.
Throughout the period, Jenna couldn't figure out why the girls seemed so
clumsy always dropping things on the ground as she moved up and down the
aisles while teaching. She must have picked up a dozen pencils and erasers.
After Jenna's second period she had a break, which was followed by
lunch. She leaned back in her chair at her desk in her, now empty,
classroom and assessed how her first day had begun. She closed her eyes and
tried to relax. She nodded off quietly for a few moments before jarring
herself awake when her snapped backward. "Phew," she said aloud, "I felt
I've been asl**p for hours." She got up decided to go find the gym office
to prepare for her next class. She grabbed some papers and left.
Walking down the deserted hallway, barely audible sounds came from the
rooms with classes. Jenna thought to herself that the walls of this old
building must be thick and well insulated. Her sharp heels clicked loudly
as she turned the corner to another hallway that headed toward the
gymnasium. She stopped to get a drink of water and when she turned around,
was startled by Trisha and two friends standing behind her with scowls on
their faces. "Why aren't you girls in class?" Jenna asked attempting to
establish who was in control here.
"We came out to find you, bitch," Trisha said in a hateful tone as she
pushed Jenna in the chest with both hands knocking her back against the
Jenna for the first time since she was k** and had gotten beaten up by the
neighbor k**, felt afraid. She pressed her hands against the wall and
grimaced when Trisha raised her hand as if to strike her.
Why was she so afraid? These were little k**s for crying out loud and she
was the teacher. Granted they were all tall for their age and able to look
down at her, but they were still k**s. She tried to fight the fear and
muster the courage to speak out against the abuse. She grit her teeth,
clenched her fists and pushed off the wall. "You girls get back to class
right now, do you hear me?!" Jenna crackled. She knew that didn't sound all
that convincing and she wished she could do it over again, but it was too
Trisha knew she had to exert her control over the new teacher right away or
suffer with her consequences all year. No way was she going to let that
happen, not this year. This was HER school, she owned it and controlled it
and she would be damned to let some new teacher come in here and ruin
things for her. With her two friends Barb and Bic along for support, she
knew it was now or never. Once again with both hands she pushed the young
teacher hard against the wall. Jenna slammed against the cold tile wall
with a thud that took her breath away. She almost saw stars she hit so
hard. A streak of real fear shot up her spine as she pressed against the
cool tiles and raised her hands to protect her face.
"Please stop pushing me! W-what do you want?" she pleaded. Oh no, she
thought, she actually begged these young hoodlums. Her head turned, she
peered at them through squinted eyes. Jenna became more fearful the more
they pressed in toward her. They were standing so close she could feel
their breath.
The cold tile wall brought out an unusual reaction in her body that caught
her quite off guard. She felt her nipples become hard and press against the
thin cotton blouse. Jenna hoped they wouldn't notice.
Trisha grabbed her wrists and f***ed her hands down at her sides. "Keep
your hands down, bitch," she growled.
Jenna's heart was pounding. She couldn't understand how this could be
happening to her, right here in the hallway. Jenna begged again,
"P-please...don't hurt me...I'll do whatever you want, just please...don't
hurt me." Where was everyone anyway? Why weren't there other teachers or
janitors to help? She could barely breath. Her fear was crushing her. These
girls were very angry and very strong. Whatever they wanted she felt she
had to give them or suffer some horrible fate. Jenna flinched again when
Trisha reached up toward her face. She felt Trisha grab her shoulders and
push down hard.
"Get on your knees, bitch," Trisha hissed.
Jenna reluctantly relaxed her knees and slid her back along the wall. She
closed her eyes, fearing what was in store for her. She felt her skirt
catch on the tiles and stick, which caused it stay up as her ass went
down. Now her panty-less bottom was exposed to add to her humiliation. Her
knees came to rest on the cold linoleum floor in front of Trisha who was
now looking down at her. Trisha continued to push down on her shoulders
until Jenna sat on her haunches and placed her hands on the floor to keep
from falling. Jenna was scared. She'd never been in such a submissive
position before, ever. She feared the worst. She wondered what they wanted,
but didn't dare ask. She felt stupid for allowing it to go this far but now
that it had, what was she to do? She couldn't even fight back from this
Jenna grimaced when Trisha grabbed her chin and forcibly jerked her face
Squeezing hard on Jenna's chin, Trisha insisted, "You're gonna do what I
tell you. Understand teach?"
Jenna was truly afraid. She felt her heart pounding so hard she felt like
her breasts were thumping. Her bare ass resting on her calves was a
constant reminder that she was panty-less and that really bothered her. She
didn't want to bring that fact to light, not now anyway.
"I asked if you understood, teach!" Trisha said with a jerk on Jenna's
"Y-yes, I...I understand," whimpered Jenna. She watched as Trisha released
her iron grip on her chin and reach under her skirt. Jenna gasp as Trisha
lowered her panties to her knees, then to her ankles and then step out of
them. Oh no, she thought, this can't be happening. Surely she won't make that, will she?
"Grab my skirt girls," Trisha told her two cohorts. Both girls grabbed
Trisha's skirt and pulled it up exposing her barely hairy pussy. Trisha
grabbed Jenna's blonde hair on the back of her head and slowly pulled her
face toward her pussy. She pushed her hips forward until she could feel her
teachers' nervous breath being puffed on her pubic hair through her
nose. "Kiss me."
Jenna squeezed her lips tightly together and closed her eyes. She could
smell the pungent aroma of the young girl's sex and was surprised she
wasn't repelled by it. She tried to resist the girls' grasp on her head but
knew it was futile. She could feel the girls' soft pubic hair tickling her
nose and she knew she very close. Trisha had only asked her to kiss her. It
could have been a lot worse she reasoned. She opened her eyes and looked up
at her tormentor when she heard her whisper, "kiss me" only this time in a
soft, sexy voice.
For some strange reason something strange took place just then. Jenna felt
her resistances diminish and her body start to relax. At the same time, she
felt Trisha's grip lessen. As she sat on her haunches in the hallway of her
new school, her face so close to a young teen's pussy that she could feel
her own breath on it, she sensed something different.
Jenna looked up at her tormentor as she quietly mouthed the words again,
"kiss me." Jenna didn't feel threatened anymore. She felt this was an easy
thing to do and then it'd be over. She closed her eyes, puckered her lips
and gently kissed the young teen's pussy.
"There now, that wasn't so bad was it?" asked a satisfied Trisha.
Jenna felt a strange sensation race through her body as her lips touched
the young girl's sex. What was happening to her? She felt her nipples
pressing hard against her blouse and the cool air in the hallway breezed
across her moistening slit. How could that be? This was a disgusting
act...wasn't it? She was just f***ed to kiss a teenagers pussy in the
hallway of her new school. And yet, she felt strangely aroused by the
Jenna felt Trisha caress her face and lift her chin up again. "You didn't
answer me, teach. I asked if that wasn't so bad," Trisha pressed. "Now,
tell me it wasn't that bad, okay?"
Jenna couldn't believe what she was about to say. She was going to tell
this young teen girl that kissing her pussy wasn't bad. Was this real? Was
she actually doing this or was this some sort of bad dream? Even if it was
a dream, she felt an overwhelming urge to tell this girl that she didn't
mind kissing her pussy. "No, it wasn't that bad," Jenna heard herself say
in a dry mouthed voice.
There, she had done it. Now it's over.
"Give me your tongue, teacher. Teach me. Teach me what women do to women,"
Trisha encouraged as her friends watched and listened.
Bic and Barb could hardly believe what they were witnessing. Trisha had
just made a teacher kiss her pussy in the hallway at school.
Jenna heard the words and she couldn't believe she was hearing them. There
was no way she'd eat this young girl's pussy in the hallway at school. No
way, she drew the line when she kissed her. That was enough. Jenna shook
her head 'no'.
"What? Did you say 'no' to me?" Trisha asked in a soft voice petting the
side of Jenna's face with the back of her hand.
Jenna looked away.
"Girls," Trisha said.
Bic grabbed the back of Jenna's hair and yanked down hard causing Jenna to
groan loudly and wince. Bic pulled down so hard and so far that Jenna's
mouth couldn't close.
Quickly, Trisha mounted the open orifice jamming her pussy down on Jenna's
mouth. "Lick me bitch. Lick me now!" she screamed, her voice echoing down
the empty corridor.
Jenna was shocked at the sound and even more shocked that this young girl
was grinding her pussy on her mouth. Jenna could only gasp air through her
nose. She couldn't even get this girl off with her hands since she was
supporting herself with them on the floor. The hard grinding continued and
Jenna feared someone may hear Trisha yelling and come to investigate. This
was not what she wanted anyone to see.
"Lick me, now, bitch or I swear I'll scream it at the top of lungs. And
when people come to check it out, I'll scream ****!" Trisha threatened in
scratchy voice. "Now lick me, bitch!"
Jenna felt she had no choice. Trisha was right. If she were to get caught
with her face buried in a young girls pussy, whom would they believe? She
had to do it or risk getting caught.
Jenna pushed her tongue out and for the first time in her life tasted the
juices of a female. She pressed her tongue inside the tight opening and
felt the warmth contained inside. Surprisingly, the taste wasn't repulsive
like she expected. The wetness was beginning to coat both sides of her
mouth and ooze down her chin. Drooling was not something she was used to
doing so she did what came naturally and began to suck in the growing
moisture. Before Jenna knew it, she was sucking and fucking the young girls
vagina with her tongue and mouth, right there in the hallway at school.
Jenna just wanted the whole thing to end. She sensed Trisha's growing
excitement and stepped up her efforts. The taste and smell of Trisha's
pussy was becoming intoxicating and the shear dirtiness of the act she was
performing had a sexually deviant arousal to it. She felt her own wetness
growing as the young teen's grunts turned to pants and echoed throughout
the hallway. Uncontrollably Jenna heard her self groan once as the grinding
teen pushed down harder on the new teacher's face. Jenna struggled to keep
her balance as her mind clouded with her building arousal.
What was she doing? How could this be happening? How could she actually be
feeling arousal doing such a despicable act to a young teen? She was under
age for God's sake! Yet with all the things wrong with it, she still kept
reverting back to the taste, smell and sound of an aroused youth. Her
senses were going mad. Her mind was saying 'no', but her being was
screaming 'yes'. Jenna drove her tongue deeper into the youth, eliciting
even louder groans and pants.
Trisha was really humping the teacher's face, now. She ground and pumped on
her mouth as she felt her drive her tongue inside. She was fast approaching
orgasm and wanted to spew cum all over her teacher's face. She wanted to
show this older bitch that she was really in charge. She grit her teeth as
she ground harder and faster on the open cavity. She felt her teachers'
nose and tongue swipe by her clit as she pumped and ground. She reached
down and grabbed her teachers' ears and hair and forcibly pulled her face
deeper into her soaking slit. She violently humped her face as she reached
orgasm. With a deep guttural, "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h," Trisha bellowed in
Jenna sucked hard as she felt gushes of warm juice spit repeatedly from the
young girl's loin. Her chin, cheeks and face were being coated with girl
cum and there was nothing she could do about it. Her ears ached from being
pulled upward and her face throbbed as the violent rubbing began to
subside. Jenna felt Trisha's grip relax as her orgasm diminished. She
couldn't believe that she had just brought a young teen to orgasm in the
hallway of the school on her FIRST day! How did this happen? Trisha
dismounted her and Jenna started to wipe her mouth when she felt a violent
tug on her blouse.
"Stand up, bitch," Trisha growled as she yanked up on the teacher's
blouse. When Jenna stood, Trisha pushed her against the wall again and held
her there with her fist clenching her blouse. Trisha leaned forward and
drove her tongue into the teachers' mouth and swiped it around. She purred,
"ooh, I taste good, don't I teach? Don't I?!" she said with a jerk on her
"Y-yes," whimpered an ashamed and humiliated Jenna.
"Don't wash your face for the rest of the day, understand, bitch?"
commanded Trisha. "I want everyone to know that you're mine and I've marked
you as my territory."
Jenna felt her heart sink. How humiliating. She was going to have teach
class for the rest of the day, red-faced from having Trisha's pussy rubbed
across it and coated with dried sticky girl cum. She knew people would
surely be able to see the encrustation once it dried and most likely would
ask about it. What would she say it was?
Just then the bell rang, ending the period. The three girls adjusted
Jenna's clothes in a seemingly helpful manner.
"We'll see you tomorrow teach," said Trisha "and don't forget what I told
Jenna quickly tucked in her blouse as the hallway quickly filled with
students pouring from their classrooms. Most walked by without giving her a
second look, while a few others gave her disgusted looks. She wondered if
they could smell Trisha on her face. Certainly her cum still glistened. She
could feel it's moisture on her cheeks. She tried to look away from
students as she pressed her way through the crowded hallway. She could
still feel her own moisture lubricating her thighs as she leaned into the
Her clouded mind still couldn't take in all the horrible events that had
happened to her today and it wasn't even noon, yet. She barely noticed the
occasional hand that rode under her skirt and brushed her buttocks and
hips. The crowded hallway amassed warm bodies and she was at their mercy as
she made her way to the sanctity of her office in the gym.
Jenna curled up in the office chair and wept as she thought about what had
just happened. She was f***ed to lick the vagina of a minor girl in the
hallway! "My gawd, what was this place?" she sniveled to herself. How did
she ever let that happen? She was an adult and the girl was 13. "But it was
scary," she told herself, "there were three of them...and they were
angry...and big." Her mouth and face still ached from the 'incident', she
still couldn't call for what it was...****. Just the thought of it sent
shivers up her spine. She didn't want that to ever happen again. Her hair
was a mess and she looked disheveled. Even though the abusive teen had told
her not to wash her face, she made up her mind to do so anyway. She felt so
dirty and violated that she just wanted to wash the whole incident
away. She decided to take a shower and clean herself.
She looked around the office for a towel and found a clean one in a cabinet
next to the office door. She took the towel and held it close to her chest
as she looked around the locker room to make sure no one else was
there. She still felt really jumpy. She wondered why the teachers didn't
have their own shower. She felt a little uncomfortable being f***ed to use
the girl's shower room, but she needed to get clean. She pulled off her
blouse, dropped her skirt and stepped out of her shoes before prancing
across the room to the shower stalls.
It was a pretty long way from the office to the shower stalls and Jenna's
feet were cold by the time she stepped into the small room with six
showerheads, three on each side. She stood under the middle one and turned
the water on. She squealed as the ice cold water cascaded down her chest
and she jumped out its path. She held her hand under the water until it
became hot, when she stepped under its flow.
The water warmed her body and she felt it's instant relaxing effect. She
dipped her face under the streaming liquid and washed her face with both
hands. She wet her hair and just stood there and enjoyed the encapsulation
of it's warmth.
Jenna slowly ran her hands along her body, massaging her sore skin and
washing away the effects of her earlier transgressions. She tried not to
dwell on them, but the memory was still too ripe. She still felt
afraid. She questioned herself again and again on how it all happened. She
must have a played a role in it somehow. Things like that just don't
'happen' she reasoned. What was it that she did to bring it on? Why did
those girls choose her to act out on?
Jenna stayed under the water for several minutes, just thinking. She still
felt the fear. Her tormentors had scared her for life, she was sure of
it. She shut off the water and looked for her towel. "Oh damn," she said to
herself. She'd left it in the office. She covered her breasts with her arm
and her vagina with her other hand and peered around the corner past the
lockers and into the office. The coast was clear so she scooted along the
tiled floor being careful not to slip.
Just then the locker room door opened and chatting, giggling girls streamed
in. Jenna froze midway between the office and the showers. Suddenly the
cackling group of students went silent with a collective gasp and just
stared. Both Jenna and the girls seemed frozen in time for what seemed an
eternity. Both stood wide-eyed and statue-like. No one knew what to do.
Jenna felt as though she'd just been caught in one of those weird dreams
where she was naked at school, only this was real. She felt like passing
out as she stood meagerly covering herself.
The girls didn't know what to do either. Most were shocked, either by their
disbelief or their fortune.
Finally after what seemed like forever, Jenna broke for the glass-enclosed
office. Her breasts bounced wildly as she tried in vain to cover them.
The girls nudged each other, giggled and pointed as they watched their new
teacher bound across the floor for the office. All eyes were glued to
blonde beauty as she bounced into the office and desperately tried to find
the towel. They laughed aloud at her frantic search for a towel, even
though they could all clearly see it on the cabinet.
Jenna had abandoned trying to cover herself as she searched for the
towel. Her nakedness was there for everyone to see, but she didn't
care. Finally she saw the towel and grabbed it to cover herself. She held
the small bath towel in front of her, as it didn't even wrap around her and
gasp her first gulp of air. Her heart was pounding furiously and she felt
flushed. Her freshly cleaned body now had light coat of sweat covering it.
Jenna had to think quick. Her mind was racing, but no real thoughts were
going through. What should she do? Should she ignore what happened and act
like it didn't happen? Should she try and explain herself? Should she yell
at them?
Jenna glanced up from looking at the floor to see the girls had crowded
around the corner office windows and were looking at her like an a****l in
the zoo. She stood motionless in front of them and tried to think of what
to do. All she could think of was getting dressed and quick. She was so
humiliated and embarrassed it clouded her judgment. She'd never seen any of
her teachers naked while she was in school, not even in gym class. Their
smiling faces with excited looks on them surrounded her. Two glass walls
lined with girls eagerly peering in watching her every move caused her
great distress. How could she possibly get dressed when they were watching
her like that? No matter which way she turned, someone would be able to see
Jenna's heart sank as she felt the bl**d sink to her feet. She stood facing
the class full of young teens, only frontally covered in a skimpy
towel. All she could think of was that she had to get dressed and she
grabbed her blouse. With one hand holding the towel to her chest, she tried
to slip her arm into the sleeve. The water beads that still clung to her
arm made the blouse stick halfway on her arm. She couldn't believe it, what
else could go wrong? She raised her arm skyward and tried to shake the
blouse down using gravity, but it just stayed there. She sensed the crowd
getting antsy as faces exchanged excited looks of anticipation. She wanted
to panic and run, but there was nowhere to run. She was trapped like a rat
in a cage and her mind was clouded by her predicament. She was focused on
getting dressed and that was it. It never crossed her mind that she could
just tell the girls to go their lockers and get ready. Instead she chose to
risk getting dressed in front of them. It was as if she was telling them
that it was okay if they watched her. By not telling them to leave, she
gave them permission.
With one arm still in the air and the other holding the towel tightly to
her chest, she tried to grab the hanging blouse with her fingers and pull
it down her clammy arm. With one final surge she stretched her fingers and
tried to pinch the material between two fingers, when her towel fell to the
ground. Jenna froze. She stared straight ahead at the crowd of girls
wondering, hoping, praying that by some miracle, they hadn't seen.
Much to her chagrin, all the girls were staring back at her wide-eyed and
open mouthed. Jenna's stomach turned flip-flops. She didn't know what to do
for an instant so she just stood there and let the girls take in all her
nakedness. Her large, firm breasts protruded sharply and her soft blonde
pubic hair that lightly covered he mound were there for all to see. The
shear humiliation paralyzed her.
Finally she ripped the material down her arm and frantically attempted to
pull it around her moist back. Once again the material clung to her damp
skin and prolonged her efforts to cover herself. Her large breasts rocked
side-to-side as she shook the blouse loose and pushed her arm in the other
Jenna was gasping for air in disbelief of her difficulties, of all times to
struggle getting dressed, why now? She felt the eyes of the students roam
her naked body. She could almost feel them like tiny hands touching
her...probing her. She repeatedly glanced up at the faces glaring in at her
as she fumbled with the buttons.
She grabbed her skirt off the floor, stepped into it and yanked it upward
ripping the zipper apart. "Oh no," she gasp, "what now?" She hooked the
clasp and tried to make the zipper work but to no avail.
Finally clothed her mind started to function again. She was in gym class
and she was the teacher. She needed to get these girls working. "My gawd,"
she realized, "why didn't I do that in the first place?" She felt like an
idiot. Not only had the girls coming into the locker room seen her coming
out of the shower, but she LET them watch her get dressed. Why did she do
that? That was a dumb decision. Her mind raced again listing the
consequences of her actions. She almost felt paralyzed again.
Desperately, Jenna gathered her thoughts and gained her composure. She
stepped out of the office to confront the girls.
"Nice show," one girl said.
"Lookin' good," another sang and others giggled and eyed the rumpled
beauty. Her blouse, spotted with moisture from her shower and sweating,
clung to her skin and changed from white to flesh color. Her breasts were
becoming clearer and clearer as the cloth absorbed the dampness.
Jenna wasn't sure what to say and was unaware that her blouse had become a
'wet-T-shirt'. Nor did she know that her nipples were rock hard and that
the cool air had caused the change. She stood in the middle of the small
class and told the girls to get ready for gym class, as she continued to
try and straighten her own clothes out. When she began to tuck her blouse
into her skirt the additional pressure on the clasp was too much. It, too,
broke and the skirt fell freely to the floor.
Jenna gasp and covered her mouth with her hands. She stood motionless for a
moment as she assessed the situation. She saw all the girls eyes drop from
her breasts to her crotch. She turned around slowly, verifying that all the
girls were looking at her 'down there'. They were. She felt shear
humiliation that she was naked from the waist down - again.
She snapped back to reality and covered herself with both hands, one in
front, one in back and kicked her skirt back into the office. Why that made
a difference she didn't know, but she did it anyway. She couldn't believe
what she had done. She had LET these young girls see her naked and then
watch her get dressed. She never scolded them or told them to go about
their business, which meant she said it was 'okay' for them to see her
naked. What had she done? Would she ever get the respect of the class? How
should she handle it? Should she tell them to forget what they saw? Would
She bent over and picked up her skirt, momentarily forgetting that she was
still in full view of the girls watching her outside the office windows and
allowing some of them to see her bare ass and pussy at once. As she stood,
the murmurings outside reminded her of where she was and she covered
herself with her skirt. She pointed to the gym and yelled for the girls to
go outside and wait for her there.
Reluctantly the girls went into the gym.
Jenna sat down and fixed the zipper and clasp on her skirt. She also
thought about what to do. Since it was her first day at her new school and
she'd already made a fool of herself with the head mistress AND been
assaulted by three students, she decided she couldn't risk another failure
or she'd be fired for sure. She walked out to confront the girls and found
them all sitting quietly in the bleachers.
"Girls," Jenna began, "First off, my name is Ms. Tarp. We have a little
problem and I need your input. How do you think we should handle what just
happened in the locker room?"
The room was silent as the girls tossed knowing glances at each
other. Finally after a few seconds one girl raised her hand tentatively.
"Yes," said Jenna almost afraid of what she might suggest.
"Well," she began, "the way most of see it is it's YOUR problem, not
ours. We didn't do anything wrong, you did."
Jenna felt flushed at hearing the girl's words. She was right. It was HER
problem and she WAS the one who did something wrong. At that moment Jenna
thought she'd opened a Pandora's box. She needed to find a way out and
Before Jenna could say anything, the girl continued, "You're the one who
was naked in front of US. You're the one who used OUR showers instead of
your OWN. You're the one who paraded around in the nude and kept dropping
you're clothes on the floor and bending over and stuff."
The girl's words cut Jenna like a knife. Everything the girl said was true,
at least in their perception. She felt herself getting light-headed
again. Her ears were pounding as her pulse quickened. She wanted to say
something to stop the girl, but she couldn't think of anything to say.
"My mom always tells me that 'she's the adult and I'm the c***d'," the girl
kept on, "and in this case, you're the adult. So we all know that you're
the one who'll get in trouble, not us. In fact, you could probably go to
jail for what you did in there, couldn't you?" she asked slyly.
"Jail!" Jenna screamed in her mind. "My gawd, she's absolutely right!" Now
visibly shaken, Jenna tried to back pedal. "uh...well, I-I don't think I
could go jail for that," she stammered.
"Well we do, don't we girls?" the girl asserted to the nodding and muffled
Jenna was now totally off guard. She needed a way out and fast.
"Are you willing to risk going to prison, Ms. Tarp?" the girl pointedly
"Prison!" Jenna shrieked in her mind, "Now it's prison." Somehow 'prison'
sounded worse than 'jail'.
"Well, are you?!" the girl pressed.
Jenna was sure the answer was 'no', but she still felt uneasy about giving
up what little control she had over these young teenage girls as it was. If
she admitted that she didn't want to risk prison, what would that lead to?
She could see all the girls hanging intently on her answer and the room
fell silent as they waited.
"If you're not willing to respond, I guess we just tell the head mistress
and let her decide what to do," the girl finally said.
At this Jenna felt a shiver run up her spine. She couldn't' afford for the
head mistress to find out what happened, so she pleaded, "Oh, no, PLEASE
don't tell the head mistress. I can't afford that. Please don't tell. I'll
do whatever, but please don't tell!" Jenna sheepishly responded looking
down at the floor. Jenna, once again, felt naked even though she
wasn't. She felt like she'd been stripped of everything, her dignity, her
control, her very essence. She hated to beg these little girls, but what
choice did she have? She could lose everything if they told and maybe even
go to prison!
"Okay then. Let's come to an agreement. You do what we want and we won't
tell. Agreed?" offered the girl.
Jenna figured the girls would want to fool around during class and not do
any real 'gym class' stuff or maybe even want good grades out of it,
neither of which compared to the other option, so she agreed.
The girls huddled together and whispered amongst themselves. Jenna tried to
listen in, but they kept very quiet and several girls checked over their
shoulders to make sure she couldn't hear. For several minutes the girls
conspired together before breaking up.
The leader stepped forward again with her list of demands. "First off, we
want to play games during gym class, no exercising or junk like that."
Jenna let out a sigh of relief as she agreed to the first simple demand.
"Second, we want to go outside and play whenever we want, so long as it's
nice," was the next demand.
Jenna began to feel good about her decision to give up the control of the
class to the girls and agreed again.
"We get to wear whatever we want and you have to wear to whatever we tell
you," came the next demand.
Jenna was puzzled by the cryptic nature of the request, but agreed
anyway. At least she said 'wear' something, she reasoned.
"And last, when we ask you to do something, you must do it without asking
questions or we'll go straight to the head mistress and tell her what you
did today. Understood?" reprimanded the girl in a serious tone.
Jenna shuddered at the thought, but figured the first several requests were
so benign that this last request was just as harmless. Strangely enough,
she felt a twinge of arousal surge through her at those words, too. She
felt her nipples spring to life and her pussy moisten a little. It was
weird. Why would she find that exciting, she wondered.
Jenna found herself lost in her own fantasies for a moment as she pictured
herself being asked to do erotic things like dance for them. She inhaled a
deep sigh as her mind wandered.
"Great," yelled a girl, "let's go play!" And they took off like wild
a****ls running through the gymnasium yelling and screaming, throwing balls
and chasing each other.
Jenna sat on the bleachers and watched as the girls played. Fifteen minutes
before the class was scheduled to conclude, Jenna yelled for the girls to
hit the showers. The girls obediently scampered into the locker room to
shower and change. Jenna followed the last girl in. Once inside, she heard
the door close behind her and latch. She turned around and a girl had
locked the door.
"Okay," the head girl said, "shower for us."
"W-what?" Jenna said nervously.
"I said shower for us. And remember our agreement, no questions or we
tell," reminded the girl. "Now take off your clothes and shower for us."
Jenna felt a bead of sweat run down her back. Certainly these girls
couldn't be serious. But judging by the serious look on her face and that
of the others in the room as they gathered around, Jenna couldn't take that
chance. Her reluctance spawned a chant to begin.
"Strip," a few began.
"Strip," a few more chimed in a low murmur.
"Strip," said the class in unison.
"Strip...strip...strip," they chanted as Jenna began to unbutton her
Jenna sensed a pulsating energy develop as the girls continued their evil
chant and as her fingers opened the last button and pulled the garment free
from her skirt. For a short moment she clutched the open blouse tightly
together at her chest, when something strange happened. Jenna could feel
the energy and excitement building within the room and in each girl. She
knew what they wanted and she somehow found herself strangely aroused by
As the chant grew louder, it seemed the room was growing warmer. Her body
temperature was climbing and she felt her loin filling with bl**d. Her
breathing increased, though in shorter breaths. She found herself almost
'wanting' to do this. She questioned why she was feeling like this. Why was
she suddenly feeling the need to show her naked body to these young girls?
Where was this strange urge coming from? Her palms were sweaty as her fists
held the blouse tightly closed, but she felt her hands, almost
uncontrollably separating slightly and re-grasping the blouse by the
centerline in each hand. Her thoughts were becoming s**ttered as the chant
grew in crescendo.
Jenna knew what the girls wanted. And now, she felt she wanted it
too. Without really thinking she ripped her hands apart opening the blouse
and throwing it to the floor. She pushed her skirt off her hips without
unfastening it and she stood before her young tormentors with her arms and
legs spread. Her ears pulsated with rhythmic pounding, which turned into a
rush of cheers.
The girls cheered on their new teacher and Jenna headed to the shower.
"Wait a minute Ms. Tarp," the leader called, "we're not finished with you
Jenna shuddered when she heard those words. "What else could they want?"
she questioned to herself. Almost afraid to ask, she queried, "What else
do you want me to do?"
Leaning toward the young teacher and speaking with an air of confidence the
leader said, "I want you to kiss every one of our pussies."
"W-what?" exclaimed a shocked Jenna. "I-I can't."
"You CAN'T? Or you WON'T?" sneered the young ringleader. "That's
fine. We'll just go tell s****r Ann what you were doing earlier today and
again right now."
Jenna suddenly realized the girl was right. Shocked by her request, she'd
totally forgotten that she was naked in front of them. Worse yet, she
WILLINGLY stripped for them! What had been an accident earlier was now a
blatant crime. She was sure her latest offense was a criminal act. Her face
turned beet red as she took in the reality of the situation. She knew the
girl was right and she couldn't afford to have them tell, but to do what
she asked was equally bad. But what choice did she have? "Please, please
don't make me do that," she begged.
"Fine, it's your choice." The girl stated flatly, knowing she had the young
teacher under her thumb.
Jenna was desperate. She dropped to her knees on the cold tile floor of the
shower room, clasped her hands together and pleaded with the young leader,
"P-please don't make me do that, PLEASE!" Jenna wanted to cry. She could
see the disdain on the face of the young leader and she knew that she'd
tell if she didn't do what she asked. Jenna felt ill. She held her face in
her hands as she knelt on the floor and cried.
"Stop crying!" the girl ordered. "Are you going to do it or what?"
Sobbing, Jenna knew she had no choice. Unwillingly she blubbered, "yes."
The girl was intent on maximizing her new teacher's humiliation, so she
pressed, "Yes, WHAT?"
Jenna was horrified. She was going to have to say it out loud. She was
going to have to tell all these girls that she would kiss their
pussies. She stared at the floor, fighting back more tears and said, "yes,
I'll kiss your pussies."
"Tell us you WANT to kiss our pussies," the girl insisted, "look us in the
eye and tell us you want to kiss our pussies."
Jenna was totally humiliated. She felt sick to her stomach. It was hard
enough saying it the first time, but 'look at them and say it'?
She felt tears roll down her cheeks as she sat on her haunches, naked,
humiliated and embarrassed. Reluctantly she looked up, tried to focus
through her tears as she looked at the circle of girls surrounding her and
sniveled, "I-I want to kiss your pussies."
"Good. Now that wasn't so hard was it?" snickered the girl as she lifted
her blue and green plaid skirt and pushed her panties to her knees. "You
can start with me, Teacher. Kiss me, right here on my lips," she said as
she rubbed her index finger on her clit and pushed her hips toward her
teachers face.
Jenna wiped the tears from her eyes and looked up at the young girl arching
her back. "Please, don't make me do this," Jenna asked again hoping the
girl would change her mind.
The girl grabbed Jenna by the hair on the top of her head and pulled her
face into her vagina, saying, "I said kiss me!"
Jenna grunted, "ugh," as her face pressed against the young girl's
pussy. She could smell her sexual arousal when her lips smashed against the
soft vaginal lips.
"Now kiss me!" the girl insisted.
Jenna hesitated but then kissed the girls pussy.
"No, I want you to French Kiss me," the girl added.
Jenna didn't know what to do. Sitting naked on her haunches with her face
being held against the pussy of a minor c***d with a whole class full of
girls looking on, she knew she didn't have a choice. Pressing her lips
firmly against the girl's young vagina, Jenna pushed her tongue between the
soft fleshy folds eliciting a soft moan from the girl.
"O-o-o-w-w-w that felt great. Do it again," the girl instructed.
Before the girls request, Jenna had had just enough time to taste the
flavor on her tongue as she retracted it from the young girl's
sex. Surprisingly enough, she wasn't repulsed by it the way she thought she
would. Plus hearing the little girl's reaction caused her hair to
bristle. Jenna licked her lips to moisten them.
At the directive of the young girl she placed her mouth over her small slit
and sealed her wet lips over the girl's tiny pussy and pushed her tongue
inside again.
The girl squealed with delight at the sensation of having her teachers
tongue pushed inside her. She stepped back and pulled on her panties and
giddily told the others how great it felt.
The other girls couldn't wait to have Jenna do it to them, too. They pushed
and shoved each other as they fought for position in line. One by one, they
stepped in front of their teacher, lifted their skirts and pulled down
their panties. They'd spread their feet and thrust their hips forward so
that she could have easier access.
Jenna was ashamed at what she was doing, but with each new taste it got
easier. What did that mean? Was she a lesbian? Was she a c***d molester?
She didn't have answers to those questions; all she knew was that she
somehow had a change of heart. The taste of young pussy wasn't repulsive at
all, she told herself, and in fact it had an arousing effect on her.
The twenty plus girls in line waited patiently for their turn. Heads hung
off both sides of the line, trying to get a better look and watch for the
reaction of their classmates. Each girl either squealed or moaned when they
felt their teachers tongue press inside. The anticipation grew with each
girl and the room heated up.
Jenna licked her lips between girls. She tasted their sweetness and inhaled
their musky aroma. She noticed that as each new girl stepped up her pussy
was already moist. She could glide her tongue easily through the
pre-moistened flesh. Jenna found this highly arousing. She'd never really
tasted a girl's pussy before today and now was able to taste a whole bunch
of them, one after another. Jenna didn't realize that after she drove her
tongue into a girl's pussy and the girl stepped away that they went to the
back of the line.
After only a few girls, Jenna was finding herself getting into it. Watching
the girls lift their skirts and pull down their panties in front of her was
pretty exciting. She didn't know why she found that so exciting, but she
did. She liked discovering which girls were developed and which
weren't. Some had pubic hair and fully developed lips, while others had no
hair whatsoever.
Halfway through the line Jenna was really into it. Her own sense of arousal
was driving her mad. The taste of young pussy on her tongue and the thick
aroma of excited young girls hung heavy in the air. Pretty soon, she was
grabbing the girls by the hips and pulling them forward onto her
face. She'd push her tongue deeply into them and dart it in and out several
times soliciting deep moans. That really excited both Jenna and the
girls. She found herself opening her mouth wide as the next girl approached
and she would seal her lips around theirs and drive her tongue in as deeply
as possible while pulling on their hips. She'd twist her head side-to-side
in a passionate kiss as she flicked her tongue repeatedly. Secretly she
wished she could bring one of them to orgasm to see what it tasted like,
Just then the bell rang, signaling the end of the period. A loud groan
filled the room, as the girls knew the fun was over for the day. Jenna felt
a sense of dissatisfaction as the girls pulled up their panties and
left. She said goodbye to the group as they filed out of the locker
room. They were all smiles as they giddily skipped their way to their next
Jenna needed a shower badly. Her face reeked of young pussy and she had to
shake off the effects of what had just happened. As she stood under the
water and washed her face, she scolded herself for allowing that to
happen. The realization was beginning to settle in as the water washed away
her cloudiness. She began to repeat over and over what she had done. She
felt her heart sink as she recollected the latest chain of events. She had
just kissed the pussies of some 20 teenage girls! My God! She had just
kissed the pussies of some 20 teenage girls!
What was she thinking? What had gotten into to her to make it okay? And why
did she eventually feel aroused by the whole thing? Jenna didn't know what
to think. Finally Jenna cleared the water from her eyes and remembered she
was alone. She turned off the water and peeked around the corner back
toward her office. The locker room was vacant and she was alone. She looked
for her towel, but none was around. She stepped out of the shower and crept
across the floor back toward the office when suddenly, just as before, the
door opened and her next class poured in.
Jenna felt like this was bad deja' vu. Same as before both froze and stared
at each other with 'deer in the headlights' looks. Jenna recovered quickly
this time and tiptoed into the office, covering herself as best she
could. Once inside, she searched for the towel to cover herself. She looked
around for her clothes, too and remembered she'd left them outside. She
peered past the girls assembled at the windows but couldn't see them. She
figured they must have been kicked somewhere.
This time she knew what to do and told the girls to get ready for gym class
and hustled them off. While the girls were changing for class and curiously
chatting amongst themselves, Jenna searched for her clothes and the
towel. Where on earth did they go? She looked under benches, in corners, on
top of lockers, but they were nowhere to be found. Jenna was beginning to
feel nervous. She couldn't have lost them, they were right there on the
floor. Maybe if she hadn't been so eager to strip for her last class, she'd
have been a little more responsible with her clothes. Great, now what was
she going to do? A few girls asked if she needed help finding something,
but she didn't dare tell them what she was looking for, so she declined
their help. She was feeling very frustrated and even more humiliated. How
could she have been so stupid? What was she going to do? She had not
clothes, no towel, no nothing to cover herself with. She was trapped in the
office, naked.
She sent the girls into the gym to begin playing kickball while she
continued her search. Being the first day of school there wasn't any lost
and found yet. She had nothing to wear at all. She was beginning to panic.
She caught her reflection in the glass window and realized that her hand
and arm didn't even cover her large breasts as they poured out over both
sides of her arm. She felt a warm feeling rush through her as she felt
trapped. Her mind was racing as she scrambled to formulate a plan. No
matter how hard she tried, though, nothing made sense. How in the world
would she ever be able to perform her job without clothes? How would she
ever explain this to the head mistress? Would she be fired for her
incompetence? What a horrible nightmare of a first day! What, oh what was
she going to do?!
Jenna heard the locker room door fly open with a loud thud. She looked
toward the entrance and saw the female janitor walk in. She was a tall,
large woman with a stocky build and dumpy appearance. There was no way for
Jenna to know that this woman had recently been released from a woman's
prison where she had spent time for a series of minor offenses that the
judge deemed "heading her down the wrong path." The blue jean shirt was
unbuttoned at the top and the rolled up sleeves revealed her thick upper
arms and exposed a tattoo on her right arm that read "Bitch". Her chubby
hand stroked her short-cropped, dirty-blonde hair as she swaggered inside
dragging a cleaning cart behind her. Jenna figured her for a smoker because
of the way she coughed that nasty cough and the yellowing on her fingers.
Jenna, still naked, was scared. She sank down in the office hoping to go
undetected. She secretly watched the woman silently walk by heading towards
the showers. Jenna felt some relief that she wasn't going to come into the
office, but knew she had to get out of there before she did.
Jenna was disgusted by this woman, whom she thought may have been a lesbian
dyke. She shivered at the thought of being touched by someone so
grotesque. Her mind drifted as she had visions of this woman squeezing her
breasts with those thick yellow fingers. She felt herself up.
Suddenly Jenna was jolted back to reality when she heard, "Well, what have
we got here?" She looked up from her squatted position behind the desk to
see the janitor standing above her. Jenna tried to cover herself completely
by wrapping her arms around her knees and holding them tightly to her
chest. She squeezed her eyes shut hoping to be invisible like she did as a
c***d. This couldn't be happening she kept telling herself over and over. A
member of the staff had just discovered her naked in the gym office -
during class - and it was by the awful janitor too.
Try as she might to make it go away, the reality of what had just occurred
slowly began to sink in. Jenna felt her breath sucked away with a deep gasp
as she held her breath. What was she going to do? How would she explain her
predicament? What would she tell the janitor she was doing? Jenna's mind
raced a mile a minute, but the seconds seemed like hours as she desperately
contemplated her fate.
"Well, little missy, what are you doing down there?" came the gravely
smokers voice of the janitor from above her. "Why are you naked? Where are
your clothes?" demanded the voice. Jenna shivered with fear, afraid to even
look up.
Jenna grimaced when she felt her hair on the back of her head grabbed in a
tight-fisted clutch and pulled upward. The janitor was standing her up by
her hair. Instinctively Jenna grabbed at the wide wrist with both
hands. She wanted to scream as she stood helplessly in front of the much
larger woman, but fear and humiliation paralyzed her. Jenna barely came to
the janitor's shoulder in height as she held her at arm's length.
Jenna, with her hands still holding onto the woman's wrist attempting to
relieve the pressure on her hair, didn't realize that she was now standing
naked in full view of the prison dyke who's eyes roamed the teachers firm
body. Jenna's preoccupation with the pain on her scalp willingly allowed
the visual intrusion to continue unabated.
Suddenly she realized that the janitor was smiling greedily as she stared
at Jenna's large, firm breasts protruding out in a "touch me" manner
because of her raised arms. Jenna started to drop her arms to cover herself
again when the janitor jerked upward on her hair and firmly said, "Don't".
Jenna didn't know what to do. The woman was so large, so
imposing. Reluctantly she kept her hands above her head and let this woman
stare at her nakedness. Jenna nervously twitched under the taught grasp,
twisting and turning side-to-side trying to escape the woman's lewd glares.
"My," began the janitor, "you're a beautiful young thing. Are those real?"
she asked as she grabbed her right breast and squeezed it hard.
Jenna squealed as the woman's cold fingers squished her breast. She wanted
to drop her hands and cover herself but she feared the woman might hurt
"Wow," the janitor exhaled as she felt the firm mound crush under her
grip. She groped the breast repeatedly causing Jenna to squirm
uncontrollably. She interpreted Jenna's willingness to keep her hands on
her head as a sign that she liked to be dominated and her squirming without
protesting, that she liked it rough. "You like this don't you, you little
slut?" the woman groaned. She was feeling her wetness grow, just like it
had so often while in prison when she'd dominate a new cellmate.
Before Jenna had a chance to respond she felt the woman's mouth totally
cover her own and the woman's long, thick tongue f***ed it's way into her
mouth and circled around before exiting to a suckle on her lip. The smoky
smell and taste of this woman totally grossed Jenna out, but somehow the
feeling of that large tongue invading her as it did, sent a rush through
her stomach that landed in her loin. She felt her pussy moisten and that
scared her. What was happening to her? Certainly that couldn't be sexual
arousal she had just felt. The whole idea was disgusting, but there was no
denying that she was wet. How could that be? She prayed the brutal janitor
wouldn't find out and misinterpret the moisture for excitement.
The janitor pushed Jenna back against the office wall. The cold tiles
caused her to shiver and her nipples to harden. Jenna felt them get stiff
and fearfully watched as the janitor incorrectly figured she was starting
to enjoy things.
"P-please, don't," pleaded Jenna. "I don't like it," she tried to explain.
"Yeah, right," purred the janitor, "you like it all right," she said as she
pressed herself against Jenna's tender frame. "You like it just fine."
"N-no, I-I don't," Jenna whimpered.
"Oh yes you do," insisted the janitor as she once again leaned into Jenna
and engulfed her mouth in her own and swabbed Jenna's teeth, gums and
tongue with her slithery probing dagger.
Jenna again felt the familiar wetness enter her pussy and her lips begin to
swell. "This can't be happening," she screamed in her mind. But it was
true, the longer the janitor probed her orifice with her tongue the wetter
she became. She was losing control of her emotions and she was becoming
more and more confused.
"Oh you like it all right," the janitor said as she let Jenna gasp some
Jenna's chest was heaving from the lack of oxygen as it was, but she
inhaled sharply when she felt the janitors' middle finger push it's way
into her already moistened cunt. The thick digit entered and retracted
repeatedly as Jenna began to moan. She closed her eyes trying not to think
about what was happening. Her body tightened as the digital probe continued
Without really realizing it, Jenna had begun to hold tightly onto the
janitors' wrist still holding her hair. No longer did she intend to drop
her arms. Instead, now she was just holding on as her sexual arousal began
to build unwillingly. For some reason she just couldn't stop the
arousal. The woman's middle finger was as thick as any cock she'd seen
growing up and it's constant, repeated penetration was causing her to feel
warmer and warmer. She gasped for air as the woman pressed harder against
her, squishing her against the wall while she continued her dexterous
Jenna's mind was clouded by all kinds of thoughts. Her disbelief at what
was happening was overpowered by the building arousal. When she felt the
janitor's tongue f***e it's way into her mouth again, she opened her mouth
widely and let her own tongue become entangled with the janitors. Both
women breathed heavily through their noses, nostrils flaring under the
Jenna's confusion was giving way to the impending orgasm that seemed only
moments away. She felt her pussy juices coating the woman's hand and
allowing easy movement in and out of her firm thighs.
The janitor's finger was punching in and out of Jenna's pussy with
fervor. The husky janitor had never felt anything like it before and she
was going to make this young slut cum.
Jenna willingly tilted her head back and sucked on the thick tongue as it
danced around her cavity. She felt her hips push forward onto the large
finger and she spread her legs slightly to make it easier. Jenna was pushed
over the edge when she felt a second digit f***e it's way into her tight
pussy and she burst into orgasm with a guttural groan, muffled by the
janitors mouth, "M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m!"
Jenna collapsed after the release and the janitor guided her down onto the
cold tile floor where she got on her hands and knees and licked all the
moisture from Jenna's abused pussy and thighs. The janitor lapped at the
tight-bodied beauty like dog drinking water, slurping and tasting every
part of the unconscious slut.
When Jenna came too a few minutes later, she grinned at the magnitude of
the orgasm until she realized how it was manifested. She sat up quickly and
looked around for the janitor, who was gone. A large blue jean shirt was
d****d over the chair behind the desk and she hurriedly put it on to cover
her nakedness. Just then the bell rang ending the period and she went to
the gym to hurry the girls out.
She went back in the office and slumped into the office chair and tried to
relax. Her day had finally ended and she was relieved. She couldn't help
but feel anxious knowing that this was only her first day. Tomorrow had to
be better, she kept telling herself.
Jenna waited a long time after her first day of school before she left for
home. Dressed in only a large blue jean shirt she didn't want to be seen by
anyone running to her car and then having to explain what happened. She
gathered her things, checked the hallway and tiptoed quickly towards the
door. Once outside she scampered for the safety of her car. She fumbled
around for the keys but they were nowhere to be found. She was locked out
of her own car and would have to walk the half-mile home.
Jenna didn't like the idea of walking home after dark on a crisp fall
evening, even though she'd lived in the neighborhood all her life. Not to
mention the fact that she wasn't wearing shoes, underwear, a bra, pants,
socks or anything like that. All she had was the stupid blue jean
shirt. Fortunately, it was long enough to cover her completely.
As Jenna started her journey she had plenty of time to think. She recanted
the day's events and her stomach became upset. All the things that could
have possibly gone wrong did. She had inadvertently stripped in front of
the head mistress, she was f***ed to perform oral sex on a 13 year old girl
in the hallway of the school, she was under the control of an entire class
at gym and she had been ****d by the janitor. The more she recounted what
had happened the more she tried to justify them. It was simply beyond her
comprehension that all those things were not her fault somehow.
Walking along the sidewalk of the tree-lined street a few blocks from home,
she continued to mull over the day's events and try to find a way to
prevent it next time. She stopped at cross walk where the street T'd into a
park entrance. The sun had just set and it was getting dark very
quickly. She opted to cut through the park and save at least 10 minutes.
She scampered across the street and entered the grassy, sparsely treed
park. The slow rolling landscapes angled uphill slightly. The cool damp
grass immediately soaked her bare feet and made them feel cold. She picked
up the pace a little when she felt like someone was following her. Her
heart pumped faster as her fear increased. She clutched the shirt tightly
to her chest as she tried to keep it closed as she scurried along.
She came upon the winding path that led over a footbridge midway through
the park. The bridge crossed a stream that ran through the picnic area and
divided the park into two distinct sections. As she approached the
footbridge, she couldn't shake the feeling that she was being followed.
The park was getting dark and had no lights of any kind. Jenna reached the
footbridge and stopped. She turned around to see if she could see or hear
anyone behind her. Her nervousness caused her bl**d pressure to increase
and her ears ring. She couldn't hear anything else and it was almost too
dark to see.
She caught her breath and clutched the blue jean shirt tightly to her chest
as she started up the footbridge. Midway across she saw two shadowy figures
on the other side and she froze. The glow from a cigarette being inhaled
caught her attention. She thought about turning around but realized that it
would take her almost an hour to circumvent the park now, besides she was
getting cold. She wondered who these people were in the park after dark and
what they were doing there. Jenna figured they could be up to no good and
once again thought about turning around.
When she heard the two people laughing, she realized that they were both
females. Jenna relaxed a bit and felt relieved they weren't men. Whatever
they were doing in the park didn't concern her, so she opted to
continue. As she approached the two women, she realized they were students
from St. Monica's. She recognized the blue and green plaid skirts and white
blouses. She let out a sigh of relief when she felt an immediate sense of
"Hi girls," she said as she approached the two.
"Hello, Ms. Tarp," came a response in a familiar voice.
Jenna strained to make out a face and froze in her tracks when she realized
it was Bic and Barb. Her heart started racing as she was filled with a
'fight or flight' adrenalin rush. She stood a mere ten feet from the two
girls who earlier in the day assisted their friend Trisha to **** her. Her
mind went blank when she tried to decide what to do.
Before she knew it, both girls had her by an arm and were hustling her off
to the picnic area, her feet barely touching the ground.
"Please...girls...don't...please...let me go," Jenna pleaded with the pair
as she held her shirt tightly to her chest. "Please girls, let me go!"
Both girls were taller than she was and much stronger. They weren't husky
by any stretch, just younger and stronger. Jenna was filled with fear about
where they were taking her and what they would do to her. She tried to
resist but she couldn't break away.
When they got to the picnic area a single street lamp illuminated the area
that was filling with fog as dusk turned to night. Many of the picnic
benches sat in gravel rectangles. As the girls approached the first table,
they pulled Jenna backward onto the tabletop. Bic kneeled on one bench and
Barb on the other.
Jenna squirmed and whimpered, "please don't,"
"Hold still bitch," Bic said as she used her free hand to try and unbutton
her shirt.
"Please don't!" Jenna pleaded trying to fend off the girl's attempts to
unbutton her shirt, her legs kicking and thrashing.
Barb went in search of Jenna's pussy. Her hand groped the panty-less crotch
as the young teacher twisted from side-to-side.
Bic became frustrated with Jenna's thrashing and slapped the young teacher.
Shocked Jenna stopped thrashing for a moment as she tried to comprehend
what just happened.
Both girls seized the opportunity to tear Jenna's shirt open, popping off
all the buttons as it exposed her naked body beneath.
Jenna tried to get up and run. As she sat up the two girls yanked the shirt
off her back and then pushed her back down onto the tabletop. Jenna
screeched as she saw her shirt tossed behind Bic and float softly to the
ground behind her. She tried to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands
and arms as the two strong girls held her down. "Let me go!" yelled Jenna,
"let me go!"
"Gimme the rope!" urged Bic.
Barb reached in the pocket of her skirt and pulled out a length of rope
that Bic grabbed and wrapped around Jenna's wrist.
Jenna was panicking now. The girls were overpowering her and had one wrist
tied. She feared what they might do and hated the thought of being tied up
naked on a picnic bench in the park at night. Her heart raced and her mind
got as foggy as the evening mist engulfing the park. She didn't know what
to do. No matter how hard she struggled, the two were just too
strong. Before she knew it, both wrists had rope on them and were being
pulled overhead.
Bic tied Jenna's wrists to the leg of the picnic bench underneath the
table. That pulled the young teachers arms straight up over her head,
arching her back and pushing her huge breasts skyward.
Together, Bic and Barb then each tied a leg to separate table legs,
spreading the teacher's legs apart.
Jenna was helpless. She tried to struggle free, but it was useless. Her
nervous sweating body warmed the cold wooden table beneath her. Jenna was
afraid and started to cry, "Let me go, please, let me go!"
Bic and Barb, both girls sweating from the fight, stood back and caught
their breath. They eyed their prey as she lay on the table, tightly
secured, breasts heaving above her taught stomach. They each reached out
and grabbed a handful of Jenna's breasts and massaged them. Together, they
leaned over and sucked her tits like they were the last ones on earth.
The tingling and sucking sensations on her nipples and breasts caused
Jenna's pussy to contract spasmodically. Despite her protests the girls
continued sucking her tits. She pulled against her binds and lifted her
head and watched them suck her breasts, stretching her nipples between
their lips as they pulled away. "Please...stop...please," Jenna's protests
were growing weaker with each incredible sensation. She didn't like it, but
then again, she did. She rolled her head from side-to-side and occasionally
lifted it to watch the two young teenagers devouring her breasts. "Oh,
please...please...don't", Jenna weakly appealed.
Both girls had their own breast to work on. They grabbed the breast at its
base and milked it skyward, sucking hard on the nipple.
Jenna's twisting efforts to get away were turning into writhing
instead. She couldn't control her body anymore as the girls worked on her
breasts. They seemed to know exactly how to suck her breasts to cause
uncontrolled secretions to flow into her loin. The arousal was building
within her and she was powerless to stop it. In her mind she wanted to say
'stop', but the words were coming out as moans, "please,
Jenna's arousal was quickly building toward orgasm. She'd never had an
orgasm from just having her breasts sucked before, but the sensations these
two teenagers were causing was undeniable. Despite her best efforts to
fight the feeling and her ties, she was losing and losing quickly.
The girls sensed the change in Ms. Tarp. No longer was she struggling to
get away, but now was writhing with unfettered pleasure. They continued
their relentless sucking and massaging of her breasts without mercy. They
knew she was close to cumming and they wanted to feel her explosion, so
almost simultaneously they reached a free hand between her legs and
inserted an index finger into her flowing pussy.
Jenna bellowed out a guttural groan when she felt the two digits invade her
juicy pussy at the same time. The combination of sensations was too much
for her too bear and she exploded into
orgasm. "A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h", she screamed as her love
juice expelled from deep within her loin, coating the hands and fingers of
her two teenage tormentors. Jenna twitched with residual orgasm for several
seconds before lapsing into an orgasm-induced slumber.
The two girls high-five'd each other over the sl**ping teacher before
untying her. They gathered up their rope and Bic grabbed the teacher's
shirt and the two scampered off laughing and slapping each other on their
Jenna lay motionless for several minutes until the night's coldness caused
her to awaken prematurely. Jenna rubbed her eyes and then sat up quickly
looking for her two teenage tormentors. She was relieved that they were
nowhere around. She realized she was naked and scanned the area for her
shirt. Despite having the single lamppost overhead, she couldn't find her
shirt anywhere. She did her best to cover herself and climb off the
table. She was a little sore and had to get home.
Fortunately, the darkness enabled her to get almost all the way home
without being seen. She crept up to the front door of her small two-story
house in the little residential neighborhood and was shocked to remember
that she didn't have the key, hell; she didn't have clothes for that
matter. She went around back to check for an open door or window. No luck.
Jenna, shivering, crept around to the front of the house, back on the front
porch and was shocked by a burst of light...
Jenna was locked outside her house and she was freezing. The cold dampness
of the foggy evening was chilling her to the bone. A big reason could be
that she was naked and had been for the past several minutes as she crept
her way home from the park after her horrible encounter with Bic and Barb.
She had made it all the way home without being seen and she felt grateful
for that. She'd just completed her first day of work as a teacher at her
new school and it hadn't gone well at all. As she crouched on the front
porch, shivering, trying to think of a way to get in, she was suddenly
bathed in light from the street.
She huddled in a ball and tried not to be seen. Her heart raced as she
realized it was a police car that had stopped and it was a spotlight
shining on her. She wanted to run, but where? She was naked and barefoot!
The adrenaline rush almost caused her to bolt.
She peeked out of the corner of her eye and saw the police car turn it's
flashing lights on. "Oh no," she thought, "they'll alert the neighbors!" A
shadowy figure stepped out of the car and the faint sound of a police radio
could be heard. She knew it was the officer headed toward her and she just
froze tightly in her ball.
"Ma'am," came the female officer's voice, "ma'am, are you okay?"
Jenna felt some relief that the officer was a woman and not a man. She was
embarrassed and humiliated enough by being locked out of her house naked,
but to be discovered that way by a man would have added insult to
injury. "I-I'm locked out," Jenna chattered. Her shivering was becoming
uncontrollable as the situation and the night cold set in.
"Ma'am," said the officer as she stood at the bottom of the four-stepped
porch, "I'll need you to stand up and come down to my car."
Jenna was humiliated beyond belief. She knew she'd have to do it, but she
hated being caught naked by the police. She was in deep trouble and would
probably go to jail. She wanted to cry again. "P-please, officer, I-I'm
locked out. T-this is my h-house," she tried to explain.
The officer stepped up on the porch and grabbed Jenna by the arm with a
leather gloved hand. Jenna could see the officer had blonde hair and was in
her mid-thirties. She wore a leather jacket and gloves along with the usual
assortment of police paraphernalia. Jenna winced as the cold leather glove
squeezed her arm and lifted up. She felt like passing out. "Please, you
don't understand," Jenna pleaded. Her damp skin, cold with the evening's
temperature almost went into shock as the officer stood her up. Jenna stood
passively before the officer; hands clasp together covering her vagina. She
didn't try to cover herself more because she didn't want to appear
The officer eyed the young woman with lust. She held Jenna's arm as the
young woman just stood there, naked. Her large breasts protruded like firm
melons topped with cherry nipples. She could tell that Jenna worked out by
her thin waist, taught stomach and firm thighs. She wanted to see if those
tits were real, so she shook her arm and firmly asked, "What are you doing
out here naked?" She was excited to see that they moved easily from
side-to-side and showed no signs of being fake.
Jenna was afraid. The officer sounded serious when she shook her like
that. She didn't know how to explain why she was out there naked. What
would she say? Two teenagers stripped her in the park and ran off with her
clothes? Yeah, right, that sounded believable. "I-I-I," Jenna stammered
not knowing what to say. She could tell she was running out of time. The
officer didn't seem to believe her.
"Okay, miss you're gonna have to come with me," the officer said as she led
Jenna down the steps and along the small path leading to the street and her
Jenna was totally humiliated as she saw porch lights begin to pop on and
people peek out from behind blinds. The police cars flashing lights had
alerted her neighbors to trouble and they were checking it out. Still
bathed in the bright light of the spotlight, they carefully made they're
way to the front of the car where the officer roughly faced Jenna towards
the car and out of the spotlights beam.
"Lean on the hood, place both hands on the car, move your feet back and
spread 'em," ordered the officer.
Jenna was confused as she did what the officer instructed. Why did she want
her to do that? Certainly the officer didn't need to search her. Her mind
was numbed from the cold and Jenna really didn't want to piss the officer
off, so she leaned forward and placed her hands on the car, moved her feet
back and spread them. It was uncomfortable having to hold this position and
she felt the officer was lucky she was in such good shape because she
figured the normal woman wouldn't be able to hold this position long. The
weight of her own breasts as they hung freely beneath her added more stress
than simply leaning forward. Her muscles twitched with fear and cold and
her teeth chattered uncontrollably.
Jenna was blinded briefly, when the officer walked to the side of the
vehicle and turned the spotlight on her as she leaned on the front of the
car. "Oh no," she thought to herself, "people will be able to see I'm naked
now." Jenna scanned the neighborhood and could see several people watching
the activity in the street through split blinds. Her stomach tightened when
she knew these were her neighbors and many of them knew her. She was
humiliated to the think that they would think she was some kind of
criminal, but worse yet they'd wonder why she was naked.
She watched the officer remove her gloves and tuck them in her belt as she
strolled in behind her and stood between her legs. Jenna gasped when she
felt the officer press against her backside as she reached up with both
hands and grabbed her wrists. The coldness of the material from her uniform
was actually comforting against her cold damp unprotected skin. "W-what are
you doing?" asked a shocked Jenna.
"I need to search for weapons," the officer said dryly, "it's procedure."
Jenna couldn't understand why the officer just couldn't see that she didn't
have any weapons since she was naked, but she understood the 'procedure'
part. She probably just needed to protect herself from the possibility of
lawsuits or something. Even though the officers' clothes were cold they
helped warm the young teachers backside, as the officer d****d herself
across Jenna's back.
Jenna had goose bumps cover her arms as the officer slid her hands from her
wrists to her underarms, slithering on both sides of her arm. She felt the
officer stand up a bit as she placed her hands on her shoulders and then
glided them onto her back and under her armpits. The sensations of the
officer's touch caused Jenna's already hard nipples to tingle and she
sighed quietly. What was going on? Why did she feel that twinge of arousal?
She was being searched on a public street for gosh sakes.
The officer reached around to Jenna's upper chest from under her armpits
and then cupped each breast, hefting them slightly seemingly feeling
they're weight. Jenna held her breath as the officers' hands paused briefly
holding her breasts. She felt the officers' long slender fingers slip
between her breasts and meet in the middle. The officers' hands slowly
moved to the underside of her breasts before grabbing and squeezing the
base of each and milking them downward. Jenna sighed noticeably. What was
the officer doing to her that caused her feel these sensations? How could
she feel such arousal during a routine search?
Jenna was feeling confused. As the officer continued her search, she slid
her hands along Jenna's stomach and across her back in a serpentine
motion. Goose bumps erupted on Jenna's skin wherever the officers' hands
traced. She couldn't figure out why her body was reacting the way it
was. She shouldn't be feeling such arousal at the touch of an officer
during a search. It just didn't make sense. She struggled mentally for what
seemed like forever. How could she feel so tingly? She was naked in her own
neighborhood and being watched by her friends and neighbors. She was
totally vulnerable in her spread eagle position on the front of the
car. Anyone and everyone could see her if they wanted.
Jenna froze stiff when she heard other voices coming from the sidewalks.
"What'd she do officer?" asked a neighbor housewife as she came out to
Jenna's head whirled around to locate the mystery voice. She was completely
embarrassed that she was being looked at while naked. It was so
"She was exposing and possibly burglary," the officer replied.
Jenna was shocked. She felt her vagina tighten at the words. Burglary?
"N-no, that's not true. I wasn't stealing. That's my house," she
"She's done that stuff before. My k**s have seen her," confirmed the woman.
"What?" exclaimed Jenna. She'd never been naked before, had she? She
frantically searched her memory bank.
"Yeah, she tans naked sometimes," the woman added.
"Oh my gawd, she's right," Jenna told herself. She HAD tanned naked
before. Jenna remembered tanning in her backyard a few times when she had
removed her top. But how did her k**s know? They must have spied on her the
little brats.
Jenna jumped a little when she felt the officers' hands clap around her
ankle and begin to slowly slide up her leg. She felt a wave of panic race
through her stomach as the officers' hands passed her knee. She bit her
lower lip as the officers' hands worked they're way past mid-thigh. When
the officers' hand on the inside of her thigh bumped against her pussy lip
she gasped loudly, "O-o-o-h-h-h."
A few other curious neighbors, mostly women and k**s, joined the woman on
the sidewalk. Despite the darkness, it was still fairly early. They talked
amongst themselves, giggled and pointed as they watched their naked young
neighbor humiliated in public. The police cars spotlight illuminated her
petite nudity for all to see. Jenna's distress was clearly visible on her
face as the officer ran her hands across Jenna's body.
Jenna inhaled deeply through her nose as the officer repeated the process
on her other leg. The slow, methodical way she snaked her hands upward
toward Jenna's privates caused Jenna to heat up with anticipation. When the
officers' hands passed her mid-thigh, Jenna held her breath. Despite the
cold temperature outside, she felt warm on the inside. As the officers'
hand bumped against her soft fleshy vagina, Jenna squealed, "E-e-e!"
Jenna closed her eyes when she felt a wave of arousal course through her
veins. She didn't know where it came from or why. She was being publicly
humiliated, yet she was becoming deeply aroused. How could that be? Did she
secretly like to be put in these humiliating situations? Was this something
she was naturally attracted to?
Jenna's breathing became choppy and quickened. Her head started to pound as
she contemplated her life. Her whole day had been one disaster after
another, yet somehow she found it strangely exhilarating. She must be
sick. Down deep, she knew the officer was just doing her job, but she had
twisted it around in her mind to find some deviant sexual arousal out of
Jenna squirmed and tightened her ass cheeks when she felt the officers'
hand reach up between her legs and cup her pussy. The gentle caress and
light squeeze sent shivers up Jenna's back. She held her breath as the
officers' thumb lightly pressed against her anus and her index finger slid
between the folds of her self moistened pussy.
Jenna let out a long sigh "o-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-h-h", as the officers' fingers
and hand slid backward and upward between her ass cheeks.
"You excited miss?" the officer asked plainly.
Jenna was mortified. She didn't know what to say. Truthfully she was
excited, but she couldn't admit it in public, in front of all her neighbors
like that. "N-no," she stumbled unconvincingly.
"Well I think you are. Your vagina is moist and swollen, a sure sign you're
excited. But I'm willing to get a second opinion, if you wish," the officer
Jenna didn't know what to say or do. Her mind was reeling from the arousal
she was feeling and she wasn't thinking clearly as it was. Now she had to
try and make sense of the 'second opinion' comment. It just didn't make
sense. "I-I'm not excited, honest. Please can't you just let me go?" Jenna
"How can I trust you if you won't tell the truth about being excited?" the
officer questioned.
The officer was right and Jenna knew it, but she still couldn't just admit
it in front of God and country that she had become aroused during a routine
search AND by a female officer. That just wasn't natural. It would be
easier to admit and more socially acceptable to be aroused during a search
by a man, but this was a female officer. "I-I'm not though," Jenna
whimpered, "I'm not excited."
"Fine. We'll just ask a couple of your neighbors what they think," the
officer said in a deep sensual voice.
"No, please don't do that, PLEASE," begged Jenna. Having one of her
neighbors come over and inspect her pussy and maybe even touch it was too
much. The officer couldn't have been serious. She tried to convince herself
the officer was just pulling her leg.
But Jenna felt a bead of sweat run down her spine when she heard the
officer say, "Any of you onlookers know what an excited female looks like?"
"NO!" screamed Jenna in her mind. This can't be happening. The officer was
actually asking for volunteers to come over and inspect her for
arousal. Reluctantly, Jenna looked at the small group of jacketed women and
c***dren, most of whom had raised their hands. The anxiety she felt
completely overwhelmed her weakening muscles as she strained to lean
against the car. Her breasts had filled with the bl**d that left her brain
and made her feel light-headed and they hung heavily beneath her chest.
"All right, let's take a poll. Line up behind her right here," the officer
said pointing to a spot between Jenna's feet, "you check her out and let me
know if you think she's excited.
Eagerly, the women and c***dren lined up one behind the other, rubbing
their hands together in excited anticipation. They smiled at one another
and gave each other limp 'high fives' as they relished the opportunity
before them. Most of the women in the neighborhood had always envied the
young schoolteacher so they looked forward to adding to her public
"Please, don't do this," Jenna pleaded as she looked back over her shoulder
at the line of ten or so women and c***dren. Her legs were spread widely
and her anus and vagina were open for all to see.
The officer stood beside the helpless teacher and patted her on the ass
with a couple quick slaps. Jenna's bottom barely shook since it was so
muscular and tight. Jenna flinched at the meager spanking, but worse, she
felt a new wave of warmth emanate up from her butt cheeks. "Oh no," she
thought, "not again."
"Okay ladies check her out and let me know what you think," the officer
One-by-one, the women stepped between Jenna's hindquarters and either bent
over and looked closely or they touched her pussy with their hand or both.
With each touch Jenna whimpered at the humiliation. But with each touch,
her loin heated more and more. She couldn't help it. No matter what she
thought about it didn't lessen the fire that continued to build between her
legs. "Please...stop," Jenna weakly, asked. Her mind was clouded by her
growing arousal and she couldn't clear it.
A couple women lingered longer than others as they touched the
spread-eagled teacher. Jenna gasped deeply as they inserted fingers into
her overheated flesh. The serial manipulations of her pliable lips, the
gentle tug on her soft, sparse, blonde pubic hair or the long plunging
strokes from her clitoris to her anus were driving her crazy. Her will to
resist the building arousal was dwindling fast. Her short, choppy gasps
added to the pressure welling up inside her. She was losing control of her
emotions and giving in to the deviant pleasure.
Long ago she had forgotten about the chill in the air of the autumn
evening. Her body was heated to the point of emitting steam. Jenna pressed
hard against the front of the police car, arching her back or extending her
ass skyward. Jenna was losing the battle and she didn't seem to care. She
kept up the relentless questioning of herself in an attempt to make sense
of the whole thing. Why was she feeling such arousal during such a sexually
degrading scenario? Why was the touch of women she barely knew so exciting?
A bead of sweat ran down the crevice of her spine. Jenna was reaching the
point of no return and everyone knew it. She was gasping for air and her
stomach heaved. She looked over her shoulder as a woman showed her young
daughter the inside of Jenna's pussy. She held the teachers' lips apart and
pointed to the swollen clitoris that had pushed its way free of its
sheath. The idea that she was being used as a 'show and tell' item nearly
sent Jenna over the edge.
The officer could tell Jenna was very close to orgasm. She leaned over and
whispered in her ear, "If you cum, I'll let you go. If you don't, I'll have
to take you downtown with me."
The officers' hot breath on her ear was too much. The words barely made
sense to her. All she heard was 'cum'. Jenna looked over her shoulder and
began thrusting her hips as the last woman leaned in to 'inspect' her. When
she felt the woman's nose bump her anus she exploded in orgasm with a loud
groan, "A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-o-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-h-h!"
Jenna's body stiffened as she flexed onto her toes and became as rigid as a
board. Her pussy's spasmodic contractions filled her cavity with girl
cum. Her hips pumped involuntarily as she repeatedly squeezed cum from deep
within her loin.
After several contractions, she started to relax and almost lost her
balance because she was so dizzy. The officer grabbed her arm and helped
her up after she inadvertently dropped to her knees.
The officer led the woozy Jenna to the front door of her house. The officer
twisted the doorknob and opened the door. Jenna barely understood what had
just happened. She struggled with the idea that the front door was open all
along because she thought she'd checked it, but apparently she hadn't. She
staggered into her bedroom and collapsed on the bed.
The officer tucked her in and told her to sl**p tight.
As the officer left, the happy group of neighbor women and c***dren had
already begun to disperse. She told them, "Okay, show's over. Now go back
to your homes." As the group departed, she got into her patrol car, turned
off the lights and rolled away.
Jenna slept like a baby in her orgasm-induced slumber. She dreamt of having
a better day tomorrow...
Jenna woke from a deep sl**p, still sore, tired and drained. Her first day
of school had been worse than any nightmare she could have imagined. She
was determined not to have a repeat of yesterday's events, especially last
night's. She still questioned how she could have let all those terrible
things happen to her.
As she shook the cobwebs from her confused mind, she felt an increasing
resolve to have a better day today. She reminded herself of her position
within the school, a teacher, and that she was the one who was in charge of
her classes, not the c***dren. She was the one who had control, not the
c***dren. She felt herself becoming more erect as her confidence built. She
was the proud woman who had graduated college with honors and who had
landed her first teaching job at a well-respected Catholic girl's school in
her neighborhood. She was the one who was hired because of her skills and
potential and she would be damned if anyone was going to take that away.
She stood before the mirror and admired her frame. Hands on her hips, she
turned from side-to-side, proudly viewing her excellent physique. She
showered quickly and dressed in a new uniform. "Oh no," she remembered, "I
can't wear undergarments." She felt her stomach tighten briefly and then
she reminded herself of just who she was - the teacher. She stepped into
her pumps, grabbed her papers and spare car keys and headed off to school.
The cool crisp air of the early fall morning aided her awakening senses as
she briskly walked through the neighborhood. The smell of freshly fallen
leaves, mixed with early morning dew and foggy dampness of fall heightened
her awareness of her beautiful rural surroundings. She was glad she lived
in such a lovely Midwestern area. The people were so nice, especially the
As she arrived at school, a few parents were beginning to drop their
c***dren off already as she entered the ivy-covered building. Her high
heels noisily clicked they're way through the vacant hallway as she made
her way to her English classroom. Once inside, she arranged her papers on
her desk and got prepared for the first class. She felt her anxiety build
as the clock slowly ticked toward the opening bell time and she had to keep
reminding herself of just who she was.
Jenna jumped when the first bell rang signaling the c***dren had five
minutes to get to class. She squirmed in her chair as the c***dren began to
noisily file in and take their seats. Jenna's heart skipped a beat when she
saw Trisha enter the classroom. A lump in her throat made it hard to
swallow and she suddenly felt dry-mouthed.
Where had her confidence gone? The mental flashbacks of the prior day's
events were rolling through her brain so fast, she felt she was watching
them on a movie screen in her mind. She heard herself gasp when she
remembered being f***ed to eat Trisha's pussy in the hallway and how scared
she was for her safety. A cold sweat formed in the palms of her hands and
around her scalp. She felt herself becoming pale as she sat there recanting
the whole ugly scene.
When the second bell rang she shakily stood up and signaled the girls to
settle down, which they did. Jenna let out a sigh of relief as her second
day had begun seemingly without a hitch. She tried to relax and compose
herself as she tried to rid her mind of the horrible actions of the day
Unsteadily she picked up some papers in an effort to begin the class. As
she fumbled with the papers trying to collect her thoughts, she suddenly
felt uncomfortable with her self. Once again, she was wearing the
prescribed uniform of the school, which was a blouse and skirt and NO
undergarments. She felt strangely naked and exposed in front the class and
she didn't like the feeling. Her large breasts hung freely from her chest
as she shuffled papers around. She could feel her nipples rubbing against
the sheer material of her blouse, acting like a constant reminder of her
current state of undress.
Jenna's mind wandered again as she wondered what she must look like to the
class, dressed like that. Her skirt was way shorter than the ones the girls
had to wear, which caused her to have to always be aware of her
position. She couldn't bend over too far or separate her knees while
sitting. She hated that she had to be on guard so much.
She faced the class, smiled weakly and sat behind her desk. The cool
plastic of her chair sent shivers up her spine as her thighs came in
contact with it. As she settled upon it, she felt the coolness touch her
pussy lips, which reinf***ed the fact that her short skirt barely covered
her buttocks and did little to protect her ass cheeks from the cold, not to
mention view. She felt her nipples harden as goose bumps covered her skin.
Several of the girls noticed the quick change in Ms. Tarp, especially her
nipples. They could clearly see them through the sheerness of the
blouse. Most of the girls appreciated her large aureoles and pointy
nipples, while others did not.
Trisha saw the quick change too and she got angry. She felt that Ms. Tarp
was intentionally trying to entice other girls in the class by acting
sexually seductive and it was obvious to her that Ms. Tarp was becoming
aroused by the idea because her nipples were getting hard. As she sat there
brewing, Trisha became more and more angry. She kept dwelling on the idea
that Ms. Tarp didn't seem to understand that she owned her now. "I guess
she didn't get the message yesterday," she told herself. "Well that's
fine," she grumbled to herself, "I guess I'll just have to make sure my
message is understood."
Trisha hated most of her teachers throughout the years and it was this year
that she decided she was going to take control of any new ones, so Ms. Tarp
was it. Trisha felt her bl**d pressure rising as she sat there reaching a
boiling point. She tried to think of ways she could humiliate her new
teacher in front of the class, her mind racing quickly now. Trisha was
determined to have Ms. Tarp perform humiliating acts in front of the other
girls. She was going to have to teach the new teacher slut just who was in
control here.
As Jenna paused for a moment hoping to catch her breath as the cold plastic
chair slowly warmed, she placed her arms flatly against the tabletop in
front of her as if bracing herself. She closed her eyes briefly as she
inhaled deeply through her nose and opened her eyes.
She froze in place when she saw Trisha start to stand up.
Trisha had had enough of her teacher's seductive behavior. She had to set
things straight - right now. She marched from her desk in the back of the
room straight toward her new young teacher, positioned behind her desk like
Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial.
Jenna didn't know what to do. Her panic paralyzed her. She could see the
look of anger on Trisha's face and she was petrified. "What does she want?"
her mind screamed, "What should I do? Should I stop her? Ask her what she's
doing? If I do, what WILL she do?" Jenna's mind filled with questions and
before she knew it, Trisha stood beside her and had the hair on the back of
her head in a tight-fisted grasp pulling backward.
Jenna winced and gasped at the pain, but didn't move. Her wide-eyed,
open-mouthed expression said it all. She was afraid of Trisha and Trisha
had complete control of her. Jenna could see the rest of the girls in class
were shocked, too. The look in their eyes were mixed. Some were excited and
waiting to see what was going to happen next, while others were afraid, but
all of them leaned forward in their desks and watched. Jenna couldn't
believe what was happening.
Trisha announced to the class as she held her teachers hair tightly, "I
told you all yesterday that I was in charge here. And apparently our little
teacher here," she said jerking her hair repeatedly for emphasis, "didn't
get the message, did you teach?"
Jenna didn't know what to say. Admitting that Trisha was in charge seemed
totally wrong, but what could she do? If she resisted, Trisha and her evil
friends would get her again, she was sure of it. Panic set in as she
struggled to answer. Jenna felt tears welling up in her eyes as the
realization that she was about to let a 13 year-old girl humiliate her in
front of the whole class set in. She felt helpless to fight back and her
mind, clouded by fear, struggled to formulate words. Why couldn't she move?
Why couldn't she fight back? This was a 13-year-old girl and she was 22.
Feeling her fear grip her innermost soul, Jenna began to cry and she knew
she was too afraid to do anything.
Trisha looked down at the blubbering teacher and mocked her for crying. The
class giggled at her taunts and a few joined in on their own.
"Cry teacher, cry," one student said in a whiny sarcastic tone.
"Baby, baby, baby," another sang.
"What a pussy," chided yet another.
The language shocked Jenna and she felt even worse and cried even harder.
Trisha reached down with her free hand and stuck it down the teachers'
blouse and groped and kneaded her breast.
Jenna, tears rolling down her cheeks, sat motionless as the young teen
massaged her breast while the class looked on. Things were getting worse by
the second. Here she was a new teacher with her new class during the first
period of the second day and she was allowing herself to be molested by a
student while the class watched. The whole thing was her fault. She'd let
things progress this far and now she couldn't stop it.
As she scolded herself for being dumb, she didn't even realize that Trisha
had unbuttoned her blouse until she felt it being pulled from her
Trisha let go of her teacher's hair and stepped behind the petite young
woman. She reached over her shoulders and slowly unbuttoned the last button
and held the blouse in each hand.
Jenna knew what was coming next and tried to snivel out a protest, "Please,
--don't - no..." Still paralyzed with fear and now humiliation, Jenna gasp
as the material slowly came open exposing her perfect orb's and allowing
cool air to sweep past her breasts. The girls' cold, damp fingers slid
across her skin causing Jenna's nipples to harden.
Everyone in the class believed Jenna liked what was happening to her. If
she didn't, then why would she just sit there? She hadn't moved since
Trisha approached her and she just sat there as Trisha massaged her breast
and then opened her blouse. The class was totally engrossed by what was
happening. Heads bobbed side-to-side to get a better look at their young
teachers' breasts, which were now heaving with perceived excitement.
Jenna's crying ceased when her breasts became visible to the class. She
wanted to cover herself, but she couldn't. She just sat there, staring back
at the class, as Trisha pulled the blouse over her shoulders, behind her
back and down to her elbows, effectively pinning her arms at her sides. She
didn't know what to do. It was as though she was tied up and couldn't move.
Trisha watched as Ms. Tarp's face wrinkled as she winced when, once again
when Trisha grabbed her by the hair. "Stand up, teach," Trisha ordered as
she pulled up on the hair.
Jenna pushed herself back from the table and felt tears begin to
swell. "P-please," she begged under her breath, "please don't make me do
Her plea fell on deaf ears. Trisha wanted no part of her begging. She
pulled up hard on her teachers' hair until the shorter figure stood
erect. She looked down at her teacher and noted that Ms. Tarp was still
trapping her blouse against her back. "Let's get rid of this," Trisha said
as yanked the garment off her arms, leaving the young teacher topless.
Jenna was mortified. She looked down as her bottom lip quivered and tears
rolled down her cheeks and dripped onto her breasts. She stood in front of
her class, ashamed and humiliated. She wanted to run away, but
couldn't. The teenager had hold of her hair. All she could do now was stand
there and let the class ogle her as she wept like a baby.
"Oh, look at the little baby crying," one girl teased.
"Wah...wah," mocked another girl mimicking a baby's cry.
"Take off your skirt, Ms. Tarp. Let's get a good look at you," ordered
Jenna's heart sank like a rock. She felt faint as she processed the
request. Without much thinking, her mind fogged with her humiliation, she
slowly began to unfasten her skirt. She was blindly following Trisha's
command, while trying to somehow come to grips with its implication. She
didn't even really feel the skirt as it dropped on her feet.
Trisha was taking great pleasure in humiliating her young teacher in front
of her classmates. She was wetter than she'd ever been before without
touching herself. This was better than her best fantasy. She was exhibiting
absolute control over a teacher at school in the teacher's own
classroom. She had stripped her naked and was now putting her on display
for the whole class to see. "Turn around, teach. Show everyone see that
fine ass of yours."
Jenna's mind was in a complete fog. She could barely comprehend her
environment. Her vision was blurred by tears and constricted by tunnel
vision. Her ears rang as her bl**d pressure rose and drowned out nearly all
sounds. Her world slowed to a surreal pace and she felt like things were
moving in slow motion. As she slowly spun around, displaying her backside
to the class, she watched the eager faces of the girls, smile and laugh at
her. Jenna felt like she was in a dream. The voices of the c***dren, as
they laughed and taunted her, became long drawn out verbiage that didn't
make sense.
Suddenly it all changed. She was snapped back into reality when she felt a
sharp pain on her butt cheek. Trisha had spanked her. Her cheek stung as
bl**d rushed to the wounded area in the form of a hand print and her mind
became sharp again.
"You've been a naughty little teacher today, haven't you, Ms. Tarp,"
ridiculed Trisha as she turned the young teacher around by her hair,
displaying her like furniture.
Jenna didn't know if Trisha expected an answer, so she opted to stay
quiet. She tried to cover her breasts as Trisha faced her to the class, but
Trisha gently pushed her hands down to her sides as she smirked and shook
her head 'no', like, 'I don't think so'.
"You look really good today, teach," jeered Trisha as she reached down with
her free hand and touched the young woman's neck.
Jenna froze at the young girl's touch. Her cold fingers caused Jenna to
become covered in goose bumps and her nipples to harden again. The whole
room gasped in anticipation as Trisha slowly ran her icy fingers down the
young teacher's breastbone and encircled a breast.
Trisha grabbed the base of her teacher's breast and milked it outwardly,
ending with a tweak on her nipple.
This caused Jenna to shudder in a way she didn't think was possible right
then. I mean, here she was, being held by the hair by a 13-year-old student
who f***ed her to be naked in front of the whole class. 'No', that's wrong,
she told herself. She wasn't f***ed to do anything. She allowed it to
happen. Just like she was allowing these feelings of arousal to creep into
her mind. Feeling Trisha milk her breast like that was causing her to feel
a deviant sense of arousal and she wasn't able to control it. She felt
herself exhale a deep sigh as she closed her eyes momentarily allowing
herself to be whisked away by the moment.
A silence fell over the room as the class of young teenage girls held their
collective breath as they watched Trisha's hand slide off the teachers'
breast and onto her stomach.
Jenna felt like her breath was being stolen and she gasped repeatedly as
her spasmodic stomach tightened uncontrollably when she felt Trisha's hand
begin it's slow, seductive decent toward her sex. Unwillingly, Jenna let
out a loud audible gasp as Trisha's fingers combed through her pubic hair
and cupped her swelling, moistening pussy.
"What's happening here?" Jenna questioned her self in her mind as she felt
her foot mooch it's way to the side a little, allowing Trisha better
access. "Why am I feeling like this? This is sick," she tried reprimanding
to her self. "Why am I allowing this teenager to feel my vagina in front of
the class? I know it feels good, but that's not an excuse," she told
herself. Jenna sensed her feet scoot out a little more.
Trisha believed that her teacher was becoming aroused by her sick
humiliation. She found herself getting more and more aroused as she rubbed
her teacher's pussy as the class watched. She e looked at their faces and
sensed their enjoyment, too.
Trisha's rubbing was becoming unbearable. Jenna was unable to hold back the
arousal she was now feeling. She stepped out of her skirt that was trapping
her feet together and spread her feet widely. She closed her eyes not
wanting to see her students' reactions at her sick willingness to let this
girl massage her in front of them. She figured they'd be disgusted and
disappointed and she just didn't want to see that right now. Her arousal
was building and taking control of her emotions and she was beginning to do
things that weren't normal and she didn't even care anymore.
Jenna's breathing quickened, as Trisha's rubbing continued. Her vagina was
so stirred that she felt her wetness begin to leak out. When Trisha stuck
two fingers inside her and separate her lips, Jenna thought she would
explode and let out a loud groan, "O-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-h-h."
Trisha used two fingers to hold apart her teachers' pussy lips and used her
middle finger to rub her clit and poke inside periodically. It was obvious
that her teacher was cumming and she wanted her too. She wanted to make her
teacher cum, right in front of her classmates. Trisha wanted her teacher to
do in public, one of the most intimate private things a woman could ever do
- and that was cum. She upped the pace at which she manipulated her clit
and soaking gash, as her teacher became more and more pliable. She stroked
and probed the heated flesh as her teacher moaned and moved her hips.
Trisha let go of her teachers' hair and stepped behind her. She wanted the
class to get a full view as she made her adult teacher expel love juice
from the touch of young teenage girl. Trisha used her other hand to milk
her teachers' breast as she pressed her body close behind.
The class sat there awed at the display of depravity before them. A teacher
had gotten naked in front of them and was now letting a minor teenage girl
masturbate her in front of them and the teacher was enjoying it!
Jenna's head rolled from side-to-side as she built toward climax. She held
each of Trisha's hands as they worked her breast and pussy. She was moaning
loudly now, and she was getting close. When she felt Trisha bite down on
her neck with a sloppy wet kiss, she exploded into
orgasm. "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-o-o-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-h-h-h!"
Trisha had to steady the weakening teacher as she collapsed in her
arms. Trisha turned her around and laid her across the table that acted as
her desk, so that her buttocks and steamy pussy were facing the class. Her
feet barely touched the ground as she lay across the desk. A slight
condensation ring was visible around her body on the tabletop as her heated
flesh slowly began to cool.
The class sat back in their chairs, panting at the show. The room reeked of
sex and was thick with moisture.
Trisha was delighted and so was the class.
Jenna was jolted awake from her orgasmic induced slumber by slaps on her
buttocks. The bell signaling the end of class had rung and as the class
filed out, they slapped her ass. Groggily, she f***ed herself to waken and
she realized she was nude. Jenna quickly gathered up her clothes and put
them on, before her next class came in.
No sooner was she dressed than the next class of girls filed in. As they
settled into their seats, the second bell rang.
>From the loudspeaker overhead came an announcement, "Ms. Tarp, please
report to the office, Ms. Tarp, to the office please."
Jenna felt a rush of anxiety pass through her body and she wondered what it
was all about. Actually she knew what it was about, but she just didn't
want to admit it. That's where the anxiety came from. Her knowing what had
transpired during her first day and - not even a half. She was in deep shit
and she knew it. "Well," she reasoned, "this is it. I'm fired."
Jenna turned the class over to one of the students and instructed them to
read a chapter until she got back. She walked down the long dark hallway,
her head down and heart pumping. Hearing those words, "you're fired", just
freaked her out. Worse yet, she catastrophes, "I could go to jail. Or
worse yet, PRISON!" She shuddered at the thought.
She slowly opened the door to the office and sheepishly peeked in. The Head
Mistress, s****r Ann, was standing in the doorway to office and motioned
for her to come inside. Jenna swallowed hard and walked in.
Jenna tentatively entered s****r Ann's office. For the some reason the
office seemed cold and sterile today. Two women sat in chairs directly
facing her, but back against the far wall of the office. Both women were in
they're 30's and very attractive and well kept. She suspected they were
mothers of a couple girls at the school. She felt a twinge of apprehension
bubble in her stomach as the two women glared at her. She felt really
uneasy with the way they looked at her. It was as though they despised her.
s****r Ann's dark-stained wooden desk sat to the left as she entered, and
it was neatly arranged with a desk calendar and in/out boxes. s****r Ann
sat behind the ominous looking desk with a serious look on her face. Jenna
didn't feel good all of a sudden. The room was dead silent as she
entered. There was no chair for her to sit on, so he hoped it would be a
short meeting. Jenna walked into the office and approached the two
well-dressed scowling women before facing to her left and standing in front
of s****r Ann at her desk.
"You called for me?" Jenna asked shyly. She hoped she didn't smell like
sex. She was still very sensitive and could still feel the moisture between
her legs. Just walking caused her to shiver.
s****r Ann looked somber as she sat behind her desk and began, "Ms. Tarp,
let me start with introductions," pointing to the very distinctive looking
woman on the far right, "this is Ms. Landers...Judge Landers, and this,"
acknowledging the dark haired woman closest to her, "is Ms. Wallace."
"Nice to me both of you," Jenna nodded. When the women didn't return her
greeting she knew for sure that something was up. She just prayed it wasn't
what she thought it might be.
s****r Ann looked down and after a moment of silence as she collected her
thoughts said, "It appears we have a little problem."
Jenna's heart sank as she stood before the women. She knew one of the girls
had probably told their parents and now she was in big trouble. A sweat
broke out on her back and scalp as her ears began to ring.
"These are mothers of two girls, Bic and Barb, in your first period class,"
began s****r Ann.
Jenna almost fainted. She felt the bl**d drop to her feet and she became
visibly shaken and took a small step to her left to regain her balance.
"Please sit down, Ms. Tarp. I'm sorry I don't have a chair for you, but you
need to sit down anyway," s****r Ann told her.
Jenna didn't care that there was no chair, she DID need to sit down
anyway. She knelt down and then sat back on her heels. She looked down and
nervously flattened her skirt.
"Ms. Tarp," s****r Ann began again, now looking down at the ashen Jenna,
"Both girls came home last night and told disturbingly similar
stories. Both girls said you sexually molested another student by having
oral sex with her. Is that true?" asked s****r Ann in a concerned voice.
Jenna's mind went blank. She didn't know what to think, in fact, she
couldn't think. Her career, her life, her freedom all flashed before
her. She knew was innocent, but all she did was stammer... "N-no t-that's
not true." How would she explain what happened so that they'd believe her?
She felt an overwhelming since of hopelessness fill her being and she began
to cry. "I-I...didn't..." she blubbered, "I-I mean, I did,
wasn't like you think..." Jenna thought about how that sounded and realized
that even she didn't believe it.
"So what are you saying, Ms. Tarp?" pressed a disbelieving s****r Ann.
Jenna didn't know what to say. She burst into tears and sobbed at her
inability to put up a sound defense. She felt like an idiot. She thought
about the whole horrible incident in her mind again and she remembered how
she had begun to feel a little arousal and that made her really feel
guilty. She never should have let things get that far, but now that she
had, what was she going to do? She felt dirty and ashamed at being accused
of c***d molestation. "Was she?" she asked herself, "was she a c***d
Jenna's sobbing made the women believe she was guilty. They all became
visibly upset and disgusted with the young woman.
"Ms. Tarp, please get a hold of yourself." s****r Ann stated flatly as she
tossed her a Kleenex.
Sniffling, Jenna tried to regain her composure and dabbed her eyes with the
tissue before placing her hands meekly in her lap.
"Am I to understand that what these girls said is true?" queried s****r
Ann. Not waiting for a response s****r Ann said, "I'm afraid I have know
choice but to punish you, Ms. Tarp."
Jenna didn't know what that meant, but it didn't sound good. She thought
she was being fired or worse yet, going to jail. She stared at the ground
and felt an immense emptiness inside. Her life as she knew it was over.
s****r Ann pushed back from her desk and stood up. She reached under her
desk and grabbed something.
Jenna, from her knees, watched as s****r Ann pulled out a wooden paddle
that she used on rare occasions and plunked it onto the desk with a
thud. The heavy two foot long paddle was about a half inch thick piece of
four inch wide pine that was beautifully engraved with the words, "Spare
the rod" and lacquered to a bright shine.
The two mothers, both so angry they were almost trembling, grinned evilly
when they saw the piece of lumber.
Looking down at her hands, Jenna felt tears welling up in her eyes
again. Fear gripped the young teacher when she saw the paddle. Her stomach
tightened as she envisioned herself being spanked in front the two girl's
mothers. Jenna just couldn't allow that. She wasn't a c***d. No way should
she be spanked for what she had done. It wasn't even her fault...was it?
Jenna suddenly felt a wave of uncertainty wash over her. How did all those
things happen to her anyway? She must have played a role in it
somehow. Never before had she EVER experienced a day like yesterday...and
then again today...EVER in her life!
Jenna felt herself becoming flushed and felt faint. She remembered that she
had had several orgasms as a result of all those activities. That, alone,
proved she actually liked what happened, didn't it? Jenna tried to shake
the cobwebs from her mind. She wasn't thinking clearly. She DIDN'T enjoy
being humiliated and f***ed to have sex! "I DON'T!" she emphasized to
And now, her Head Mistress was about to spank her for her crimes. Her
"crimes?" she questioned herself. She was petrified of prison and the whole
idea of being arrested. The humiliation and embarrassment that would bring
on her and her community was more than she could fathom. Her fear obscured
her ability to think clearly and she didn't even realize that s****r Ann
was now standing over her, tapping the paddle on her free hand.
"Stand up, Ms. Tarp," ordered s****r Ann.
Without thinking, Jenna leaned forward and pushed herself up. Passively,
she stood before the three women holding her hands in front of her. She was
very scared of what was to come. The two mother's really worried her, they
were so angry. Jenna wanted to do whatever it took to make them calm down,
but she didn't want to be spanked. She sensed they wanted to inflict pain
on her and she almost understood why.
Jenna felt her heart thump wildly in her chest when she remembered she
wasn't wearing any panties. Her mind raced with visions of how she would
look and the reactions the mother's might have. She squeezed her eyes
together momentarily trying to rid herself of the whole scene. She hoped
she could will herself away to another place and time.
"Turn around, bend over and lift your skirt, Ms. Tarp," instructed s****r
Jenna's heart thumped in her chest so hard she thought they might hear
it. She stood there for a second, stunned. Thoughts bounced in her mind
like ping pong balls. If she bent over, they'd see that she wasn't wearing
panties. She hadn't been spanked since she was a k**. She didn't WANT to be
spanked. Did she deserve to be spanked? What was her alternative? If she
didn't allow them to spank her, they could have her fired AND arrested. She
probably deserved a good swat anyway; after all she DID have oral sex with
a minor girl.
Jenna could hardly breath as she looked at the three women. They all glared
back at her, waiting. Jenna, her mind a tangled mess of thoughts and
emotions, tried to take in all that was happening to her.
s****r Ann was feeling the heat of the moment. She felt her body tingle
with a layer of sweat under her thick, black robe. She tried to act
nonchalant, but she choked on air a few times. "It's b-best to repent for
your s-sins, Ms. Tarp," she stuttered from nervous excitement.
Jenna knew they were right, but didn't like it. She closed her eyes and
sheepishly turned her back to the two women as s****r Ann leaned
forward. Jenna reached behind her and grabbed the hem of her skirt and
squeezed it tightly. She paused for a moment as she tried not to think
about what they would see when she bent over. She inhaled deeply and slowly
bent over and reluctantly lifted her skirt, flipping it on her back.
"Grab your ankles, Ms. Tarp," ordered s****r Ann.
Jenna grabbed her ankles and pulled her face to her knees and held on
tightly. She grimaced in anticipation.
THWACK! Came the paddle across her butt cheeks.
"O-o-o-o-o-o-w-w-w-w-w!" screamed a shocked Jenna. She grimaced in pain as
her ass leapt on fire and her pussy contracted. A rosy red rectangle
striped her ass. She wanted to cry it hurt so badly. She squeezed her knees
and tried to ignore the pain. She stopped thinking about the fact that her
ass and pussy were there for all to see and focused, instead, on the flame
that filled her buttocks.
"Do you like to have sex with girls?" asked s****r Ann, her own warmth
building rapidly at not only being able to see Jenna's firm perky butt, but
being able to swat her with her paddle. She loved how Jenna's firm ass
hardly shook when she spanked her. A sign of how firm it truly was.
The stinging in her ass subsided after a few seconds and Jenna felt her
pussy twitch involuntarily at the question. She wondered why that
happened. Jenna figured her body was reacting negatively to the question,
at least that's the way she felt in her mind. Thinking her Head Mistress
was intending to beat any desire for women out of her, Jenna started to
whimper and sniveled out a meager, "no."
"Wrong," said s****r Ann.
THWACK! Came another swat across her firm protruding butt cheeks.
"O-o-o-o-o-o-w-w-w-w-w-w!" howled Jenna. She wasn't dumb, she would give
them the answer they wanted, "Yes," she panted, "yes, I like to have sex
with girls!" She couldn't believe she had just blurted that out. She
admitted to doing something that just wasn't true. Why did she do that?
Couldn't she take a little pain?
Jenna's pussy twitched a few more times as she reflected on what she'd just
done. She admitted, in public, that she liked to have sex with girls!
"O-o-h-h," Jenna moaned softly. Her mind was awash with confusion. She
truly DIDN'T like to have sex with girls, but somehow the idea of it caused
her body to react with reluctant arousal.
"Excellent," cooed s****r Ann, "now we're getting somewhere. So you DO like
the taste of young teenage pussy?"
Jenna was shocked at the use of language and she felt her vagina spasm
again. It seemed so raw and sexual. "The taste of teenage pussy?" she
repeated in her mind. Repeating it to herself sent a chill up her spine and
she shivered. "The taste," she repeated again sending rising warmth up her
back. She'd never really thought about how a pussy 'tasted' before. The
idea that it had flavor at all was kind of exhilarating. She felt herself
gasp at the thought.
She remembered that she wasn't repulsed by the taste of the girl's vaginas
at all, which sent a shot of wetness into her vagina? Her thoughts
momentarily deflected from her stinging ass and her humiliating position,
tried to rationalize why she just had that sudden burst of arousal. She
knew she didn't like girls pussy's at all, much less the 'taste' of them so
she stupidly replied, "No."
THWACK! Came another swat, this one a little harder than the previous.
"O-o-o-o-o-w-w-w-w-w! I mean, YES...YES! I like the taste of young pussy,"
Jenna blubbered, her ass stinging and throbbing. Why did she say 'no'?
"That was dumb!" she scolded herself. Jenna held tightly onto her
ankles. It was the only she had to grip to try and limit the pain. She
wondered how things had ever gotten this far. How did she ever manage to
end up in the Principle's office getting spanked in front of two parents?
This was humiliating. Not only that, she was being accused of liking the
taste of young pussy, which she didn't and yet she had this strange arousal
brewing in her loin.
s****r Ann grabbed Jenna's ass cheeks, one in each hand, and squeezed them
hard, forcing the bright red cheeks to turn white again. She reveled at the
opportunity to do this in front of two of the more prominent students
mother's. She wanted them to know that she would take immediate action when
one of her teacher's messed up. She glanced over her shoulder and was
pleased to see that both mother's were eagerly watching the punishment.
Jenna's eyes rolled back in her head when she felt s****r Ann aggressively
massage her buttocks. She was lifting and separating her cheeks, spreading
her ass wide exposing both her private holes to the two mothers sitting
behind her. The sensation was incredible. She gasped a couple times when
she felt s****r Ann's thumbs brush by her pussy and anus. The warmth from
the swats, followed by s****r Ann's massage was pushing hear heated flesh
to new heights. Grabbing her ankles tightly, she closed her eyes and tried
to ignore the moisture she was sure was visible by now. She wanted to tell
s****r Ann to stop, but it felt so good she didn't dare. The stretching and
pulling on her ass cheeks was making her wetter by the second.
Jenna tried to clear her mind. She shouldn't be getting wet like this,
certainly not now. Here she was bent over holding her ankles in the school
principles office, with her skirt lifted up exposing her panty-less
buttocks, getting spanked in front of two girl's mothers, while admitting
to things that weren't true! How on earth could she find that exciting? It
didn't make sense, but there was no denying it, she WAS getting aroused.
"Did you have any questions for our new young teacher?" s****r Ann asked
the two mothers, hoping they'd seize the moment and ask the vulnerable
young teacher a question they'd know she'd get wrong.
"Yes," Judge Landers replied, "I do. Ms. Tarp, are you a lesbian?"
Panting from the massage, Jenna reacted almost instantly with an emphatic,
"No!" "How dare they imply that I'm gay," she thought to herself, her ass
still smarting. She was definitely NOT a lesbian! Just because she had a
horrible day yesterday didn't make her a lesbian today. She still liked
men...kind of. I mean just because she'd never really dated before or had
sex with a man, for that matter, didn't make her a lesbian. And just
because she'd felt some arousal during some of those terrible events,
didn't make her a lesbian either...did it?
Jenna kept telling herself she wasn't a lesbian, but she felt like she was
losing the argument with her self. The thought of being gay made her
Then suddenly, THWACK! Another swat reinf***ed her latest conclusion.
"O-o-o-o-o-w-w-w-w-w! YES-S-S-S-S! YES! I'm a LESBIAN!" screamed Jenna, her
ass burning again. "Oh my gawd!" she said in her mind, "I just told them I
was a LESBIAN!" Jenna couldn't believe it. Even worse though, she felt like
the swat splattered pussy juice around. She was so wet she was almost
dripping. Deep down inside she KNEW she wasn't a lesbian, but for some
reason the thought of it was causing her to grow wetter.
Jenna couldn't help herself. Her ass stung like fire, but she still felt
excitement! She imagined what she must look like right then. Bent over
holding her ankles, two mothers watching her get punished, her ass a bright
red and her pussy dripping wet! What kind of a message was that sending?
Was that telling them that she...she...enjoyed being public?!
Jenna felt flushed. She began to pant uncontrollably. She toiled with the
idea for a moment and then abruptly dismissed it as nonsense. There was no
way she could enjoy being public...and ENJOY it!
s****r Ann and the two mothers recognized the signs of young woman's
excitement and decided to take full advantage of the fact that Jenna
obviously enjoyed public humiliation and punishment. s****r Ann delivered
another swat to Jenna's firm ass eliciting a deep moan this time, as
opposed to a yelp.
s****r Ann took the paddle and rubbed it on Jenna's ass as Jenna began to
roll her hips and moan lightly.
Jenna was in a different place. Her arousal sent her inside her own mind
and blocked out all outside activities. She was totally consumed with the
feelings in her body and forgot about her surroundings. She gasped for air
as her stomach twitched and her pussy pulsated. She was building toward an
orgasm and she couldn't stop it. The fire from the last swat was leaving
her too quickly this time and she needed another one to keep her headed
toward orgasm. She wanted to ask for another, but then again didn't.
Jenna ground her hips by flexing her knees and circling her ass. She wanted
another swat to send her over the, she NEEDED another swat!
"Please, please, spank me again," Jenna panted, totally forgetting about
the two mothers watching. Jenna was fully into her self right now and all
else didn't matter.
s****r Ann was sweating profusely now. Not from the physical activity, but
from her own arousal. Her new young teacher was actually begging for
another swat, right in front of these two mothers! It was almost more than
she could take. This surpassed her wildest hopes and fantasies!
THWACK! s****r Ann delivered the final blow.
Jenna screamed again, "O-o-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-h-h-h!" but not from pain this
time, but from pleasure. She came as soon as the initial sting left her
flaming ass. She rolled her hips as her pussy squeezed love juice. She let
out deep moans as the last of the liquid squished from her loin. Jenna
collapsed on the Principles office floor, her stomach heaving as she lapsed
into slumber.
Judge Landers, s****r Ann and Bic's mother exchanged knowing glances as
they watched they young teacher rest. Judge Landers told s****r Ann, "Oh
my, she's way better than you described her on the phone. Have her contact
me after school today. I have plans for her."
s****r Ann rolled the sl**py Jenna onto her back, which made Jenna suddenly
feel uncomfortable. Jenna awoke and shook the cobwebs from her mind. She
stood up, stretched and rubbed her ass. Her butt was a little sore and it
all became painfully clear. s****r Ann had spanked her in front of two
girl's mothers! She gasped at the horrible memory.
Jenna focused her eyes and discovered she was still in s****r Ann's office
and s****r Ann was sitting behind her desk. Startled, she quickly tried to
compose herself by straightening her clothes and fixing her hair. Jenna
felt very uncomfortable seeing s****r Ann working on some paperwork
apparently unaware that she was even in the room. Jenna wasn't sure if she
should just leave or if she should excuse herself first. The whole moment
seemed awkward. "Excuse me, s****r Ann, are you through with me?" Jenna
winced at her choice of words, they just didn't feel right.
Without looking up from her paperwork s****r Ann said, "Call Judge Landers
at 555-6540 after school."
Jenna didn't know what to think. Why did she need to call the judge? She
hoped it had nothing to do with what went on at school today. She shivered
at the thought of what it might concern.
"You are dismissed for the day, Ms. Tarp," s****r Ann said, "without pay."
Her day was ruined anyway and besides she didn't feel good. Jenna turned
and left the office. She was devastated at what had happened to her in
there and even more devastated at how she reacted. She kept having this
foggy memory of not only being spanked, but also seemingly enjoying it. As
she walked through the vacant hallway, she shook her head and rubbed her
temples. The whole morning was like a big mystery she couldn't solve. She
was having difficulty separating fact from fiction, truth from untruth. She
finally gave up and decided to just forget about it. "It was all just a bad
dream," she told herself.
Jenna immediately felt better. Writing off the whole morning simply made
her feel great. She regained her posture as she entered her empty classroom
to gather her keys and personal belongings and go home. She was looking
forward to going to bed and getting some much-needed sl**p.
As soon as she got home, she tossed her purse on the sofa, went into her
bedroom, stripped down to her panties and crawled in bed. Soon she was fast
When Jenna woke up, it was already after 5:00. She sat up like a shot when
she remembered, "Judge Landers!" She scrambled for the phone and then
fumbled through her purse the judges phone number. She quickly dialed the
number and listened for its ring. A bolt of electricity shot up her spine
as wondered what she would say and equally important, she wondered what the
judge wanted.
Jenna heard the judge's voice come on the line with the customary 'hello'
and she nervously replied, "J-judge Landers, this is Jenna Tarp...from
St. Monica's."
"Oh yes, Ms. Tarp," Judge Landers began somberly, "I'll get right to the
point. I want you to meet me tonight. After today's discussion at the
school, I want to discuss how you think we should proceed."
Jenna almost peed herself. She felt faint and couldn't breathe. She thought
her heart stopped. What did all that mean? Was she going to jail? She
gasped deeply and closed her eyes and she tried to compose herself. Barely
able to hold the phone to her ear, she answered, "Uh, o-okay, where would
you like to meet?"
Jenna shakily wrote down the address of a local pub the judge
recommended. She hung up the phone and grabbed her chest. What did the
judge mean when she said, 'and dress like you would for school, except
nicer?' Jenna asked herself as she jumped in the shower.
Jenna was very nervous as she rummaged through her closet looking for
something to wear. Her mind was filled with questions causing her tons of
anxiety. She wasn't thinking clearly as she dressed. She picked out a blue
sleeveless mini-dress that had a deep cut in the back and clung to her like
a glove. The judge had said to dress 'nice' so the place she was going to
was undoubtedly upscale. She slipped on a pair of her favorite thong style
undies before pulling on the dress.
Jenna checked her appearance in the mirror before slipping on her matching
pumps. Even she was impressed at how she looked. The blue stretchy dress
followed every glorious curve and showed off her exquisite physique in a
very sexy way. "H-m-m," Jenna hummed, "Maybe I can hook myself up with a
man tonight," grinning, she said aloud. She tossed her hair, applied some
make-up and her favorite lipstick, grabbed her purse and keys and headed
She told the judge she'd meet her at 7:00 sharp and judging by the part of
town she was going to, she had just enough time. Darkness had already
fallen and a light misty drizzle had begun as she drove.
Arriving in the part of town where the directions led, Jenna peered through
rain soaked windows looking for street names and addresses. The section of
town was pretty run down and Jenna wondered if she'd gotten the address
wrong. The rhythmic sound of the wiper blades as they squished back and
forth was making Jenna nervous. She turned the radio on softly as a
As the addresses counted down closer to her destination, the seedier the
area became. Parked cars checkered both sides of the dimly lit
street. One-story businesses with neon signs in the windows lined the left
side of the street and old homes lined the right. Large dark maple trees
grew along the street in front of almost every house. They stretched high
above the street and almost provided a canopy.
The rain stopped as Jenna slowed her car as she approached the address for
the bar. She slowly pulled her car to right when she saw a neon 'Bud' sign
in the window. "Is this the place? My gawd, it's awful," Jenna muttered to
herself. She felt a creepy sense of nervousness as she checked her face in
the rear view mirror. She looked up and down the dark vacant street before
she opened the door. She took a deep breath, pushed it open and dashed
across the street slamming the car door shut as she ran.
She pushed open the door to the bar and walked in. The bar was very dark
and trimmed with dark stained wood. The long, stool lined bar sat to the
left and was attended by a rather tall woman with a short buzz cut. Jenna
felt the eyes of the few patrons inside, as the spring door slammed noisily
behind her and startled her. Jenna looked around the bar, which was small
and had only a few candlelit tables to her right, a pool table straight in
the back and a few booths along the far wall past the tables.
Jenna felt very uncomfortable as she took a few steps inside and heard the
soft music from a jukebox playing in the background. Her stomach tightened
and she held her breath when she felt like the bartender was staring at
her. The mirrored wall behind the bartender was decorated with glassware,
liquor bottles, and few neon beer signs. The whole place was dark except
for the small amount of track lighting behind the bar and the light over
the pool table in back.
Jenna jumped and gasped when she felt a hand grab her arm and pull her. She
turned quickly to see the taller Judge Landers.
"We're over here, Ms. Tarp," the judge said matter-of-factly, pulling
Jenna's arm.
The way the judge led her toward the booth with her strong grip, Jenna felt
like a c***d being taken to her room. The judge was so much taller than she
was, it may have even looked like that, she told herself. Jenna sensed she
would be scolded like a c***d too. Mentally she prepared herself for the
As Jenna stumbled along under the physical control of Judge Landers, she
noticed the bar had only a few pairs of women in it and guessed it was
probably some 'Ladies Night' since it was Tuesday. She felt their eyes on
her as the judge led her to their booth. Jenna felt strangely naked like
she was being stripped of her clothes by their eyes. A shiver ran down her
spine and her nipples sprang to erectness. She hated when that
happened. Her nipples seemed to do that at the worst times and always sent
the wrong message.
The judge pushed Jenna into the booth and sat down across from her. "I
called you here to discuss what you did at the school, the ramifications
and a resolution," Judge Landers firmly stated.
Jenna felt her heart skip a beat and her face get flush. She didn't know
what to say, in fact, she couldn't speak.
"First off, I need to know if you followed my instructions to the letter,"
started the judge.
Jenna didn't know what she meant and looked puzzled. Her mind was cluttered
with worry and anxiety and she couldn't process cryptic messages. "W-what
do you mean," asked a confused Jenna.
"Did you dress in the SAME manner as you do for school? Let me cut right to
the chase, Ms. Tarp, are you wearing underwear?" the judge inquired.
Jenna was shocked. She didn't know what to say. Why would she ask about
something so private? Certainly the judge expected her to WEAR
underwear. Any respectable woman would do that and she was certainly
respectable. Confidently she answered, "Yes."
Judge Landers expression changed to a scowl, "Get them off, NOW!" she
"W-what?" Jenna squeaked.
In a loud voice, easily drawing attention to them in the small confines of
the bar, the judge repeated, "I said, get them off, NOW!"
Jenna winced at the loudness of the statement and looked around to see if
anyone had heard. Much to her embarrassment, everyone was now staring in
her direction. Jenna froze as she felt all eyes in the room bore in on
her. She didn't know what to do. Her humiliation gripped her muscles and
she couldn't move. She couldn't believe the judge was serious. Even though
the judge had a look of anger on her face, Jenna couldn't believe she
really meant 'now'.
She tried to scrunch down in the bench to hide. Why did she have to have
her back in the corner and be facing the whole room? Everyone could see her
clearly. She wished she was sitting where the judge was, so she could be
out of sight from the bar patrons. If the judge WAS serious and she wanted
her to take her panties off right then, everyone would be able to see her
do it.
Jenna poured through her options. Her heart beating faster as her time ran
out. She had to decide what to do and quick. What would happen if she said
'no'? She reasoned the judge would freak out and maybe even have her
arrested. Hell, she might do that anyway, she told herself. Jenna squirmed
in her seat when she thought about being arrested.
When the judge yelled, "NOW!" Jenna leaped into action. Without thinking
she reached up her dress and yanked her panties to her knees and quickly
kicked them on the floor. Panting with fear at being yelled at she huffed,
"OKAY, they're off."
Judge Landers needed to establish her control over the young teacher
immediately. She wanted the young budding lesbian slut to know exactly who
was in charge and why. Sternly she began, "Ms. Tarp, you have committed
many crimes that are punishable by several YEARS in prison. You have taken
indecent liberties with a minor, **** of minor c***d and indecent exposure
to name a few. These are serious crimes."
Jenna's heart raced with fear. She expected Judge Landers to tell her she
would be arrested, charged and convicted before being tossed in
prison. Jenna's mind fought images of **** by women and prison guards as
she sat there contemplating her future. She tried to listen as the judge
"Ms. Tarp, do you want to go to prison?" asked the judge.
Jenna knew the answer to that question, "N-no, please don't send me to
prison. I'll do ANYTHING to stay out of jail," she pleaded, her eyes
filling with tears. Jenna was serious. She did NOT want to go to prison and
she would serve any kind of community service, for however long if she
could just stay out of prison. She knew the judge could probably pull
strings and keep her out, so she would willingly clean her toilets to do
so, she told herself.
"Good. I was hoping you'd feel that way," purred the judge. "I think I need
to put you to a little test, first, to see if you're really serious about
doing ANYTHING to stay out of prison."
Jenna felt a sudden burst of hope. She WAS willing to do whatever the judge
wanted. She'd wait tables, get coffee, clean her house, wash clothes, heck,
she k**ded herself, she'd even do windows! For the first time in two days
she felt like she was getting a break and she began to relax. "I'll do
it. Whatever it is, I'll do it," insisted a more confident Jenna.
"Okay then," started the judge, her voice lowering to an almost inaudible
level, "I want you to go into that bathroom," she said thumbing over her
shoulder, "and proposition the first female that comes in there. Tell her
you want to eat her out, just like that, 'eat her out'. Got it?"
bl**d rushed from Jenna's brain and settled in her feet. She couldn't
concentrate anymore. Did she hear her right? Was she supposed to go into a
public bathroom and proposition some stranger and tell her she wanted to
'eat her out'! My gawd, that was disgusting! Jenna was totally embarrassed
that she had been so naive as to not think about THAT possibility. Why did
she agree to do 'ANYTHING' before she knew what it was? What an idiot she
As she thought about how horrible the request was, she balanced it against
her options: prison. Her heart sank as realized she really DIDN'T have an
option. She slumped in her seat as the realization set in. She began to
feel sick. She pictured herself sticking her tongue into some strangers'
vagina and almost vomited.
Reluctantly, Jenna had to agree. She could do this, she told herself as she
tried to muster up strength. She glanced around the room to see who it
might be. Would it be the bartender? Or how about one of the two
biker-looking chicks drinking beer? Or maybe one of the two
business-looking women sitting together at the table? She shuddered at the
thought of it being ANY of them.
As Jenna convinced herself that doing this disgusting act was better than
prison, she felt a familiar twinge. "What was that?" Jenna questioned
herself, appalled that she would even feel the SLIGHTEST sense of arousal
for being f***ed to do something so repulsive!
She shook her head and tried to clear her thoughts. She knew she'd have to
do this. As she stared at the judge, who stared back, she felt like a k**
who'd just gotten caught stealing. She knew she was wrong and she'd have to
pay the price. Sheepishly, she looked down and whispered, "Okay, I'll do
Jenna pushed her knees off the side of the bench, stood up, straightened
her dress and headed toward the bathroom. She felt the eyes of the room
follow her every step and she burst out with goose bumps and her nipples
sprang to hardness. Damn, she hated that. "Why did that happen now?" she
scolded herself.
With each step she took, her large breasts bounced up and down causing her
nipples to abrade on the coarse material of her dress. The sensation was
incredible and she wondered why she hadn't worn it more often. "NO!" she
screamed in her mind, "NOW is NOT the time to think like that!" and she
quickly gathered her thoughts again.
She pushed open the door to the bathroom and entered the dimly lit, filthy
room. One dirty sink positioned under a small vanity mirror, was in the
near corner and two door-less stalls were against the opposite wall. The
floor was covered in chipped red paint that led to a dirty drain in middle
of the floor. The wall next to the sink that was opposite the stalls was
scratched and scribbled with nasty graffiti messages. Jenna wanted to vomit
at the smell of the place. Out of curiosity she looked in the stalls at the
dirty, encrusted toilets, filthy with brown rings.
She quickly became very afraid and regretted her decision. She figured that
anyone that would use a bathroom this disgusting was probably diseased
themselves. She envisioned a woman's dirty pussy in her face and she
gagged. Why did she ever agree to do this? What was she thinking? Could
prison be this bad? Maybe she should tell the judge she changed her mind
and she'd rather take her chances in court.
Jenna was startled back into reality when she heard the door fly open and
bang hard against the back wall. She turned around quickly and saw not one
but BOTH biker-chicks walk in.
"What are you looking at, bitch?" said the first to enter, in a gruff manly
sounding voice.
"N-nothing," stammered a frightened Jenna.
"Are calling me NOTHING?" asked the first, larger chick. Speaking to her
shorter, rounder friend the tall biker chick said, "This bitch just called
Jenna wanted to bolt for the door but it was being blocked by the shorter
one. She was trembling with fear as the two ambled closer. Jenna's heart
was pounding faster and harder as she backed up. She jumped when her back
contacted the cold cinder block wall opposite the stalls. She tried to
cover herself from the leering eyes of the two mean looking women.
As the two pressed in closer to the trembling young teacher, now huddling
against the wall, the tall one snarled, "Well I think YOU'RE nothing. Let's
see what you got on under that pretty dress of yours."
Jenna panicked. She was frozen with fear and she begged,
"please...don't...please leave me alone, PLEASE!" Jenna clutched her hands
tightly to her chest in a vain attempt to cover her huge breasts and
protect herself.
Jenna felt the two large women lean against her, one of each side. The
smell of stale beer on their breath almost made her puke. She flinched when
she felt a cold hand touch both her thighs on the out side of her legs. She
grimaced as their weight pushed her hard against the wall, pinning her
Jenna didn't understand why the large one started a slow count.
"One...two..." she began, "THREE!"
At that, both biker chicks ripped up on the hem of Jenna's dress and pulled
it over her head and completely off her body. Jenna gasped loudly as the
dress left her body, pulling her arms from protective cover, and was tossed
behind the two. Now she was completely naked in front of these two hulking
women. She tried to cover herself as best she could, but despite her best
efforts her breasts were hanging in full view and her pinched knees did
little to hide her tiny muff.
Jenna huffed with breathless fear as she tried to scrunch down from
view. Jenna wanted to scream, but couldn't.
Each biker took one of Jenna's arms and f***ed it overhead and pinned it
against the wall. Jenna's breasts were pushed outward since her back had to
Jenna tried to squirm under the pressure against her arms, but her feet
were almost dangling off the ground.
With their free hands the bikers groped the young teacher's firm
flesh. They massaged her breasts, ran their hands up and down her taught
stomach, brushing lightly over her soft pubic mound and down across her
Jenna continued to struggle but something strange began to happen. She felt
her skin become covered in goose bumps as the twos hands wandered. "What
was happening?" she begged herself for an answer. "T-this can't be!" she
screamed in her mind, as she wriggled against the wall. Despite her best
efforts to fight off the unintended arousal, it didn't work. She couldn't
believe it.
She let out a loud gasp when she felt the shorter one's mouth clamp onto
her breast and begin to suckle her nipple. She looked down as the woman
intensified her sucking and pulling on her nipple and let out another moan,
The tall one asked in a rhetorical manner, "you like this, don't you
bitch?" and she slid her hand over Jenna's soft pubic area and pushed her
middle digit into the soft moist flesh. "Oh yeah, you like it."
Jenna was mortified. How could that be? She continued to wriggle against
the unwanted touches of these two women but somehow she still got wet!
Jenna didn't understand it. Her mind was clouded with questions for which
she didn't have answers. All she knew was that the tall one was right
Jenna's confusion continued, as did the digital probe and the a****listic
sucking on her breast. As her struggling turned to writhing, Jenna looked
down and watched the woman suck her breast with reckless abandon. Jenna
felt sweat forming against the once cold cement wall as her breathing
changed to panting. She didn't understand any of it. Her mind was telling
her one thing but her body was reacting in a completely different manner
and IT was winning! Her head rolled from side-to-side as the intensity of
her arousal built toward orgasm.
The two bikers were relentless. Jenna was reaching the edge and she
wouldn't be able to fight it much more. Being ****d by two biker chicks in
a filthy bathroom of a bar wasn't enough to deter the overwhelming
sensations her body was receiving. When she felt the hot breath of the tall
one whisper in her ear,
"Go ahead and cum, bitch, it's okay."
Jenna released a rush of sloppy orgasmic liquid all over the tall one's
hand, "A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-o-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-h-h". Jenna's pussy
involuntarily pulsated with squirts of love juice as she ground her hips
against the middle finger.
The tall one retracted her slimy finger from the young teacher, sniffed it
and pushed it into Jenna's mouth saying, "Suck it bitch."
Jenna woozy from the intensity of the orgasm willingly sucked on the bikers
finger. She lapped and bathed it with her tongue, "M-m-m-m-m-m," not really
thinking about what she was doing. Jenna had never tasted herself before
and convinced herself that the delectable flavor was just the biker's
finger, not herself.
Jenna wanted to sl**p but the two bikers grabbed her arms and held her
between them. As they headed to the exit, the tall one grabbed her dress
off the floor. They pushed open the door and shoved the young teacher back
into the bar, tossing her dress in the direction of the judge.
Jenna not fully aware of her circumstances and banged into a couple tables,
as she stumbled across the room. Her breasts banging wildly from
side-to-side, she tried to cover herself as best she could as she slowly
regained her faculties. Jenna stumbled for the sanctity of the booth and
Judge Landers when she heard the tall biker say,
"She's all yours, your Honor."
As Jenna's first week at her new school, St. Monica's, neared its end, she
recanted some of the horrible events that made it so memorable. As she sat
in her first period classroom waiting for the day to begin, she couldn't
help but feel responsible somehow. She was convinced that such things just
didn't 'happen' and she must have a played a role in their realization.
But, she sighed, she HAD learned a lot here. She had learned how to act in
her first period class so as not to raise Trisha's anger, she had learned
that doing whatever the girls in her second period gym class wanted was the
best way to avoid further trouble AND she'd learned that s****r Ann was a
strict disciplinarian and she would not hesitate to correct poor behavior
from students OR teachers.
Jenna really respected s****r Ann for that. She not only looked up to the
pretty nun physically (since she was so much shorter) but also admiringly.
She longed to be like her someday.
Jenna gathered up some papers she needed to make copies of and headed to
the main office. She walked in and gave polite 'good morning' nods to the
staff that was already there and went into the copy room where the copier
Standing there making copies, still reflecting on her first week, Jenna
gasped, "Oh," when she felt a small cool hand cup her ass crack and slide
under her.
"Don't move," came a familiar sounding voice.
Jenna froze as the hand massaged her bare, panty-less ass. It took her a
second, but she soon recognized the voice as Trisha's. Fear gripped the
young teacher as she tried to fight the sensation the youth's hand was
giving her. Jenna didn't dare move. She feared discovery and if she
resisted, she'd undoubtedly call attention to themselves and there'd be
questions - lots of questions.
Jenna's mind, filled with uncertainty, wondered how the youth had snuck in
behind her so quietly and how she even new she was in there at all. Jenna
leaned forward and placed her hands on the copier for balance as Trisha
slowly stroked her ass.
Jenna could feel her skirt ride up in the back and get trapped on the young
girls' wrist. She feared someone could see Trisha's hand under her skirt
and her own bare ass showing. Jenna was afraid someone would walk in and
see the depravity so she took a small step to her left to position herself
directly in front of the teen and hide the teens' arm from view while she
did her work. When Jenna did that, she had to spread her feet a little,
this allowed Trisha to push her hand farther underneath Jenna.
Jenna moaned and bit her lower lip when she felt Trisha's hand cup her
pussy. Jenna didn't want to get caught like this. She closed her eyes and
held her breath and tried to clear her mind. How could she stop the
teenager from doing this? This was much too risky to be doing here. It was
one thing to let her do things like this to her in her own classroom, but
HERE in the COPY ROOM, with staff all around? This was CRAZY! Jenna's heart
pounded with anxiety.
Jenna felt flushed and confused. How could she stop this, or even should
she? If she protested, what would Trisha do? Jenna didn't feel like she had
a choice. If she didn't let the youth have her way she might freak out and
cause a scene that could lead to her getting fired or worse. "How long
could it last anyway?" she asked herself between gulps of air.
A small squeal came from Jenna when she felt Trisha's finger slide through
her moist slit. Jenna was reluctantly feeling arousal and her pussy was
getting wetter by the second. She hated it when she allowed that to happen
to herself. That was the only explanation that made sense to her. She was
ALLOWING it to happen. Willing or not, she was feeling arousal and her
moistening pussy confirmed it.
Jenna closed her eyes, leaned forward on the copier and rose up on her
toes. Why did she do that? This teenager was feeling her up in the copy
room at school and she was giving her better access! What was wrong with
her? Jenna's heart was pounding as her warmth increased. She was feeling
light-headed and confused.
Why was Trisha doing this to her? Why wouldn't she just leave her alone?
Why did she always have to touch her...down there? Jenna hated the idea of
a young girl doing that to her, but even her hatred couldn't overcome the
sensations she was feeling.
Jenna was almost panting. Her taught stomach heaving as the small hand
toyed with her womanhood. Jenna inhaled deeply when she felt Trisha's hand
twisting in between her legs and then her fingers spread. She knew Trisha
wanted her to open her legs more, but she just couldn't, she shouldn't.
This whole scene was completely wrong and sick. There is NO WAY she should
even be feeling arousal like this, at least not NOW!
Jenna's pussy was leaking like a sieve. Wetness coated both sides of her
inner thighs AND Trisha's hand. As much as she wanted to resist Trisha's
urging to open her legs, it felt like the right thing to do. She knew she
shouldn't but she felt she had too. "Trisha might tell right?" she weakly
told herself.
Jenna dropped her head forward and held her breath. She spread her feet to
shoulder width and arched her back.
Trisha knew she had her teacher right where she wanted her. She was going
to make her cum right here in the copy room whether somebody came in or
not. She would make her do sick things afterward too. She leaned against
her young teachers back and whispered in her ear, "Hold still now."
Jenna held her breath, closed her eyes and pushed her ass backward. She
gasped, "O-o-o-o-h-h-h-h-h," when she felt Trisha's finger push into her
anus. Jenna's head snapped back as the thin finger pushed deeply into her
tight ass. Her butt cheeks tightened automatically in response to the
digital intrusion.
Just then a voice came from behind the two, "How long are you going to be?
I need to make copies, too."
"Yeah, me too," came a second voice.
Jenna gasped noticeably and she straightened a little as her ass squeezed
down hard on Trisha's finger, but the whirr of the copier masked her
audible shock.
"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you dear. I just need to know how long you'll
be," asked the voice again.
Jenna's heart raced and her anus held a death grip on Trisha's finger when
she thought they'd been discovered. She broke out in an immediate sweat and
didn't know what to do. Trisha grabbed Jenna's upper arm with her free hand
and showed no desire to remove her finger from Jenna's ass. Jenna dare not
try to turn around because Trisha had positive control of her arm, not to
mention her finger in her ass.
Jenna could feel Trisha taking great pleasure in her dilemma. Trisha kept
wriggling her finger around in her ass causing her to gasp each time. Jenna
knew she had to answer the staff member, but without air, how could she?
She prayed the staff member couldn't tell what was going on.
Trisha's finger was driving her crazy, she felt like she may explode any
second, but she had to answer the question. Jenna sucked in a small amount
of air and choked, "Just...a...few...more...minutes!"
"Okay, I'll wait then," came the reply.
Jenna was mortified. The probing finger was more than she could take, but
there was no way in the world she could cum with a staff member standing
right behind her.
Flashing lights from the copy machine as it repeated pass after pass, added
to Jenna's light show in her mind. She was beginning to see stars as the
liquid wall within her pressed up hard against her loin. The pressure in
her lower abdomen was immense.
When the machine stopped briefly, Jenna slapped the 'PRINT' button hard. In
her mind, she knew things should stop, but her body just wouldn't let
them. Jenna sucked air when the rhythmic beat of the copier coincided with
the repeated insertions of Trisha's finger.
Jenna tried to make the whole scene go away in her mind and then Trisha
would waken her senses with another push into her ass. Jenna was fighting a
losing battle and she leaned against the copier for support. She fought the
gasps as Trisha repeatedly pumped her finger into the now lubricated
asshole. Jenna wanted to scream, but had to bite her lip instead. Her mind
was going crazy trying to decide how she could cum without having this
person right behind her know. It wasn't a matter of wanting to cum anymore;
it was a matter of NEED. She needed to cum and there wasn't a damn thing
she or anybody else could do about it.
Jenna quietly but firmly arched her back and lifted her head back as Trisha
finger fucked her ass. Jenna wondered if the staff member could tell by
Trisha's arm movement what she was doing; but somehow didn't care
anymore. She was cumming and she HAD to let it go!
Jenna bit down on both lips when she felt her pussy spasm and expel love
juice. She wanted to rock her hips, but knew that would be too obvious so
she had to settle for letting her anus contract on Trisha's finger as she
let out a muffled, "M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m."
Jenna dropped her head forward as the last of the contractions in her pussy
and ass began to subside. She let out a soft sigh when she felt Trisha's
finger retract from her sloppy wet ass hole. She opened her eyes and tried
to gather her thoughts and composure.
She blinked a few times to shake off the effects of her orgasm without
moving or drawing attention to herself.
Trisha could hear the two staff members talking to each other behind
her. She knew they probably weren't paying too much attention to her and
Jenna, so she took the opportunity to twist the helpless young teacher
around so they stood face-to-face.
Spent and embarrassed, Jenna was easily spun around. She couldn't see the
two people behind Trisha because she wasn't quite tall enough. Jenna tilted
her head so that one eye peered over Trisha's shoulder and she saw two nun
teachers waiting in line with concerned looks on their faces as they
chatted amongst themselves and peeked out of the corner of their eyes at
her and Trisha.
Jenna felt scared as the teen leaned against her and stared straight down
into her eyes. She watched as the teen carefully held her hand so that it
couldn't be seen from behind and looked at the finger that she had used to
fuck her ass. She watched Trisha run the finger under her nose and inhale
"My finger smells like shit, now," Trisha whispered, "you'd better clean it
off for me," she said as she pointed the index finger at Jenna's mouth,
well hidden behind her shoulder. "Open up," she mouthed.
Jenna shuddered at the thought of having to do such a disgusting act with
nun's standing right in front of her not ten feet away, only partially
blocked from view. Even though she knew they probably couldn't see her do
it, it didn't matter. She didn't want to suck on 'the' finger, hell, 'any'
finger that had been in her ass. But she was too scared to resist and her
heart pounded with fear and humiliation, as reluctantly opened her mouth a
Trisha pushed her finger into Jenna's warm, moist cavity past her soft, red
lips and whispered, "Suck it."
As the shit coated finger passed her lips, Jenna gagged at the taste. She'd
never tasted shit before and now she knew why. She wanted to throw up but
she thought better of it. She closed her eyes and grimaced as Trisha
twisted the finger inside her mouth and looped it around her tongue. With
the sour taste pummeling her taste buds and forcing her to salivate, Jenna
opened her eyes in wide-eyed shock when she realized she'd voluntarily
sealed her lips around the base of Trisha's finger. Jenna's saliva mixed
with fecal matter and became a bitter mixture that she swished with her
tongue, as she bathed the twisting probe and rinsed it clean. Jenna
unwittingly massaged the knuckle and nail with her tongue, scraping free
any loose deposits.
Jenna sucked in and swallowed as Trisha withdrew her freshly bathed
finger. She heard Trisha sigh deeply with a soft moan, "M-m-m-m-m-m," when
Jenna's lips smacked. Jenna licked her lips to gather in the few remaining
droplets and relaxed when Trisha released the pressure and whispered to
her, "Good girl."
When Trisha released her, Jenna, humiliated and degraded, turned quickly,
gathered her copies and scurried off to class, weeping as she went.
Jenna's first week of school was nearly over. A couple more classes and she
was outa there for the weekend.
Sitting in the office of the gym, she had already hustled her second period
class outside to go do, whatever. The agreement she'd made with them
enabled her to relax while they went and played. She replayed the scene
with Trisha this morning and she squirmed in her chair. She remembered what
it felt like to have Trisha's finger in her ass and she felt guilty. She
felt guilty because of the way if made her feel. For some unknown reason
she almost - liked it.
Jenna shuddered and shook her head. She had to get those thoughts out of
her mind! It was totally inappropriate of her to enjoy the sensations of
having another female, a minor female at that, insert her finger in her
ass. Despite her best efforts to displace the memories she shivered at
their eroticism. She was slipping into a fantasy world where she had no
business being. Her body warmed, her vagina moistened and she could feel
her breathing shallow as she sighed and closed her eyes.
Suddenly she was jolted back to reality when the locker room door flew
open. The girls began to file in and head for their lockers. Jenna looked
at the time and noted that the period was only half over. She stepped to
the office door and reminded the girls of the time.
The leader of the class peaked out from behind her locker and said, "we
know," as she pulled her sweater off and began to unbutton her blouse.
It was obvious to Jenna that the girls were preparing to take their showers
because they were all undressing. What confused her was why they were doing
it so early. "Uh, excuse me girls," Jenna said, "but why are you taking
showers so early?"
None of the girls responded, they just kept undressing. In minutes the
whole class was naked standing outside the shower with towels in hand.
Jenna watched the unusual procession with liberal curiosity. She felt a
tingling in her loin as she stared at the line of naked young teenage
girls. She blinked several times to shake the effect of the unwanted and
inappropriate arousal she felt, but it wouldn't go away. "How can this be?"
she asked herself, "these are young teenage girls. It's just not okay to
look at them like this," she told herself as she stared at the nubile young
When the class leader turned toward her, Jenna felt her stomach tighten.
Anxiety began to creep into her mind as she wondered what the girl wanted.
Jenna's once chipper, aroused disposition now turned to concern as the girl
approached her.
"Okay, for today's fun we want you to shower with us, so you should take
your clothes off and get in now," said the girl.
Jenna didn't like the idea of showering with a bunch of teenage girls,
especially the way she was just feeling. She was an adult and it just
wasn't something she was supposed to do. Society dictates appropriate
behavior and for her to shower with a bunch of girls is simply is not
okay. She wanted to turn the girls down and tell them 'no', but she knew
they had her under their thumb and she had agreed to do whatever they asked
'or else'. I mean it wasn't like SHE was asking to shower with them, THEY
were asking HER.
Jenna struggled with idea before reluctantly agreeing. She felt her skin
grow cold as she unbuttoned her blouse in front of the leering c***dren.
She could feel their eyes as she opened her blouse and quickly turned her
back on them. This just wasn't right and she really felt uncomfortable.
Her fingers shook as she fumbled with her zipper and clasp on her skirt,
while trying to keep herself covered and out of sight. She looked back over
her shoulder as she began to lower her skirt and saw every eye focused on
her backside. Even though all the girls stood there naked in front of her,
she still felt uncomfortable being naked in front of them. Her stomach did
flip-flops as she held her breath and dropped her skirt to the floor. She
scrunched over covering her bountiful breasts and pussy with her hands and
arms as much as possible.
Slowly she turned around, red-faced and embarrassed. On one hand, Jenna
didn't want to do this, but on the other, what choice did she have? She
reasoned that things could be worse. 'Showering' wasn't that bad, at least
not by comparison to 'other' things.
Jenna scooted along the wall keeping her backside to the tan colored tile
as she made her way to the shower. Other than the echoing from the tile and
ceramic construction, you could have heard a pin drop in there. She felt
the class' eyes boring in on her as she rounded the shower room door and
stepped onto the light brown floor. Her petite slender frame was shorter
than most of the girls in the class and their size intimidated the young
teacher. But for some reason she kept feeling that familiar twinge between
her legs as she watched them, watch her and their tallness seemed to add to
her building excitement. The girls stood silently as Jenna stood there
partially covering herself, her blonde hair hanging seductively over one
The powerful class leader stepped in front of the line of girl's waiting
patiently at the shower room door, her thin frame and pale skin provided a
heavenly backdrop for her perky pink nipples that jutted from her small
budding breasts. She looked in at Jenna, who stood there uselessly trying
to cover herself and in a stern tone told Jenna, "Lie down."
Jenna didn't know what to think. What did she mean, 'lie down'? Jenna's
mind filled with questions. Why? Why should she lie on the floor? Jenna
simply did not understand the request and shivered at the thought of her
body touching the cold brown tile, but felt an even more powerful surge at
being commanded to lie on a dirty shower room floor by the young teen.
Jenna was getting more and more confused by the second. Her mind filled
with conflicting thoughts and she struggled with what was right and what
was wrong. She needed help so she sheepishly asked, "why?"
"Because, dodo, we're going to give you a shower," the class leader said
rather gleefully.
Her mind fogged by disorder, Jenna simply did as she was told. The hard,
ice-cold floor made her shiver and her nipples turn to rocks. Her large
breasts flattened as she stretched out on her back, propped up on her
elbows and looked up at the line of girls in doorway. Jenna had all but
given up on trying to cover herself. The prying eyes of the teenage girls
had given Jenna a warm pleasure created by their seeming approval. "We're
all girls in here, right?" she convinced herself. She feared someone might
notice her growing wetness, but figured she'd get wet soon enough anyway,
so she ignored it and let her legs fall open a bit.
Her shapely figure, smooth pale skin and sparsely haired blonde bush
brought wide-eyed looks of delight from the line of girls. Heads tilted
side-to-side as the girl's attempted to steal looks at their teacher's
nudity. Faces filled with envious stares; their eyes roamed her tight body,
shapely legs and large breasts.
Jenna's heart beat faster as she looked into the eyes of the students
staring back at her. She sensed her arousal growing. She didn't understand
why she seemed to like them looking at her so much. It was all so
confusing. She shouldn't be feeling this way. She sighed deeply and let her
leg fall a little further open. She held her breath when the girls' eyes
dropped to her vagina. She knew they could probably see her swollen slit as
it began to flower with arousal. For the first time in her life, she had
the urge to touch herself in public.
Jenna paused when she heard the class leader say, "who's first?" which was
followed by cries of "me, me!" from jumping girls waving their hands over
their heads. The room, which was quiet for the longest time now erupted
with excited chatter, laughing and building anticipation.
Wrapped up in her own arousal and building wetness, Jenna, didn't grasp
what was happening as the first girl stepped over her and straddled her
chest. Still confused, Jenna looked up at the girl, who in turn looked down
her own stomach at Jenna. Jenna saw a grin grace the girls' face as she
squatted slightly and began to piss.
The girl tilted her head back and sighed with a long, "aaaaahhhhh," as she
began to drain her bladder on her gym teacher.
The fogginess that shrouded Jenna's mind, was jarred as the girl's hot piss
splashed off her chest and tits and drained to the floor. Jenna lay there
in a state of shock and couldn't move. She could feel the splatter hitting
her face so she grimaced and held her breath. Jenna couldn't believe it!
She strained to breathe through her nose so as not to open her mouth.
As the first girl pissed on Jenna, the other girls cheered and
clapped. When she finished she stepped off Jenna and gave the others in
line a 'thumbs up'.
When Jenna felt the stream stop she opened one eye only to see a second
girl straddle her, she cried, "Please don't..." but no sooner had she
gotten the words out than the second girls' piss rained down upon her. Once
again, she grimaced, held her breath and squeezed her eyes shut. The warm
piss coated her chilly skin and warmed her. As much as the act itself
disgusted her, the warmth made it seem okay somehow.
After just a few girls, she found herself actually wanting them to pee on
her. She didn't like to be cold and their piss was keeping her warm.
When the class leader saw that Jenna wasn't resisting and giving her the
reaction she had hoped for, she knelt down beside her and grabbed her long
blonde hair, shook her head angrily and said, "You like this, Ms. Tarp?"
Jenna didn't know how to respond. She hated the idea of being peed on, but
it WAS keeping her warm. Like it or not, she didn't dare admit it because
who knows where that might lead. But on the other hand, she didn't feel
comfortable lying in a Catholic school either. I mean, she didn't 'like it'
like it, but she didn't hate it either. She just didn't like being cold
that was all. Jenna shook her head; she couldn't believe she was having
this discussion with herself at all.
When Jenna didn't respond quickly enough, the class leader shook her head
violently and screeched in disbelief, "You DO like it!"
Jenna wanted to plead her innocence to the young charge, but didn't have
time. She heard the class leader order the next girl to 'piss on her face'.
Jenna's eyes pleaded with the young ringleader as Jenna watched the next
petite young girl straddle her head and squat down right over her face. The
nearly bald pussy spread slightly as the girl squat and Jenna pleaded,
"Please, no I don't..." but Jenna's plea's were drowned in urine as the
girl's hot stream splattered off Jenna's lips and mouth! She gurgled as the
urine filled her mouth and tried in vain to spit it out, "Ph-t-t,
ph-t-t". The more she tried to spit out, the more seemed to replace it. She
tried to turn her face away from the downspout of piss but the class leader
held her head until the girl stopped.
The salty taste of the girl's urine wasn't nearly as bad as she had
envisioned urine would taste. She knew from biology that urine wouldn't
kill her; in fact it was almost sterile and bacteria-free.
Jenna blinked her eyes to clear her vision of piss droplets and watched the
next girl straddle her head and squat down. She looked up as the
thin-legged girl squatted down and used her fingers to open her tiny
teenage slit. For some reason, Jenna didn't fear the torment of being
pissed on anymore. The class leader still held her hair as the girl
positioned herself over Jenna's mouth. Jenna lay motionless on the shower
floor and looked up. A slow change from fear to acceptance came over
Jenna's face when she made up her mind not to struggle. She wasn't sure why
she suddenly decided to let the class piss on her like that, but she did.
Jenna seemed to have crossed into some new and uncharted territory. She
knew if the girls wanted to take turns pissing on her, they could. She
simply did not have a choice in the matter. She was at their mercy and HAD
to do WHATEVER they asked. So why fight it? She would end up having to do
it anyway, so why waste the energy and struggle? She knew they wanted to
degrade her and they were doing it. What choice did she have? The whole
situation was unreal.
Jenna opened her mouth wide as the girl began to pee. She captured as much
of the golden liquid in her mouth as it would take before spilling out and
then she swallowed and reopened her mouth to capture the residual.
Jenna blinked several times to clear the droplets off her eyelashes. She
looked up at the class leader and willingly said, "You don't have to hold
me. I'll drink urine if you want me too."
The class leader let go of Jenna's hair, shocked, somewhat disappointed but
turned on just the same. For some reason the girl believed Jenna.
Jenna rolled onto her side before pushing herself to her knees and
squatting on her haunches. Using her finger, she motioned for the next girl
in line to step forward. Jenna tilted her head back and opened her
mouth. She was going to let every girl left in line, and there were at
least ten, use her as their own personal 'human' toilet. Jenna watched the
girl's excited face as she straddled her teachers' face and mounted her
pussy on it.
Jenna sighed at the feel of the girl's warmth and softness. She closed her
eyes and sighed into the soft flesh, "M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m."
The girl threw her head back with an, "aaaaaahhhhhhh," as she released the
contents of her bladder into Ms. Tarp's mouth.
Jenna gagged a couple times as she choked down the girls' urine, but she
quickly got used to breathing through her nose while swallowing.
Girl after girl pissed in Jenna's mouth. She felt her tummy beginning to
protrude as her stomach filled with teenage girl piss.
Seeing the girls giddily walk away after peeing in her mouth provided Jenna
with a sort of sick sense of pride. She felt strangely elated that she had
somehow made them happy. If this was all it took for her to be a success in
her new school then so be it. She knew fro m that moment on that this was
going to be a good year.
As the line of girls neared the end, Jenna had worked herself into a
frenzy. Her pussy was dripping more and more, as each new girl straddled
her face. She held onto their soft thighs, as she'd guide them down onto
her face. She loved making eye contact with them as they spread their legs
and squatted down. It was so erotic she thought she might explode. She
loved it when they'd watch her position her open mouth onto their hot
little pussies. Jenna loved to make them squeal with delight when she
sealed her mouth over their tight little cunts and then secretly swipe her
tongue between their moist fleshy fold.
Jenna couldn't hold it any longer as the last couple of girls moved
forward. She started to masturbate herself with her finger. She was
breathing hard and could hardly contain her excitement at having just d***k
half the class' urine. She couldn't believe it. She was so proud of herself
for doing something so nasty but so exciting.
With her free hand Jenna quickly motioned the next girl to get on. She was
panting like a freight train and wanted to drink the last girls' urine. She
was on a mission she had to do.
As the last two girls relieved themselves in Jenna's mouth she looked at
the class as they stood in the doorway to the shower and gawked at her
build herself toward orgasm.
The girls watched their teacher diddle herself to orgasm while kneeling on
the shower room floor after having been pissed on and then drinking the
girls' pee. When they heard Ms. Tarp cry out in orgasm,
"oooooohhhhhhhhhhh," as she collapsed on the floor, many of the girls
exchanged glances with confused looks on their faces.
Jenna, in an orgasm-induced state of delirium after allowing them to piss
on her and IN her, heard the girls's talking amongst themselves as they
turned to get dressed. The statements shocked and tormented the hapless
young teacher as she heard them saying things like,
"Gawd, what sick bitch she is,"
"She's scary."
"How did she ever get a job here? She's a real sicko."
"That was gross."
The comments intermixed with disdain sounding giggles cut Jenna to the
quick and she felt sick to her stomach. She wondered what she had just done
and she rolled onto her side and vomited piss by the bucket load before she
fainted into unconsciousness.
Jenna felt awful. She had never been so depressed in her life. She barely
participated with her 3rd period gym class after suffering such a
humiliation in her 2nd.
She didn't know what happened to her. Somehow she had convinced herself
that doing ANYTHING the girls in her 2nd period gym class asked of her was
something she HAD to do. She blinked her eyes as they welled up with tears
as she pictured herself lying on the shower room floor and letting the
girls piss on her. And if that wasn't bad enough, during the horrible,
nasty chain of events she had somehow talked herself into believing
that...doing that was...some sort of "destiny" for her.
Jenna felt ill again. Her mouth watered as she felt like vomiting when she
remembered the taste of urine. Urine she had WILLFULLY tasted! When the
girls began to urinate on her she began to convince herself that she should
DRINK their urine! WHY? Why did she do that? "I must be really be sick!"
she said to herself aloud.
Jenna's stomach was totally upset and no, it wasn't simply because a couple
hours earlier she had the urine of 10 or more girls in her stomach. It was
upset because she felt guilty and stupid.
Jenna felt like she had to repent. She paced around the office fretting
about what to do. She kept wringing her hands together as she thought about
her options.
She had crossed some weird barrier when she WILLFULLY drank urine and she
didn't know where things would lead from that point forward, but she feared
the worse. She pictured herself being subjected to all sorts of humiliating
acts and she started to weep. How could things have gone so wrong so
quickly? Last week she was a normal girl who had just graduated from
college with her teaching certificate, near the top of her class, and after
only ONE week here at St. Monica's School for Girls she had allowed herself
to be humiliated and degraded beyond her wildest imagination! "And..." she
gulped, she found herself almost LIKING some of it! Jenna burst into tears
and buried her face in her hands sobbing uncontrollably.
Suddenly Jenna knew what she had to do. She had to find s****r Ann and
throw herself at her mercy and ask for forgiveness. She had violated so
many rules and as a result, violated s****r Ann's trust. s****r Ann had
hired her expecting the best and to this point she had given her nothing
but trouble. She had put the school at risk because of her poor choices and
that simply wasn't acceptable. "Gawd," Jenna recalled, "I even f***ed
s****r Ann to have to spank me!" Jenna sniveled as she felt another wave of
tears coming.
Jenna felt so guilty her stomach cringed. She took a deep breath, summoned
her courage and headed to the office to see s****r Ann. As she noisily
clicked her way through the vacant hallways with the high ceilings and dark
trim, the echo of her shoes did little to drown out her worry. She worried
about s****r Ann's reaction when she would beg her for forgiveness "and
grovel at her feet," she smirked as she tried anything to lighten the
moment and lessen her anxiety.
As she approached the office door, Jenna paused and took a deep breath as
her hand grasp the doorknob. She closed her eyes and replayed in her mind
what she wanted to say when suddenly...the door opened!
Jenna jumped back gasping when she saw s****r Ann standing in the doorway
and not looking happy. Jenna went flush and froze with a wide-eyed startled
look on her face.
"Jenna," said an equally startled s****r Ann, "just who I was looking
for. Come in to my office I have something I want to tell you."
Jenna's stomach did flip-flops and she felt like fainting. "This is it,"
she told herself, "I'm fired." Jenna recanted all the horrible events of
her first week at the school as she slowly shuffled toward s****r Ann's
office like a puppy with its tail between its legs. The memories flashed
through her mind in rapid succession, each one causing her to feel more
faint and nauseous.
As she entered the office, s****r Ann sat behind her desk and crossed her
legs awaiting Jenna as she trailed behind. Her black-heeled boots that
laced up to mid-calf and conformed to her leg exactly, protruded from under
her thick black robe. She pulled up slightly on her dress so she could
freely bob her foot unobstructed. She waited patiently as Jenna seemed to
pause in the doorway. "Jenna, please..." s****r Ann said, implying that
Jenna should hurry up and get in there.
Jenna felt a huge emptiness inside as she stood outside the office and
paused. Her guilt at how disgraceful her behavior had been her first week
made her skin crawl. She knew her time at the school was probably limited
and that s****r Ann had probably decided that she'd had enough. Jenna felt
awful that she only lasted a week! She felt like crying when she thought
about how she had planned on making teaching her career and now, after a
dreadful week, it was over. Her teaching career was over before it had even
gotten started.
Jenna wrung her icy hands together as she rehearsed her speech in her mind
for the last time. She would tell s****r Ann that she understood how
disappointed she must have been in her and that she was ready to accept any
punishment the nun would choose.
When Jenna crossed the threshold, everything changed in an instant. She saw
the diminutive s****r sitting behind her desk and Jenna burst into tears
and threw herself at her feet. Jenna literally genuflected before the Head
Mistress and hung herself on her foot. Jenna grabbed the ankle of s****r
Ann and begged and pleaded, "Please s****r, forgive me for I have sinned! I
have performed poorly this week at the school and I will do anything to
make amends," Jenna sobbed as tears splashed upon the nun's boot.
Jenna looked up at the nun, unwittingly caressing and rubbing her ankle and
foot as she pleaded with the nun for her job. "Please, don't fire me,
s****r, I promise to do a better job. I promise."
s****r Ann stared back at the pleading young woman. She tried to remain
composed, but the way Ms. Tarp was holding her foot, rubbing it, stroking
it, was sending goose bumps up her thigh. s****r Ann blinked a few times as
she attempted to stay focused on the task at hand, but the sensations the
young teacher was giving her by her inadvertent touching was leaving her
speechless. She tried to her best to clear her mind.
Jenna, not seeing a positive reaction from s****r Ann, feared the
worst. She would do anything to keep her job and she knew she'd do a better
job if only given the chance. How could she prove herself to the Head
Mistress and show her that she meant business? Jenna struggled with
question and searched for answers. Time was running out as she looked up at
s****r Ann and saw the blank stare on her face.
As Jenna pleaded with s****r Ann to let her have another chance promising
to whatever she needed to do, she dropped her head onto her ankle, "Please
s****r, I know I can do better. All I need is another chance. I'll do
whatever it takes to make you proud of me," Jenna pleaded, at the same time
she pulled up slightly on her foot.
Jenna paused for moment, her forehead on s****r Ann's ankle and her hands
supporting her foot. She would have sworn she heard s****r Ann moan. What
did she do that pleased her so? Jenna knew she had to find that chink in
the s****r's armor and exploit it. If she could please the Head Mistress
then maybe all was not lost.
Jenna replayed the chain of events that had happened moments earlier to see
if she could remember what she'd done. She remembered pleading with her,
"almost groveling," she told herself, while dropping her face to her ankle.
"Was that it?" Jenna asked herself with a shot of hope streaking up her
spine. She had to know if touching her foot in combination with her
groveling was what caused s****r Ann to moan. If it did then she'd know
what she had to do.
Jenna tested her theory. She held the s****r's ankle in both hands and
gently massaged the boot so meticulously laced onto her black stocking'd
foot. At the same time she began to kiss the laces and beg, "Please s****r
Ann...please...I'll do whatever you want."
Jenna heard s****r Ann moan loudly that time. She was right. She'd found
the thing that s****r Ann liked and she was determined to please her in a
manipulative effort to keep her job. Yes. Yes she would lower herself to
this level. It was do or die time and she was going to 'do'.
Jenna grabbed one of the laces in her teeth and pulled it untying the soft
leather boot. She rubbed her face on both sides of the nun's shin and
tugged and pulled at the laces with her teeth, all the while moaning
softly, "m-m-m-m-m-m," and begging the nun for her job, "please s****r
Ann...please...please don't fire me. I'll do anything you want."
s****r Ann closed her eyes and held on tightly to the arms of her
chair. She was doing her best fight the feelings her new young teacher was
giving her. She felt her butt warming up and small droplets of sweat
forming around her butt cheeks on the leather chair. This poor girl
certainly didn't have any idea what she was doing to her. She shivered when
she felt Ms. Tarp's mouth on her shin as she fastidiously tugged and pulled
at her laces. She didn't even realize it when she unintentionally let a
slight moan escape, "oohhh."
s****r Ann knew she had to put a stop to it. She couldn't let Ms. Tarp
continue untying her shoe. The electricity it shot up her leg caused her
vagina to spasm uncontrollably. It was not her place to have such
feelings. She was the Head Mistress and it was her responsibility to
instill discipline and maintain order. She was not allowed these feelings.
Ever since Ms. Tarp's arrival at the school she had had such strange
feelings, urges almost. As the Head Mistress she knew she had ultimate
control and authority, but this...this was different than anything she'd
experienced in the past. She'd NEVER had a teacher want her job so badly
that they'd lower themselves to kissing her foot! If she was willing to do
that, just how far would she actually go? s****r Ann's heart beat faster as
she fantasized about the possibilities.
The strong Head Mistress had always exuded leadership and control,
especially self-discipline, but as Ms. Tarp opened the last of the laces on
her boot, s****r Ann's breathing quickened.
Jenna knew she was on the right track as she knelt before her Head
Mistress. She slowly pulled the boot off the nun's foot exposing her
nylon-covered foot.
s****r Ann gasped as the cool room air surrounded her foot and sent and
unwanted chill up her leg. She looked down at the young teacher, knelt
before her dressed in her white cotton blouse and plaid skirt that d****d
around her knees. s****r Ann held her breath when she saw Jenna look up at
her and make eye contact as she opened her mouth and inserted her big toe
inside. The warmth of Ms. Tarp's mouth as it enveloped her toe was matched
only by the outrageous sensation of her lips wrapping softly around her toe
and dragging sensuously down to the tip as she withdrew it from her mouth.
s****r Ann thought she might pee herself. Her vagina contracted so tightly
at the thrilling touch of the young teacher's mouth she thought it
physically clamped shut. The wave of wetness that immediately followed was
unmatched by anything she'd experienced since becoming a nun. She simply
hadn't allowed herself to experience ANYTHING so pleasurable.
When Jenna heard a longer, more sustained moan that had sounds of short
squeals mixed in, she further confirmed her suspicion that she'd found
s****r Ann's weakness. Determined to take full advantage of the
opportunity, she reached down and grabbed the nun's other foot, uncrossing
her legs.
As s****r Ann's legs became uncrossed it was enough to awaken her from her
building arousal and she looked down at Ms. Tarp as she picked up her other
foot and almost apologetically whispered, "N-no, Ms. Tarp, please, that's
enough." s****r Ann's mind was filling with confusion. Her current state
of arousal was something she hadn't allowed herself to experience and she
was beginning to understand why. She was losing control as Ms. Tarp ignored
her plea and began unlacing her other boot. Her mind wondered and she began
to entertain fantasies about what she could have her new teacher do.
s****r Ann grabbed her rosary that was d****d around her waist, closed her
eyes and secretly prayed for strength as she felt her other boot slide off
her ankle. Unknowingly she didn't realize that closing her eyes only served
to heighten the sensations of Jenna's touch. Her growing wetness was
undeniable. She was aroused as never before and she saw no way to stop
it. Her heart was racing and her skin was on fire. Beads of sweat formed
under her habit as her scalp tingled unrestrained.
Jenna had successfully removed both of s****r Ann's boots and had both of
her stocking feet in front of her. She placed the nun's feet on her knees
and stared at them briefly. For the first time since she'd started at the
school she finally felt like she was doing something right. She picked up
one of the nylon-covered feet and began to suck on the toes. She heard
s****r Ann moan loudly and she watched as the nun's head rolled slowly
around. She could see that she clutched her rosary tightly on her lap with
both hands, which told Jenna she was really hitting the mark.
Jenna knew that if she was getting this sort of reaction from her Head
Mistress just by sucking her nylon-covered foot, imagine what she could get
from her if she could get her tongue between her toes!
That was enough for Jenna. She decided that she needed to please her Head
Mistress in ways she'd probably never had it before. She pushed up on the
nun's dress, exposing the firm shapely legs beneath. Jenna was impressed at
just how nice her legs looked. They were long and slender, not bony or
When s****r Ann felt her dress being pushed up, she labored for breath and
tried in vain to resist. Her mind was awash with arousal and she wasn't
thinking clearly anymore. None of this was supposed to be happening.
Jenna slid her hands up the outside of s****r Ann's thighs and grabbed the
waistband of her thick black pantyhose.
Unable to catch her breath, s****r Ann held it and lifted her hips slightly
when she felt Jenna begin to pull down on her pantyhose. The whole moment
was unreal and she just wasn't able to focus.
When Jenna felt s****r Ann lift up a little she knew she was on the right
track. She slowly pulled down her pantyhose to her knees and the
beyond. Jenna was a little shocked to see that she had inadvertently taken
s****r Ann's panties along with them. Shrugged to herself and pushed them
off each foot on-by-one.
s****r Ann was now slumped in her chair, her buttocks just on the edge. The
cool air on her bare legs was something she only felt when she dressed in
the morning. Rarely was she ever this uncovered. Her heavy black dress was
pushed up on her thighs, but still covered her. She thanked God for that.
As her head rested against the back of the chair, s****r Ann tried to open
her eyes. She looked down to see Ms. Tarp gingerly pick up her foot and
open her mouth. s****r Ann couldn't help it as she moaned deeply,
"O-O-O-O-H-H-H-H," when she felt Ms. Tarp's mouth encompass all her toes.
s****r Ann's vagina twitched as Ms. Tarp's tongue slithered between each
toe, surrounding them, circling them, bathing them. She was experiencing
something she'd never really felt before. This tremendous sense of arousal
made her whole body tingle and jerk. She began to pant as never before.
s****r Ann was sweating. She could feel her whole body covered in
perspiration and she couldn't see straight anymore. Her vision was blurred
as she puffed to breathe. Ms. Tarp's tongue, as it danced between her toes
and along her foot, was sending electric shocks into her vagina and she was
beginning to drip. She tried to cover herself with her hands, but
relinquished the effort when she felt her leg fall open.
s****r Ann couldn't breath. Short gasps were all she could muster as the
young teacher sucked her toes and kissed her feet. She couldn't take much
more; she thought she might die of a heart attack. Her vagina ached to be
touched and she was losing control of her emotions.
With both hands, s****r Ann sat up quickly, reached down between her legs
and grabbed the young teacher by the hair. She jerked up hard and pulled
her face into her pussy. She ground her hips on the young teachers face and
groaned loudly, "Aaahhhh."
Jenna knew this feeling from her experience with Trisha. She knew that
s****r Ann was going to have an orgasm on her face, but this was totally
different. Jenna wanted this to happen. She WANTED to please her Head
Mistress in any way she could. She helped the process along by sticking out
her tongue and lapping at the soaking pink flesh as it ground on her nose
and mouth.
s****r Ann had finally gone over the edge. She'd held out as long as she
could and she had to release the liquid wall within her. As her body
screamed for release she held on until it peaked and she discharged herself
onto Ms. Tarp's face with a floodgate of cum and a loud scream,
s****r Ann continued to pump and grind her hips reflexively until the
orgasm subsided. Gradually and slowly she was able to breath again. She
released her grip on the young teachers hair and instinctively covered
herself by pushing down her dress. As she lay there and relaxed, her senses
slowly returned.
Eventually s****r Ann was able to open her eyes and locate Ms. Tarp, still
kneeling before her, Jenna's face still glistening with her secretions. She
mustered up the strength to speak and puffed, "Ms. Tarp, I called you in
here to tell you that Judge Landers has arranged a field trip of the court
system for your English class next week." And then she collapsed in her
chair and closed her eyes.
Jenna had the weekend to reflect on her first week at St. Monica's School
for Girls. She'd allowed herself to be subjected to all kinds of lewd acts
but worst of all, at least in her mind, was her humiliation of s****r Ann.
How she had managed to subject poor s****r Ann to her inappropriate act,
she didn't know. All the poor s****r wanted was to tell her about today's
field trip to the courthouse. Jenna felt awful. How would she ever be able
to face s****r Ann again? She felt a creepy sensation as she remembered how
s****r Ann struggled to tell her the news after her debauchery.
As the field trip school bus glided to a stop in front of the courthouse,
the class sat in awe of the shear size of the large white stoned
multi-columned building. It's multiple floors and long wide steps that led
to the entrance stretched from the school bus' door up what seemed like a
The girls filed out and Jenna led them up the steps and eventually
inside. The high ceilings and marble interior echoed with history. A huge
stairwell inclined upward and wrapped around to the second floor and
continued to ascend up several floors. Jenna led the small group of girls
to the first floor chamber of Judge Landers.
Jenna, too, was in awe of the structure and nervously and respectfully
knocked on the large wooden door with words, "Judge Landers" printed in
large block letters and centered on the opaque glass window in the door.
"Come in," came a muffled voice from behind the door.
Jenna twisted the knob with a sweaty palm and pushed the heavy door
open. She peaked inside and saw Judge Landers beckoning for her to come
in. Jenna opened the door all the way and led the hushed class of girls
They all stared in wide-eyed wonder at the number of plaques, books and art
pieces that decorated Judge Landers office.
"Welcome," smiled the judge, "Welcome to my domain. Are you ready for your
tour?" she asked the class of excited looking cherubs.
A collective, "Yes ma'am," answered her question.
"Great," she said raising her eyebrows in appreciation. "Well, let me tell
you what we have on tap today," she began using an excited tone in her
voice, "Today, I'm going to have my bailiff take you over to the police
station right down the hall, where you'll be shown how criminals are
processed. And then, one of the officers will take you downstairs to jail
to show you where the bad people go after they're convicted of a crime,"
she said, her face turning to a scowl.
Just then the Bailiff entered the judges chambers and reported to Judge
Landers. Jenna was shocked at how tall she was. "She must be almost six
feet tall," she muttered to herself. Jenna admired how pretty she was
though. Her dark hair, neatly tied back in a bun, high cheekbones and soft
lips, caused Jenna to twinge with arousal. "Where did that come from," she
asked herself disgustedly.
Jenna was embarrassed at the sudden surge of moisture that almost seeped
from her pussy and she hoped it wouldn't dribble down her leg. She scolded
herself for the weird inexplicable event and wrote it off as an
anomaly. Jenna prided herself on how 'normal' she was and to have felt a
surge of arousal for another woman, simply disgusted her.
The bailiff nodded to the judge after receiving her instructions and opened
the door in signaled everyone to exit.
Jenna waited for all the c***dren to exit first and then followed the tall
slender Amazonian bailiff down the long hallway to the police department.
Once inside, the girls were gathered into a large room filled with rows of
wooden folding chairs facing a podium. Jenna watched as a female officer
strolled up to the podium. She looked strangely familiar but Jenna couldn't
place her. There was something about her blonde hair and sharp appearance
that Jenna found strangely enticing. As she listened to the officer
describe the 'booking' process for criminals, her mind drifted.
Jenna didn't really pay attention as the officer described the different
steps and passed out stuff for the girls to look at. She stood at the back
of the room and hardly noticed the officer had sent finger print kits,
rubber gloves, handcuffs, camera's and other articles used by the police,
for the girls to examine. She smiled when she heard the officer tell them
they could all take a rubber glove home as a souvenir.
As the officer began to speak more directly about arrest procedures, Jenna
tuned out. She wasn't particularly interested in such matters and didn't
hear the officer touch on search procedure. She was grateful that s****r
Ann thought enough of her to allow her to take the class on the field trip
by herself. For the first time since she'd started at St. Monica's, today
was the first day where she felt she'd have a real chance to actually TEACH
the girls something.
Jenna was finally brought back to reality when she heard her name for the
third time, "Ms. Tarp!"
"Y-yes, I'm sorry," Jenna said, turning bright red, "I wasn't paying very
close attention. I apologize," Jenna said sheepishly to the officer who had
called her by name.
The class giggled at Jenna's obvious embarrassment at getting caught
daydreaming, this made it even more embarrassing.
"Ms. Tarp, we need a volunteer to demonstrate search procedures. Would you
help us?" the officer asked inciting the class to applaud.
The class erupted in cheers as Jenna tried to turn down the request for
help. She knew nothing about search procedure and certainly didn't want to
make a fool of herself again. She'd just gotten caught daydreaming, after
But when the applause and cheers grew louder and Jenna looked at all the
girls happy faces because one of their teacher's had been asked to educate
them on search procedures, she knew she couldn't turn them down. Jenna
signaled for the girls to quiet down as she made her way to the front of
the class to a spot near the front wall where the officer was pointing for
her to stand.
When she arrived the class settled down and listened to the officer again.
"The first thing you need to do when conducting a search is establish
positive control," the officer started.
The class burst into laughter when their teacher jumped into a mock karate
Jenna smirked at the response and glanced at the pretty officer who smiled
back politely.
The officer started again, "Like I said, the first thing you need to do is
establish POSITIVE control," and she grabbed Jenna by the arm, spun her
around and pushed her toward the wall.
Jenna put her hand out to break her fall and slapped her palm against the
wall. She felt the officer's feet kick the inside of both ankles, bring
them backward causing her to lean against the wall with both hands.
Jenna was shocked. She thought SHE was going to be the demonstrator, not
the demonstratee. "No, you can't," Jenna pleaded under her breath
remembering that she wasn't wearing panties, "Please you can't. You don't
Jenna wanted to explain that she wasn't wearing underwear and it could be
very embarrassing for both of them. Jenna was feeling very nervous and
looked over her shoulder to see if the girls could see under her skirt as
she stood spread-eagled against the wall. Cool air rushed under her skirt
and wafted against her pubic hair causing her to feel a slight
secretion. Jenna panicked. "No, not now," she prayed in her mind as the
officer began again.
"Once you have positive control of the suspect, you can begin the search,"
said the tall blonde as she stepped in behind the helpless teacher.
Jenna felt the officer's body press against her buttocks as she stretched
for her wrists. Her warmth and strong dominance of the situation sent
shivers up Jenna's spine.
"You first start with the wrists," began the officer as she grabbed Jenna's
wrists "and then you work your way down each arm, being sure to check both
sides thoroughly" and she slowly snaked her way down her arms to her
Jenna gasped and held her breath as the officers' hands sent goose bumps
racing down her back. The sudden sensation caused twitches in her pussy and
her nipples to harden slightly. She tried to shake the feeling, but it felt
sooo good.
"Next, you reach under the suspects armpits and up to their chest. You
check their front, sides and back as you work your way to their waist," the
officer explained as she demonstrated to the class as they listened and
watched intently.
Jenna was beside herself. She didn't understand why the officers' touch was
driving her so crazy. The way the officer's hand's gently stroked their way
across her breasts, paused at her nipples, then slid down her back and
around her stomach made her feel weak. Jenna felt herself heating up and
she hated that. There's no way she should be feeling like this now!
The officer stepped back and looking over her shoulder at the wide-eyed
students, knelt down and clasp her wrist over Jenna's ankle. She looked
under Jenna's skirt and could see the young teacher's glistening, sparsely
blonde haired pussy as it blushed bright red and began to flower.
Jenna gulped when she felt the officer's hands grab her ankle and she tried
to tell the officer again that she wasn't wearing panties. Jenna was
embarrassed at the fact, but didn't want to alert the class to the reality
that she didn't have any on, so she muttered, "please, officer, please, I'm
not wearing panties," she said out of the corner of her mouth.
But it was too late, the officer already started her slow accent up Jenna's
leg, sending waves of goose bumps and twinges of arousal through her body
as the hands slipped ever closer to her vagina. Jenna squeezed her eyes
shut when the officer's hand on the inside of her thigh bumped her bare
Jenna knew the officer must have known, surely she could have felt her
pubic hair touch her hand. Jenna prayed she didn't feel her oozing
But without blinking an eye the officer repeated the process on the other
leg before concluding, "and that's how you conduct a search. Are there any
questions?" the officer asked as Jenna peeked over her shoulder at the
officer and the class. "No questions? Good. Then we'll move right into the
strip search procedure."
Jenna felt her heart skip a beat when she thought she heard the officer say
'strip search'. bl**d rushed to her feet and she felt faint. She must have
misheard her, she kept telling herself. Jenna wanted to call the whole
thing off and leave, but leaning against the wall made it impossible. She
had to remain there until someone helped her, otherwise she'd land face
first into a concrete wall.
"Okay, girls, for this next part, it's important that you gather around so
you can get a good look at exactly what I'm doing." The pretty blonde
officer added, "Oh, and bring your rubber glove because we'll have some
practical exercise afterward."
Jenna didn't know what to say. She was petrified. This couldn't be the way
they normally do demonstrations to schoolc***dren could it? This just
doesn't seem right, but on the other hand the officer was so proficient and
so confident that she must know what she's doing Jenna told herself.
Jenna felt her face redden as the class noisily scrambled out of their
chairs and crowded around her. Her stomach tensed as the officer
began. Jenna wanted to protest her uncertainty about the appropriateness,
but figured the police MUST know what they're doing. Besides, it was HER
job as an educator to teach the c***dren the right way to do
things. Despite the butterflies in her stomach, she let the class continue
"The strip search, also known as the cavity search is performed with the
suspects hands cuffed," the officer said as she slapped a cuff on Jenna's
Jenna winced when the cold steel cuff wrapped tightly around her wrist and
locked. She felt a wave of panic race through her and she wanted to
protest, but it didn't feel right to whine in front of all the girls, so
she kept quiet.
The officer then said, "once a wrist is cuffed you remove the top. Why do
you think we remove the top before the other wrist is cuffed?" she asked
the class.
Several girls raised their hands.
The officer acknowledged the correct answer, which was because they
couldn't remove the top otherwise. She unfastened the buttons on Jenna's
top with her freehand while she congratulated the class.
Jenna was so engrossed in listening for the right answer, she didn't even
realize the officer had completely unbuttoned her blouse and that it was
now hanging open exposing her large milky white breasts.
The officer then took Jenna's cuffed hand and pulled it behind her back and
with one pulling, twisting motion turned Jenna around to face the
class. Jenna's blouse hung loosely to her front exposing her soft pale skin
from her neck to her tight tummy.
Before she knew what was happening the officer had pulled her blouse off
and had cuffed her hands behind her back. Jenna stood topless in front of
the ogling class of girls. She felt naked and ashamed. Her large firm
breasts heaved with her embarrassment as her nipples hardened like pencil
erasers as the cool room air enveloped them. Tiny bumps formed on her
aureoles as goose bumps crept down her arms.
Jenna watched the reaction of the class as they stared at her breasts. She
felt another twinge pass through her loin and wondered what caused it. She
could hardly breathe as she stood in front of her class with her hands
cuffed behind her back and topless. Her mind played games with her as she
knew in her mind that this was wrong, but she kept telling herself it was
all in the name of education.
Jenna's heart almost stopped when she heard the officer ask the girls if
they wanted to help get her skirt off. Before she could even formulate a
protest in her mind, girls were tugging at the hem of her skirt as it
seesawed down her hips. Jenna gasped and held her breath when she looked
down and saw the top of her pubic hair emerging from above the waistband.
Jenna shuddered when the skirt pulled free and fell quickly to her
feet. She hardly had time to react to her nakedness before the girls were
knocking her off balance and pulling the skirt from under her feet. Jenna
felt flush, as she stood completely naked in front of the girls with her
hands cuffed behind her forcing her breasts to protrude even further.
She didn't know what to do. There was nowhere to run nowhere to hide. She
couldn't even cover herself, so she pushed her knees together and squeezed
her legs tightly. Jenna had to stand there and let the girls look at her
petite firm body. Her stomach fluttered nervously as she felt the eyes of
the class checking out every part of her firm muscular body.
The officer's voice jolted Jenna back to reality as she stood her to
erectness and saying, "The first thing we check is in the suspect's
mouth. We run two fingers in a sweeping motion like this," the officer said
as she ran two latex gloved fingers in Jenna's mouth and swabbed from one
side to the other.
Jenna groaned as the officers' fingers sent shivers up her spine as the
dual digits swept past her tongue and darted in and out both sides of her
mouth. A rush of arousal oozed from her groin and she felt her pussy begin
to swell. Jenna tried to stop the sensation and feared the girls would see
her impending arousal and make fun of her.
Jenna sheepishly looked down at the girls sitting closest to her and tensed
when she saw them nudging each other and pointing at her blossoming pussy.
The officer took Jenna by the shoulders and turned her around so that her
back was too the class before bending her forward at the waist.
Jenna could feel her ass cheeks spread and her pussy push between her tight
firm thighs as she bent forward. She felt embarrassment at showing so much
of herself to the class and she was certain they'd be able to see signs of
her arousal. Jenna looked behind her as she arched her back to relieve
some pressure on her lower back. She heard girls giggling and pointing at
her swollen pink pussy as it leaked fluid. She could hear the girls talking
about how 'gooey' it looked and she felt ashamed that she wasn't able to
control herself any better.
"This is the last part to the search, but it's the most
important. Criminals will go to any length to smuggle d**gs, so you must
check carefully in here," she said pointing to Jenna's pussy and anus.
Reaching around Jenna's backside being careful not to block the view of any
c***d, the officer took each side of Jenna's pussy and spread it widely
exposing her tender pink moisture inside. "You need to pay careful
attention to right here," she said, pointing to Jenna's swelling clit.
Jenna was beside herself. The officer's touch in the name of education was
almost too much for her to bear. Jenna's arousal was building
uncontrollably and she couldn't help it. As much as Jenna tried to hold
back her impending arousal, it continued anyway. Jenna was gasping as she
envisioned the girls looking at her drippy pink-ness.
The girls leaned in and looked closely at what the officer pointed at. They
could see a tiny white nub buried deep within the pink fleshy sheath inside
the top of Ms. Tarp's pussy. Right before their eyes they watched
Ms. Tarp's pussy turn a deeper shade of red and begin to open like a
With two fingers pressed together, the officer pushed them deeply into
Jenna's squishy vagina eliciting a soft moan from the young teacher. "You
need to feel around in here really well, okay?"
The girl's all nodded excitedly.
"Okay, the last area you need to look is in here," said the officer
pointing the Jenna's anus.
Jenna wasn't going to be able hang on much longer. Her clit was throbbing
and she wanted to cum. Cumming in front of the class was way too
embarrassing to comprehend and she wanted the officer to hurry up and
finish her demonstration. "please...hurry," panted Jenna,
As much as she wanted to cum she just couldn't with her whole class
watching. It just wouldn't be right. She looked over her shoulder as the
officer pushed one finger and then another into Jenna's tight little ass
Jenna couldn't hold back anymore and cum leaked from her pussy. She bit her
lower lip as her pussy twitched and her anus squeezed the officer's
fingers. Jenna did the best she could not to emit too audible a moan,
"mmmmmmmm," as her pussy twitched and dripped love juice.
Jenna's mind drifted in and out of reality. She just couldn't believe she'd
done that! Her stomach heaved as she caught her breath. She'd cum in front
of the class! Oh no, what would they think of her? Jenna's mind was clouded
by residual orgasm, she barely understood the officer when she spoke to the
"Okay, girls, now put on your rubber gloves and step over here," she
instructed the class.
Jenna couldn't make sense of the officer's request. Why did the girls need
rubber gloves? Her mind filled with mixed messages as she tried to make
sense of her surroundings.
"Now all of you need to check each of her three spots the way I showed you
and you can do it any order you choose, okay?" instructed the officer.
The girls surrounded the handcuffed and bent over teacher and pressed in
around her.
Jenna couldn't think straight. She barely realized that she was still
naked, handcuffed and bent over in front of the class. Her large breasts
grew heavier by the second as they filled with gravitational bl**d
flow. Her nipples ached and her clit throbbed. If she was touched again,
she knew she would cum again. Her body tingled with electricity.
The officer stepped beside the groggy young teacher and told the class,
"Remember positive control? I'll maintain positive control while you
conduct your searches," and she grabbed Jenna by the hair and wrists. She
pulled back on Jenna's hair extending her neck and forcing her mouth to
open, while she picked up on Jenna's wrists forcing Jenna's shoulders down
even further.
Jenna arched her back in response to the officer's 'positive control',
which made her already swollen heavy breasts to feel even heavier? She
whimpered at the strain but knew this was just all part of the
demonstration and she wanted to do her part. Jenna didn't want the k**s to
think she was a wimp and couldn't take being a little uncomfortable for a
few minutes.
As the girls pressed in around the naked and controlled teacher, Jenna felt
latex covered hands roam her body, squeeze her breasts and nipples, probe
her pussy and anus, and pump inside her mouth. The sensation was too much
for the hapless heated teacher. As much as she tried to prevent the
arousal, she couldn't help it.
She barely heard the first girl that poked a finger in her anus squeal with
delight, "E-e-e-w-w-w," when Jenna's sphincter squeezed down reflexively on
her finger. Jenna's body was a mass of wild sensations and she was cumming.
Jenna couldn't hear the clinical sounding discussions going on around
her. The touching, probing, poking and squeezing sent her heart rate
through the roof and all she could hear was the ringing in her ears.
"E-e-w-w, that felt cool! Do that again," the girl said when she felt
Jenna's anus tighten around her finger when another girl pinched Jenna's
nipple. "Oh, COOL!" she exclaimed when she felt it again.
"Let me try!" another girl asked excitedly.
Jenna finally lost it when a girl, squatted between her firmly spread legs
and manipulating Jenna's pussy lips, screamed with glee, "I FOUND IT!" as
she pushed the sheath from around Jenna's swollen and throbbing clit. Jenna
came and her pussy contracted repeatedly squirting love juice onto the
girls' hands. Jenna, choked by fingers, gasped for air through flared
nostrils. The best she could do was groan a muted moan,
"U-u-u-u-g-g-g-g-h-h-h-h," because of the latex covered fingers that
swabbed her mouth.
"Something's happening HERE!" the girl exposing Jenna's clit yelled as
others leaned in to watch Jenna's pussy spasm.
Jenna was weak and disoriented, as she quickly tried to recover from an
embarrassing orgasm. Her eyes rolled around in her head and she barely knew
where she was. Her body was a set of frayed nerve endings that flared at
every touch.
As the girls repeatedly made their way around the helpless teacher in a
round robin fashion, Jenna came and came, her taught stomach heaving in and
out. The girls had found her swollen, protruded clit and rubbed and pinched
it. Her puffy nipples were pinched and tweaked, too. Jenna's body reacted
instinctively and involuntarily.
As the tiny fingers pushed in and out, up and down, swirling around in
every orifice. Jenna was f***ed to taste all her bodily fluids over and
over. All Jenna's senses were firing at the same time and she exploded into
orgasm after orgasm with muted moans from fingers stuffed in her mouth,
"m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m, a-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-h-h."
When the 'search' was finally complete, the officer un-cuffed the delirious
teacher, gathered the c***dren and headed them toward the jail for the next
part of the tour.
As Jenna recovered from the 'search' class, she dressed in the women's room
at the police station. She stared at her reflection in the mirror and
tucked in her blouse, straightened her skirt and fixed her hair. She sighed
at how pleasurable it had been to help teach the girls about searches and
felt a tingle race up her spine. Jenna shuddered at the recent memory and
felt her nipples harden. The vision of the entire group of girl's touching
her and examining her gave her goose bumps all over again. She shook her
head to clear her mind and get back to the task at hand. She mused that she
never envisioned teaching could feel this good.
Jenna left the restroom and met up with the tour guide as the officer led
them to the jail downstairs. The group noisily made their way through the
long stairwell that echoed their every step. As the group banged their way
past the fire door to enter the jail complex, they entered a wide hallway
that had a series of small rooms on the left and solid concrete wall on the
right. They were greeted by a linear formation of about a half a dozen
female jail guards that lined the right side. The guards all stared
straight ahead with their hands placed behind their backs, precisely
positioned in the small of their backs in a rigid stance. The sight was
impressive, yet scary.
The girls quietly moved to the left of the formation, passing directly in
front of them. None of the guard's, dressed in dark blue slacks and pale
blue shirts adorned with a thick leather belt with a matching strap that
ran over one shoulder, let their eyes shift from their focal point straight
to the front. It was an eerie sight as the guards stood motionless like
statues, as the group of c***dren followed by their teacher passed in
As Jenna herded the last girl past the line of guards, she didn't notice
the eyes of the guards break from their disciplined position to follow the
young teacher and ogle her firm figure.
The whole downstairs was void of sunlight and just seemed darker because of
it. As the group turned the corner they were ushered into a large empty
room. The officer in charge told the girl's in a loud voice to speak over
the natural chamber-like effect of a concrete building, "This is where
inmates coming into the prison are briefed on jailhouse rules. From here
they move into the next room where they give up all their personal
possessions before getting issued new clothes. They will then take showers,
be sanitized and then assigned to their cells."
The girls were all mesmerized by the shear size and magnitude of the jail
and its procedures. They exchanged nervous glances as they imagined what it
must be like to be kept here.
The officer sensed their curiosity and moved to dispel some of their
anxiety. "So today, we have arranged for your teacher, Ms. Tarp, who has
volunteered to be our 'inmate for the day', to show you all exactly how it
all works."
The class erupted in noisy applause and all eyes settled upon Jenna
standing stunned in the back of the room. She hadn't 'volunteered' for
anything - had she? Maybe she did during the search and didn't remember.
Jenna didn't fully have a grasp on the implications of being 'inmate for
the day' so she reluctantly agreed. It was all in the name of education
anyway. It was her job to teach the c***dren, so she couldn't very well
expect one of them to be 'inmate for the day'.
The applause began to die down as she walked to the front of the room to
meet the officer. The tall blonde officers' green eyes looked deeply into
Jenna's as she stepped in front of the taller woman and Jenna felt a surge
of wetness in her vagina and her nipples hardened. She squeezed her legs
together, embarrassed at the inexplicable surge of wetness and her desire
not to drip. Jenna's stomach tightened momentarily as she gathered her
senses. "Where did that come from?" she asked herself in shocked amazement.
All the officer did was look at her and she felt this rush of arousal. "How
did that happen and more importantly, WHY?" Jenna considered herself
'straight' as an arrow. Her momentary indiscretions of the past week or so
were only strange anomalies. Jenna stressed while the officer continued to
explain the procedures to the class.
As Jenna fumbled with the why's and the how's of what just took place, she
was brought back to reality when the officer took her by the arm, saying,
"Okay, let's begin shall we?" The officer led Jenna into the next room.
Another tall beautiful blonde guard greeted her and the class from behind a
long counter. "Okay, give me all your personal possessions, miss inmate,"
she teased, - sort of.
Jenna and the class chuckled at the serious look on the blonde guard's face
as she stared at Jenna through big blue eyes.
"Come on, let's go," the officer restated more sternly.
Jenna still wasn't sure she was serious but she thought she should play
along anyway just in case, so she pretended to search her pockets and give
the guard her 'possessions'.
The guard was not amused. She glared at the tiny thin-framed teacher and
said, "Let's go. Off with them."
Jenna didn't understand what the guard meant and looked back at her with an
inquisitive glance.
"Your clothes, give me your clothes, inmate!" the guard demanded.
Jenna was shocked. "She can't be serious, can she?" she asked herself.
Jenna felt her bl**d pressure rise as she looked around the now silent
room. It seemed like the whole room held their breath at once, waiting to
see her reaction. Jenna's eyes pleaded with the tour guide. She pressed
the officer visually to 'help her out'. The officer only stared back at the
busty 22 year-old with a matter-of-fact look, as if saying, 'this is
normal, just do it.'
Jenna made a quick scan of the room and realized everyone was waiting on
her. She felt herself begin to tremble, as the thought of stripping in
front of the class seemed totally wrong. She knew this whole day was
dedicated to teaching the girls about the justice system, but she wondered
if this was really necessary. "Can't they just 'explain' what they do? Do
they really have to demonstrate everything?" she asked herself.
Jenna didn't understand the need to be so graphic, but felt pressure to get
on with it. She knew this was just part of the education process so she
reluctantly reached up and unbuttoned her blouse. Before she pulled it open
and off her shoulders, she paused. She looked around the room at the girls
and the two guards one more time, just to make sure she was really supposed
to do this.
When she saw their excited faces she knew the girls were actually getting
something from the days activities. She pulled her blouse off and handed it
to the tall blonde officer behind the counter. Jenna's large puffy red
nipples sprang to life and hardened like erasers. She blushed at their
reaction and wished they wouldn't do that and vainly tried to cover
"Now the skirt, hurry up, we don't have all day," said the officer, as she
dropped Jenna's blouse into a basket on the counter.
Jenna felt a little faint as she unzipped her skirt and lowered it to the
floor revealing her lightly haired blonde bush. She used her free hand to
try and cover her vagina, her breasts hanging freely as she bent over to
step from her skirt. As she handed the officer her skirt, Jenna felt the
eyes of every student and guard roam her body and scan every inch of her
"Shoes too," said the officer.
Jenna had almost forgotten about her three-inch pumps and kicked them off
and handed them to the officer, too. Now she stood even shorter than she
was before. Most girls in the class were taller than she was when she wore
shoes and now without them? Jenna suddenly felt very vulnerable. She
couldn't even look at the students in the eye anymore. Being so short
negated her superior age difference and she felt like she HAD to do things
The guard took her shoes and tossed in the basket with her skirt and blouse
and said, "Okay, go to the shower room."
The tour guide led Jenna into the next room, which was a large shower room
with brown tiled floors and walls that housed several free standing shower
pods with multiple shower heads on each. Two guards holding towels in each
hand awaited them inside.
Jenna covered her bountiful breasts with her hands as the brunette guard
turned on a shower and stepped back as the water sprayed out. The redheaded
guard stepped toward Jenna and took her by the arm with her towel-covered
hand and guided her under the faucet.
Jenna gasped as the cool water splashed her shoulders and wet her hair.
"Raise your arms," said the red head.
Jenna, without thinking, immediately did what the officer demanded. Within
seconds the water heated up and she felt the terry cloth covered hands of
the two guards begin to wash her. The soaked towels raced up one side of
Jenna's soft, firm body and down the other sending shivers of delight
shooting through her soul. Jenna gasped and turned automatically in
response to the unexpected touches and inadvertently turned directly into
more touches. She held her breath as each new stroke made her nipples
harder and harder. Jenna was choking for air. Her mind was swarmed with
sensations she found hard to explain as she held her arms overhead.
Jenna's raised breasts protruded outwardly with her arms stretched
overhead. Her nipples, already hard, bristled with tiny goose bumps, when
she felt the brunette washing her breasts with the coarse terry cloth
towels. The friction across her taught nipples caused Jenna's pussy to
swell with excitement. Jenna whimpered as the sensations sent floods of
moisture into her vagina and she squeezed her knees together to try and
hide it.
As the officer's hands circled the young teacher's firm mounds, pushing
them, lifting them and pulling on them, Jenna was mentally whisked away to
another place and time. She inhaled deeply and felt her stomach tense
involuntarily as the brunette massaged her breasts. Jenna peeked down to
watch the circling, squeezing and tugging that caused her vagina to
spasm. She held her breath and closed her eyes as the officer grabbed
handfuls of her firm milky breasts and squeezed them firmly, tugging gently
on her nipples.
Jenna's arousal was building and she didn't really understand it. She was
just letting the guards demonstrate the shower procedure in front of her
class of girls, yet the sensations caused by the guard's terry cloth
covered hands caressing her hypersensitive skin was unbelievable. Jenna
repeatedly tried to twist and turn away from all the touches, but all she
did was turn face into more.
Jenna's nipples were aching they throbbed so hard. Her legs were getting
weaker by the second and she could barely hold up her hands. Her stomach
convulsed as she gasp for air. When the redheaded officer slipped her hand
down Jenna's stomach in a direct attack on her vagina, Jenna let out a loud
embarrassing moan, "o-o-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-h-h-h," that was heard by
everyone. Jenna tried to squeeze her legs together to prevent the officer's
hand from massaging her pussy, but she only served to entrap the hand and
crush it deeper into her sex.
As Jenna flexed her buttocks and twisted her hips in a vain attempt to
remove the officer's hand from her swollen soft fleshy bush, Jenna closed
her eyes and moaned a whimpering moan,
"u-u-u-u-g-g-g-g-h-h-h-o-o-o-h-h-h-h" that ended through pierced 'kissing'
Jenna knew deep down she was building toward another orgasm. She was
getting good at recognizing the signs. She glanced around the room and
could see the class of girls watching the two officers gliding their hands
over her body. Try as she might to stifle the sensations she was feeling
they were overwhelming her. Her eyes rolled around in her head as it
dropped listlessly from side-to-side. Her flat stomach flexing in and out
produced audible gasps and moans that everyone could hear.
Despite her best effort to wriggle free from the officer's touches, Jenna
was losing control. As much as she wanted to avoid another embarrassing
orgasm in front of her class, she wouldn't be able to avoid it much longer
if the officer's didn't stop and stop very soon.
When both officers worked on Jenna's legs she felt like she was ready to
explode. If she didn't know any better she thought she had to pee. A liquid
wall was pushing against her loin as her clit throbbed and pulsated. If she
felt another coarse terry cloth stroke her tender pussy she would lose
control for sure.
Jenna managed to hold her breath long enough to peek down just as the red
head paused at her inner thigh. When Jenna's eyes met the red head's dreamy
green eyes, Jenna almost melted. The red head looked deep into Jenna's eyes
and with a devilish grin f***ed the edge of her terry cloth covered hand
deep into Jenna's swollen pink-ness and slowly dragged it upward.
Every fiber of the coarse material slowly, yet crisply plucked its way over
Jenna's hypersensitive clit like a pick on a guitar string. As bolts of
electricity shot up Jenna's soul, she sucked in more and more air through
repeated short gasps until she could take it no more. Her abused clit
signaled it had had enough and released its contents in a flood of orgasmic
girl cum accentuated by a long loud groan, "A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-H-H-H-H-H-H-H!"
Jenna's hips pumped involuntarily as her anus tightened and released in
spasmodic convulsions. Jenna's mouth hung open as every ounce of air left
her body along with repeated spurts of liquid cum.
As she started to falter and collapse Jenna managed to grab the showerhead
and hang on. Her body, rocked by the massage orgasm, twisted and twitched
as the officers continued to 'wash' the spent teacher.
The redheaded officer paid special attention to Jenna's quivering pussy as
she washed the last of her girl cum off Jenna's pussy and thighs.
Jenna, drowsy and incoherent, didn't even realize the redheaded officer
wasn't using her towel anymore.
The pile of folded clothes hit Jenna squarely in the chest as she processed
past the long counter. The female guard had tossed Jenna her prison garb, a
short-sleeved denim jumper with the letters "DOC" stenciled on the back in
huge black letters.
"Put in on," commanded the guard, as Jenna meekly ambled by, still reeling
from her 'shower'.
Jenna blinked her eyes to clear her mind as she pulled the coarse scratchy
jumper over her head and then across her waist. The blonde tour guide
motioned for Jenna to continue walking as Jenna pulled and straightened her
jumper. Still barefoot and recovering, Jenna, followed by the class from
St. Monica's School for Girls, was led through a door into a large open
corridor. As the door opened, Jenna could see both walls were lined with
barred cells, which housed the day's inmates.
Loud echoes from footsteps were quickly drowned out by cat-calls as Jenna
entered the walkway. Female inmates that saw Jenna enter wearing her
Department of Corrections jumper knew that a 'newbie' had just arrived and
they welcomed her with taunts, sexual chatter and laughter at her c***dish
Jenna immediately became fearful and wondered how she had gotten roped into
spending the night in jail. A shiver ran up and down her spine as the cold
gray colored cement floor beneath her bare feet added to her faintness. She
had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach as she was slowly paraded past
the first few cells. The large ugly women reached out to grope at the fresh
young teacher as she passed. Jenna leaned away and covered herself from the
leering eyes of the female inmates.
The c***dren weren't allowed past the door and all pushed tightly into the
doorway to watch their teacher walk helplessly down the middle of the long
corridor, meekly attempting to protect herself from the catcalling
The corridor echoed noisily with female chatter and metallic banging the
further inside Jenna moved. She felt her heart racing with fear as she
clutched her chest and covered herself. She didn't like this place at all
and wondered how she could get out.
Midway down the long corridor the guard stopped and pointed to an open
cell. Lined on both sides with bunk beds and a toilet and sink in the back,
the cell had two occupants already. The guard directed Jenna inside using
hand gestures. Trembling, Jenna stepped inside. The guard leaned into her
and whispered in her ear, "Have a good night, sweetie."
Jenna shivered at the guard's words and then jumped as the cell door
slammed behind her. She was alone, so to speak.
Inside the cell, the two cellmates lying on their bunks greeted Jenna. Both
women were tall and slender, one had long dark hair, the other blonde, both
had tanned skin, beautiful exotic looks and appeared to be in their mid to
late twenties. They both smiled at Jenna and sarcastically welcomed her to
As the guards walked back to e****t the c***dren back to their bus, thus
ending the tour, the chatter and sexual banter continued from the other
inmates. Jenna's stomach tightened as her 'lifeline' sauntered away.
The blonde cellmate yelled, "That's enough! Now shut up out there, you're
scaring our new roomy!"
The chatter slowly died down and the blonde introduced herself as
Beth. "This is Alisha," Beth said introducing the dark haired beauty.
Jenna was very nervous. She reluctantly shook both women's hands. She
didn't like the way they both leered at her and she wondered if she could
survive the night.
Beth hopped down from her perch on the top bunk and stood before the tiny
petite teacher. Beth was a formidable figure as she hovered over the
trembling Jenna.
"Let's get a look at you," Beth said grabbing Jenna's shoulders and
spinning her around. "You're a cute little thing. Check her out Alisha."
Alisha crawled out from her bottom bunk and stood beside Beth and placed
her elbow on Beth's shoulder forming a human wall. Both women, their backs
to the cell door, had Jenna trapped in the back of the cell.
Jenna looked down at the floor, afraid to make eye contact with either of
the Amazonian women. Her heart raced and she felt a nervous sweat break out
as the two women looked her up and down.
"Yeah, she's a cutie alright," offered Alisha. "Should we introduce her to
the rules now?"
"Now's as good a time as any," agreed Beth.
Jenna didn't know what to think. She was so nervous and afraid she wasn't
thinking clearly. "What rules?" she wondered, "Jail rules?" The cold
concrete floor added to Jenna's already frigid disposition.
"First rule," Beth began, "all new inmates aren't allowed to wear their
uniform for the first day. So take off that rag."
Jenna's heart skipped a beat and she wanted to faint. "This can't be
happening!" she screamed in her mind. Jenna was determined to remain
clothed. There was no way she was going to take off the ONLY garment she
had on and be naked in front of these two strangers. Her sweaty palms and
clammy skin reflected her fear and skittishness. Afraid to look up at the
domineering women, Jenna clutched her chest and sheepishly protested,
"N-no, I'm not going to take off my uniform."
Jenna immediately sensed tension in the cell when both women became more
erect and leaned toward her. She feared she had just made a big a
mistake. Jenna needed to correct things and do it quickly. What was she
thinking? She was trapped in a jail cell with two much taller and probably
stronger women who had demanded that she remove her uniform and she
PROTESTED?! Was she crazy? These two women could, and probably WOULD beat
her up.
As the two women assumed aggressive postures, Jenna backpedaled. She knew
her choices were limited and she tried to plead with her two cellmates,
"P-please, don't make me do that, p-l-e-a-s-e." Jenna's heart thumped in
her chest as her fear increased.
Beth looked at Alisha and coyly said, "Well, I guess we're just gonna have
to mess up that pretty face of hers."
Jenna tried to cover her face and crouched. "Please, please, I'm sorry!
Don't hurt me I'll do it! I'll do it!" Jenna pleaded hoping it wasn't too
late. She quickly reached down and crossed her arms, grabbed the hem of her
uniform and peeled it over her head. She clutched the coarse garment to her
chest as she pressed her knees together and grimaced.
Jenna wanted to cry as she stood naked in front of the two women. She
gasped when Beth ripped the uniform from her hands and tossed it behind
her. Jenna whimpered as she hunkered down and tried to cover her nakedness,
"Please, I-I'm sorry."
When Jenna felt her hair being torn from her scalp she yelped, "OW!" and
grabbed Beth's hand, as she snapped erect. Jenna stared wide-eyed as the
two women scanned her naked physique. With her arms raised grabbing at
Beth's hand, she felt their eyes roam her breasts. Jenna freaked in her
mind when she felt her nipples harden and her aureoles form goose
bumps. She secretly prayed they wouldn't think she was excited.
"You know who's in charge here, don't you little girl?" Beth whispered in
Jenna's ear.
Wanting to burst into tears, Jenna held back. Her scalp stung, yet when
Beth called her "little girl" she felt a surge of arousal. She hadn't been
called 'little girl' since, well, since she WAS a little girl. Somehow
being called a little girl had struck a chord in her and she found it
strangely erotic. Jenna didn't quite understand it but had to admit that
something had just happened.
With her free hand, Beth grabbed one of Jenna's ample breasts and massaged
it. Jenna's breast was way too big to cup with one hand, but she groped
around it anyway. She pulled on Jenna's nipple until she saw the young
teacher wince. Beth was impressed at how far she had been able to pull
Jenna's nipple before Jenna winced in pain. Beth pinched Jenna's nipple
between her finger and thumb and held it outstretched as she repeated, "you
know who's in charge here, don't you little girl?"
Jenna, still holding Beth's hand on her head trying to reduce the pressure,
grimaced in pain and whimpered, "you are!"
"While you're in here, you're gonna be my bitch, understand?" Beth sneered
still pulling on Jenna's nipple.
"Y-yes," Jenna sniveled. "YES! I understand!" she cried in pain.
Beth shoved down on Jenna's head, forcing her to her knees. Still holding
Jenna by the hair, she turned around, bent over, put her butt in Jenna's
face and snarled, "Kiss my ass little girl!"
Jenna, fearful and afraid, found the second burst of arousal very
disturbing at having been called 'little girl' again. "How could that be?"
she questioned herself. Here she was f***ed to strip naked in front of two
prisoners, then groped and f***ed to her knees and now being asked to kiss
Beth's ass! With all those humiliating events, how could she possibly feel
Jenna's eyes widened as she watched Beth's pull her jumper up her back to
reveal her panty-less ass and pussy. Jenna braced herself by holding onto
the back of Beth's knees. She resisted as Beth pulled her hair and face
closer and closer to her glistening ass and pussy. Jenna could smell Beth's
musky sex and see finite detail in her privates. Beth's puckered rosebud
lightened from a dark brown rim to a pink center. It had a dank odor Jenna
thought would be repulsive, yet she found strangely enticing. She felt her
own juices begin to flow as her nose closed in on Beth's ass crack. Jenna
could see that Beth was very aroused. Her labia lips were swollen and dark
red. Beth's cunt blossomed like a flower under the dark curly hair that
fully surrounded it and it glistened with excitement.
Despite the horrifying events unfolding before her, Jenna knew she would
have to do this terrible act. She was trapped and physically threatened. If
she didn't comply, who knows what would happen to her. Jenna's mind was in
a fog. In no way did she want to subject herself to kissing some woman's
ass, but what choice did she have? Her face was inches from its inevitable
destination and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.
Beth pulled up hard on Jenna's hair as she looked back over her
shoulder. Beth knew her ass was just inches from Jenna's face. She was
enjoying the moment and Beth could feel her anticipation growing. She
wanted to rub her ass crack on this young teacher's face and she was
determined to do it.
Try as she might to resist, Jenna was growing weaker by the second. She was
snorting air through her nose so she wouldn't have to open her mouth as her
face drew ever closer.
Finally Jenna could resist no more. She felt her lips press against Beth's
anus. She could feel the tiny wrinkled skin on her lips and could smell her
dankness. Jenna closed her eyes and tried to forget the moment as she
choked for air through flared nostrils.
Jenna heard Beth let out a long sigh, "a-a-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-h-h-h," as Beth's
anus touched her lips.
Beth rolled her hips around and around on Jenna's face cooing, "Tongue me
bitch, gimme that tongue of yours."
Jenna had all but given up. She had to do whatever these two evil women
wanted and she knew it. She extended her tongue through pierced lips and
touched it to Beth's anus. Jenna's first reaction was to gag, but she
quickly realized Beth was clean and had no adverse taste. She pushed her
tongue out again and pushed it hard against Beth's tightly puckered hole
and heard Beth moan again.
Jenna kept feeling these rushes of arousal when she heard Beth moan. There
was something about hearing her moan that turned her on. Jenna didn't
understand why it was, but figured it was some hidden natural thing. She
liked the feeling that arousal brought her and wanted to feel it
again. Jenna didn't even realize that her hands, which were once on the
back of Beth's knees, had somehow wrapped themselves around to the front
side. Instead of pushing away, Jenna was now pulling back.
Jenna's hands unwittingly slid there way up Beth's thighs and pulled back
hard. She extended her tongue and pushed it past Beth's rim causing her to
moan loudly.
Beth exhaled and stood up and turned around. She still had a hold of
Jenna's hair and looked down at the busty teacher kneeling before her, "You
did good little girl. Now I'm gonna give you a special treat." Beth
released Jenna and winked at Alisha.
Both women turned and reached under their mattresses. They each pulled out
a black rubber strap-on dildo. Jenna gasped at the size of them and
immediately started pleading, "NO! Please, NO! You can't do that to
me. I'm...I'm..." and she started crying.
"Shut up bitch," growled Beth as she pulled off her jumper and strapped the
long rubber dong in place. The nine inch long cock was just over two inches
in diameter.
Alisha smiled as she strapped on an identical cock, "Don't worry honey,
you'll love it," she chuckled.
Sobbing almost uncontrollably Jenna tried to beg them,
"P-please...don''t...I'm...I'm a..."
"You're a what?" jeered Beth, "a virgin?" and both women laughed
hysterically. Neither one of the two women believed that's what Jenna was
trying to tell them, they just wanted to make fun of her and humiliate her.
"Then I guess today's the day you get that cherry popped," Beth stated
sarcastically with an evil grin.
"PLEASE!" begged Jenna, "please don't do this!" Jenna was visibly shaken
and fear painted her face. But despite all her fear and anxiety about what
was to come, Jenna couldn't help but marvel at the perfection of Beth's
body. Her soft, tanned skin covered the most perfect figure Jenna had ever
seen. Beth's breasts were slightly more than a handful and tiny aureoles
surrounded perky nipples. Her thin narrow waist accentuated by her smooth
flat stomach was decorated cutely with a small quarter-sized heart left
un-tanned on her left hip. Jenna stared at the long shapely legs that ran
from the ground to an apex topped with the most beautiful vagina she'd ever
laid eyes on.
Jenna blinked in awe at the goddess-like figure that stood before
her. Jenna knew that Beth was the type of woman that guys would kill to
have; she was perfect in every way. She was the type of woman that other
women envied and men worshipped. Jenna felt her fear slip away as she felt
her own self beginning to worship this goddess, too.
Beth turned to the teacher and held her cock by the base and pointed it at
Jenna's mouth saying, "Suck me. Suck my cock, bitch."
Jenna jumped at the opportunity to suck the rubber dildo of this goddess,
also fearing the alternative would be a life-altering mistake. She took the
rubber cock in her mouth the way she did to the only boy she ever got
intimate with in high school. She bobbed her head on the latex phallic,
sucking and slobbering on the sex toy. She would do anything to keep it
away from her privates and sucking it was easy.
"Oh, you do that sooo well," cooed a delirious Beth. Watching the young
teacher before her, naked and on her knees, simply thrilled Beth. The sense
of power and control she felt was exhilarating. She loved the idea of
having this much authority. Devious thoughts about how she could exercise
her power danced in her head. She knew she only had one night to subject
this young teacher to her will and she was determined to take full
advantage of their time together.
Beth reached down and grabbed Jenna by the shoulders, pulling her plastic
cock from her mouth. Beth pushed Jenna against the cell door.
Jenna broke her fall by grabbing the bars on the door, her large breasts
slamming forward and almost hitting her chin. The gravitational f***e drove
large amounts of bl**d into Jenna's already swollen breasts. Hanging down
beneath her as they were, nature made them continue to swell. Within
seconds, Jenna could feel her breasts begin to throb.
With Jenna's torso bent at ninety degrees, it provided Beth with easy
access to Jenna's privates. Beth pressed in from behind. She placed the
head of her saliva-moistened cock on Jenna's anus and using a two-fisted
grip, began to push.
Jenna screamed, "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" as the two-inch thick head pushed
against her tiny hole. Jenna had NEVER had sex like this before and she
didn't know to relax and let it happen. Instead she tried to resist the
unwanted intrusion and tightened her ass as hard as she could.
Jenna's screams drew more attention to her plight and enticed insults and
jeers from the other inmates. The yelling, cheering and encouragement from
the other cells soon drowned out Jenna's screaming. The one's across the
bay watched as Jenna bent over and held onto the bars of her cell as Beth
pushed in behind her with a strap-on. To them it looked like Jenna wanted
it. Her screams from pain they all interpreted as screams of pleasure. Why
else would she bend over and willingly let Beth fuck her like that? If she
didn't like it, she'd fight back right?
Beth sensed Jenna's resistance and pushed all the harder. She could tell by
Jenna's repeated screams that it hurt the young teacher, but Beth didn't
care. She was going to ass fuck this young teacher in front of everyone and
she was going to do it now!
Jenna felt her tiny asshole spreading apart as the thick phallic pressed
in. She thought her ass was being torn open. Her face reddened under the
strain as she squeezed the metal bars so tight her knuckles turned
white. Jenna, eyes closed, grimaced and groaned, "U-u-u-u-g-g-g-h-h-h-h!"
When the head of the huge black cock finally pressed past her contracted
sphincter Jenna let out a guttural groan of relief,
Beads of sweat blotted Beth's forehead. A grin of satisfaction graced her
face when she felt her dildo finally penetrate the young teacher's
ass. With another hard push she drove the rubber tube in another two inches
eliciting another painful scream from her young bitch. Two more jarring
thrusts and Beth nearly had the whole nine inches buried deeply in Jenna's
Tears, f***ed from Jenna's eyes, ran down her cheeks and dripped onto the
gray painted concrete floor beneath her. Jenna gasped and panted as she
caught her breath. The thick black dildo filled her so completely she felt
pressure on her stomach and lungs.
Beth paused for a moment and everyone caught their breath. After a few
seconds, she began to retract the thick probe before reinserting it
again. Beth f***efully ass fucked Jenna for several minutes until she felt
Jenna's resistance lessen.
Jenna learned quickly to relax her sphincter muscle. Soon the fat object
was gliding in and out of her ass with ease. Her own saliva that coated the
probe initially mixed with the moisture in her colon and provided a natural
After a few minutes of getting ass fucked in the jail cell by her roommate,
Jenna started to feel strange sensations. With each hard thrust her breasts
rocked forward and swung wildly from her chest. The feel of Beth's hips
slamming into her buttocks, driving the nine inch cock fully into her ass
was starting to feel...good. Jenna tried to shake the feeling as best she
could but the thrusting continued at a relentless pace.
Jenna was still gasping for air as Beth held Jenna by her hip bones and
pulled herself into the young teachers willing ass with repeated her hard
thrusts. Jenna had long ago stopped her screaming and now seemed to be
enjoying her fucking. Beth could see Jenna's big breasts slam forward and
bounce backward each time Beth tensed her own buttocks and pushed the black
dildo deep inside Jenna's ass.
Beth could tell by the way that Jenna arched her back and occasionally
looked back over her shoulder with an open mouth and closed eyes that she
was finally getting into it. Beth felt a sense of pride knowing that she'd
'broken' the young heterosexual teacher.
Jenna could feel her arousal building. She panted as each pump in her ass
sent her to new uncharted heights of arousal. She wanted to grab her
breasts and squeeze them, but she dare not let go of the metal
bars. Jenna's breasts ached to be touched, her nipples felt like they would
All sound had left Jenna's senses. No longer could she hear the catcalling
and jeers from other inmates. Her ears rang as her arousal built and
everything seemed surreal. She was getting ass fucked in prison, one of her
worst nightmares, but her body inexplicably enjoyed it.
As Jenna approached orgasm the pumping suddenly slowed to a
stop. Disappointed, she looked back over her shoulder to see what was
wrong. Jenna's mouth hung open as she gathered her thoughts and her
breath. Beth stood behind her, grinning this evil grin.
Jenna gasped as the bulky dildo was pulled from her ass. It felt like she
had taken a huge bowel movement. Jenna's pussy was dripping and she wanted
to orgasm in the worst way.
Still holding the bars and bent over at the waist, Jenna felt her ass
constrict around the head of the rubber cock as it left her ass. She sighed
a little sigh that it was over, but felt disappointed that it 'wasn't
Beth stood next Jenna at the front of the cell and faced the young
teacher's arm still holding bar. She reached down and grabbed Jenna by the
hair and aimed her face at the glistening dildo, tightly strapped to her
waist. Beth had one more humiliation in mind before she'd let her new bitch
rest. "Suck me clean, little girl."
Jenna, her loin throbbing with excitement and yearning for release swelled
with arousal at hearing 'little girl' again. She let go of the jail cell
bars and turned to face Beth. She bent over at the waist again and grabbed
the thick rubber phallic with one hand. She opened her mouth and slid the
sticky exterior past her lips. Jenna could smell and taste her own ass as
she inhaled through her nose and pushed it on her tongue. She could see and
feel rings of lubrication brush past her sensitive lips as she opened her
throat and tried not to gag.
Beth signaled for Alisha to move behind the young teacher. The three
females gave a beautiful profile of their tight bodies to the inmates
across the bay that watched eagerly at the debauchery before them.
Jenna was so engrossed with not letting the device out of her mouth she
didn't realize Alisha was now behind her.
Alisha stepped behind the young teacher as she sucked Beth's rubber cock
and she placed the head of her cock against Jenna's anus.
Jenna flinched when she felt the rubber device touch her backside. Jenna
knew what to expect and relaxed her anus and arched her back. She hated to
admit it, but she secretly wanted it. She needed to cum and this was the
only way. Jenna's mind was a complete fog and what was supposed to be a
humiliating and degrading situation had turned unwittingly pleasurable.
As she choked on the cock in her mouth, Jenna closed her eyes when she felt
Alisha push her cock inside. Jenna sighed a deep muffled moan as the dildo
slid in easily and pushed to its fullest. She did her best to swallow
Beth's cock but couldn't quite get more than half inside her mouth. The
tangy taste was a little repulsive and the head of the rubber dong hurt the
back of her throat.
Each time Alisha slammed her 'nine incher' into Jenna, Jenna's breasts rocked
beneath her. Soon both women were pumping in unison, Alisha fucking Jenna's
ass while Beth fucked her mouth.
Jenna, holding Beth's knees for balance, couldn't believe what was
happening to her. She was gagging and choking on a huge dildo in her mouth
and getting fucked by another in her ass. All this was happening to her
behind bars in a jail cell in plain view of at least a dozen other
inmates. But the really scary part was - she...she LIKED it!
Jenna's mind reeled from the effects of the sexual abuse at the hands of
her two cellmates and her struggle with her secret desires. The rhythmic
thumping in and out, in and out of the two latex cocks caused Jenna to feel
an unbelievable thrill that electrified her very being. This was so dirty,
yet so EXCITING!
The saliva mixture coated her lips and dripped down her chin as she choked
for air through distended nostrils. Jenna tilted her head up and arched her
back so that she was looking straight at Beth's stomach, which almost
bounced off her nose with each thrust by Beth.
Within seconds of the two women's unified strokes, Jenna coordinated her
breathing too. Her stomach heaved as the strokes continued and her
impending orgasm grew closer and closer.
Moments later Jenna came. With a muffled groan, "U-u-u-u-g-g-g-g-h-h-h!"
she expelled love juice in heavy squirts from her love canal. She squeezed
down hard on Beth's knees as her vagina walls convulsed with liquid
orgasm. Jenna panted as her stomach knotted up in unison with her anus as
her orgasm continued unabated.
By itself, the sheer magnitude of the orgasm was memorable but as Jenna
pictured in her mind what she must look like being fucked in the ass and in
the mouth at the same time caused her to roll right into a second
orgasm. Her whole body convulsed and twitched as she discharged more watery
cum that ran down her thighs.
Finally Beth removed her dildo from Jenna's mouth. She knew by Jenna's grip
strength on her knees that she had cum.
As Alisha pulled her dildo from Jenna's ass, weak and spent, Jenna clung to
the bars. She gasped and then sighed when she felt her anus collapse around
the cock head as it exited her ass.
The two women helped the mangled young teacher to an empty bunk where she
fell asl**p and dreamed of her day in jail.
Jenna slept like a baby. She had just endured on of the most horrific days
of her young life. Her body had been subjected to countless sexual
activities that each resulted in tremendous orgasms.
As she slept in her bunk on a thin lumpy mattress and covered in a scratchy
woo l blanket, Jenna began to dream. She dreamed about her recent encounter
with her two new roommates and their harsh fucking of her. Jenna's body
squirmed under the coarse blanket. She dreamt about how painful it was at
first and then how something...changed. Her back arched as she remembered
how much better she felt when she did that while they fucked her. A small
smile graced her lips when she dreamed about how she was fucked in her
mouth by Beth and in her ass by Alisha - at the same time!
Jenna's breathing picked up and she cooed and moaned in her sl**p as she
dreamt about how her humiliation had turned pleasurable. Without knowing
it, her pussy moistened and began to swell. Her sensitive skin tingled as
the rough blanket sc****d across her nipples and caused them to
harden. Jenna was beginning to feel the effects of arousal as she slept and
she didn't even know it.
Jenna's dream took a strange turn; the way dreams often do, and she dreamed
that Beth had laid down beside her. She remembered how absolutely GORGEOUS
Beth's body was, how perfect it was in every way. Jenna smiled softly again
as she wondered, in her dream, what Beth's skin felt like as her naked body
would snuggle next to hers. She imagined the warmth their two naked bodies
would generate together as they laid next to each other under the scratchy
jailhouse blanket.
Jenna unwittingly sighed deeply as she felt Beth's lips caress her neck and
shoulder. She dreamed about how it'd feel to have Beth's hand slip across
her stomach and up to her breast. Jenna's short staccato breaths made her
breasts thrust and heave, bouncing with ripples that she could feel all the
way up to her collarbone. She felt her nipples stiffen and the veins in her
breasts pulse and throb with desire.
As she let her imagination stray further, Jenna pictured Beth looking at
her with lust, Beth's own excitement growing and building at what she saw
and wanted...which was Jenna. She pictured Beth smiling and reaching out
with soft slender fingers to trace circles around her whole breast, across
the top and around the side. Beth's tender touch dipped under Jenna's
breast where the crease joined her chest and then up her cleavage. She then
continued the descending circles with each rotation getting smaller and
tighter around her aureole.
Then at Jenna's aureole Beth paused and moaned a soft "mmmm, nice" when she
sensed the texture change under her fingertips. She could see Jenna's
nipple throbbing in rhythm to her heartbeat. She took her fingertip, wet it
in her mouth, and then touched it to the very tip of Jenna's nipple and
brushed it back and forth, back and forth. Then a little harder, Beth
pressed her finger against the flesh of Jenna's nipple only to let it pop
back up as her finger moved past it. Each time she pushed across the nipple
she flattened it and let it pop up.
With each of Beth's gentle touches, Jenna's nipple twanged. free again, it
sent electric shocks down Jenna's tummy to her clitoris and made her tense
those lower intimate muscles, forcing more love fluid to ooze out between
her swelling labia. All of this in Jenna's imagination made things happen
for real between her legs as they tensed and relaxed, tensed and relaxed.
Jenna gasp as she felt Beth's hand tug gently at her hardened nipple. She
could almost feel Beth's mouth work it's way down her shoulder and
then..."huh!" she gasp as Beth's lips surrounded her swollen nipple and
sucked it in.
Jenna could feel her arousal building as she slept and dreamt. The whole
dream felt so real, her body was covered in goose bumps and her vagina
twitched with every imaginary suck from Beth's mouth.
Jenna rolled onto her back and her arms flopped above her head and she
spread her legs to try and cool her heated flesh. She could feel Beth's
shadowy figure pressing against her, sucking her breast, fondling her,
stroking her. Jenna was breathing hard as her dream developed.
Her vision was so vivid she could almost feel the weight of Beth as Beth
mounted her. Lying chest-to-chest under the itchy blanket on a lumpy
jailhouse mattress was a dream come true for Jenna. The sensation she
received from the feel of Beth's perky nipples rubbing against her own was
positively incredible!
Jenna sighed deeply as her dream progressed. Her pussy heated up as Beth
ground her mound into Jenna's. She squirmed under the pressure being
applied by Beth and felt her own hips begin to thrust in response. Jenna's
hands took hold of the metal-framed headboard and squeezed as she pumped
her hips against the imaginary figure of Beth lying on top of her. Jenna's
wetness was spilling out from between her swollen labia lips and leaking
onto her thighs. The feeling of Beth's pubic hair grinding into her own was
sending her over the edge.
Then suddenly...Beth was gone. Jenna kept writhing even though the pressure
from Beth's body weight had left her. She still felt the effects of a
pending orgasm and her need to cum. The dream had a seemingly disappointing
ending. Jenna stopped wiggly as her arousal subsided.
Jenna yearned for the feel of Beth and drifted into a deeper sl**p. Once
again she imagined the warmth of Beth's heated flesh as she slipped under
the covers beside her and caused an immediate spurt of arousal. Jenna
grinned again as she envisioned Beth touching her, stroking her, kissing
her. She felt her body begin to squirm as her perception of the events
began to take life. The heat of the moment caused Jenna to begin breathing
deeply and her heart to beat faster.
Deep down, she wanted Beth to fuck her in her dream. Jenna felt her creamy
thighs squish together, lubricated by her own wetness. As she clung to the
metal bars above her head, Jenna imagined Beth sit on her and rub her
breasts. She exhaled as Beth's expert touch milked her ample breasts and
tugged on her hardened nipples. With each f***eful massage that ended with
a sharp pull on her nipples, Jenna's pussy secreted more love juice. There
was no doubt about it; she was building toward an orgasm in her mind.
Finally, Jenna sensed the feeling she had yearned for...that familiar
pressure on her labia lips indicating Beth's intent to enter her. Jenna
wiggled as she spread her legs opening herself up to Beth's
intrusion. Jenna was so hot she could barely stand it. At first there were
a few short brushes up and down across her pussy lips as she pictured Beth
rubbing the head of her massive dildo across her soaked opening to
lubricate it. She gasped and squeezed the metal bars above her head when
she felt the head line up with her waiting cavity and begin to enter.
Jenna wanted to scream in her mind as the large black cock pressed against
her pussy opening and stretched it beyond its previous limit. She could
feel her labia lips crush under the extreme pressure and her head flopped
from side-to-side as she imagined with vivid detail the immense pain the
phallic would induce.
Jenna arched her back hard and her mouth flew open as she choked for air
when she felt the rubber dickhead thump past her tight opening. Jenna
forcibly sucked in air whenever she felt Beth ram the dildo deeper and
deeper, stretching her like never before.
The dream was so real, so vivid, so detailed she could even feel Beth's
hips touch hers and she knew that Beth had pushed the entire length of the
nine inch cock inside her. It felt like her insides were filled to the
brim. She bit her lower lip as Beth withdrew a little and pushed back
in. Jenna was more than lubricated and the latex dong slid in and out
As Beth began to fuck Jenna with repeated strokes in her tender pussy,
Jenna wrapped her legs around the figment's legs and pulled her in
tightly. Jenna imagined that Beth supported her self by her hands placed
just above Jenna's shoulders. She could see Beth's breasts wobbling
whenever her stomach tightened for each thrust.
"Oh my God," Jenna dreamed, "I'm being fucked by Beth in a jail cell!" She
was so excited by the idea she started humping back like crazy. She could
feel the big sex toy plunging in and out of her pussy at a tremendous rate
and her body was overheating. She wanted to cum it felt so good.
Jenna began to pant, "ugh...ugh...ugh," as she was brought closer and
closer to orgasm. Her pussy was generating lubrication like mad and she
felt it leaking on her thighs and ass. Her dream was so real she could feel
her body slammed into the lumpy mattress as Beth's ramming rocked her.
Her swollen clit had pushed free of its sheath and every time Beth
penetrated her to the fullest it felt like she crushed Jenna's clit, which
sent copious amounts of fluid into her abused loin. Jenna was cumming and
there was no stopping her. She needed to touch her clit just once to get
herself off.
Jenna released the bedpost above her and reached down to touch
herself. She...she...needed to touch...herself...just once...
When Jenna felt her fingernail get pinched she retracted her hand
immediately as a painful electric shock resonated up her arm and her eyes
flew open. "OH!" Jenna gasped, "ugh...ugh...ugh...ugh!" Jenna panted as her
dream turned to reality.
Without thinking and in a groggy dream-like state Jenna re-grasp the bed
frame above her head. She re-closed her eyes as the punishing intrusions
continued at a relentless pace. Beth, in the jail cell, WAS fucking
her. Jenna felt drops of sweat splash on her face and chest as Beth worked
up a sweat. Beth WAS kneeling over her and pounded her pussy with that big
dildo. It wasn't a dream after all!
Jenna tried to clear her mind and hang on at the same time. Her body was
being lifted and jammed repeatedly and she DID have her legs wrapped around
As the reality of the situation manifested itself, Jenna couldn't stop the
arousal. Her body WAS overheated to the point of orgasm, she DID have her
legs wrapped around Beth, she WAS grabbing the bed frame and she WAS
humping Beth back!
Jenna was overwhelmed by it all. It still felt like a dream. There was no
way this could really be happening. She simply shouldn't be dreaming about
things like this. She was a perfectly normal 22 year-old heterosexual
female who liked men and should be appalled by the idea of being fucked by
a woman! But here she was in exactly that situation and she was ENJOYING
"Ugh...ugh...ugh...ugh," Jenna panted in unison with each deep thrust. The
sounds of which added to the fervor at which her orgasm was coming. At this
moment she didn't care what her sexual preference was, she was cumming and
there was no denying it. She just couldn't take it anymore. The liquid
pressure inside her had reached the point of no return and with a loud
groan, "A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H!!" Jenna released a fountain
of girl cum. She kept humping the massive dildo allowing it to plunge
deeper and deeper into her saturated pussy. Jenna kept it up and came
again. She couldn't help it her greedy body just overreacted. She knew she
was being abused but the sensations were just too overwhelming and nature
took over.
Over and over the thrusting continued, Beth was enjoying the moment and she
came herself without even being touched. Her sweaty heated flesh was
burning with arousal as she fucked her new roomie in the middle of the
night. She took great pride and pleasure in the fact that she made her new
roomie have multiple orgasms. She had taken this normal heterosexual young
woman and turned her. Now Jenna was a lesbian!
Early the next morning Jenna was released from her night in jail. Tears
filled her eyes as she hugged Beth for what was probably the last
time. Their hands parted as the jailor led her away from the cell and down
the long cold corridor toward out-processing. Jenna sniveled as she made
her way past the other cat-calling cellmates and her bare feet sent shivers
up her spine as the cold concrete floor slowly slipped passed.
Jenna couldn't help but think of the prior nights events and how everything
transpired. Confusion reined as she struggled with the whole idea of being
a lesbian. Was she? Was she really gay? What did it mean? She knew there
was no denying what had happened to her in the cell, how Beth and the HUGE
strap-on dildo viscously ****d her. But the confusing part was how she felt
about it. I mean she actually started liking it, didn't she? How many times
did she cum anyway? Wasn't that a sure indication of pure enjoyment? Would
she have cum like that if she DIDN'T like it?
Perhaps the whole "pleasure" thing was some strange by-product of traumatic
stress syndrome or something. Surely her ordeal must have been traumatic,
right? I mean she was ****d and all.
"Yes," she thought to herself as she dressed in her street clothes, "that
must be it. PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder." Jenna's spirits began
to perk up when she convinced herself that she really WASN'T a lesbian, but
just a poor unfortunate victim of ****.
Waiting outside was s****r Ann. She gathered the rather distraught looking
teacher in her arms and guided her to a car parked out front. Together they
drove back to the school in utter silence, each one deep in their own
As the wonderful old brick school came into view, Jenna sighed a kind of
relief. Returning to the school was almost a comfort. The tree lined drive
rolled past as s****r Ann parked in her spot out front. The smell of fresh
pine wafted past her nose as she exited the car and started walking toward
the front door.
Suddenly a shiver of real fear shot up her spine when she saw a familiar
face peering at her from inside a classroom. It was Trisha! Jenna quickly
looked away from the glaring eyes and checked her appearance to make sure
wasn't exposing any part of her body. The mere thought that this young
teenager might see any of her flesh made Jenna feel faint. For she knew
that the evil little teen would find a way to humiliate her and cause her
Quickly Jenna shuffled inside and out of sight. She said thanks to s****r
Ann for picking her up and scurried off to her classroom. Before she even
had a chance to catch her breath, the bell rang signaling the change of
classes. Bustling students jammed the hallway outside and she jumped when
her door flew open. Stunned, Jenna looked up to see who was coming into her
room since she wasn't scheduled for class for another period. An audible
gasp escaped her lips when she saw none other than Trisha, Bic and Barb.
"W-what are you three doing here? D-don't you have a c-class to attend?"
she stammered nervously, bl**d quickly sinking to her feet causing her to
feel light-headed.
"Yeah, we do bitch, but what are you going to do about it," sharply
retorted Trisha who was rapidly closing the distance between them.
Jenna stepped back at the aggressive movement and crossed her arms. She
tried to look like she was taking control, but was actually trying to cover
The three girls saw right through the teacher's veiled efforts to look
'powerful' and surrounded the frightened instructor.
Jenna held her breath and could feel her heart begin to race. She knew
these girls were up to no good and couldn't imagine what they wanted. Her
eyes flicked from one returning glare to another as she mentally pleaded
with them to leave her alone. Just as she was about to ask what they wanted
she backed into her desk with her butt and felt the cold tabletop on her
bare ass. Jenna felt her knees get weak when the reality that she was
panty-less hit her. She felt helpless and naked as she leaned back on the
desk as the three girls pressed in. Trisha was right in front of her and
Jenna watched in fearful wonder as the young teen stared straight in her
eyes while she pawed through her purse that she clutched near her
chest. Jenna knew the youngster had found what she was searching for when
she saw the teen's eyes widen a bit and an evil smirk pierce her lips.
Jenna broke her gaze with her young tormentor to look at what Trisha was
pulling from her bag. To her amazement, it was a razor. Puzzled and
confused, Jenna clutched at the desk creasing her buttocks.
"Know what this is for, teach?" queried a smirking Trisha.
"N-no," shakily replied an honestly confused Jenna.
"I want you to shave, NOW!" ordered Trisha.
"S-shave?" stammered a bumbling Jenna.
"Your pussy, teach! I want you to shave that pussy of yours right NOW!"
ordered a now irritated Trisha at the teacher's ignorance.
Jenna almost passed out. Her light-headedness almost got the best of
her. "Was this girl serious?" she asked herself in total disbelief. "Why
would I do such a thing?" she asked herself again. She could see the
excitement on the girl's faces as they waited in heated anticipation. She
sensed from their reaction and body language that they fully expected her
to shave her own pussy, right there in her own classroom and in front of
Jenna's back stiffened as she summoned the courage to say, "No. I will not
shave myself. What are you crazy?"
"Fine. Have it your way then, teach," sighed a resigned Trisha, "I guess
I'll just have to report that you ****d me in the hallway," she continued
with a shrug.
Jenna felt instantly flush as the girls looked down in unison and slowly
turned as if to walk away. "N-NO! Wait," Jenna said as the trio had just
turned their backs on her. Jenna's mind was flooded with crazy
thoughts. Consequences for her various reactions to her predicament raced
through her brain with reckless abandon. If she didn't do what they asked
she'd be fired for sure. But if she DID do what they asked then she'd have
to humiliate herself in front of them.
The three girls paused their departure and stopped in their tracks. None of
them turned around but instead they held their collective breath hoping to
hear those important words that finally came: "Okay, I'll do it."
The three smiling teens turned around and faced the young teacher as Trisha
handed her the razor. "Strip first," ordered Trisha as Bic and Barb eagerly
nodded their approval.
"B-but someone could look in and see me," Jenna whimpered as she pointed to
the clear glass pain in the door.
Jenna gasped when Trisha, who said "Fine," snatched the razor from her
hand. "We're outa here."
Quickly, Jenna grabbed at the razor held loosely in Trisha's hand and
pleaded, "Okay, okay, I'll do it. Just please don't leave." She couldn't
believe she was now pleading with the three blackmailers to stay while she
shaved herself, but what choice did she have?
Jenna knew she had no choice but to comply so the quicker she got this over
with, the better. Without unbuttoning her blouse she peeled it over her
head. Her bra-less breasts wobbled as the material sc****d by them. She
felt her nipples harden as the cool room air caused her skin to
tighten. Feeling the eyes of the three teens boring in on her exposed flesh
caused an instant rush of wetness to fill her pussy. Jenna closed her eyes
briefly as she tried to fight the sudden urge.
Without further thought she pulled her skirt down and shimmied it to her
knees before letting it drop to the floor around her ankles. She couldn't
believe she was standing naked in front these three young teenage girls!
Jenna wanted to run and she wanted to cry, but...there was also something
else she was feeling, something that seemed to be emanating from her own
loin. It was like tingly little butterflies that danced in her stomach and
tickled her inner self.
Jenna leaned back against the cold table and bent forward, pushing her hips
and pelvic bone to the front. The three tiny teens stared at the young
teachers pussy and watched her place the slightly trembling razor to the
top of her pubic area. Bic and Barb leaned in on Trisha as the three stood
arm-in-arm as if huddled against the cold. Their eyes were glued to Jenna's
balding pussy as the teacher stroked gently, swipe after swipe.
The three teens had shifted to Jenna's right in a position that enabled
them to watch the helpless teacher AND the door. Trisha was the first to
notice two 7th graders pass down the hall, obviously with a hall pass to
use the restroom, as they glanced in and saw the naked teacher. Trisha
watched as the two girls grabbed each other and silently slide to each side
of the door for a better view. A single eyeball was all that was visible as
the girls watched the young teacher shave her pussy as Trisha and her two
friends watched.
One of the seventh graders quietly slipped out of sight only to return
moments later with two more classmates. Soon the four young teens were
pushing for position outside the door.
Jenna was oblivious to the girls jockeying for position, as she was totally
focused on not cutting herself. With each painful stroke of the razor, tiny
chunks of pubic hair fell silently to the floor at her feet. Tears began to
fill Jenna's eyes as she watched in horror as her beautiful lightly haired
pussy became balder and balder. She used her left hand to push down on her
lower abdomen and she spread her knees a little more, to the delight of the
small crowd that now watched the humiliating spectacle.
As the last few clumps of hair were removed from the sides of her labia,
Jenna began to relax and straighten. She looked up at Trisha with pleading
eyes that begged to be released from her captive environment.
But to her shock, Trisha said, "Masturbate yourself."
Jenna could tell Trisha and the other girls were sexually charged and
wanted more. The dryness of Trisha's voice and the dank smell of musty
pussy that filled the room were becoming intoxicating. Jenna didn't know
what to do. She'd never really masturbated herself before, certainly not in
public. Her icy hands trembled and her eyes pleaded with the three teens as
she blubbered, "I d-don't know how."
The three girls started giggling and clutching at each other as if to keep
from falling over. Jenna's left arm tried to cover her breasts and she
naturally started to close up. Hearing the laughter from three teenage
girls who obviously knew more about masturbating than she did was
embarrassing. She felt sick to her stomach and wanted to vomit.
Trisha stopped giggling long enough to say, "Grab your cunt and squeeze it,
Reluctantly, Jenna did as she was told. With her right hand she cupped her
own pussy and squeezed. Instantly, bl**d began to flow to the area. A
strange feeling started. She squeezed her pussy a second time and then a
third. With each squeeze, more and more bl**d rushed to the affected area
and she could feel her labia begin to swell. Strange sensations were
beginning to fill her mind also. What she was doing was sick and
disgusting, but it was having a strange effect on her. Her whole body was
beginning to tingle and she felt a growing wetness inside her pussy. Almost
naturally her middle finger split her two labia and entered her soaking
canal. A rush of pure pleasure shot through her as her finger brushed
against her swelling clit.
Jenna's head flicked back and she gasp a deep gasp. Her eyes slowly closed
as she slowly exhaled through pierced lips. Instinctively she began to rub
her nipples with her left hand, while her middle finger slid back and forth
in the sloppy slit. Jenna's breathing shallowed and quickened as the
sensations continued to build. She was forgetting where she was and what
she doing. She was becoming lost in the moment and she didn't care that she
was the center of attention for two small groups of young teens.
Both groups of girls watched in shear amazement as their teacher stood
before them naked, pressed against a desk fingering herself. No one was
uttering a word. The heat of the moment was almost too much.
Trisha panted and choked air as she watched the power she had unfold. Just
the thought of having this much control over another human was
intoxicating. She had just ordered a teacher in her school to strip, shave
her own pussy and now masturbate in front of her and her friends. And she
"Tell us you're a whore, teach," Trisha commanded. "Say it!"
Jenna, slowly but surely progressing on the path toward orgasm barely heard
the words, but she managed to mutter them anyway, "I'm a whore, I'm a
whore." Her middle finger was stroking her clit as her index and ring
fingers held her labia apart. She rocked her hand forward and back across
her clit and then inserted two fingers. Her gash was a sopping wet mess.
"Suck your fingers, slut, and tell us you like it!" Trisha demanded.
Jenna's mind was a cloudy fog and she barely knew where she
was. Instinctively at the sound of Trisha's voice, she obeyed. Jenna sucked
on her first two fingers and for the first time, tasted her own juices on
herself. The musty smell and tangy taste was exhilarating and she nearly
came. She mumbled, "I'm a slut and I taste good. M-m-m-m-m-m-mph, m-m-m-m,
I'm a slut," she repeated as she withdrew her cleaned fingers before
automatically reinserting them into her waiting snatch without being told.
"Stick your finger in your ass, slut. Finger your asshole." Trisha
As if on autopilot, Jenna used her middle left finger to reach behind
herself and press it into her anus. The additional sensation was almost too
much. She furiously pumped her right in her cunt while gently fingering her
ass with her left.
Trisha sensed the teacher was reaching climax, but she wanted to humiliate
her just a bit more before she did. "Suck your ass finger clean, you
Without breaking the rhythm with her right hand, Jenna removed her left
finger and pushed it between her lips. Her tongue eagerly danced around the
filthy digit, cleaning and removing all the soil. The tart bitter tanginess
combined with the musty smell of her own ass and pussy juice sent the young
teacher over the edge.
Her pussy exploded into a violent climax and soaked her hand with more
slippery cunt juice. Jenna continued to rub and squeeze her pussy for what
seemed like several minutes, while the spasms coursed through her entire
Finally, mercifully, her body began to relax and her mind came into
focus. As the clouds of confusion and climax lifted, Jenna slowly opened
her eyes. Her right hand still gently squeezing her pulsating pussy, Jenna
eventually began to take in her surroundings. A full class of neatly
dressed 8th grade girls sat quietly and orderly in tidy rows in front of
her. Smiling faces and tiny hands uniformly clasp in front of each adoring
c***d as they watched their teacher regain her composure.
Jenna's heart nearly stopped when she finally realized that the bell had
rung to begin her class and her room had quietly filled with young teenage
girls while she brought herself to orgasm.
Shocked. Humiliated. Degraded. Publicly exposed. Jenna was a total
wreck. The petite 22 year old didn't know what to do. She stared at herself
in the restroom mirror. Her face looked older somehow. Her eyes had deep
darkish bags under them from lack of sl**p and stress. Her hair was mussed
and lacked its usual shape and luster. Her blouse and skirt looked shabby
and tattered. Her mind was awash with uncertainty and despair.
What was happening to her? She turned on the faucet and cupped some cool
water in her hands and splashed it on her face and neck. She rubbed her
eyes and tried to clear her mind.
Ever since her arrival at the St. Monica's School for Girls, Jenna had one
strange encounter after the other. She'd had numerous orgasms at the hands
of young teens. A janitor and a prisoner from the local jail had ****d
her. She'd exposed her body to so many people she couldn't remember how
many. She'd allowed people to touch her in ways she'd never imagined
Why was all this happening to her? What had she done wrong? How did she
keep letting these things happen? She was "letting" it happen, too, wasn't
she? Jenna's mind reeled. She felt dizzy. The continuous buzz of unanswered
questions spun around in her mind and made her feel sick.
Jenna wanted to vomit when she remembered her latest predicament. She
stepped back from the sink and lifted her skirt and stared at her pussy. It
was true. She had indeed shaved herself in front of those three horrible
blackmailers led by Trisha. Worse yet, her ENTIRE class had seen her
nakedness AND her latest orgasm. Even worse than that was that she'd given
HERSELF the orgasm! "Oh no," she sighed breathlessly, "I'm gonna be fired."
Jenna's heart sank at the idea of confronting s****r Ann. She knew she was
screwed. Damn that Trisha!! If she didn't hold such a trump card over her,
she'd get that k** and pummel her. Jenna felt a building rage inside her as
her fists tightened at her sides. She was angry. Angry that that little
shit had made her...had made her...shave her pussy and masturbate!! "Oh
gawd," she groaned, an emptiness entering the pit of her stomach.
Consumed in her own thoughts of self-pity and worthlessness, Jenna didn't
hear the restroom door open. Three shadowy figures quietly slipped in.
Leaning forward on the sink and staring at herself in the mirror, Jenna
suddenly felt as though she was being watched. The tiny hairs on the back
of her neck raised and sent a shiver down her spine. Now gripped with a
sudden fear, Jenna froze. Almost afraid to look around, she just
listened. Her ears strained to pick up the slightest noise. But all she
could hear was the methodical thumping of her heartbeat as it quickened and
Then she heard it. The slightest scuff of a shoe as it lightly sc****d
along the floor. Jenna gasped and held her breath. She wasn't alone! Her
grip tightened on the sides of the sink and her eyes flicked from
side-to-side as she tried to locate the intruder. Motionless she stood, the
uncertainty killing her.
Jenna spun around and pressed herself against the sink. She grabbed the
sink with both hands at her waist and pulled her buttocks tightly against
it. She held her breath, panicked and fearful and she scanned the restroom.
>From behind the last stall wall closest to the door appeared TRISHA!!
Jenna's heart raced and she wanted to run! But to where! Trisha stood
between her and the door! Jenna couldn't breathe. Her heart felt like it
was going to leap out of her chest! She clutched so tightly on the sink her
knuckles turned white. Shear panic gripped the young teacher and she feared
for her safety.
Her worst nightmare got even worse when Bic and Barb soon flanked their
partner in crime. The three aggressive looking teens stood shoulder to
shoulder with hands on their hips. Silent. Glaring.
Jenna didn't know what to do. She didn't know where to go. She didn't know
what to say. Her mind was blank and she was frozen and couldn't move. Her
legs felt like tree trunks deeply rooted in the ground. She felt anchored
to the sink.
Seconds passed. The standoff continued for what felt like ages. Jenna
didn't know what to do. When the three girls didn't move or speak, it gave
Jenna enough time to summon the courage to ask, "W-what do you w-want?"
The sheepish way she asked the question made Jenna mad. She was already
cowering to these hoodlums and she was sure they'd pick up on her fear. She
blinked to try and clear her mind, her body still stiff and immovable.
Trisha's facial expression soured at the teacher's question. "How dare you
speak to me without getting permission first!" she fired back at the young
teacher. "You will ONLY speak to me when I give you permission to speak. Is
that clear?!"
Jenna looked down at the ground. She wanted to protest, but she was afraid
to. Besides, this girl held all the cards. Whatever she wanted, Jenna knew
she'd have to comply. Her heart sank as the reality settled in. Her
shoulders slumped forward as she meekly nodded her head 'yes'.
"What did you say?" f***efully inquired a suddenly heated Trisha. She
instantly felt like jumping with joy at her conquest, but she knew she had
to maintain control of her emotions to further her power and control. "I
didn't hear your answer, teach. IS THAT CLEAR?"
Jenna, shamed, helpless, afraid and humiliated muttered a barely audible,
"Yes, I understand."
"Good then," Trisha purred as she moved closer to the beaten teacher, until
she stood directly in front of her.
Jenna felt the icy grip of the teen's tiny hand grasp her chin and jerk her
face upward until she was staring eye to eye with Trisha. Jenna still held
onto the sink and pressed even closer on it, hoping, praying she could
somehow disappear.
"On your knees, whore," Trisha growled as her hand slipped behind the
teachers head to grab a handful of hair.
Jenna reluctantly relaxed her knees and slowly began to kneel.
"From now on, teach, when I enter a room you will kneel for me on BOTH
knees, understand?" pronounced the self-promoted Princess Trisha. "You will
demonstrate to the world that you are mine now, understand? You will pay
homage to me and show me respect," Trisha stated flatly with a quick jerk
of Jenna's hair, "or there will be Hell to pay! Understand teach?"
Jenna winced at the repeated tugs on her hair, but weakly replied, "Please
Trisha, PLEASE! I can't do that, not in school! What will people say?
Please don't make me do that, PLEASE?!" Jenna felt empty inside. She
pictured herself kneeling in her own classroom as Trisha entered. She
wondered what the other k**s would think and how they would react. What
would they think she was doing? And what about the other teachers? And
"Shut up, whore!" Trisha shouted. "Stop your blubbering! You WILL kneel
when I enter a room is that CLEAR!"
Tears filled her eyes and Jenna wanted to break down and cry. Her world was
over. She was submitting to this awful teenager. She was giving her control
over her. How could she do that? How could she just let this 15 year old
run her life like that?
But what choice did she have? Jenna knew the little shit would make up a
lie and say she ****d her. And she knew that Trisha had successfully done
things to her in front of other classmates who were now witnesses to her
acts of depravity. What else could she do? Things were beyond just a 'job'
now. We're talking jail time. Jenna's stomach heaved as the reality of her
plight sank in. She choked on air as she tried to breathe. Meekly she
offered, "Y-yes Trisha. I understand."
"Let's see what kind of shave job you did down there, teach," Trisha said
as she pawed at the top button of her blouse.
"Yeah, let's see," chimed Bic and Barb in unison.
"Why does she need to take off my blouse to see my shave job?" a naive
Jenna asked herself. "No, please, not here, PLEASE Trisha, PLEASE!!" begged
Button by button came undone until Trisha had opened the teachers blouse
completely. Bic and Barb pulled the rumpled blouse off her shoulders and
tossed it on the floor behind them.
Jenna was scared. The sudden coldness made her skin ripple with goose
bumps, which hardened her nipples.
"Place your hands on your head, teach," ordered a now satisfied Trisha.
"Yeah, on your head," repeated Barb.
Jenna pleaded with the trio to not make her do this, "Please Trisha, please
don't do this. Someone might come in." Reluctantly, Jenna placed her hands
on her head. Her breasts lifted in response and pushed her puffy pink
aureoles forward. She closed her eyes. She couldn't bear to see their
The three girls smiled devilish smiles as they watched the teacher submit
to Trisha's every request.
Trisha then stepped out of her shoe and inserted her toe into the waistband
of Jenna's skirt.
Jenna's stomach tightened as the girl's clammy toe came in contact with her
skin, just below her bellybutton. She felt the girl press down on her skirt
and watched her lean back and stare at her crotch. Jenna could tell she was
trying to get a glimpse of her freshly shaven cunt, but the skirt was
binding above her ass and wasn't about to go low enough in front. "Please,
Trisha, please," whispered a nervous Jenna.
Frustrated that the skirt wasn't able to slide down the way she'd hoped,
Trisha grit her teeth and stepped down hard on the waistband snapping the
clasp and breaking the zipper. The skirt dropped to Jenna's knees under the
f***e of Trisha's foot.
Jenna gasp, "oh," when she felt the material release.
Trisha took her toe and slowly ran it along the inside of Jenna's
thigh. She could see Jenna's stomach convulse involuntarily at the unwanted
stimulation and she knew the effect it would have on the tiny teacher. She
tapped the bald pussy with the top of her foot a couple times before
running her big toe along the moistening slit. Trisha watched Jenna's eyes
close and jaw clench. She knew the teacher was becoming aroused at her
touch and was trying mightily to avoid the sensations.
Jenna's eyes popped open suddenly when she was ripped back to reality after
she felt a sharp sting on her left breast. Trisha had just slapped her tit!
"We're not here for your pleasure, whore," Trisha shouted as her hand swept
off to her left, "we're here for mine!"
With that, Bic and Barb each grabbed one of Jenna's elbows and bowed her
back, seriously arching her back. Jenna gasp in response and held her
breath. She watched in fear as Trisha reached under her skirt and pulled
her panties to her knees.
Trisha stepped forward holding her skirt against her stomach until her
pussy was directly over Jenna's face. Jenna winced as Trisha reached down
with both hands and grabbed the young teachers hair right behind her ears.
"Eat me, whore!" Trisha commanded with a sharp jerk on her head that f***ed
Jenna's face against her pussy.
Jenna wanted to close her mouth, but pleaded instead, "No. Trisha, please!
I beg you, don't make me do this again!" Jenna was having horrible
flashbacks of the last time Trisha did this to her in the hallway. But the
girls simply had her stretched too far backward. Young Trisha's pussy
smashed against her lips and tongue. The taste and smell of young teenage
pussy enveloped her. Trisha ground her pussy on Jenna's face and started a
methodical rub.
Jenna's nose and mouth were becoming coated with sticky girl juice from the
overheated youngster. Trisha's tiny pussy was flowing like a leaky faucet
and Jenna could hear her start to pant. Jenna was finding it difficult to
breathe at times and rocked her own head to eke out tiny air passages. This
only served to excite the teenage gangster even further and heighten her
impending climax.
The grinding continued for minutes. Jenna's face began to hurt under the
continuous pressure. Through it all, something strange was happening to
her. Something about the taste and smell was doing something to her. Her
tongue darted in and out of the soft teenage flesh and -
Jenna slowly felt her resistance begin to wane. No longer was she
struggling for air, but rather she was struggling for - position. When she
felt Bic and Barb lessen the pressure on her arms, she seized the
opportunity and grabbed Trisha by the hips. Her thumbs squeezed deeply into
Trisha's flesh and pressed against her hipbones while her fingers crushed
into her skin. Jenna pulled hard against the grinding teen. She lapped at
the youthful cunt like a dog to butter.
Bic and Barb stared in amazement as the teacher WILLINGLY licked their
friends' pussy.
Trisha, lost in the pleasure of the moment hadn't even released her grip on
the teachers' hair, but continued to hump her face relentlessly. Trisha's
stomach tightened as the throws of a major orgasm were thrust upon her. She
groaned a deep guttural groan, "A-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-h-h!" as her loin convulsed
with love juice.
Jenna licked and lapped the gooey girl cum like a ravenous a****l. She
sucked on the tiny pussy and tugged on her clit. She stroked each labium
with long gentle strokes of her tongue as the pumping hips slowed to a mild
Trisha let go of the young teachers hair and seductively ran her hands up
her own body and into her hair as she shivered with ecstatic pleasure. She
let out a long sigh before stepping back, satisfied.
"Now do them too, whore," Trisha said in a groggy voice.
Awash in a surreal world of pleasure and humiliation, Jenna turned to Barb
first. Almost as if she were a robot, Jenna lifted the green plaid skirt
and tugged at her panties. She pushed the waistband down to the girls'
knees and proceeded to gently kiss Barb's pussy.
As if on her first date and engaging in her first kiss with a boy, Jenna
held Barb's hips and kissed her pussy. Gently at first, with just light
pecks, until the erotic smell of an aroused teenage girl wafted under her
nose, Jenna kissed the tiny pussy. Extending her tongue she licked the
outside of each swelling labia several times. Moisture was clearly
evident. Jenna tilted her head to the side and pushed her tongue into the
soft fleshy passage as if French kissing a boy.
Soft moans of passion emanated from Jenna as she made love to the teenage
pussy in front of her. With growing passion and a****l instincts, Jenna
began to up the tempo. She licked and sucked on the teenager's labium and
clit. She loved the involuntary thrust she would feel whenever she dragged
her coarse tongue across the tiny sensitive clit.
It was all Jenna could do to hold onto Barb's hips as the teen humped her
way to a delightful orgasm.
Jenna impulsively repeated the same process for Bic. When all three girls
were satisfied, Jenna was too. Strange as it was, she did feel a weird
sense of satisfaction. She wasn't even sure where it came from, but it was
definitely real.
Kneeling back on her haunches, Jenna awaited her next command.
"You did fairly well today, teach," admitted a pleasured Trisha. "Don't
think your little act here today will absolve you of any further
duties. Because you are mine now, understand teach? MINE. In fact, I want
you to address me as Ms. Trisha, from now on. Got it whore?"
With that, Bic took Jenna's blouse and tossed it into a toilet and the
three girls left the kneeling, topless teacher.
Even Trisha was having a hard time believing how much control she was
having over her teacher. The teenager spent nearly every waking hour when
she was not in school, masturbating to thoughts of how she could further
degrade and humiliate the young Ms. Tarp. Her own mom was beginning to
worry about her because she'd run upstairs to her room after school and
never be seen from again, or so it seemed.
When her mom inquired about what she was doing in her room all that time,
Trisha always told her "homework". "Yeah," she chuckled to herself as
leaned against her headboard, "I'm doing homework alright." A devious smile
crossed her lips as two fingers massaged her slippery cunt. She was
determined to come up with a whole list of ways to humiliate her teacher
and demonstrate her total control. As she lay there playing with her pussy
she pondered the thought.
"Hmmm, what can I do next," she hummed as she inserted a finger. "I think
she needs to look more like the slut she is," Trisha mused to herself as
her pussy surged with fresh juice as a wonderful idea entered her
brain. "YES!" she said aloud, "that's it!" She masturbated herself to a
glorious orgasm before drifting off to a blissful sl**p.
The next morning at school she went in search of Ms. Tarp. Quickly joined
by her two friends, Trisha marched through the hallways in search of the
tiny teacher. Armed with her very select items, her anticipation was
getting the better of her. She could feel her pussy juice start to dribble
from her cunt. She almost felt tunnel vision as her heart rate
increased. This was going to be GREAT!
Like gangsters on a mission, they pushed open door after door in search of
their victim. Bic yelled out, "There she is!" when she saw the petite
teacher duck into a nearby restroom. The three scampered down the hall and
burst into the restroom. At first it appeared empty as the three ruffians
entered but they all knew better.
Barb taunted Jenna by singing, "Ms. Tarp, come out, come out wherever you
Jenna huddled in a stall, her feet pulled up in a fetal position on the
toilet. She'd hoped the three girls hadn't seen her slip in there but she
was wrong. She squeezed her legs tightly and whimpered quietly. Deep down
she knew it was only a matter of time before they found her. She had
nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. She was defenseless against their daily
assaults. Her heart beat so loudly she thought it might give her away.
Jenna flinched when the stall door next to hers slammed open. She wanted to
burst into tears. The fear was paralyzing. Tiny beads of sweat formed on
her neck as squeezed her knees tighter to her chest and closed her
eyes. She knew her stall was next.
"Hello down there," came a familiar sounding voice from above. Trisha was
standing on the toilet in the next stall and was looking down on the
frightened teacher. "You aren't hiding are you, teach?" Trisha snickered
before getting serious, "I want you NOW! So come out, okay?"
Jenna was petrified. She didn't know what to say.
"Why don't you be a good little girl and open the door okay? I have a
surprise for you my little slut," teased Trisha.
Jenna feared statements like that most of all. Any surprise this k** had
for her had to be bad. "Please! Won't you please just leave me alone?
Please, Ms. Trisha, please just leave me alone!" Jenna pleaded.
Trisha gushed at being called 'Ms. Trisha' by her teacher. "Open the door
little girl or I'll crawl over the top and we'll have a repeat of
yesterday" warned Trisha.
Those words sent a bolt of fear through Jenna and without looking up at
her, she briskly stepped down off the toilet and reluctantly opened the
door. Bic grabbed her arm and yanked her out.
Trisha f***efully grabbed the smaller teachers jaw and pushed her back
against the wall. Jenna winced and squeezed her eyes shut expecting to be
hit. She pressed her hands against the cold tile wall hoping she could just
sink inside and disappear.
"You're a slut, aren't you, teach?" sneered Trisha. "Say it. Tell us you're
a slut!"
Jenna leaned against the wall with all her might. She wasn't a slut and she
hated the word. She hated being told to say the word, but this girl, this
evil little girl kept making her say it. All Jenna wanted was for this
torment to stop. "Please, Ms. Trisha, please don't make me do things like
this, PLEASE. Why are you doing this to me? What have I ever done to you?"
she pleaded.
Jenna's pleas fell on deaf ears. Trisha didn't care. "Just SAY IT! Tell us
you're a SLUT!" she insisted as she squeezed a little tighter on Jenna's
"I-I'm a slut!" blubbered a distraught Jenna.
"Yes you are," cooed a satisfied Trisha, "but you don't LOOK like a
slut. Does she girls?"
"No, not at all," agreed the two cohorts in unison.
Jenna wondered why the three girls were being so nice all of a sudden. They
just paid her a wonderful compliment, the first of its kind. She opened her
eyes and looked at the three young teens, her jaw still firmly in Trisha's
"Maybe we can help her with that, girls," offered a helpful sounding
Bic piped up, "I'm sure we can."
"Yes, oh yes, I'm SURE we can," agreed Barb enthusiastically.
"Well then, we're agreed," surmised Trisha. "Let's get started then."
Trisha released the thin-framed teacher and started rummaging through her
bag. Small items clanked on the counter top as the bags contents were
emptied. Lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, lip-gloss, rouge, makeup
and other assorted things were spread out. A couple of neatly folded items
were placed up there too.
"Now hold still and don't move slut," ordered a more serious Trisha.
The three girls started applying makeup to the petite teachers face. Jenna
didn't move as the girl's applied thick coats of heavy mascara and
eyeliner. Receding shades of blue eye shadow crept to her eyebrows, which
had been plucked into thin lines. Her lips were coated with a deep red
lipstick to match the rouge that covered her cheeks.
Jenna watched the methodical transformation in the mirror. She looked more
and more slutty with each new addition. No more did she look like a
schoolteacher. Now she looked like a hooker.
When the girls were finished Trisha pointed to the neat little stack of
folded clothes and said, "here, put these on, teach."
Jenna kept staring at her face in the mirror as she picked up the
clothes. She closely examined the job they did and was actually impressed
by the detail. In no way was she accepting that she looked okay, it's just
that the job they did was pretty good.
Jenna shook out the two items and stared at them. Her heart sank as fear
gripped her. There was no way she could where them. NO WAY! One item was a
tiny shear white top with short sleeves that was so shear it wouldn't even
conceal her breasts and the other...the other was a small stretchy tube
that was no more than SIX INCHES WIDE! "Is that a SKIRT?" her mind
"I-I can't w-wear these, Ms. Trisha! I'll be fired on the spot," Jenna
Trisha grabbed the teacher's hair and shook her head, "I said put them on!
I'm not going to repeat myself, slut!"
Jenna was scared. Her hands trembled as the three youngsters stepped back
to watch the well-endowed teacher disrobe. Nervously, Jenna stripped. She
tried to keep herself covered as best she could but it was no use. The
see-through top fit just as she thought it would. It adhered to her like a
second skin and her breasts were clearly visible. It did little to support
her large perky breasts and ended just below her rib cage. The neckline was
deep enough that some cleavage showed and the back a very deep U-cut.
Jenna quickly checked her appearance in the mirror and was shocked her
aureoles were as distinct as they were. Her nipples sprung out a solid
half-inch and she could even see some tiny bumps around her aureoles.
"Hurry up, slut. Put the skirt on," encouraged a heated Trisha.
The anticipation was almost too much for the teenager. Her plan was going
better than expected. She had made up the teacher to look like the 'slut of
sluts' and the idea of her teaching class looking like that was causing her
to drip.
"Come on, come on," urged the impatient Trisha.
Jenna undid her skirt and dropped in to the floor. Leaning forward in a
horrible attempt to cover herself from the prying eyes, she pulled on the
tiny tube. It fit like a glove and was very stretchy. When she pulled it up
to her waist her pussy showed. When she pulled it down to cover her pussy,
her ass crack showed. Jenna was flabbergasted. She didn't know what to do.
"Okay, okay, now the shoes," insisted a breathless Trisha as her
masterpiece was coming to conclusion.
Jenna was handed a pair of black stiletto heeled shoes. She stepped into
the 6-inch heeled shoes and stared at herself in the mirror. The lime green
skirt looked atrocious. Her flat stomach heaved with fear. She just
couldn't go out in public looking like this, she just couldn't!
"Please, Ms. Trisha, please don't make me wear this. I look awful!" Jenna
twisted and turned as she checked her appearance in the mirror. The shoes
raised her height to the point where she could actually make direct eye
contact with Trisha and not have to look up at her.
"I think you look wonderful!" Trisha lied. "Meet me back in class girls."
Bic and Barb smiled at each other as they skipped off arm in arm.
Trisha pushed the young teacher backward into the first stall closest to
the door. "Sit down slut" she ordered. "Before you go to your first class
looking like the slut you are, I want you to service me first."
"Please, no. Not again, Ms. Trisha, PLEASE!" begged Jenna as she sat on the
toilet and looked up at the teen.
Trisha put her hands on the teachers' shoulders and pushed down. "Get on
your knees, slut."
Jenna whispered as loudly as she thought she should, "Please Ms. Trisha,
not in here. Someone may come in and see me kneeling in here. Please
Ms. Trisha, don't make me do this! Not NOW!" She knew she should would have
to though as she sank to her knees. The cold concrete floor sent shivers up
her spine and her nipples sprang to instant hardness. She braced herself
from falling forward in the tight confines by holding onto Trisha's
knees. "Please Ms. Trisha, please don't make me do this again."
Jenna knew her pleas were being ignored. Even as she continued to beg the
teen to stop, Jenna continued with her task. She slid her hands up the
girls thighs to the waistband of her panties and paused, "Please
Ms. Trisha," she begged, her eyes firmly affixed on the girls panties,
"please don't make me do this again," she pleaded. Jenna's voice tapered
off as an inexplicable rush of saliva filled her mouth.
As she pulled the girls panties down, Jenna continued her emotionless
pleas, "Please Ms. Trisha, please!" Without being f***ed, Jenna kissed the
teens sopping wet pussy full on. She heard Trisha groan as if the
culmination of her efforts were being realized. Jenna pushed her nose into
the bottom of her slit and ran it up to her clit.
Trisha sighed as the tip of Jenna's nose brushed across her swollen
knob. Instinctively she pushed her hips forward and spread her knees as far
as the panties would let them.
Jenna pushed outwardly on the girls thighs and drove her tongue deep into
the tangy wetness. She licked and sucked on the teen's pussy and made love
to it. Just as she was getting into it, the restroom door opened.
Both girls froze.
Jenna's heart raced. She squeezed tightly on Trisha's thighs as her fear
took over. Her worst nightmare manifested itself when she heard s****r
Ann's voice!
"Are you all right in there?"
Jenna wasn't sure if she should answer or if Trisha should answer. Her head
throbbed and her brain wasn't working. She blinked her eyes to try and
clear her mind before stuttering, "u-uh, y-yes, I'm fine."
"Is that you Ms. Tarp?" inquired s****r Ann. "What are you doing in there?
Do you have someone in there with you?"
Jenna's heart skipped a beat. Her mind created and rejected a dozen
excuses. "She must have seen Trisha's feet!" she reasoned to herself, "oh
gawd, now what do I say?"
Jenna's fingers went cold and she almost lost her grip on Trisha's knees.
Trisha looked down at the panicked teacher. Trisha had a strange air of
calm come over her. As she held her rolled up skirt tightly to her flat
youthful stomach, she reached down with her right hand and cupped the back
of Jenna's head and pulled her forward. She pushed her pelvis toward the
resisting teacher and said, "uh, yes s****r Ann, it's me, Trisha." She
pushed her pussy onto Jenna's nose and slowly rubbed her steamy flesh on
the bony bridge and continued, "Ms. Tarp is helping me with my broken
"Oh. Okay, just so long as everything is okay in there." s****r Ann said as
she took the stall next to theirs.
Trisha felt an incredible rush of girl juice when she heard the stall door
next-door close. She pushed her knees apart as far as they would go until
her panties snapped down around her ankles. She held Jenna's face to her
pussy and continued to rub herself on her nose. The thought of the Head
Mistress sitting right next to her while she face fucked her teacher was
pushing her over the edge. She loved the idea of letting the Head Mistress
know what was 'really going on in there'.
Jenna's nose felt so good on her pussy, she bit her lip to keep from
moaning. She desperately wanted to let s****r Ann know what was happening
in there without 'saying' anything. Devious methods raced through her mind
but nothing seemed practical. She knew she only had a few seconds to do it
and then it hit her.
Trisha lifted her right foot and tilted her toe. Her panties snapped off
her ankle and bunched themselves around her left ankle. She pushed her foot
under the divider until she KNEW that s****r Ann could see! She held
Jenna's face to her pussy and kept rubbing. Her juices were flowing hard
now and she wanted to cum! The feeling of Jenna's nose as it split the
soppy fleshy folds of her young pussy was incredible.
Jenna wanted to resist but was helpless to do anything. All she could do
was stay quiet and hope that s****r Ann believed her. Her heart was
pounding so hard she thought it might burst. Trisha's incessant rubbing was
no help either. She tried to keep the teen at bay but it was no use. She
knew the teen wouldn't let her stop until she had an orgasm, she just
prayed she wouldn't attract attention.
Through it all, the smell of a hot teenage pussy and the tangy taste of
youthful cunt juice was strangely pleasurable to Jenna. She didn't mind any
of that at all, it was being f***ed to do these dirty deeds in public that
Jenna despised. The fear of getting caught with a teenage pussy in her
mouth was worse than any nightmare. Prison really scared the young teacher.
But what choice did she have? Trisha had her over a barrel and there was
nothing she could do except her young teenage tormentor's bidding. She had
to do whatever this sick young girl wanted or she would surely live the
rest of her life behind bars!
The sound of the toilet flushing signaled the end of s****r Ann's impromptu
visit. She left without another word.
"Oh, gawd, that was close, huh slut," Trisha sighed as she pushed her pubic
mound down harder on Jenna's nose. She whispered, "you're gonna make me cum
now aren't you?"
Jenna nodded 'yes' knowing that she had no choice.
Trisha raised her skirt even higher and pushed her pelvis forward even
more. She wanted to watch her teacher slave face fuck her pussy. She
grabbed Jenna's head and positioned it so that her pussy was just over the
teacher's nose. "Tilt your face up a little, slut," Trisha began, "Ah, just
like that. Now hold that position and DON'T MOVE!" Trisha slowly lowered
her pubis bone down onto Jenna's nose. She used the pretty proboscis as a
wedge and let it split her swollen labia until her clit nestled perfectly
into the dip between Jenna's bridge and her forehead. Trisha cooed her
approval and slowly rocked her hips in response so that her clit bumped
from Jenna's forehead down onto her nose. The thumping and grinding was
sending violent shocks of erotic pleasure into Trisha's anus and back.
Jenna tried hard to hold her position. Trisha's pubic hair was feeling like
sand paper on her forehead and she feared it was making her skin raw. Her
nose was being driven into Trisha's sloppy pussy with each deep grind. She
had to breathe through her mouth because her nose was covered in slimy girl
juice. Jenna felt like she was just some sort of sexual toy for this teen's
pleasure. She didn't even feel appreciated, she just felt like a human
rubbing post.
Jenna held on as the thumping and grinding increased. Trisha bore down hard
on her nose and face. She could feel Trisha's pubic bone thump from her
forehead down hard onto her nose. It hurt, but the gooey warmth was
intoxicating. Jenna knew Trisha was cumming and just tried to hold her
Seconds later, it happened. Jenna heard a deep guttural groan intermixed
with short staccato pants as Trisha came. "U-u-u-g-g-g-g-h-h-h-h!
Trisha's orgasm subsided slowly and she used Jenna's chin like a rag to
wipe any residual cum on. After a few extra humps for good measure she let
go of Jenna's face. She leaned forward and whispered, "That was wonderful
my little love slut. Now put my panties back on. That nose of yours is
AWESOME! Mmmmmm, I love it. From now on, when I go like this," and she
pointed to her own nose, "it means I want YOUR nose, okay slut?"
Jenna, her face sticky and coated with girl cum, nodded her
understanding. She helped the young girl step into her panties. Jenna
shimmied them up Trisha's slender thighs and placed them snugly against her
vagina. She stood as Trisha turned and unlocked the door.
As both females exited the stall a voice echoed, "I hope you're all taken
care of Trisha."
With 'deer in the headlights' stares, both girls froze when they saw s****r
Ann standing inside the door, arms crossed and looking upset.
"I want to see you after school today Ms. Tarp, we've received
some...complaints lately," stated s****r Ann before she turned and left.
Jenna's heart sank. She'd just been caught in a restroom with a minor c***d
by the schools Head Mistress! She knew what the meeting would entail. Her
palms broke out in a sticky sweat as she rubbed her hands together. "Oh my
gawd," she worried, "I'm as good as fired...or...worse!"
The whole day dragged on and on. She'd almost forgotten about her totally
inappropriate dress and horribly slutty makeup job courtesy of Trisha and
her friends. The tiny shear top that did little to conceal her large firm
breasts was in constant need of adjustment. It seemed like every time she
looked down her nipples were protruding through the skin-tight
material. And then there was the skirt, if you could call it that. Six
inches of stretchy material that left her vagina or ass exposed constantly.
Jenna was so worried about her afternoon meeting that she barely even
noticed the constant teasing from the students. All day long they'd had her
bending over to pick things up. "Clumsy k**s," she muttered to herself
after the umpteenth piece of paper hit the floor.
And then there was her third period class. "What was up with them?" she
recollected. For some reason they were so happy and giddy the whole period,
but worse yet they were out of control. She got so mad when they played
"keep away" from her with her eraser. "OOOHHH," she grumbled to herself as
she remembered how the taller students took advantage of her shortness and
kept making her jump for the eraser when they held it over their heads! Her
legs were a little sore after all that jumping and her chest hurt
too. Jenna blushed when she remembered how long and hard it had made her
nipples. "How embarrassing," she thought.
As her day drew to a close she read a note from one of the staff that said
to meet s****r Ann in the gym. She would be working out there after school.
Jenna gathered her personal things into a box and straightened her
desk. Tears filled her eyes when she realized this was probably the last
time she'd see this classroom again. She straightened her skintight top and
pulled on the tiny skirt as she clicked her way down the long echoic
corridor on her 6-inch stiletto heels. She saw her reflection in the trophy
case glass and had to admit to herself that the pumps made her legs look
She pushed open the gym doors and walked in. She spotted s****r Ann doing
crossover chest pulls. Jenna paused for a moment and admired the nun's
athletic figure. She'd never really seen her in full view before and now
seeing her with a tight sports bra and sweatpants was pretty cool.
s****r Ann faced a large wall mirror as Jenna approached her from
behind. Jenna felt like she was a "dead man walking", you know, a prisoner
on his way to be executed. Her long strides had become short baby steps and
her head got lower with each step like a dog ready to be punished.
Jenna stopped just short of the mat behind s****r Ann who had watched her
approach in the mirror. Jenna cleared her throat, "uh-hem," to get the
nun's attention and let her know she was there.
Without breaking her workout rhythm, s****r Ann started, "Ms. Tarp, we've
had some complaints lately..."
Jenna didn't let her continue. All her emotions poured out at once. Jenna's
guilt, her shame, her humiliation, her regret and on and on bubbled to the
surface. She knew all the things she'd done wrong since arriving at the
school and she didn't need them listed to her by poor s****r Ann. It wasn't
her fault that she was such a lousy teacher. Jenna hated the fact that
she'd put such a wonderful, trusting educator in a predicament like this at
all! Jenna felt horrible that poor s****r Ann would have to fire her on the
spot and report all her inappropriate behavior to authorities!
Jenna's mind raced with all the terrible things she'd allowed herself to do
since her arrival and the consequences for her stupidity. She burst into
tears and leapt for the nun so she could beg for forgiveness. s****r Ann
had just finished a repetition and her arms were outstretched at shoulder
height. Jenna's toe caught the edge of the mat and she fell forward and
grabbed s****r Ann by the waist and wrapped her arms around her as she fell
to her knees behind the shocked nun.
"MS. TARP!" exclaimed the shocked and unbalanced nun.
Inadvertently, Jenna had pulled s****r Ann's sweatpants down several inches
when she fell on her. She didn't notice though because she was too busy
hugging her thighs and crying. "Oh, s****r Ann, please forgive me! Please!
I didn't mean to do all those horrible things, really I didn't. I tried, I
really did! Please s****r Ann, please give me another chance won't you?
PLEASE!" Jenna wept loudly and buried her face alongside s****r Ann's hip.
s****r Ann was having a hard time maintaining her balance. Jenna was
pushing her forward at the waist and holding legs together like she was
tackling her. It took all her strength to keep a tight grip on the
crossover handles. She caught a glimpse of her position in the large mirror
and noticed she looked like a giant 'T'. "Please Ms. Tarp! Get a hold of
yourself! I need to talk about your..."
Jenna moaned loudly and continued to blubber and plead for a second chance
every time s****r Ann tried to give her the details of why she was meeting
her in the first place. Jenna just couldn't bear to hear her list of sins
listed like that. Each time she pleaded, she squeezed her eyes shut a
little tighter and curled up a little more behind s****r Ann.
Jenna could smell the sweat that coated the nun's body. She wondered what
she could do to save her job and avoid prison. "Please s****r Ann, I'll do
whatever it takes. Please, tell me what I can do?" Jenna knew it was
over. Deep down inside she knew her time at the school was finished and in
almost all certainty, so was her freedom.
Hugging s****r Ann's legs from behind and kneeling as she was, Jenna felt
remorseful for putting the poor Head Mistress through all that she had. All
along s****r Ann had been supportive and encouraging, yet Jenna just kept
messing things up. She wanted to thank the pretty middle-aged nun for all
she'd done for her. She wanted to thank her for hiring her in the first
place, for trusting her to be with the students even after she had done
some terrible things with them. She wanted to thank s****r Ann for allowing
her take them on field trips and for all the educator's efforts to
discipline her in appropriate ways. As dreadful as her future was Jenna
wanted to hold on to s****r Ann in some dramatic method in hopes that
things could be different.
But alas, Jenna realized her fate and relaxed her grip a little. She knew
she was screwed and there was nothing she could do about it. Jenna was
becoming emotional. Tears of regret and thankfulness rolled down her cheeks
and blurred her vision. Instinctively she kissed the small of s****r Ann's
back in a gesture of thanks. She tasted the salty sweat that shimmered on
her skin and she licked her lips. She kissed her again and a soft moan from
s****r Ann caught her ear and she knew s****r Ann appreciated it. If this
small gesture was enough to bring pleasure to the woman who had done so
much for her, then she'd do it again!
Jenna kissed the educator's back yet again.
Cooing in a soft voice as if losing control of her resistance, s****r Ann
said, "Ms. Tarp, please don't do''s not...necessary."
Jenna would do anything for this wonderful person. She loved s****r Ann for
all that she had done. To kiss her back was nothing. She swiped her tongue
along the small of her back and licked off a line of sweat. She felt s****r
Ann's skin bristle with goose bumps. Jenna knew s****r Ann liked it, even
though the fit brunette wouldn't admit it.
Again s****r Ann weakly pleaded, "P-please...Ms. Tarp...please, you're..."
her voice trailed off when she felt Jenna's tongue come to rest at the top
of her ass crack. The anticipation and vision of this beautiful young
voluptuous teacher licking her ass was overwhelming. She held her breath.
Jenna knew what she had to do. She owed this to s****r Ann. Jenna realized
that this was probably going to be the last time she ever saw her Head
Mistress and she felt an overwhelming sense of duty take over. Jenna, for
the first time in her life, realized what it meant to "kiss someone's ass."
All this time she had thought the phrase disgusting and vile, but now, this
defining moment, she understood what it truly meant. "To kiss someone's
ass," she rationalized to herself, "was to show the ULTIMATE respect for
that person."
Jenna released her bear hug grip and slowly raised her arms, running her
hands along the firm muscular thighs of her mentor until her hands were at
the waistband of her sweats. Still kissing and licking her back, Jenna
slowly pushed down on the waistband, kissing and lightly licking the firm
buttocks. The only sounds coming from s****r Ann were soft moans as if she
were biting her lip. There were no more protests or words of
resistance. Jenna pushed the sweat bottoms to her ankles before slowly
running her fingertips up along the outside edges of s****r Ann's legs.
A trail of goose bumps followed her hands. Jenna felt s****r Ann stepping
in place trying to remove her sweat bottoms from her ankles. Jenna glanced
in the mirror and realized that s****r Ann still had hold of the handles,
this kept her arms outstretched at shoulder height. She almost looked
With the sweat bottoms finally off her left ankle, s****r Ann was able to
spread her feet a little. Jenna's hands snaked their way to s****r Ann's
hips and her thumbs had come to rest on the center of her buttocks.
Jenna was determined to pay her proper respects. She tightly gripped the
taut ass and spread the Head Mistress' firm butt cheeks. Starting at the
top, Jenna took small swipes at the depths of s****r Ann's ass crack. The
tight crevice was salty and warm. With each taste and kiss, Jenna could
feel and hear s****r Ann react with pleasure. Doing this was the least she
could, Jenna reasoned.
s****r Ann's back kept arching and her pelvis flexed away from Jenna making
her have to work even harder to reach her target. Jenna had to reposition
her thumbs several times to grasp s****r Ann's flesh properly and really
spread her butt apart. Jenna had to tilt her head and lean down and look up
to find the tiny rosebud. She kept lapping at s****r Ann's ass until she
felt the wrinkled skin on her tongue.
The first swipe caused s****r Ann to flex and tighten instinctively and
Jenna knew she had found her mark. She pressed her nose tightly against the
back of s****r Ann's thigh and f***ed her mouth even closer. She extended
her tongue and pressed it against the tight little hole and heard s****r
Ann moan loudly, "Ooohhhh, Ms. Tarp!"
Jenna pressed on. To clean her mentor's ass of sweat for all she'd done for
her was an honor. She licked and poked at the educator's asshole as she
spread her cheeks with her thumbs.
Jenna could be wrong, but it almost sounded as if s****r Ann were reaching
a climax. She listened to s****r Ann's sporadic breathing and moans mixed
with pants. That combined with her reflexive squeezes seemed to indicate an
impending orgasm.
Jenna had had her share of orgasms lately and she had to admit how great
they felt. If she could give her superior an orgasm then she would.
She was on a mission now. Jenna drove her tongue into s****r Ann's
asshole. She licked her. She kissed her. She nibbled on the firm flesh
around her ass. She worshipped this wonderful administrator who had done so
much for her.
Jenna slid her right hand around the hip of s****r Ann and gently across
her lightly haired mound. She ravaged s****r Ann's ass as she slipped her
thumb against the gooey slit of her cunt. Jenna felt her Head Mistress
tighten and moan deeply when her thumb bumped across the knobby clit. 'Yes'
Jenna said to herself, 'she IS reaching orgasm.' Jenna smiled to herself
and nuzzled her nose a little deeper.
Seconds later Jenna's efforts were rewarded when s****r Ann bucked and
moaned loudly. She tasted the dribbles of s****r Ann's orgasm as it dripped
from her cunt and ran between her legs. Jenna lapped at the gooey cum and
cleaned the nun's pussy and ass with her tongue.
When the nun finally stopped twitching, Jenna re-dressed her by pulling up
her sweats. She'd done all that she could to show her gratitude and hoped
by that small gesture that she'd proved to s****r Ann that she was truly
s****r Ann dropped her arms and put her hands on her knees as she leaned
forward to catch her breath. She was weak from a glorious impromptu orgasm.
Jenna sat back on her haunches, satisfied that she'd given her boss a
wonderful orgasm, but remorseful that s****r Ann would still have to inform
her that she would be fired. Jenna bowed her head and listened for those
fateful words...
"Ms. Tarp," began a recovering s****r Ann, "I have to inform you of several
complaints we've received lately," she panted.
Jenna held her breath and squeezed her eyes shut. This was it.
"It's your uniform Ms. Tarp," s****r Ann began, "it's been rumpled and
unsuitable. Today, however, was a HUGE improvement. I'm instructing you to
keep dressing in this manner rather than the traditional uniform. Is that
Springtime was finally approaching. Jenna was looking forward to the end of
the school year. She couldn't wait until she would finally be rid of her
teenage tormentor for the summer. She hoped and prayed that Trisha's
parents would take the little demon on an extended vacation so she could
finally get some peace. Jenna had submitted to every whim this vile teen
offered and she was sick of it. But what choice did she have? It was like
compounding interest. Every time she did something for the young teenage
hoodlum, it was thrown in her face and used as a threat for the next
time. Jenna felt trapped by her situation. She felt like she had no choice
but to conform with Trisha's wishes.
Jenna had to admit to herself that compared with the beginning of the
school year, the winter months hadn't been that bad. Trisha's nearly daily
assaults had tapered off to once a week or so. Jenna attributed much of it
to the fact that Trisha had been inexplicably transferred out of all her
classes and their contact was limited.
June brought a whole different attitude to the school. The girls were
getting restless with the fast approaching summer months and spirits were
high. Warm sunny days replaced the cool gray of winter and a brighter, more
exuberant enthusiasm invaded the school.
To Jenna's discomfort, Trisha was no different. The longer, warmer days
sent the teen into a devious frenzy. Unknown to Jenna, Trisha had spent the
long gloomy winter months surfing the net for lesbian porn sites, which
only served to fuel her already deviant desires. Jenna had no idea that the
more Trisha surfed for porn and masturbated, the worse her needs became.
Jenna couldn't have imagined that Trisha's daily masturbation routine had
progressed from simple fantasies of pussy lust to the torturous bondage and
discipline type she was using now. Jenna did, however, recognize the recent
increase in attention and wondered where it came from, but in any case was
powerless to do anything about it.
This day, Friday, Trisha confronted Jenna in the hallway where the
youngster told her, "Walk me to your house tonight. I'm spending the
night. And tomorrow we're going shopping. I've already cleared it with my
mom and she knows I'm spending the night with a friend."
Jenna worried about the whole scene. She had never had anyone spend the
night at her tiny rental house before and certainly not a student. She
wondered what people might think and how it would be perceived if she were
caught with a student off campus.
As the school day finally ended, Jenna gathered her things and prepared to
walk home. She hadn't seen Trisha all day and she hoped Trisha had
forgotten. As she collected the last of her things and hurried to leave the
building, Jenna was shocked to find Trisha waiting for her outside. Jenna's
heart sank as the girl approached and took her by the arm.
"Hello, my little slut, are you ready?" Trisha asked as she tucked her arm
inside Jenna's.
"Uh, yes, Ms. Trisha," responded an edgy Jenna, worried that someone might
see them.
Trisha loved to be called 'Ms. Trisha' by her slut. It really reinf***ed
her power and made her wet.
The warm afternoon sun beat down on the two as they strolled off campus and
into the shady tree-lined streets of the local neighborhood. Little was
said as the two made their way to Jenna's house until about two blocks
Trisha was thirsty and wanted something to drink. She told Jenna that they
must stop at the market first.
Jenna did little to resist her teenage tormentor's request and they turned
right instead of left. The store was only a block and half away so it
really didn't matter. The store was a small grocery store but was usually
busy, especially on Friday nights.
The warm breeze as the normal change of pressure that signaled the shift
from daytime warmth to evening coolness ruffled Jenna's short pleated skirt
and nearly shear blouse, both of which were components of her latest
'uniform' as dictated by Trisha. The tiny hairs on her legs bristled as the
draft circled under her skirt across her panty-covered vagina. Yes, that's
right, panty-covered. Trisha had made sure that she wore panties today and
Jenna never questioned why.
Once inside the store, Trisha had them walk around the aisles in search of
nothing in particular. She was just getting a sense of who was in the
A small group of high school teenage girls from the local public school
were milling about near the checkout. Trisha grabbed a coke and tugged on
Jenna's arm to get in line just in front of them. About three people were
in line already and the scene was set perfectly for Trisha to implement her
devious plan.
Trisha nudged Jenna to move in front of her. She drew very close behind the
oblivious teacher who was unaware that the sneaky teen was enacting a plan.
Facing the checker and just behind the row of people to her front, Jenna
stood waiting. Trisha had been touching her all afternoon ever since they'd
left the school, so she wasn't surprised when she felt Trisha snuggle up
next to her and take her hand.
The noise of the chatting girls behind them and the clatter of the register
to her front disappeared in an instant when Jenna felt her hand placed
under Trisha's skirt and directly over Trisha's steamy pussy. The short
curly pubic hair tickled her palm as Trisha slowly rubbed herself on
Jenna's hand. Moisture was immediately evident as Trisha's excitement was
smeared on Jenna's fingers.
Jenna froze hoping no one would notice. She could feel herself blush and
turn pale and she secretly prayed that no one would see. The teens' pussy
was truly hot and Jenna gasp and held her breath. The sensation was
incredible but extremely unnerving. She didn't dare resist or pull away
suddenly or everyone around them would surely notice.
Jenna felt Trisha push down on her middle finger and push it into her
sopping teenage cunt. Jenna bit her lip as her finger was engulfed in the
gooey softness. Almost instinctively, Jenna began to piston her finger in
and out of the young girls pussy.
The line had barely moved when Trisha said aloud, "what's that smell?"
making sure to look around and make eye contact with the teenagers behind
her before looking at Jenna and saying, "is that you?"
Jenna stopped fingering the girl and pulled her hand free.
"What's that smell?" Trisha asked again loudly, "it smells Is that you?" she asked Jenna again.
Jenna felt faint. She felt all her bl**d drop to her feet and she thought
she was going to pass out. People in front turned around and looked at
Jenna. The high school teens stopped chatting and stared at the distraught
teacher. Jenna's heart was beating so hard she felt her neck throb. Her
vision narrowed, but she could still see people sniffing the air and noses
wrinkling. She stood motionless, not knowing what to do or say.
"I think it IS you!" insisted Trisha, staring at Jenna. "Take off your
panties so I can check."
The people in front turned their backs to Jenna, embarrassed for her. The
teenage girls behind her froze and awaited her reaction.
At the command, Jenna's hands turned to ice. Her mouth dried up and she
couldn't speak. She knew everyone had heard Trisha and she didn't know what
to do. She tried to fake a smile like it was some kind of joke, but Trisha
"Come on, take off your panties so I can check to see if that smell is
coming from YOU!"
Jenna squirmed and tried to speak without moving her lips, "please,
PLEASE," she mumbled quietly out of the corner of her mouth, "please don't
do this!"
Trisha reveled in her teacher's uneasiness and humiliation. She ignored her
pleas for mercy and upped the pressure. With a stern sharpness to her voice
she reiterated, "Listen, I'm not going to tell you again. Get those panties
off, NOW! I need to see if you're the one who's all stinky!"
Silence surrounded the pair as everyone held their breath. The people in
front stood sideways and peeked out of the corner of their eyes as the
teenagers behind them exchanged unbelieving glances.
Jenna's mind was reeling. The humiliation was paralyzing. She could barely
think straight and her surroundings became a surreal place moving at a slow
motion pace.
No one in line realized the cashier had slowed down too as she kept
glancing up to watch the humiliating situation unfold.
For what seemed like an eternity, time stood still as Jenna paused and
contemplated her reaction. She felt like the whole store was watching and
the sudden hushed quiet was deafening. She stared in disbelief at Trisha,
hoping, praying that she was only k**ding. Jenna's mouth hung open as the
reality of her predicament became clear. She would have to do her young
mistress' bidding and that's all there was too it.
With the people in front of her stealing glimpses from the corner of their
eyes and the teenagers standing behind her bobbing their heads and
repositioning themselves to get a better view and the cashier almost
halting her checking, Jenna did the unthinkable. Her trembling, ice-cold
fingers reached under her skirt and grabbed the waistband of her
panties. In full view of the store patrons surrounding her, she bent
forward at the waist and slid her panties to her knees and then as quickly
as she could, kicked them off her feet.
As the wide-eyed customers watched in total disbelief, Jenna squatted down
and picked up her panties and crumpled them tightly in her hand.
"Let me have them," Trisha said matter-of-factly as she extended her hand,
"I need to smell them to see if that naughty smell is you."
Reluctantly, but with an almost joyous relief to get rid of them, Jenna
handed her panties to Trisha.
While the customers and cashier looked on in amazement and disbelief,
Trisha shook the panties out in full view of everyone and smelled the
crotch, "Ew, that IS you!" she said in horror, "that's disgusting, you
dirty girl. Your pussy is soaking wet and all smelly! You need to clean
that beaver, girl. You smell!"
Jenna almost passed out at the verbal lashing. Trisha was humiliating her
like never before. She could feel dozens of eyes boring into her flesh and
criticizing her for being so dirty.
"You need to be punished for being so dirty. And I'm not carrying these
nasty panties for you," Trisha emphasized. Pointing to Jenna's mouth she
said, "open up!"
Jenna was so humiliated and degraded, she couldn't think. All these people
were watching this teenage girl make her do things beyond belief and Jenna
just wasn't able to focus. Without really grasping the request, Jenna
opened her mouth and Trisha jammed the panties in. Jenna could taste her
own juices on the material and could smell her own smell. She choked on air
through her flaring nostrils as her oral airway was cut off.
Trisha used her index finger to stuff the panties into Jenna's mouth. She
said, "I don't really want this coke anyway. Besides I need to use the
restroom," she said as she tapped the side of her nose. She grabbed Jenna's
arm and marched her to the restroom like a disciplined c***d.
Unbeknownst to the two delirious females, the high school teenagers
followed the pair.
Trisha pushed open the restroom door and shoved Jenna inside. The door
slowly closed behind them. The dirty two-stall restroom had a single filthy
sink and smudged mirror next to the two stalls. Trisha pushed down on
Jenna's shoulders until she was kneeling on the gray painted floor. The
overheated teen was practically dripping love juice. She needed to cum in
the worst way! She looked down at the young teacher whose eyes were glazed
over and still had panties in her mouth. She scooped the panties out using
her index finger saying, "we wouldn't want you to choke, now would we?"
Jenna was in a total state of shock. The emptiness she felt inside was only
exceeded by her thorough humiliation. As her panties were removed, she
automatically tilted her head back in the position Trisha liked best. Jenna
was on autopilot. Her mind wandered and thoughts darted in and out. Nothing
made sense. Confusion was all she felt.
Not the dirty surroundings, not the nasty smell of urine, not even the fact
that a teenage girl was mounting her face was enough to shake Jenna back to
reality. Instinctively, she grabbed Trisha's knees and slid her hands
around to back of her legs as the young girl eased her slippery gash onto
Jenna's nose until it was inserted as far as it would go.
Tiny, soft pubic hair tickled Jenna's forehead as Trisha nestled her
throbbing hard clit onto the bridge of Jenna's nose. The aromatic aroma of
young teenage pussy enveloped Jenna's senses like Trisha's pussy did her
nose. She could feel the teenager's hotness on her sensitive nasal skin as
the teen's pubic bone settled against her forehead. Jenna heard a long
relief-sounding moan of "aaaaaawwwwww," from Ms. Trisha when she finally
settled into position on Jenna's face.
Clutching her skirt to her tummy, the overheated teen slowly pushed her
hips forward until Jenna's nose was just under her ass. Then she slowly
retreated, grinding her clit on the bridge of her nose. Trisha was
determined to enjoy this orgasm more than all the others. Her pussy was
dripping as she looked down at her teacher's shiny, sticky face.
Silently and slowly the restroom door was pushed open and four faces bobbed
up and down to peer inside. The teenage girls from the line were so heated
by the perverse display of power and control that they simply HAD to watch
some more. Breathlessly they leaned over each other as they watched in
devious amazement as this girl, younger than they, rubbed her pussy on the
face of this 20-something year old. Questions raced through their minds as
they held their collective breath and stared.
Jenna was so devastated by the passed twenty minutes that she yearned for
some stability. Somehow, being on her knees with her nose used as a sexual
toy for this young teenage girl was her first real sense of 'normalcy'. Her
hands caressed the back of Trisha's legs and upward to her buttocks. She
could feel the girls' hypersensitive skin ripple with goose bumps and
tighten with pleasure.
As the four high school teens secretly watched, Trisha ground herself on
Jenna's nose and face with increased fervor. It only took seconds to push
the young girl over the edge. The sense of power and control she had in
combination with the total public humiliation of her teacher from school
had raised her to a heightened state of arousal well before now. With only
a few swipes of her sloppy pussy on Jenna's nose, Trisha groaned with a
deep orgasm, "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!" Her anus squeezed tight
her pussy muscles pulsed with ejaculation. Trisha was in heaven!
Jenna was devastated. The whole walk home while under the positive arm
control of Trisha, Jenna was in a mental fog. She kept dwelling on the
horrible experience in the store and then in the restroom. She couldn't
stop thinking about how humiliating it was. She wondered if anyone
recognized her or had seen her before. She worried her time as a middle
school teacher was coming to an end. She wondered what those people thought
about her. "Oh for gawd's sake," she moaned to herself, "what have I done?"
Her face still encrusted with teenage girl cum, Jenna was finding it
increasingly more difficult to breathe. Her heart thumped wildly in her
chest and she felt extreme anxiety as they rounded the block to her
house. She desperately tried to push the horrifying memories out of her
mind. The visions kept popping back in her head and she felt weaker and
weaker. It was like an out-of-body experience. Jenna kept seeing herself
pull her panties off in line with all those people watching her. And she
shuddered when she saw herself standing there in front of them as Trisha
stuffed them in her mouth. Tears filled her eyes as she watched herself in
her mind as Trisha led her to the restroom and then fucked her face and
came on her. Goose bumps rippled across her skin as she cringed and winced.
The cool evening air did nothing to calm her shattered nerves. Jenna
visibly shook as the pair walked up the grass-lined sidewalk and up the few
steps to the wooden porch. The thirty something year old house was in need
of a paint job and the crusty gray peeling paint crunched under their feet
as Jenna unlocked the heavy wooden door and pushed it open. Almost without
thinking, Jenna stepped aside and let her young mistress enter first.
Trisha stepped into her teacher's home and felt an immediate sense of power
come over her. She had planned this day for months and now her dream was
coming true. Tonight would be the first day in a series of training
sessions for her teacher slut. Trisha was determined to turn the older
woman into her personal sex slave. Her months of surfing the net would
culminate in her complete dominance of this beautiful young buxom
teacher. She would use whatever means were necessary to insure that Jenna
would submit to her every whim and perform whatever sexual act, no matter
how perverted or sick it was, whenever she wanted. This was Trisha's
mission in life. She knew it and she was committed to fulfilling it.
The clunky latching of the door behind her brought Trisha back to
reality. She smiled a devilish smile and sighed deeply as she entered the
front room of the house. The large picture window to her left that faced
the street would be the perfect place to put her plan into action. She
would put Ms. Tarp on display for the world to see and further cement her
hold over the vulnerable young teacher.
"Come here, teach," said the suddenly assertive teen, "stand here." Trisha
pointed to a spot on the floor that was dead center in front of the big
picture window that began about a two feet off the floor and extended
upward almost to the ceiling. "Open the d****s, my little slut."
Jenna felt a sudden tingle scamper up her spine as she opened the
d****s. It was difficult to see outside because of the reflection on the
glass, but Jenna knew that people could see in easily enough. She gasp when
she felt Trisha move directly behind her and grab her firmly by the
arms. Jenna was very afraid about what this teen may do so she held her
breath and dare not speak.
Trisha squeezed tightly on Jenna's arms and pushed her shoulders together
slightly as she leaned against her back and whispered in her ear, "Do you
know what today is?"
Jenna was confused and her brain rifled through a list of holiday's and
special occasions but came up empty. Nothing seemed special about today, so
she silently shook her head 'no'.
"Today is the first day of your training," Trisha began softly, "tonight I
will to teach you how to properly serve me."
Jenna's heart began to race and her skin became coated with sweat. She
didn't totally understand what Trisha meant and was way too afraid to
ask. She tried to hold her breath and wish the whole thing away but it
wasn't working. When she felt her blouse ripped from her shoulders Jenna
gasped, "OH!"
Trisha had grabbed the neckline of the blouse and ripped it downward over
Jenna's shoulders. Jenna's breasts were almost fully exposed but Jenna had
instinctively tried to cover them with her arms.
"PUT YOUR ARMS DOWN SLUT!" Trisha yelled in response. "Keep them at your
sides!" Trisha was frustrated that the blouse was still on and she was
getting angry. She knew she'd have to gain immediate control and put her
teacher in her place or risk blowing the whole thing. She grabbed Jenna's
hair and jerked back hard on her head. She sneered as she placed her mouth
next to Jenna's ear and snarled, "Do you realize what will happen to you if
you don't do EXACTLY what I say? Do you have any idea what the public
scandal will be like? The humiliation? The damage to your career and
reputation will be irreparable. And what about prison Ms. Tarp? Have you
thought about what prison would be like for a lesbian 'baby ****r' like
Jenna's heart sank and she suddenly felt powerless. Her teenage tormentor
was right and it cut her to the quick. The emptiness Jenna felt inside
would soon be filled with humiliation and disgust, but in the end she'd
have no choice.
"Strip" was the only word Trisha spoke and Jenna did. She peeled off her
clothes and stood naked in front of the large picture window for anyone to
see. Jenna's large breasts heaved with her humiliation. She desperately
wanted to cover herself, but Trisha had told her to keep her hands at her
sides, so she did. Goose bumps riddled her skin as Jenna thought about her
Trisha stirred around behind the naked teacher and Jenna could tell she was
searching for something. Without warning Jenna screamed and jumped when she
felt a sharp sting on her ass cheeks. THWAP! was the sound that followed
and Jenna realized she just been spanked with a yardstick!
"Tell me you're my SLUT, teach!" ordered Trisha.
Jenna could feel the welt forming on her ass and pictured the bright red
THWAP! came a second blow.
"You need to answer me, slut! Tell me you're MY slut, teach!" Trisha
Jenna didn't hesitate this time and responded, "I-I'm your slut!"
THWAP! came a third swat.
"Say it like you mean it slut! Tell me you're MY slut!" Trisha insisted as
her own pussy began to moisten.
"I'm your slut!" Jenna whimpered this time, her ass flaming from the swats.
"Not good enough, whore!"
Jenna's eye's filled with tears and she fought back the urge to cry out in
pain. She clenched her fists tightly as if 'biting the bullet'. In as
sincere a sounding voice as she could muster, Jenna said, "I'm YOUR slut,
Ms. Trisha. I'll do whatever you wish, just please don't spank me anymore."
As she uttered those words, Jenna felt a piece of her spirit just float
away. She was losing control of her will to resist and she was becoming
more and more scared about what that meant.
"Spread your legs, slut!" Trisha commanded as she marveled at the beautiful
ass on her young teacher.
Without hesitation and fearing further punishment Jenna did as she was
told. She spread her feet.
"Put your hands on your head slut," Trisha ordered.
Once again, Jenna complied. She interlaced her fingers on her head and
pushed her elbows rearward. She felt her large firm breasts lift and
separate. Jenna worried that someone may see her standing naked in her
front window in such a vulnerable position but she knew there was nothing
she could do about it.
Beginning with light taps on the insides of Jenna's thighs Trisha began to
slap at the tender skin of her teacher's inner legs. She tapped back and
forth from one leg to the other; gradually working her way closer to the
teacher's exposed and freshly shaved pussy.
"Tell me you like this, slut," Trisha insisted as she slapped at the
reddening skin. "Tell me you like what I'm doing and you want more of it."
Jenna winced in pain as the yardstick flicked back and forth from one leg
to the other increasingly faster the higher it got. It was all she could do
to keep from crying out in pain but she knew it would only get worse if she
didn't say she liked it. "I-I like it Ms. Trisha. Please keep doing it, I-I
like it," she lied in her most convincing tone.
The slapping stopped when the gap became too small. Trisha then turned the
yardstick upward and began gently tapping Jenna's swollen
labia. Inexplicably, Jenna could feel tiny splatters of moisture being
spattered on her upper thighs with each smack from the yardstick. Jenna
wondered if she was bleeding. Truthfully she knew she wasn't from the
reflection in the window but she remained confused about where the liquid
was coming from. She KNEW it couldn't have come from within her loin. There
was NO way!
The stinging taps on Jenna's pussy slowly rocked their way backward onto
her ass crack. Trisha worked the yardstick like a magician. The short
flicks weren't really painful but more distracting. Jenna couldn't help but
hold her breath or take short gasping breaths of air. The sensations were
just too strange.
Just as Jenna felt her mind wander and her eyes close, the tapping
stopped. As a residual effect from being tapped, her pussy flooded with
bl**d and her labium felt like they were humming. Jenna exhaled and opened
her eyes. She saw Trisha's reflection as she moved around to Jenna's right
where her peripheral vision picked her up.
"Tell me you like this, slut," Trisha said as she began tapping the
yardstick across both Jenna's nipples simultaneously.
Jenna winced at the first tap. Subsequent taps caused the strangest
reaction she'd never imagined. It was as if the yardstick were adhering
itself to her nipples and each time it was retracted it'd pull her nipples
out further. Jenna watched her reflection in the glass and could see her
nipples grow longer and thicker than ever before. Her eyes widened in
amazement as the bright red line that formed across her breasts seemed to
highlight her now throbbing nipples.
Jenna's stomach tightened reflexively with each sharp tap on her breasts
but she somehow managed to say, "Yes, Ms. Trisha, I do like this."
After repeating the affirmation to her young tormentor, Jenna realized that
something strange was happening to her. Something so unusual that she
couldn't quite identify it. Tiny feelings were flittering around in her
stomach and causing her mind to reel.
She looked at herself in the reflection again and slowly changed her focus
when something beyond the glass caught her eye. Cone-shapes of amber light
provided an eerie backdrop just beyond the trees that lined her
street. Though the tapping on her breasts continued and her pussy was
twitching simultaneously, Jenna spied a shadowy figure peering out from
behind one of the trees along the street.
Try as she might to maintain focus on the stinging pain and the strange
sensations it was causing in her stomach, Jenna desperately needed to know
if she was being watched. She moved her head slightly to avoid the glare
and was shocked to see not one shadowy head, but FOUR!
"Please, Ms. Trisha," Jenna panted, "someone's watching."
Trisha paused and looked out the window. She recognized the outlines as the
four teenage girls from the store. They must have followed them
home. "Hmmm, yes, I see them," Trisha mused, "looks like they want a
show. Well then, let's give them one shall we?"
Jenna's heart began to flutter as her shattered state of confusion impaired
her decision-making. She held her position as Trisha dropped the yardstick
and moved directly behind her again.
"Tell me you like this, slut," Trisha whispered in Jenna's ear as she
reached around the petite teachers body and pinched a nipple in each hand.
Jenna bit her lower lip as the cold slender fingers grabbed her nipples and
began pulling them from her chest. For a moment there, she thought Trisha
may try to pull them off completely but she only stretched her tits to
their maximum before starting over. The tight grip on her nipples and the
rough milking action was sending mixed signals through Jenna. Floods of
moisture into her pussy were overriding the pain on her breasts. Jenna
found herself leaning back and stretching her elbows rearward even more in
reaction to the incessant milking.
She knew she was giving in to the young teenagers bidding and Jenna felt
very awkward about it. Deep down inside Jenna knew it was wrong. But her
body was abandoning her mental displeasure and was becoming more and more
aroused by the abuse and punishment. Jenna's mind swirled with questions
about morality and right and wrong. Her stomach convulsed as she sighed
loudly, "Yes, Ms. Trisha, I DO like it!"
Jenna was overwhelmed at the conflict inside her. She didn't even realize
that Trisha had released a breast and was now spanking her bare ass with
one hand while continuing to pull on her nipple with the other. Jenna's
eyes rolled around in her head and she could hardly breathe.
She knew it was wrong to feel this aroused. The more she thought about it
the more confused and aroused she became. Jenna couldn't understand why the
pain inflicted by this teen was having this kind of affect on her. What did
it say about her as a person? Shouldn't she be crying out in pain, rather
than swooning with excitement?
Jenna panted as Trisha reared back and spanked her bright red ass again and
again. She pulled Jenna's nipple so hard she thought she might tear it
off. Yet through all her torture, the teacher kept muttering over and over
that she liked it. The way Jenna arched her back confirmed that she truly
enjoyed the abuse, so Trisha obliged her. Each subsequent swat on her ass
was directed to land squarely on her exposed anus and pussy and ended with
a quick squeeze on her sloppy slit.
Jenna's mind was consumed with the wild sensations that invaded her
brain. She strained to stay in control of her faculties but the painful
pleasure became too much. It didn't seem to matter that four teenage girls
watched her being abused or that pain was causing her pleasure or that a
young teenage girl was inflicting the pain or that she repeatedly affirmed
her desire for more. Jenna had lost control and she owed it all to
Trisha. It was this young teenage girl that had brought her to new heights
of pleasure and pain and it was her that Jenna must worship.
Suddenly that realization set in. Jenna knew her place in this world and it
was to serve this young girl. She dropped to her knees and genuflected the
wonderful young girl. She kissed her feet before yanking down her skirt and
panties and jamming her nose into her glistening slit.
Shocked but excited, Trisha couldn't believe her plan was working as well
as it was. She rubbed her pussy on Jenna's nose and face as she looked down
at the naked pitiful teacher. Trisha couldn't believe that Ms. Tarp had
willingly dropped to her knees and offered her nose. Trisha continued to
hump Jenna's face as she stated, "tell me you like this, slut."
"I DO Ms. Trisha! I do like it!" muttered an inflamed Jenna as the teen's
pussy smothered her speech.
"You're a slut, aren't you? Tell me you're a slut!" Trisha panted as her
ecstasy was building.
"I'm a slut, Ms. Trisha, I'm YOUR slut, Miss," Jenna offered as best she
Trisha was rapidly reaching an orgasm. She looked out the window to see if
her audience was still watching and they were. Knowing that four girls were
watching her face fuck her teacher was almost too much and she felt like
She slowed her humping to a nice gentle thrust as she reached down and
stroked her teachers' hair from the sides of her face with both
hands. Trisha loved the feeling of Jenna's nose in her pussy. It just
seemed to fit perfectly against her clit and was just long enough to poke
Trisha regained control of herself and then took two handfuls of hair and
pulled up hard on Jenna's face. She began to thrust down hard on Jenna's
face and really grind her pussy onto her teachers' nose. An evil desire to
humiliate her teacher just a little bit more flashed before her so Trisha
grunted as she humped, "You're such a slut! You dirty filthy cunt! How can
you let a teenager fuck your face like this with people watching?! You're a
disgusting whore AREN'T YOU!"
Jenna flinched at the sharpness of the words but reveled in the smell and
sweltering moisture of Trisha's steamy pussy as it bumped across her nose
and forehead. She gently held the teens' knees and tilted her face upward
just the way Trisha liked it and held that position for her as she
screamed, "YES! YES, I'm a WHORE Ms. Trisha! I'm YOUR WHORE!" Jenna could
taste the dribbles of pleasure as they leaked from the young girls loin and
into the corners of her mouth. Jenna knew that this was the kind of thing
that Trisha loved and because Trisha had been so good to her tonight, she
would do this in return.
Trisha took one last glance out the window and screamed in orgasm,
"OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" as the four teenagers from the store
looked on!
Trisha awoke early, her excitement had kept her awake most of the
night. She had big plans for their Saturday shopping adventure. She would
make Jenna demonstrate to EVERYONE they encountered and in no uncertain
terms that SHE, Trisha, was her owner. She would mark and tag Jenna like a
piece of luggage so that everyone would know who owned her and whom Jenna
Trisha crawled out of Jenna's comfortable bed and stretched and yawned. She
had left Jenna sl**ping in the front room last night, naked and covered in
her cum. Trisha chuckled to herself as she stood in the entry to the living
room and stared at the nude sl**ping body of her teacher. Jenna was curled
up in a ball and was snoring.
Trisha walked over to her little slut and kicked her leg to wake her. Jenna
sat up quickly and rubbed her eyes. Trisha grinned widely, with hands on
her hips and said, "Are you ready for your second day of training my little
Jenna was barely awake and nodded 'yes' without really understanding the
"Good then," Trisha began as she pulled up on her long nightgown and slowly
rubbed her belly as she exposed her lightly haired pussy to Jenna, "when I
go like this," and she pointed to the floor with her index finger, "then
you get on your knees and sit on your legs, okay slut?"
Jenna obeyed the simple command as she blinked her way to awareness.
"When I do that," and she repeated the pointing command, "it means that I
need to pee, okay slut?"
Jenna shrugged her shoulders in a 'big deal' sort of way, still not fully
grasping the implication of Trisha's gesture. She sat on her haunches with
her hands in her lap as Trisha faced her.
"Okay, then, open up," Trisha said as she looked down at the suddenly
confused Jenna.
Jenna didn't know what to make of the last command. "What did she mean
'open up'?" she asked herself. Jenna blinked several times as she tried to
clear her mind.
"Come on sweetie, hurry up, I need to pee," Trisha almost sang as she
danced a little. "Your mouth, open your mouth, I need to pee, slut! This is
the start of your second day of training and this is your first lesson! You
will kneel and open your mouth when I point to the ground, slut! From now
on you are going to be my personal toilet, understand?!" and she slapped
the now startled Jenna across the face. "Have I got your attention NOW,
slut? Now open your goddamn mouth and get READY!"
Jenna, her face stinging from the slap, sat back, tilted her head up and
opened her mouth. She watched Trisha step forward and mount her face like a
human toilet seat. She felt Trisha's hands grab the sides and back of her
head and pull up hard as she snuggled her pussy directly over her open
A hot stream of urine shot into the back of Jenna's throat, causing her to
gag repeatedly through her nose, sending puffs of air onto Trisha's soft
pubic mound.
Trisha groaned, "aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh," with a contented sense of relief as
the contents of her bladder were released into her teachers' mouth.
With a few short grinds, Trisha squeezed out the last few remaining drops
of piss into Jenna's mouth before saying, "Okay, now clean me."
Jenna's eyes were glazed over after choking down the large amount of hot
girl piss but she took pride in the fact that she hadn't spilled a drop and
had been able to stay up with the constant refilling. The salty, tangy
residue made her want to gag, but she held it in and licked her young
teenage tormentors pussy clean.
"Mmmmmm, that's good. You did well my little slut. Now get dressed. We're
going shopping. And don't forget your credit cards, I've got a long list of
things to buy today," Trisha reminded as she turned and left to get
An hour later, both were dressed and ready to go. Trisha wore a simple
black leather mini-skirt, a short sleeved white cotton crop top covered by
a small black leather vest. She pulled her hair back in a ponytail and wore
a lot of eye makeup to make herself appear older than she was. The
stiletto-healed shoes made her tower over the shorter schoolteacher and
accentuated her dominance.
Jenna wore a short navy mini and a pale blue button front silk
blouse. Trisha made her wear a lacy bra and unbutton the top two buttons on
her blouse so that her bra was clearly visible and Jenna's cleavage showed.
Trisha tossed Jenna some keys and said, "You drive slut."
Together they got in Jenna's small Beetle and drove away.
Jenna wasn't sure where they were going and was almost afraid to ask. She
figured Trisha would tell her and Trisha didn't disappoint.
"Go to the pet store. The one near 7th Avenue," Trisha directed.
A few minutes later they were parked in front of the large pet store and
walked inside. Jenna had no idea why Trisha wanted to go to a pet
store. She figured the young girl must have had a pet at home that needed
something, so she dutifully walked a step or two behind the teenager.
Jenna followed Trisha to a section that had several dog collars and leashes
hanging neatly side-by-side. "Pick one," Trisha said.
Jenna looked over the wide selection of leather straps and asked, "How big
is your dog's neck?"
Trisha paused and stared at the buxom teacher and wondered how anybody
could get a college education and still be so dumb. "It's not for my dog,
slut, it's for YOU! Are you really that STUPID?"
Jenna's heart skipped a beat and she felt herself go faint.
"Here, try this one on slut," Trisha said as she handed Jenna an inch wide
black leather strap.
Jenna was in a daze and could barely move. She glanced around to see if
anyone was watching as she buckled the strap on her neck. Her heart thumped
in her chest and her fingers barely worked.
"Hmmm," Trisha pondered, "that looks good. But I think we need a second
Jenna knew that Trisha just wanted to humiliate her so she started to
plead, "No, Ms. Trisha, please don't! We don't need a second opinion,
really we don't."
Trisha was already looking for a salesperson and began waving to a young
girl with a pet store vest on.
The dark haired young woman approached and politely asked, "May I help
"Yes," Trisha began as she felt a surge of wetness from the power she held,
"I'd like to ask your opinion on something. How do you think this collar
looks on my girlfriend?"
Trisha watched the sales girls face redden as she turned to look at Jenna.
"Uh, I think it looks...fine," she said as her face wrinkled and turned to
a scowl. The associate then turned and lifted her nose as she walked away
in disgust.
Jenna watched her walk to a co-worker and begin talking to her. They
chatted and pointed in her direction and then snickered together. Jenna
wanted to crawl into a hole right about then.
"Here," Trisha said as she handed Jenna a short leather leash, "take this
over to them and ask her if this is suitable for you. Tell them I want to
know if it's good quality and won't break if I pull up hard on it. Tell
them I ride your face and I need to pull up hard sometimes. Tell them I
said you'll show them how you let me ride your face."
Jenna felt faint. Her eyes blinked uncontrollably as she tried to
comprehend what Trisha was asking of her. Her heart raced and she felt her
skin go cold. This couldn't be happening. Surely Trisha wasn't asking her
to go over to a couple of complete strangers IN A STORE and tell them all
that stuff AND MEAN IT, was she?
"Y-you're k**ding me, right Ms. Trisha?" Jenna hoped upon hope.
Trisha's eyes glared at the young teacher and she clenched her jaw. "You do
what I said, right goddamn now or there'll be HELL to pay. Do you
understand slut?" Trisha snarled. "And if they don't understand what you
mean then I'd better see you drop to your knees in a New York second, do
you hear me?"
Jenna was breathless. Her skin crawled with fear and humiliation as she
took the leash and slowly walked toward the two sales girls who stared at
her as she approached.
"Yes?" the dark haired girl snottily said as Jenna shuffled up to them like
a dog with its tail between its legs, "can I help you?" she asked as she
folded her arms across her chest and looked down her nose at Jenna.
Both sales girls looked down at the smaller Jenna and scowled their
disapproval that she was allowing herself to be humiliated like that in
public. Jenna sensed their hatred for her and she could read the repulsion
on their faces. She felt empty inside, knowing that what they felt was
justified. Jenna couldn't look them in the eye and her mouth was dry and
cottony as she tried to speak.
"Uh, my, my girlfriend wants to know if this leash is suitable for me,"
Jenna sputtered.
"What do you mean 'suitable'?" asked the dark haired sales girl in a
cynical tone.
"Well, she wants to know if it's of good quality and can be pulled up hard
without breaking?" Jenna tried to explain in as vague a manner as possible
hoping the girls wouldn't ask more questions.
"Well, yes, it can be pulled up on, but..." the sales girl paused and
looked at her co-worker who was equally confused. She asked, "What's this
all about anyway? Why does she need to pull up on the leash anyway? What
are you two sicko's doing anyway?"
Jenna cringed. The words cut her to the quick and she wanted to run away
crying, but she knew she couldn't. Her palms sweat as she recalled what
Trisha had told her to do if the girls didn't understand. Jenna glanced
over her shoulder and saw Trisha watching her every move. She winced when
Trisha tapped the side of her nose and flipped her head in the direction of
the two sales girls. Jenna started to tremble as she said, "Uh, well, I,"
Jenna's head swirled and she stammered, "I, uh, have been asked to tell you
that, uh, well my girlfriend, uh, well she...she rides my face sometimes."
"WHAT!?" exclaimed the sales girl in a loud disgusted voice as she wrinkled
her nose. "Oh, you're sick!"
The brunette sales girl seemed a little more intrigued and asked, "What do
you mean she 'rides your face'? How does she do that?"
Jenna's worst nightmare continued unabated. She couldn't believe these
girls just didn't get it. She was going to have to show them after all. As
humiliated as she was, Jenna was even more miffed that these two girls just
didn't get it.
A little perturbed, Jenna said, "Fine. I'll show you," and she dropped to
her knees and motioned the brunette to come to her. Jenna reached out and
wrapped her hands behind her jean-covered thighs and pulled the girl toward
her. "Now, push your hips toward me."
As the girl pushed her hips toward the kneeling blonde, Jenna pushed her
nose against the brunette's crotch. The coarse seam of the jeans was highly
abrasive on her tender bridge but she nuzzled her nose tightly against the
damp material anyway. Jenna was surprised to feel such heat and moisture
through such thick material.
"See?" Jenna said as she spoke into the girls' thighs, "this is how she
rides my face, okay?"
"I don't get it?" said the brunette as she stood over the kneeling blonde
in the middle of the empty store, "this is all she does?"
Jenna looked up at the girl in disbelief. Was she really that stupid? "No,
of course that's not ALL she does," Jenna began, frustrated that she had to
spell everything out to this dumb sales girl, "she humps my face. You know,
she has orgasms, duh."
"I still don't get it", said the brunette as she placed her hands on her
hips in a domineering posture.
Jenna now felt suddenly stupid. She glanced around from her kneeling
position to see if anyone was looking and she unbuttoned and unzipped the
girls' jeans. She looked around again as she quickly pulled the tight jeans
and panties down to the girls knees. The thick smell of aroused female
encircled Jenna's head as the damp panties pulled free of their sticky
confinement. Jenna marveled at how the girls' pussy glistened with apparent
arousal as she pushed her pants to her ankles.
"Is this how she does it?" asked the brunette as she mounted Jenna's nose
and jammed her pussy onto her face.
"Yeah, is this how she does it?" repeated an angered sounding voice from
the dark haired girl behind her.
Jenna felt one hand push her head into the brunette's sopping cunt while
two more hands grabbed her hair and tilted her face skyward. The brunette
started to face fuck her right there in the store! Jenna could feel the
girls' weight as she humped her hard.
"Is this how she does it, bitch?" snarled the brunette as she ground away
on Jenna's face.
Jenna felt sharp jerks on her neck as the dark haired girl began to yank up
on her leash with one hand and sneer as she f***ed Jenna's face even deeper
into the brunette's cunt with the other, "Yeah, is this how she does it,
you whore?"
Both girls started yelling insults at Jenna as the brunette continued to
violently fuck Jenna's face.
"You're a goddamn slut, bitch!"
"You're a sick-o lesbian cunt, you whore!"
"Is this how your girlfriend fucks your face you piece of shit?!"
"Cum on her face Darla, just like her girlfriend does! Fuck her face
good. She likes it. She likes having her face fucked, don't you whore?"
Jenna held tightly onto the girls' thighs as she mercilessly rubbed her
pussy on Jenna's tender face. It was all Jenna could do to hold on. She was
at their mercy and had no choice. She hoped Trisha would come and rescue
her from these two deviants of society, but that didn't seem likely. All
she could do was kneel there and take it. Her face was coated with sticky
girl juice and her nose throbbed from the abuse. Jenna just hoped the girl
would cum soon.
"Oh, gawd," the brunette moaned, "I...I...I think I'm...cumming" she panted
as she upped the tempo.
"Let me help," said the dark haired girl, as she pulled up hard on the
leash, forcing Jenna's nose deeper into her friends oozing sex.
"Oh yes," exclaimed the brunette as she ground down hard on the bony
Jenna's nose bumped on and off the girls' throbbing clit until she groaned
in climax, "Aaaaahhhhhhooooohhhhhh!!"
Jenna relaxed as the brunette slowed and loosened her grip on her hair.
"Oh gawd," the brunette sighed as her pussy walls still twitched. "That was
Jenna tried to open her eyes, which were stuck shut with sticky girl
cum. She stretched her face and could feel the dried stickiness crack
away. Jenna tried to clear her mind and come to grips with just what
happened when she heard the dark haired girl say:
"Hey, Trish, the leash works just fine. Gawd, are you lucky! Where'd you
say you found the slut again?"
Jenna's mind was awash with questions as she paid for her new leash and
collar. She didn't understand what had just happened to her in the pet
store. Heck, she didn't know what had happened to her for the past
year. What was happening here anyway?
Jenna pondered her predicament as she was led from the store by a leash
attached to her collar. Trisha walked smartly through the front door waving
'goodbye' to her...friends? Jenna was confused. Did Trisha know those two
rapists in there? The one did call her by name hadn't she? Jenna wasn't
sure, but all she knew for sure was that two sales people in the pet store
had just f***ed her to fuck them with her face.
Her heart fluttered with her recollection of the latest events. Jenna felt
cold and empty inside as she drove to the local 'downtown' area. When she
parked and the two of them got out, the sun felt warm and cozy as it baked
them. The rural tree-lined street of small shops and local businesses was
not uncommon to Jenna, even though she hadn't spent much time there in the
Today was completely different though. Jenna didn't want to go there,
especially under the physical control of Trisha and her leash. Wearing the
collar wasn't so bad, but having it attached to the leash that Trisha
carried was humiliating. Jenna walked a few steps behind her teenage
tormentor and couldn't bear to lift her head to see people's reaction as
they passed them on the sidewalk. Jenna felt like crying as she'd listen to
people's snorts of disgust and comments about her sickness. They passed
several old women who spoke loud enough so they could hear each other not
realizing that everyone around them could hear them also. They mocked and
chastised Jenna for being so old and letting such a pretty young girl walk
her like a dog. They criticized her for not putting the young girl in her
place and that Jenna should be "ashamed of herself".
Whenever Jenna slowed, Trisha would give a quick jerk on the leash to make
her speed up. The pair walked several blocks to a hair salon. The large
picture window that adorned the storefront was one of many along the rural
downtown street. Jenna was glad to get off the street and out of the public
eye for a while.
The thirty something year-old woman at the front desk looked to Jenna first
because she was older. But when she saw the leash and collar she abruptly
looked down her nose at the tiny pitiful Jenna and turned her attention to
Trisha. "May I help you?" she asked.
Trisha had the leash d****d over her right shoulder. She turned toward
Jenna and told the woman, "She needs a complete body wax."
"Very well," said the woman. "Give me a minute to setup the room and I'll
be right with you."
Trisha watched the woman go to the back of the shop past several salon
chairs facing large mirrors mounted over countertops cluttered with hair
products and styling tools. She talked to two women about her same age that
both wore beautician's jackets. The three of them exchanged looks up front
until the receptionist motioned for the pair to come to the back. Trisha
gave a quick jerk on the leash and said, "Let's go slut."
Jenna was nervous. "Please, Ms. Trisha, please don't do this to me,
please," Jenna pleaded under her breath as Trisha led her to the small room
with a linen covered bed and a curtain door.
As the two women stood by and greeted Trisha and Jenna, they asked Jenna to
remove her clothes and put on a gown.
Trisha piped up immediately and offered, "Oh, she doesn't need a
gown. She'll just strip and be naked if that's okay with you."
The two technician's looked at each other and shrugged and said, "No,
that's fine. We just want her to feel comfortable."
Trisha chuckled at the opportunity to make a pun AND to humiliate her
little slut so she said, "Yeah, I want her to FEEL comfortable too."
Reluctantly, Jenna stripped off her blouse and bra. Her nipples were like
rocks as the cool air-conditioned room gave her goose bumps. Everyone in
the room noticed her erect nipples and while Trisha openly stared at them,
the two tech's merely glanced at them repeatedly. Jenna's stomach tightened
as she caught the women looking at her breasts and she immediately felt
uncomfortable. As she unzipped her skirt, she held her breath and paused
momentarily as a deafening quiet enveloped the room. Jenna could tell the
room was filled with anticipation as she let her skirt fall to the floor.
Both women stared at Jenna's hairless pussy for several seconds before one
of them broke the ice and patted the bed for her to lie down. The two
worked like an experienced pit crew as they spread wax on Jenna's legs and
arms before applying the paper strips and ripping off the hair in neat
lines. Before long, they had finished her topside and Jenna was instructed
to roll onto her stomach to do the backside.
Trisha insisted that she wanted "every inch" of her body waxed and that
they should not leave any hair anywhere.
They had Jenna lie back on her back and they waxed her stomach and breasts,
her shoulders, hands and feet. They did all the way up to her neck
including her underarms, when they finally stopped and looked at
Trisha. "What did you want to do here?" asked one as she pointed to Jenna's
already bald pussy.
"I want electrolysis done there," Trisha stated flatly. "I want her face
done as well."
Jenna felt her stomach tighten. What had she gotten herself into? She
wanted to cry out in protest but she just couldn't. These three were
talking about her like she was an object and wasn't even in the room. She
wanted to cry but all she did was just lie there and let these two remove
all the hair from her body.
One technician pulled over a machine with a needle-like device connected to
a power cord that she quickly turned on and started to go to work on
Jenna's pubic area. The tiny pinprick feeling was uncomfortable but Jenna
just lay there quietly and let her shock each hair and tweeze it out.
Meanwhile the other tech began waxing Jenna's face. She did her chin,
mustache area, cheeks and forehead. She leaned back when she finished as
gave Trisha an approving look.
Jenna watched in horror as Trisha's face turned to a scowl and she motioned
the "eyebrows, too" with her finger. Jenna's expression pleaded with Trisha
but Jenna didn't utter a word in protest. Her cool skin, now nearly
completely void of hair felt almost numb. Jenna closed her eyes and
squeezed back tears as the technician applied wax to her eyebrows. With two
quick jerks, they were gone.
The technician's turned Jenna like she was on a roasting spit and waxed her
backside completely. They flipped her back over and presented her for
Trisha's inspection. Each tech slid their stools to the top of the bed by
Jenna's shoulders and looked at Trisha as if to say, "here she is. She's
Trisha admired the handiwork and ran her hands over the hairless body
before her. Jenna's skin rippled with goose bumps as Trisha's tender touch
excited the naked teacher. Trisha paused and looked at the hairless pussy
before gently touching it. She watched Jenna tighten as her fingertips
massaged the swollen labia and tenderly part each labium.
"Mmmmmm, this feels nice," Trisha purred as she felt the hairless pussy
moisten at her touch. She stroked every inch of the swollen mound seeking
any missed hair. "Well, we're almost finished," she said as she seemed
satisfied that Jenna's pussy was completely hair-free.
The two tech's exchanged confused glances as they wondered what Trisha
meant by her statement.
The confusing statement interrupted Jenna's arousal as well.
"You can finish anytime you want," Trisha said as she gestured toward
Jenna's hair, "take it down."
The two techs, shocked, looked at each other and shrugged. They scooted
their stools in and began to run their fingers through Jenna's long silky
smooth blonde hair.
Jenna, horrified and speechless, started to cry. Her taut stomach heaved
uncontrollably as the tech's stroked her hair. She couldn't believe that
Trisha was so mean that she would make them cut off her beautiful
hair. Jenna had always taken great pride in her long flowing blonde locks
and now, this evil teen was telling these two beauticians to cut her hair.
Jenna's heart raced and her skin turned clammy. Her eye's pleaded with
Trisha and she wanted to cry out. Desperation made Jenna want to leap from
the table, but her fear kept her glued in place. Tears flowed freely from
her deep blue eyes and she found it hard to see. Trisha's shadowy figure
loomed by her side as Jenna tried to formulate the words to protest the
impending defilement.
Her voice shaking and her lips trembling, Jenna blubbered, "Please
Ms. Trisha, please don't let them do this. Please! I'm begging you
Ms. Trisha! I'll do anything you want, just please don't let them cut my
"Stop your whining, slut," Trisha stated uncaringly, "just lie there and
shut up."
Jenna was devastated at Trisha's uncaring attitude. "Please Ms. Trisha,"
Jenna pleaded as her stomach heaved. Jenna's crying was becoming
uncontrollable. She couldn't breathe as she sobbed again, "P-please,
M-Ms. T-Trisha, p-please d-don't l-let them..."
Trisha became agitated at Jenna's whining and crying. "Stop your crying and
be quiet!" she insisted in a firm sounding voice, "stop it now or I'll have
them cut it ALL off!"
Jenna kept blubbering and crying. She couldn't stop. The thought of these
two techs cutting her hair was unbearable. Her skin crawled with fright and
she wanted to run. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she sat up when she
heard scissors behind her.
"Hold her down!" Trisha yelled to the techs, "hold her down!"
The techs froze in place. They'd never had such an unruly client and they
weren't prepared to fight with anyone.
SCHLAP!! Came the sound of Trisha slapping the distraught Jenna across the
Jenna's blubbering stopped for a short second as the pain of the sharp slap
got her attention.
Trisha seized the moment and quickly attached the collar to Jenna's
throat. "Now, when I say you'll do something, you'll do it! Understand
SLUT!" she shouted in Jenna's face.
Jenna knew she had crossed some imaginary boundary and was in trouble with
Trisha. She blinked her eyes to clear the tears and her mind as she tried
to regain her composure.
Trisha recognized that Jenna was trying to calm herself so she wanted to do
her part to reassure her that things were okay, "It's only hair, slut," she
reminded her as she grabbed her elbow and jerked on her leash.
Jenna, blinded by the horrible events and terrified of the future, slid her
legs off the table, stood and followed Trisha as she led her back to the
Trisha had had enough of Jenna's insolence and made up her mind that she
would show Jenna just who was in charge. She led the naked teacher to the
parlor where two customers sitting under hair dryers stared at Jenna in
disbelief as the young teen led the older looking nude buxom blonde to a
spot in the middle of the store facing a mirror.
Jenna trembled and tried to cover herself from the prying eyes of the
customers inside and the strolling pedestrians outside. Her bare, hairless
skin bristled with goose bumps as she fought back tears.
Trisha grabbed a handful of Jenna's hair and held it so that Jenna could
see it in the mirror. Trisha leaned in next to Jenna's ear and growled,
"This is your next lesson for the day, slut." And with a large pair of
scissors she cut a huge chunk right out of the middle.
Jenna gasp, "Oh my gawd!" as the clump wafted lightly to the floor. Jenna
just stood there, clutching at her breasts hoping what she was witnessing
was just some bad dream.
Trisha cut several more huge chunks of hair from Jenna's head before giving
the scissors to one of the techs.
The tech trimmed Jenna's hair to a very short bob length. Trisha motioned
to the other tech with her fingers, to "get the clippers".
The buzz of clippers sent shivers up Jenna's spine as she watched in horror
as her head was sheared like a sheep. Large clumps of hair fell all around
her and some even stuck to her tear dampened cheeks. Within seconds, her
beautiful blonde hair was gone.
Jenna stood lifeless and in disbelief. Her naturally pale skin was now void
of all pinkness and was white as a sheet. Jenna, shocked, stared at herself
in the large mirror.
Her head was bald, she had no eyebrows or hair whatsoever, anywhere. Only
her eyelashes were left, that was it. Jenna blinked back tears as she
stared at herself in disbelief. It felt like her world had just come to an
end. She'd even stopped breathing for a minute or so, as she tried to
gather it all in.
Gradually, her narrow focus began to widen as bl**d eventually worked its
way back to her face. In the reflection of the mirror Jenna saw Trisha
standing behind her with a smirk on her face and the two techs admiring
their work.
Jenna didn't know what to say or do. She felt so disgusting, so naked, so
exposed. What would her students think? What about their parents, the
school staff, people in general? Would she ever be able to show herself in
public again? Could she ever return to St. Monica's looking like this?
Could she even go on living?
Just as Jenna was beginning to comprehend the whole awful scene, one of the
beauticians wrapped a heated damp towel around her head. Jenna quickly
found Trisha in the mirrors reflection and pleaded to her with her
eyes. Jenna felt a tremendous emptiness inside as her horrible predicament
became clearer. She was standing naked in the middle of a beauty shop with
a large picture window facing the street. Two patrons sitting under hair
dryers were staring at her nakedness and her degradation. Two technicians
were preparing to shave her head clean and there was NOTHING she could do
about it.
Jenna's heart pounded wildly in her chest as the technicians busily went
about their business. The towel was removed and shaving cream spread over
her head. A razor dragged its way across her scalp, removing what tiny
bristles were left behind. In seconds, Jenna was completely BALD.
There she stood, naked, bald and hairless in front of beauty shop patrons
and the world. Jenna was mortified. She stood statue-like, frozen and
unable to move or speak. Her skin tingled with wild sensations from
delicate air movements that gently rolled across her hairless body. She was
lost in her own world. Her mind clouded with uncertainty, fear, humiliation
and anxiety. Jenna was a mental mess and it was amazing that she could
still stand.
Trisha, on the other hand, was reveling in her accomplishment. Wetness
seeped from her pussy as she stared in delirious disbelief at her teacher
who was standing in the middle of a beauty shop, naked, bald, hairless and
humiliated. The only thing that disrupted her total nakedness was the
collar around her neck that supported the leash that dipped off Jenna's
back and ended in Trisha's hand. Trisha could hardly breathe as she stared
at the young petite Ms. Tarp. Just how much control did she really have
over this tiny teacher anyway? Her mind tossed wild thoughts around like
popcorn and her heart raced excitedly at the possibilities.
Her work here in the beauty shop was almost done. It was time for Trisha to
f***e her young submissive to perform one final degrading task before they
left. Trisha straightened her back and took a step back. She stood in the
middle of the shop with the large picture window to her right so that
passersby could see her profile. With the patrons and technicians watching
her every move, Trisha jerked gently on the leash to get Jenna's
attention. As the dazed and zombie-like teacher slowly turned to face her
young tormentor, Trisha pointed to the floor.
Instinctively, Jenna knew what this meant and slowly dropped to her
knees. She stared into Trisha's eyes, as she knew what to expect. Jenna was
in a mental place all by herself. She was on autopilot and nothing seemed
real around her.
The cool tile floor did little to raise her awareness to her very public
surroundings and Jenna simply tilted her head back and opened her
mouth. Her eyes were glazed over as she watched Trisha lift her skirt and
pull down her panties. With Jenna's own hands, she gently took Trisha by
her knees and helped guide her pussy onto her open mouth.
Jenna closed her eyes as the teenagers warm urine shot down her throat and
filled her willing cavity. Jenna could hear Trisha moan with relief as she
emptied the contents of her bladder into her mouth while everyone watched
in disgust.
Jenna's heart sank as she choked down the raunchy smelly liquid as everyone
groaned and turned away. She wondered how things had ever progressed this
far and where things were headed from here. Here she was, in a public
place, naked, bald, hairless, letting a young teenage girl piss down her
throat like she was a human toilet. As she lapped at the few remaining
drops of golden liquid as they were squeezed from Trisha's flexing pussy,
Jenna realized her life was over. She had just sunk to a new low and now
everyone would know about her perverse needs.
"They were needs, too, weren't they?" she questioned to herself as she
swiped her tongue into Trisha's pussy to thoroughly clean her as best she
could. Jenna listened and began to feel a little better as Trisha spoke to
"You did well my little slut. You 're learning your place in life and how to
service my needs. You've successfully passed your training session here and
you should be proud of yourself," Trisha boldly stated before concluding,
"And now, my young slut, we will leave this place and finish our shopping
for the day with one last stop. There, you will permanently show your
service to me: Ms. Trisha, your new MISTRESS."
Wearing only her skirt and blouse, Jenna was led from the beauty parlor and
back onto the street. Th e small group of passersby that had witnessed
Jenna's public degradation in the parlor, slowly parted as the young
Ms. Trisha proudly passed between them. Only murmurs were audible as words
emanated from the disbelieving group.
"Yeah, that's her."
"Oh my gawd, can you believe she did that?"
"She's really SICK!"
"She was so beautiful too. Why do you think she did that?"
"Sick lesbian whore!"
Jenna stared at the ground and couldn't bear to look anyone in the eye. Her
large breasts swung easily in her blouse now that she wasn't wearing a bra
anymore. Her nipples sc****d at the soft material and sprang to
erectness. This did not go unnoticed by the people gathered outside.
"Look at her. She's excited."
"Oh my gawd, how could you be excited by doing that?"
"See her nipples? That means she liked it."
"Uh-oh, headlights, headlights..."
Jenna tried to cover herself from the prying eyes but Trisha's sharp jerk
on her leash almost caused her to stumble. As quickly as she could she
shuffled between the disgusted group and briskly walked behind Trisha. As
strange as it seemed, Trisha was Jenna's only source of comfort right then.
Jenna's shiny baldhead reflected light off her bright white scalp and
caught the attention of nearly everyone on both sides of the street as they
walked uphill. Jenna kept trying to cover herself, but it was useless. Her
breasts bounced uncontrollably and her scalp tingled with newness. Jenna
sniffled when she'd catch a glimpse or two of herself in the shop windows
they'd pass. She looked atrocious and she hated her appearance.
Being dragged behind the long striding Trisha was humiliating. Jenna was
leashed like a dog and was being displayed like some disgusting
a****l. Jenna wondered how many people would recognize her as the 'new
teacher from St. Monica's'? She worried that she'd end up in some prison
cell somewhere. She knew her behavior wasn't condoned anywhere and she
figured it was just a matter of time before it came back to haunt
her. Every time she submitted to Trisha's will, Jenna knew she was only
sinking deeper into a deviant abyss that was getting harder and harder to
get out of.
She even questioned her sanity. Jenna wondered if she were truly crazy. How
could she have done such awful things with such a young girl? How did she
ever let things get this far? When would it all end? Did she want it to
Jenna gasped when she heard her own mind ask that question. Her heart
fluttered as things began to cycle through her distraught mind.
"Here she is," Jenna heard Trisha say, not even realizing that they had
entered a dark shop with cartoons and hand drawn pictures pinned to the
black painted walls. Jenna looked around the dismal dirty shop and spied a
shadowy figure emerge from a dark back room door.
"Hmmmm, nice," came the deep voice of the large black woman that slowly
stepped into the dim light that cascaded in through the large painted
storefront window. "Where'd you find her?"
"She's my teacher at school," offered Trisha in response.
Jenna felt like passing out. Trisha had just told this stranger that SHE
was her teacher at SCHOOL! "Oh my gawd," she sighed as she bit her lower
lip and choked back tears. Her life WAS over! Revealing that information
made her WORSE than Mary Kay. "At least Mary Kay had sex with a male
student", she justified to herself.
"So what'd you have in mind for the pretty white princess?" asked the tall
muscular black woman in a deep demeaning tone.
Jenna winced at the pure size of the woman. She must have been six foot
tall at least. She was VERY muscular. Jenna guessed that she'd played
sports her whole life. She was pretty enough, but so big and daunting that
she scared the tiny petite Jenna.
Trisha leaned against the counter and swung the leash in a circle as if
playing jump rope and said, "I need a few tattoo's and a couple
Jenna's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. Things had just gone too
far. There was NO WAY she was going to allow Trisha to have her pierced and
tattooed. NO WAY!
Before Jenna could react, the black woman said, "Well, let's see what we
have to work with," and she ripped open Jenna's blouse exposing her large
heaving breasts. As buttons flew, Jenna tried to step back, but in one
single swift move her blouse was opened and pushed back over her shoulders
down to her elbows, effectively pinning her arms behind her.
As the black woman gripped her blouse firmly with one hand in the small of
Jenna's back, she used her other hand to slowly trace a line down Jenna's
face and onto her neck. Jenna gasped as the gentle touch sent goose bumps
rippling across her skin. She held her breath when she felt her nipples
harden in response to the seductive touch. Jenna wanted to scream, but
somehow couldn't summon the energy. Her taut stomach heaved as the woman's
fingers slid down her breastbone then slowly cupped her breast. Jenna
squinted when her breast was hefted as if to test its weight. The large
hand then flattened out on her stomach and pushed its way lower.
Jenna stopped trying to free herself and stood submissively as the long
fingers of the black woman's hand slid inside her waistband and slowly
circled her waist. She sensed the woman's grinning smirk when her fingers
came to rest near the zipper. Jenna felt them fumble momentarily before she
gasp, "Oh" when her skirt dropped to her ankles.
Still tightly clutching Jenna's blouse to the small of her back, the black
tattoo artist slowly ran her large hand from hipbone to hipbone letting her
fingertips brush lightly across Jenna's smooth pubic mound. "Mmmmm, nice,"
she cooed as she felt its smoo thness.
Jenna was so small by comparison to this huge muscular woman. Jenna was
almost c***d-like as she stood next to her. Her tiny naked, hairless frame
shivered as a long thick finger ran up the crease of her moistening
vagina. Jenna couldn't understand where her excitement was coming from. She
was truly afraid and worried about what was to come. Yet, despite her
fears, she still found herself aroused by the sultry touch of this
Amazonian woman. "Please stop," Jenna whispered, more out of fear of her
own excitement rather than fear of being scared.
Annoyed that Jenna would even think of protesting, the tattoo artist said,
"What'd you say?" as she jammed two long fingers deep into Jenna's cunt and
raised her up like she was on a meat hook.
Jenna winced and gasped, "OH!" at the sudden sharp pain as she was nearly
lifted up by her cunt. She danced helplessly on her toes and pleaded,
"NOTHING, I didn't say anything! I'm sorry."
"That's better," said the black woman as she released the pressure and
lowered Jenna to her feet. "She'll do fine," she said to Trisha, who was
grinning from ear-to-ear. "Put her on the chair," and she motioned to the
large obstetrician-like chair, complete with stirrups.
Trisha guided Jenna onto the chair and grinned as she looked at the
helpless teacher's pleading eyes. "Now, my little slut, you will
permanently become mine - FOREVER!" Trisha giggled an almost evil sounding
laugh as she stepped back and watched the large black tattoo artist begin
to strap Jenna into the chair.
A large thick strap went across her forehead, two more on each arm, one
each across her chest and hips and finally one on each knee and ankle that
spread her legs wide in a knee up position. Jenna was completely immobile
and looked like she was ready for the worst pelvic exam of her life. Trisha
tried to tickle Jenna to see how much she could move and when she barely
wiggled, Trisha was satisfied.
"So what exactly did you have in mind?" the artist asked Trisha.
"I want 'Trisha's SLUT' written here," as she pointed to Jenna's pubic
area, "and I want a 'BULLSEYE' here," and she pushed a finger into Jenna's
tiny anus causing her to clench her butt together and squeal.
Jenna was more nervous than ever. She was having wild thoughts bounce
around her mind. She wasn't so much scared as she she
was...excited? Was it true? Was she actually becoming excited and aroused
at the prospect of becoming tattooed? This couldn't be happening, she must
be wrong. This whole scene was wrong, her whole life was wrong, what was
happening to her? Could the idea of being permanently tattooed, to be
permanently marked as Trisha's property, actually appeal to her? How could
that be? Jenna's mind spun out of control and she could barely comprehend
the growing list of disfigurements Trisha was listing.
"And I want both nipples pierced with BIG rings, and I want a clit ring
right here," as she rubbed the glistening slit. "What do you think about a
nose ring, should I get one of those, too?"
"Definitely. You can attach your leash there when she showers," stated the
black woman with the sound of authority. "What about these?" the artist
asked as she grabbed a handful on Jenna's breast and wiggled it.
"What about them?" Trisha inquired.
"Do you want them individually labeled with say, 'Trisha's...Property'?"
she asked as she paused and pointed to each tit separately.
Trisha jumping and clapping her hands together excitedly exclaimed, "Oh
yes, oh yes and I want eyebrows TOO!"
Jenna shuddered as her pussy tightened and inexplicably filled with
moisture. Her flat stomach tensed as her distraught, confused mind swelled
with uncertainty. What was happening to her? The thought of her voluptuous
full breasts being permanently marked was both horrifying AND exhilarating
at the same time. Jenna didn't know what to make of the conflicting
feelings that swirled through her very being. She did her best to look
down, despite her bound condition, and she could see her nipples were like
pencil erasers, hard and firm. She could feel her pussy swelling with
excitement and starting to ooze.
Yet, despite her obvious arousal, Jenna feared the disfigurement. She knew
this was a permanent process and the idea of forever being 'owned' by
Trisha, both scared her and aroused her.
How could things have progressed this far anyway? Jenna flashed back to the
first day she'd seen Trisha in her class. The cherub little face on this
teenager soon became a thing to be feared and she dreaded seeing her in the
halls. Trisha had terrified her from day one and yet, now, Jenna felt
something very strange in her innermost soul. I mean, here she was, a 22
year-old WOMAN allowing herself to be controlled AND used by a 14 year old
teenage GIRL of all things.
Jenna worried that people would think she was a lesbian or something if she
allowed this stuff to happen to her. Realistically, Jenna knew in her heart
she wasn't gay, she was just an unfortunate victim of a sadistic teenage
girl who loved to hold and exploit her power.
On one hand Jenna wanted to run away, even though she knew it was
physically impossible given her current circumstances, but on the other
hand Jenna almost craved whatever Trisha dished out.
A tear ran down the side of Jenna's face as her personal disgust for
herself was taking over. She chastised herself for letting things get out
of hand and she started to blubber, "Please, Ms. Trisha, please don't do
this, PLEASE!"
Trisha raised her hand to slap the bound and blubbering teacher when her
arm was stopped in midair.
"I'll take care of her whining," said the black tattoo artist. She reached
under her chair, opened a drawer and pulled out a ball gag. "I get a few
cry babies in here once in a while," she said as she loosened the head
strap on Jenna.
Jenna's eyes welled up with tears and she whimpered and pleaded with them
not to put the ball gag on her, "Please! I'll stop, I promise, I won't say
anymore. Please don't put that on me, PLEASE!" As the black woman placed
the leather straps over Jenna's face, she struggled a bit and pleaded some
more, "I'll be good! I promise! Please, don't...mmmmmpppphhhhh,
mmmmpppphhhh," before the ball gag muffled her noise.
Jenna's head was re-secured with the strap and she powerless to resist.
The physically fit black woman dragged her cart next to her and positioned
herself between Jenna's legs. She took her tattoo needle device and began
to print "Trisha's Slut" on Jenna's pubic mound. Jenna wanted to squeal as
the painful process began. She sucked her stomach in as far as it would go
to try and escape the inevitable but her binds and gag prevented her from
resisting to any significant manner.
The tattoo artist printed each letter and blotted up bl**d with devilish
pleasure. She loved tattooing white bitches like this one. It made her wet
and horny to have such power. It was like payback for all the suppression
her race had suffered over the centuries. To tattoo and pierce white sluts
like this one was a very special treat indeed. She grinned to herself as
she thought what a pity it was the each letter took soooo long to form.
The black woman pushed her left thumb onto Jenna's swollen moist clit as
she braced her hand to blot and wipe the bl**d. She loved making little
white whores like this one wiggle and squeal as she tormented their body
In a few minutes the process was complete. Jenna sighed that the pain was
over, but sniffled at what it must look like. She was now marked as
"Trisha's Slut" - PERMANENTLY.
Jenna started to cry and snort air through her nose. The reality of what
was happening was beginning to settle in. No longer was she just a young
innocent teacher at an all girl's school. No longer was she living the
dream she had set for herself. No longer was she doing the things she'd
always dreamed she would. From this day forward her life would be
dramatically different than ANYTHING she could have EVER imagined.
How could she EVER explain away what was happening to her now? Surely
someone someday would see that tattoo. Jenna squeezed her eyes together and
prayed that her pubic hair would cover the disgusting tattoo. She cried
quietly as the strong black woman slid her stool alongside her. Jenna
peeked out tiny tear-filled slits as she reached up toward her face and
began to make a thin line on her eyebrow. Jenna sniffed and winced as the
needle device repeatedly punctured her freshly plucked skin creating a
tattoo eyebrow.
Jenna blinked several times to clear her vision and f***e tears down her
cheeks. She could see the black woman's face was focused on her task but
there was also something else she noticed. It may have been her
imagination, but it almost seemed like the big black woman was enjoying her
task. Jenna swore she could see a glimmer in the woman's eye and a grin on
her lips. She wondered how anyone could be so sadistic.
After a few minutes, the tattoo artist sat back and took a deep breath
before settling in above Jenna's tits. She looked at Trisha and said,
"Topside or bottom side?"
Trisha knew what the woman was asking and said, "Top side."
"Are you sure?" she asked to make sure. When Trisha nodded, the black woman
told Trisha, "I need to clean this area, okay?"
Trisha nodded her approval and watched as the black woman leaned over
Jenna's breast, extended her long thick, bright pink tongue and licked a
wide streak across her breast. Trisha could see and hear Jenna undulate in
response and she grinned widely.
The black woman began the process of writing "Trisha's" across Jenna's
right breast and before long had completed "Property" on her left breast.
Jenna was in a state of total confusion. She worried what people would
think if they ever saw her tattoos. How would she ever explain them? The
first one's may be covered by hair someday, but not these. But through it
all, Jenna was getting some amazing sensations that caused her to become
aroused. None of it was making any sense and her mind was a flood of mixed
"Okay, almost done with this part," stated the artist, "only one more."
With that, she began to crank a handle that started to raise Jenna's
legs. Soon her knees were bent next to her chest, fully exposing her anus
to the artist. Jenna found it hard to breath in this position and felt
totally exposed. She'd been in some unusual positions before but none like
this. Her legs were spread and her ass was pointing skyward.
As the artist repositioned herself and was about to begin designing the
'bullseye' on Jenna's anus, Trisha stopped her and asked, "Excuse me, but
don't you need to clean her first?" Trisha thought her heart would stop
when she saw the black woman smile widely and turn to face Jenna.
Jenna didn't know what to think as she watched the black woman grab the
back of her legs and lean in toward her asshole. Jenna tightened and gasped
into the ball gag when she felt the thick, coarse tongue push down on her
tiny asshole. She hadn't felt anything that large since her night in
prison. Jenna couldn't even move. As much as she wanted to wiggle away from
the intruding dagger, her tightly bound position disabled her from moving
at all. All Jenna could do was lie there and try to relax.
Satisfied, Trisha said, "Hey, I've got to run a couple quick errands. I'll
be back in less than an hour. Finish her up, won't you?"
The black artist was in heaven. She'd been able to reap the benefits of her
job before, but NEVER quite like this. She followed Trisha to the shop door
and told her, "I'll work on her while you're away. I should be finished
before you return." She locked the shops door after Trisha walked out and
flipped the 'open' sign to 'closed'.
Jenna watched in horror as the tall black woman leaned against the shop
door as if she was catching her breath. She saw the big woman take a couple
deep breaths and straighten up.
"Well, it looks like ol' Jasmine and you have the place to ourselves now,"
the black artist sighed. "Don't worry honey, I'll take good care of you
while your little girlfriend is away. I know just what you need."
She went into a side room and came back seconds later carrying a large
black strap-on dildo. Jenna tried to squirm her disapproval as best she
could but it was useless. Her binds were too tight and the ball gag muffled
her. If it weren't for her horrifying experience in prison, Jenna wouldn't
have even known what that thing was. She knew now though and she dreaded
it. With her feet up in stirrups and her knees by her chest, Jenna knew her
anus was the likely target for this sick black woman's lust. Try as she
might, Jenna pinched her anus muscle as tight as she could.
With the strap-on firmly affixed to her waist, Jasmine stood between
Jenna's legs and stared at the young teacher. "You know something whore? I
hate little white bitches like you. You think you're better than me and
that pisses me off. All my life I've been trained to respect the white
woman. So when I get an opportunity to do one of you 'high and mighty's', I
DO 'EM!"
Jenna tried to plead her innocence to the angry black woman, but nothing
came out. She couldn't even struggle.
"Now, sit back and relax whitey, ol' Jasmine is gonna fuck you somethin'
fierce." She leaned forward and ran her saliva-covered tongue across
Jenna's anus, lubricating her target. With one hand on the back of Jenna's
leg for support, Jasmine used the other to guide the head of the two-inch
thick black rubber phallus against Jenna's tightly crushed asshole.
Jenna tried to prevent the brutal intrusion and small beads of sweat popped
out on her forehead as she strained to keep the massive dildo out. She
screamed into the ball gag as the pressure increased. She could feel the
heavy black woman's weight as she pressed her body behind the latex
pole. Jenna screamed and screamed as the rubber tip began to invade her ass
and slowly spread her sphincter.
Seconds later and despite Jenna's best efforts, the thick dildo thumped
past her muscular ring and the rubber body slid well inside her. As the
thickness and length filled her, Jenna felt defeated, yet almost
relieved. Both women sighed as the dildo finally slid home.
"You like this don't you little whitey?" Jasmine taunted Jenna. "You like
it when a big black woman fucks your tiny white ass, don't you?"
Jenna couldn't say 'no', she couldn't even shake her head 'no'. All she
could do was lie there and let this muscular black woman have her way. It
only took a few painful strokes for Jenna to remember her night in
prison. She remembered that the best way to live through this was to
relax. With her ass pointing upward, Jenna inhaled through her nose and
exhaled deeply, relaxing her asshole. She closed her eyes as the pain
disappeared almost immediately.
Jasmine sensed something changed and upped her rhythm. She pushed on the
back of Jenna's knees and humped her ass like an a****l. She banged her so
deeply that her hipbones smashed against the tiny teacher's thighs. "You
like this don't you whore? Where'd that little girl find you anyway?"
Jasmine panted between strokes. "I want you to come back and visit ol'
Jasmine sometime, okay? I loves to fuck white women."
Jenna just lied there and let Jasmine fuck away. What else could she do?
She was helpless. It was pointless to struggle, she may as well make the
best of it, right? I mean, the sensation of the thick dick pumping in and
out of her ass was sending wild chills throughout her body. Even though it
felt like it was pressing against her lungs at times, the overriding
feeling was outrageous. Jenna puffed air through her nose with each deep
thrust. Soon she found herself panty in rhythm with Jasmine.
Drops of sweat dripped onto Jenna's stomach from Jasmine's
forehead. Jasmine was working hard and the strain was starting to show on
her face. She grit her teeth and growled more insults to the bound teacher
as she continued to pound her ass, "I hate little white sluts like you. You
deserve this and MORE! I'm gonna fuck you so won't walk for a
Jenna heard the insults but they just blended in with the moment. Her
panting and bouncing was slowly bringing her to orgasm. She didn't want to,
but her body was betraying her once again. The heavy thrusts shook her
breasts and filled her anal cavity to its peak. Jenna didn't want to admit
it, but she liked it.
She puffed a few more breaths of air through her nose and listened as
Jasmine's insults became more abusive.
"This one's for my momma," Jasmine said as she thrust her hips against
Jenna, "and this one's for my daddy. I'm fucking you for all my friends and
f****y you fuckin' white bitch. You think you're so much better than me,
well how much better are you NOW?"
Jenna couldn't hold back any longer. She feared the message her orgasm
might send to this angry black woman who was so violently fucking her ass
would be the wrong one. Jenna wondered if would be an insult.
It didn't matter, she had no choice. Jenna was cumming and there was
nothing she could do about it now. With the thick rubber dildo driving deep
into her ass, Jenna groaned deeply into the ball gag as her pussy expelled
girl juice, "mmmmmmpppppphhhhhhh"
Jasmine recognized Jenna's orgasm and slowed her thrusting. As the
recovering teacher lay before her, Jasmine kept the dildo pushed all the
way inside her. She pinched Jenna's nipples as the woozy teacher
swoo ned. With two quick clicks, Jasmine pierced each nipple and inserted
thick rings.
Jasmine kept the dildo in Jenna's ass as she pushed back her labia and
located her swollen, throbbing clit. Using her thick fingers to pinch it,
she pushed back the skin on the hood. Jenna was barely conscious and only
moaned as Jasmine manipulated the sensitive organ. Jasmine took a short
thick needle and tightly pinched the clitoral hood and pressed the needle
Jenna tensed and her eyes popped open and instantly filled with tears. The
pain was excruciating and she started to cry as Jasmine pushed the clit
ring through the fresh hole.
With her nipples and clit still burning, Jenna held her breath and squeezed
back more tears as Jasmine leaned forward and with a gun-like tool punched
a hole through the middle of Jenna's nose. Tears streamed down her cheeks
and she whimpered in pain into the ball gag. Jenna winced and flinched as
Jasmine pushed yet another ring in place.
"There now, all done." Jasmine said as she straightened and slowly
retracted the dildo from Jenna's ass. "Just one more thing to do and you're
all finished slut."
Jasmine unlocked the shop door and flipped the sign to 'open'.
A few minutes later, Trisha returned just as Jasmine was finishing the
'bullseye' tattoo around Jenna's anus.
"You're just in time. How's she look?" Jasmine asked as she presented the
pierced and tattooed Jenna.
"Wow! She looks GREAT!" Trisha smiled as she surveyed the black artist's
handiwork. "Guess what slut?" Trisha began as Jasmine un-strapped the tired
young whore. "I bought us a few toys for later AND I got you some business
cards. Wanna see 'em?"
Jenna was tired, sore and in no mood to resist Trisha's question. She could
barely stand, as her ass was doubly sore. Jenna dressed as best she could
and listened as Trisha explained.
"As the final part of your training for the day, slut, we're, or shall I
say 'you're' going to introduce yourself around town today and pass out
your business cards. You'll introduce yourself to whoever I say, by saying,
'Hi, I'm Jenna, the lesbian whore' and you'll hand them a business card."
Jenna squirmed at the words and froze in place as she read the business
card. It read:
Jenna Tarp
Lesbian teacher at St. Monica's School for Girls
"Have tongue, will grovel"
Will service you for free. Party's welcome.
Followed by her telephone number and address.
Jenna was in a daze. Her eyes were glossed over and she had retreated into
her own mind. Over and over she replayed the events of the past year and
she was nothing short of stunned.
As she bounced along the street behind a giddy Trisha, who was reveling in
humiliating her personal slut at every opportunity by introducing her to
shopkeepers and customers alike and making Jenna say 'Hi, I'm Jenna, the
lesbian whore', over and over again, Jenna was almost oblivious to her
surroundings. The warm afternoon sun was starting to cool as it slowly set
in the west and long shadows stretched across the vacating store-lined
Jenna's button-less blouse was tied under her firm but sore bouncing
breasts that were freshly labeled with "Trisha's Property" and pierced with
thick rings. Her once beautiful body that was the envy of nearly every
woman, was now defiled and permanently marked with tattoo's and body
Jenna had never been a vain person but she recalled the numerous times when
she'd been called "the most beautiful woman I've ever seen" by women and
men alike. Her long flowing blonde locks were so silky smooth that everyone
yearned to touch them. Her large firm breasts looked fake because they were
so perky and firm. Her athletic physique with it's flat stomach, strong
shapely legs and round butt were features that set her apart from most
other women and snatched lustful looks from men and women alike, all the
time. Except for her shortness, Jenna was nearly perfect in every way.
"But now," Jenna sniffed, now she was BALD. Her long golden locks were
gone, replaced by a shiny white scalp that drew the same amount of
attention but for the WRONG reason. Her beautiful face had a thick ring
hanging from her nose and her eyebrows were thin lines of ink. Her beauty
was diminished dramatically and people stared and laughed at the hapless
young teacher as Trisha dragged her from place to place.
"Wow," Trisha exclaimed as she looked at the handful of business cards in
her hand, "we've passed out a lot of these. You should win at least ONE
free lunch, slut," she giggled at her sarcasm.
Jenna wanted to cry. The idea that Trisha had been passing out her
'business cards' all over town was humiliating. "And what did it say
again?" she asked herself as she looked at the one she had crushed in her
Jenna Tarp
Lesbian teacher at St. Monica's School for Girls
"Have tongue, will grovel"
Will service you for free. Party's welcome.
A shudder nearly shook Jenna to the ground. Emptiness inside her very soul
left her feeling helpless and afraid. She wondered what would happen as
word spread. "Will anyone actually call?" she pondered. "Hopefully people
will just think it was a cruel joke and ignore it," she tried to convince
"Okay, slut, one last stop before home," Trisha declared.
Jenna was thankful for that and sighed a deep sigh. After the day's
horrible events, nothing Trisha had up her sleeve could be worse than what
poor Jenna had already been through. The collar around Jenna's neck jerked
forward and Jenna stumbled behind Trisha as she led the degraded young
teacher into a cafe.
A pretty young hostess showed the unlikely pair to a booth in the corner of
the tiny restaurant. Small circular tables decorated with candles were
sprinkled about the busy dinner hour cafe. Jenna blinked often trying to
ignore the repeated shocked stares of the mostly female patronage as she
and Trisha made their way past them. Her heart raced and her skin burned
from the hateful stares.
Trisha slid in first and sat in the middle of the bench. Jenna hesitated
and then tried to sit next to Trisha. Her butt hung off the edge as she sat
on what was left of the bench next to her agitated-looking
tormentress. Jenna held her breath when Trisha stared straight ahead and
started to speak.
"This is your last lesson for the day, slut," Trisha began slowly, "from
now on, we are NOT on the same level. You will serve me in any way I
desire, do you understand slut?"
Jenna was scared as she tried to maintain her balance in the booth. She
felt her heart pound against her breastbone as she thought about the
question and her answer. If she answered 'yes', she was forever submitting
to a young teenage girl, wasn't she? Could anything Trisha dish out be any
worse than what she'd done to her already? Jenna sighed, as she answered
'no' to her own question. Reluctantly and defeated, Jenna exhaled, "Yes."
"Good then," Trisha smiled and with a sharp bump from her hip she shoved
the dangling Jenna onto the floor. "While I dine, you will kneel on the
floor next to me, understand whore?" she asked the shocked Jenna as she sat
on the floor, red-faced and embarrassed.
Jenna couldn't bear to look around the cafe, but could feel the eyes upon
her and she could hear the disgusted murmurs of the angry patrons at the
lewd display before them. She quickly scrambled to her knees and closed her
eyes as if praying, hoping that she could just disappear. Jenna wished she
could crawl in a hole and die.
The waitress came and took Trisha's order and ignored Jenna completely. It
was if she wasn't even there. Jenna felt totally humiliated.
Trisha quickly drank three glasses of water before her order came. She ate
her food and then slid out of the booth. "Wait here," she told the kneeling
young teacher.
Jenna watched the young teenager walk to every table in the cafe that had
only women and whisper to them. She'd slip them one of Jenna's business
cards and move to the next one.
After Trisha had finished visiting every woman in the cafe, she returned
and sat down. "I need some cash, slut."
Jenna gave Trisha her debit card and told her her pin. Trisha returned a
short time later with a fistful of cash that she formed into a fan and
flashed to everyone as the sauntered back to the booth. With a jerk on
Jenna's leash she said, "Let's go slut."
Trisha led Jenna to the tiny dirty one stalled restroom. As the door sprang
closed behind them, Trisha pointed to the floor. Jenna's heart sank as she
knelt on the floor in front of the young teen. Trisha raised her skirt and
paused until Jenna had placed her mouth under her cunt. With a deep sigh,
Trisha released the contents of her bladder into Jenna's waiting mouth. She
could feel Jenna choke down her warm salty liquid and then clean her with
her tongue.
Jenna froze when she heard a light knock on the door. She looked up at
Trisha with a panicked look on her face. She didn't want to be discovered
like this and worried that Trisha may leave her on her knees.
Trisha stepped back, straightened her skirt and put her finger to lips and
said, "shhhh." She took Jenna's hand and stuffed the wad of five-dollar
bills in it. "When she finishes you give her one of the bills and say,
'Thanks for your donation', understand slut?"
Horrified, Jenna watched Trisha open the door. She saw a line of women
standing outside. Jenna's heart raced. She hoped no one had seen her
kneeling on the dirty restroom floor. It was humiliating enough being bald,
hairless and pierced, but to be kneeling in a public restroom just sent the
totally wrong message and Jenna worried what they might think.
Trisha let the first woman inside and heard her say, "There she is," and
she thumbed toward Jenna. Trisha looked down at the kneeling 22 year old
and said, "Introduce yourself slut."
Jenna's mind was clouded with questions. She didn't understand what was
happening. She felt like crying and wished she were somewhere else. Using
the words that Trisha had insisted she use since the tattoo shop and had
initially sent shivers of fear through her, Jenna sat on her haunches and
sincerely said, "Hi, I'm Jenna, the lesbian whore."
Jenna didn't fully grasp what was happening until the middle-aged woman
stood directly in front of her, lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties
and nylons and pointed at the floor. Jenna's eyes glazed over as she
instinctively leaned forward and attempted to place her mouth on the
woman's hairy vagina. But before she made a firm seal, the woman turned
around, bent over and let loose with her piss and squirted it all over
Jenna's face and chin. The warm smelly liquid ran down her chest and soaked
her blouse and tits.
Jenna heard the woman say, "Gawd you're a sick little bitch aren't you?"
Jenna winced at the sharpness of the words, but still did her best to
capture the woman's urine in her mouth.
"Swallow it, slut," ordered the woman and Jenna did as she was instructed.
With closed eyes, Jenna gulped at the tangy stream and lapped at the air.
When the woman was done, she straightened her clothes and turned
around. Jenna handed her a five-dollar bill and whimpered shamefully,
"Thanks for your donation."
With a broad smile, Trisha opened the door and let the next woman in.
Jenna was in a daze. She blinked her eyes as her task became painfully
clear. A thirty something year-old brunette was next. She stepped in front
of the younger 22 year-old and looked down at her as she pressed in
Jenna couldn't bear to make eye contact with her and stared at the
floor. Out of the corner of her eye, Jenna saw the woman's hand reach under
her face. She felt the woman's thin finger slip into her nose ring and lift
In a sultry sensitive voice the woman cooed, "Don't worry my little whore,
this will only take a second."
Jenna craned her neck at the reassuring words as the woman unzipped her
jeans and pushed them to the floor. Humiliated Jenna sniffled, "Hi, I'm
Jenna, the lesbian whore."
"I know," she said.
The woman turned around, placed her hands on her knees and squatted a
little. Jenna pushed her face toward her pussy as the woman released her
bladder. Jenna held the woman's buttocks apart and gulped at her golden
stream. Warm piss splattered on her chin, neck and breasts. She gagged a
little on the tanginess, but swallowed as much as she could. The woman
finished quickly and squeezed the last few drops out and let them drip on
Jenna's protruding chest.
"Clean her," ordered Trisha as she pushed on the back of Jenna's bald head.
Jenna lapped at the woman's cunt and cleaned it free of piss.
When Trisha opened the door again, Jenna tried to see who was
next. Droplets of urine clung to her eyelashes and blurred her vision.
A young teenage girl stood in the doorway, her mother's hands on her
shoulders. "Hi Trish," she said, "see mom, I told you it was my teacher,"
simpered the familiar sounding voice.
Jenna's heart stopped. She gasped loudly as she blinked repeatedly to clear
her vision. Could it be true? Was one of her worst nightmares coming true?
Was she being discovered by one of her students and their parents?
Jenna was so frozen, she had an involuntary bowel release and she urinated
on herself. With her own piss puddle beneath her, Jenna almost fainted.
"So it is," responded the mother in a knowing tone as the pair stepped
Ashen and afraid, Jenna realized that she was kneeling in a public
restroom, covered in piss, bald, pierced, tattooed and humiliated. And
worst of all, Barb, Trisha's best friend and her mom, Judge Landers, were
staring at her. Jenna's heart thumped heavily and her ears droned a
continuous squeal. All her bl**d sank to her legs and she woozily tried to
remain conscious. Jenna's life flashed before her. Consequences, sexually
deviant acts, vagina's, spankings, breasts, nipples, dildo's, hair, nails,
fingers, hands, all manner of which spun through Jenna's frazzled mind as
she struggled to remain alert.
Jenna was speechless. The ringing in her ears drowned out all exterior
noise. Her mouth hung open and she strained to hear what the pair was
saying, but she could only see their mouths move.
Judge Landers wore tight black leather pants, heels and tight white
blouse. She looked sheik as always. She asked Trisha, "Can Barb go first?"
"Sure, she can go first. Go ahead," insisted Trisha as she pointed to
Jenna. "Introduce yourself slut."
Jenna didn't hear a word. She just sat there and stared blankly. None of
this could be happening. The room spun out of control and she wanted to
vomit. Being seen in her current condition was the worst possible
scenario. But to be seen by a student AND a parent was even worse than
Jenna's skin crawled with ugly possibilities. She didn't know what to do or
what to say. She was a disgrace. She didn't deserve to live.
"I said, introduce yourself slut," Trisha said as she bopped Jenna on the
back of the head.
Jenna finally heard someone speak. Tears filled her eyes and streamed down
her face. She started to cry. The words that had just begun to roll off her
tongue so easily just minutes before, were now harder than ever to
utter. Jenna's hesitation earned her another swat to the back of her shiny
scalp so she squealed, "Hi, I-I'm Jenna, t-the lesbian whore."
Tickled at her teachers' submissive state, Barb played along and giggled,
"Hi, I'm Barb," and then loudly stated, "ONE OF YOUR STUDENTS AT
ST. MONICA'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS," so that people behind her could hear. "And
this is my mother Judge Landers."
Barb looked at her mom and teasingly whined, "Can I get one of these, mom?
I did my dishes and cleaned my room today."
"We'll discuss it later. Let's not hold up the line in the meantime,"
replied the Judge.
Barb pulled down her shorts and panties and pushed her hips toward
Jenna. Her nearly hairless young pussy was swollen and red. Obvious signs
of arousal leaked from her smallish cunt.
Jenna stared in disbelief. It was as if the whole community was in on her
sick little secret. Her eyes flicked from Barb to her mom and back again,
desperately seeking some kind of approval. Jenna just didn't feel
comfortable putting her face anywhere near a young girls pussy anytime, but
especially not with her MOM standing right there.
Judge Landers became annoyed. "Can't you get her to hurry up? I want to see
this for myself. It's all over town and I want to witness her sick
depravity myself."
"Come on slut, drink her piss, NOW!" insisted Trisha as she pushed on
Jenna's head.
Jenna leaned forward and placed her mouth on Barb's tiny vagina. Barb
nestled herself on Jenna's mouth just like Trisha did. She cooed, "Oh mom,
this feels really good," and she let go of her stream.
Jenna gulped as the thin hot stream of teenage girl piss filled her
mouth. The softness of Barb's vaginal skin aroused Jenna and she willingly
cleaned her afterward.
Barb staggered backward and sighed, "Oh mom, you've GOT to try that."
"Please honey, step aside," nudged the Judge.
Jenna waited as Judge Landers pushed her skintight leather pants to her
ankles and turn around. Meanwhile, Jenna handed Barb a five-dollar bill and
shamefully said, "Thank you for your donation."
Barb giggled gleefully as she snatched the money from her submissive
teacher. "Wow, I'm so happy you're my teacher."
Looking over her shoulder, Judge Landers said, "If you let any of this get
on my leathers you're in trouble whore." With that, she squatted slightly
and placed her hands on her knees. She looked back one last time and
sneered, "Ready?"
Jenna leaned forward and craned her neck. She opened her mouth as widely as
she could and tried to encircle the judges' shaven pussy. Her nose nestled
into the judges' anus just as the liquid torrent filled her cavity. Jenna
licked and sucked on the judges' pussy as she swallowed the stinky salty
onrush numerous times.
She couldn't believe what she had just done. Jenna shivered at the thought
of having just WILLINGLY d***k piss. But that wasn't even the worst of
it. She had just WILLINGLY d***k the piss of a student AND her mom, who was
a JUDGE no less. Jenna cringed at the thought.
As the judge pulled up her pants, she matter-of-factly said, "Oh, and
Ms. Tarp, did I tell you that I met your aunt a few months back? She's a
lot like you. A LOT like you," she snickered. She reached down and tugged
on Jenna's nose ring and said, "We'll be in touch sweetie. I've got a
surprise for you at home."
Jenna didn't know what was happening. Her mind swirled with possibilities,
but none made sense. What was happening here? What did she mean by that?
The judge had met her aunt? When? Where? How did she know she was her aunt?
What was the surprise?
"What's the matter sweetie?" the judge teased, "you look a little pale."
Before Jenna had a chance to figure anything out, another woman had come
in, stood in front of the soaked, smelly 22 year-old teacher, lifted her
skirt and prepared to piss on her.
Before the woman let loose Judge Landers reached in her shopping bag and
pulled out a small bottle and handed it to Jenna, "Here," she said, "drink
this. It'll settle your stomach."
Jenna read the simple label as she removed the cap, it read: Mother
Nature's Dairy Delight. Jenna sniffed the creamy liquid before she took a
sip. She smiled at the sweet creamy taste and took a second sip before she
was overcome with the impromptu generosity of the judge. Jenna looked up at
the judge with tear-filled puppy dog eyes and whispered, "Thank you."
Jenna was truly thankful and was somewhat surprised and confused by the
judge's reaction to her 'thank you'. Jenna saw her expression change from
the look of a caring mother to a devious evil glare as she responded:
"No. Thank YOU."
As the next woman began to piss on Jenna's face and neck, Trisha opened
Jenna's sopping wet blouse to expose her glistening tattooed breasts. Jenna
sighed when Trisha hefted her tits and displayed the horrible tattoo's
claiming Trisha's ownership. Trisha milked Jenna's sore pierced nipples and
tugged gently on the thick new rings in each.
Jenna's stomach was bloated with stinky urine as the last woman mercifully
pissed on Jenna's face and chest. The warm golden fluid coated her chest
and ran over her throbbing, aching nipples. When the woman finished, Jenna
handed her a five-dollar bill and mumbled, "Thank you for your donation."
The woman smiled and said, "I have your card. I'll call you for my next
Jenna was soaked from head-to-toe with smelly urine. Her baldhead, face and
clothes were saturated as she knelt in a stinky pool. At least 10 women had
pissed on her, but she'd lost count after the sixth. Trisha finally let her
stand and she weakly struggled to her feet. Her tummy protruded like she
was pregnant and she felt like vomiting.
Trisha saw Jenna turning green and told her, "Don't you dare puke, slut!
Drink your milk, that's your dinner. You need all the nourishment you can
Jenna choked back the sensation to purge and swallowed the last few drops
of her bottle of Mother Nature's Dairy Delight and then followed Trisha out
of the restroom. Slowly the two passed through the cafe past the numerous
women who Jenna had paid to drink their piss.
The crowded cafe grew silent as Trisha led the drenched, smelly young
teacher outside and into her car. Noses wrinkled as the rancid smell of
urine wafted behind Jenna and sickened the customers along her path. Trisha
waved to the disgusted, yet excited cafe patronage as Jenna gladly drove
The first day of the last week of school had been a stressful one for
Jenna. Her appearance had gotten her more than her share of snickers and
giggles behind her back. Teaching a class at this stage of the year was
difficult enough, but looking as she did made it nearly impossible. Her
tender nipples rubbed relentlessly on her tight white tube top. The thick
metal rings that hung weightily on her nipples, were clearly visible
through the tight top.
Jenna's new dress code, as dictated by Trisha and reinf***ed by s****r Ann,
required that she wear tight crop or tube tops, short micro mini skirts and
stiletto heals. She felt like a whore when she dressed that way, but she
really had no choice. Her position at the school depended upon her
conformance to the requirements.
Her short, short black skirt clung to her hips like a second skin. She
hated the fact that it was soooo short. So short in fact that either her
ass crack showed or her vagina showed. Most of the time she opted to show
her butt crack because she didn't have to look at it.
As strange as she felt upon her arrival at school, Jenna was pleasantly
surprised at her reception. Despite the giggles and occasional finger
pointing, she was oddly impressed at how the girls reacted. It was almost
as if they had expected her to look this way.
By the middle of the day Jenna almost felt 'normal'. Her bald head, pierced
nose and tattooed eyebrows were given more than the expected number of
compliments. Both students and staff alike said they admired her 'new
look'. She was just glad no one knew about her 'other' tattoos.
Between periods and just before lunch, Jenna froze when her classroom door
flew open and Trisha and Barb confidently strolled in. She feared what they
wanted and stood motionless as they approached. As the sunlight streamed in
and created a patchwork of shadows on the floor, the two teenagers circled
her like vultures.
"Hi, teach," beamed Trisha, "how's your day going so far? Anyone comment on
your new appearance?"
Jenna swallowed hard. She didn't know how to answer the question best. If
she admitted that her new look was pretty well received, Trisha may get
angry and do something even more drastic. But if she lied, she may get
caught and be in even more trouble with Trisha. Jenna hesitated but
admitted, "Yes, they have Ms. Trisha," she started hesitantly, "most girls
like it."
Jenna sighed in relief when Trisha said, "Good, that's good, slut."
Barb handed Jenna a small bag with a present inside. She said, "Here, this
is from my mom."
Jenna looked inside and found another 16oz bottle of Mother Nature's Dairy
Delight. She was momentarily overtaken by the generosity and thoughtfulness
of Judge Landers. She held it to her chest as tears of joy filled her eyes.
"My mom wants you to drink one everyday for lunch. She says it will calm
your stomach and nerves," Barb passed on.
Jenna, shaken by the sudden surge of emotion mouthed, 'thank you'. She
opened the top and chugged down the sweet rich milky beverage and wiped her
lips. Its coolness slid down her esophagus and soothed her queasy
stomach. "May I ask you a question Ms. Landers? Where can I purchase this
wonderful product anyway?"
"It's a new product," apprised Barb, "my mom knows the manufacturer. Want
me to tell her you like it?"
"Oh, yes, please do," insisted Jenna, feeling as though she was actually
having a normal conversation for a change.
Trisha looked at Barb and asked, "How do you like her?"
"She looks awesome. But I thought you said she had some tattoos,"
questioned Barb.
"Oh, she does," Trisha said as she tugged down on Trisha's tube top
exposing the tattoos on her breasts that read: Trisha's Property.
Jenna winced as Barb read the words aloud.
"Wow! That's cool!" Barb exclaimed.
"Hey, slut! How come you had that covered up? I had you spend a lot of
money on those. I want you to show them off, just in case anyone thinks
about getting any funny ideas," Trisha insisted, "got it?"
Jenna felt a little light-headed. The thought of letting everyone at school
see that horrible tattoo was devastating. What would the girls think? How
would they react?
Jenna's breasts rose and fell with her heavy breathing. In her mind, she
panicked. She glanced down and saw the gleaming tattoos and nearly fainted.
"Hey!! And what about this one?" Trisha scowled disappointedly as she
tugged on Jenna's tiny skirt exposing the top of her pubic mound and the
shiny new tattoo.
Jenna wiggled her hips as the micro mini was pulled down just above her
pussy lips. The tattoo: "Trisha's Bitch" was bulging across her swollen
mound. She leaned back against her desk and sighed deeply. Crazy thoughts
raced through Jenna's mind. What should she do? What COULD she do?
Jenna's stomach heaved with anxiety. Her pubic mound tattoo felt like a
flashing neon sign.
Trisha grabbed her teachers' chin and said, "Don't cover them again, slut,
All Jenna could do was nod her head 'yes'.
"Go outside and stand in the hall. I need to talk to your next class,"
Trisha ordered.
Jenna's mind went blank. The thought of standing in the busy hallway for
everyone to see was too much. Numbly, she staggered to the door and stepped
outside. Her fabulous figure, permanently disfigured, was quite a
sight. Jenna, the woman who had one of the most desirable bodies ever, was
put on lewd display just as the bell rang.
Quickly, the long noisy corridor filled with bustling young teenage
girls. Many just pushed their way past the tiny but highly exposed teacher
without a second glance, but many more stopped and crowded around to read
Jenna's permanent pronouncements.
Jenna stood like a statue, unable to move and hardly able to breathe. Her
shiny scalp beaded up with sweat as young teenage girls stared at her
disfigurement, pointed, giggled and laughed at her. Jenna wanted to cover
herself, but she knew if she did, Trisha would kill her. She swung her
hands loosely and twisted awkwardly in a vain attempt to slyly cover her
tattoos as the shuffling group of girls struggled for position so see her.
Trisha told Barb, "Go outside and make sure she's not covering those
tattoos, would ya?"
"Love to," said Barb as she skipped to the door.
Once outside, Barb recognized what Jenna was attempting to do. She took
Jenna by the wrist and placed it on her hip and said, "Put your hands here,
Ms. Tarp. We wouldn't want to block anyone's view, now would we?"
Jenna put her hands on her hips and stood motionless as the small crowd of
giggling girls bobbed for position. They all wanted to read Jenna's
tattoos. Their giddy faces and shocked looks were almost too much for poor
Meanwhile, Trisha was addressing Jenna's next class as they filed in. She
told them that if they needed to use the restroom all they needed to do was
raise their hand and then point at the floor and that Ms. Tarp would take
care of them at their desk.
The class seemed a little confused, but Trisha assured them that Ms. Tarp
would help them understand.
As the hallway slowly cleared Trisha opened the door and let the petrified
Jenna back inside. She whispered in Jenna's ear that the class 'knew the
signal' and that she'd better do it 'or else'.
Jenna's heart sank and she almost passed out. This couldn't be
happening. Surely she couldn't do that in public and CERTAINLY not with her
class. Jenna's mouth went dry and she didn't know what to do. Her tunnel
vision almost prohibited her from finding her own desk as she ambled to the
front of the class.
Before Jenna could speak a girl in the middle of the class raised her hand.
Speechless, Jenna merely pointed to her to acknowledge her question.
"Ms. Tarp," the girl began, "I need to use the restroom," and she pointed
at the floor.
Jenna's jaw dropped as the young girl gestured to the floor by her
desk. Jenna turned an ashen white as she glanced at Trisha who was grinning
There Jenna was, standing in front of her whole class. Her micro mini and
her tube top were pulled down so far that her disgusting tattoos espousing
Trisha's ownership of her were exposed to everyone. Except for the two tiny
pieces of material, she was virtually naked in front of her class. Worst of
all, her class knew 'the sign' and was using it. How could see ever explain
her behavior?
Jenna prayed the girl didn't REALLY know the 'sign' and gave her permission
to go. She then looked at Trisha and motioned for her to 'come here'.
Trisha, taken aback by Jenna's demand, briskly confronted the beautiful
young and defiled teacher by grabbing her lower jaw and sneering, "You just
don't get it do you slut," she began as the class began to squirm in their
seats, expecting a full on confrontation. Trisha slipped her index finger
into Jenna's nose ring and pulled down as she used her other hand on the
back of her head. "Can you read this?" she asked, forcing Jenna to look at
her own tits, "Do you know what this says? Doesn't this mean anything to
you, you dumb cunt!" Trisha growled as the class stared on. "Tell me what
it says, slut. Read it to me!"
Jenna sniffled. The terrible words: 'Trisha's Property' were staring back
at her. Her mind was numb and she couldn't think clearly. Standing nearly
naked in front of her whole class and being humiliated by Trisha like this
was horrible. Horrible in unimaginable ways, yet there was something else
happening inside her too. Jenna's stomach suddenly tightened and she felt
an inexplicable gush of warmth escape from her pussy.
As she stared at her tits, almost fully exposed, she pictured what she must
look like in front of the class. She could feel the eyes upon her and she
sensed the heated passion building ever so quickly in the room. Jenna's
mind swooned with confusion as she desperately tried to sort out her
She glanced past her breasts and focused on her glistening pubic mound. Her
skin was coated with a light glaze of nervous sweat and she watched a drip
form and roll gently into the fold between her pussy and leg. The drip
seemed to move in slow motion and it sent wild shivers through her mind as
it crept its way toward her heated sex. Jenna gasped and closed her eyes
when she felt it combine with her own oozing love juice.
Trisha broke Jenna's concentration and asked, "Do we need to make another
trip to my favorite tattoo artist again?"
Fear gripped Jenna as she recalled being fucked in the ass by the large
muscular black woman. She remembered how large the dildo was and how it
felt pummeling her ass. Jenna bit her lower lip and squeezed back another
surge from her pussy and mumbled, "No, please Ms. Trisha, PLEASE,
that...that...that won't be necessary."
"I asked you what it said? Are you gonna tell me or what?" Trisha snarled
as she moved in behind the woozy teacher.
Jenna hesitated just long enough to piss Trisha off. Trisha reached under
Jenna's arms and grabbed the tight white tube top and yanked it down to her
waist. She grabbed Jenna's breasts, cupped them tightly and lifted them and
asked the class, "What's this say class?"
Jenna winced as the class responded in unison, "TRISHA'S PROPERTY!"
"That's right class, Trisha's property. And what does this say?" she asked
as she yanked Jenna's skirt to her knees.
Again in unison the class responded, "TRISHA'S BITCH!"
"Right again class. And who is 'Trisha'?" she asked.
"YOU ARE!" chimed the class.
"And who is Trisha's BITCH?" she asked again.
"MS. TARP IS!" giggled the class together.
"Now do you get it slut?" Trisha whispered in Jenna's ear. "You're
MINE. You'll do as I say, whenever and wherever I want and to whomever I
want. Do you understand my little whore?"
Jenna's mind swirled with confusion. Blankly, she responded, "Y-yes,
Ms. Trisha."
"Good. Now tell the class," Trisha whispered, "Tell them that those are MY
tits and that's MY pussy to play with, however and whenever I want. Tell
them that YOU are mine to do with as I please. Tell them slut, tell them
Jenna whimpered to herself. Was she really going to say that out loud? Was
she really going to admit to her whole class that she was Trisha's toy?
Trisha was a mere c***d and she was 22.
When she felt a tight squeeze on her nipples, Jenna knew what she had to
do. She swallowed hard and began, "Ms. Trisha, I have something to say."
"Yes, my sweet little slut, what is it?" Trisha coaxed her on with sharp
squeezes and tugs on her nipples and thick metal rings.
Inside Jenna, something snapped. Trisha's tugging and squeezing on her
exposed nipples, as she stood naked or nearly so, in front of her whole
class, was driving her wild. She wanted it. She wanted more of Trisha's
torment. Jenna admitted to herself that she liked it and for the first
time, things became crystal clear.
A sudden calm came over Jenna just then and her hands caressed the back of
Trisha's. Jenna straightened a little and looked out at the class of
drooling young girls, the heated smell of which hung thick in the air. She
gently massaged Trisha's hands as Trisha continued to knead her breasts.
Jenna's stomach tightened as words poured from her lips, "I want to
publicly admit that these breasts are yours. My tits are here for you to do
with as you wish." Jenna then took Trisha's right hand and slid it down her
taut stomach toward her sex. "And my pussy is yours also. I AM yours,
Ms. Trisha, to do with as you wish. I will do whatever you want me to,
whenever you want, to whomever you want. Just say the word and I will do
Trisha couldn't believe it and neither could the class. She gently massaged
Jenna's sloppy cunt as the class watched in excited amazement. Her teacher
had just admitted, no, SUBMITTED to her in front of the whole CLASS! Now
she had witnesses to prove her dominance over the young beautiful slut. Now
Jenna was TRULY HERS!
Trisha motioned to the girl who had raised her hand.
As the girl stood, Trisha whispered to Jenna, "You know what to do, now go
do it."
Blindly, Jenna staggered down the aisle, her skirt falling to her feet as
she willingly stepped out of it on the way. She stood next to the young
girl as the girl pointed to the floor again. Jenna knelt beside the girl,
her hands trembled and were slick with sweat as she reached up under the
girls skirt and grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them
down. Jenna heard the girl gasp when her panties slid off her tiny rump.
With the class gazing on in disbelief, Jenna helped the girl step out of
one leg hole before she pushed her knees apart. As the whole class stared
in excited amazement, the semi-reluctant Ms. Tarp pulled the girl a little
closer. She sat back on her haunches and tilted her head back. She pulled
the girls smallish teenage vagina onto her mouth and with a gentle squeeze
on her soft butt, Jenna signaled the girl to 'let go'.
With a whimpering, almost scared sigh, the girl released her bladder into
her teachers waiting mouth.
The class cooed and ooed as the young teacher easily gulped down every drop
from her student. When the girl finished Jenna willingly licked her young
vagina, easily parting the soft folds of flesh with her tongue.
Jenna finished cleaning her students' sweet vaginal cavity and helped her
get dressed. She numbly staggered back to her desk when suddenly hands
began to pop up all around the classroom. Jenna closed her eyes slowly and
dropped her head. Shamefully, Jenna admitted to herself what her task for
the day was.
She called on another girl.
As expected the girl said, "Ms. Tarp, I need to use the restroom" and
pointed to the floor.
Jenna walked over to the girl and drank her piss, just like the last girl.
Before the period ended, Jenna had d***k the piss of nearly EVERY girl in
her class that day. Her knees were sore and raw from crawling around the
room. She wished she had another bottle of Mother Nature's Dairy Delight to
calm her stomach. It was bloated and protruded with teenage girl piss and
she reeked like urine.
The day didn't end soon enough. As the last bell rang, Barb came up and
handed Jenna a note.
"I called my mom at lunch and she wants you to come over for dinner
tomorrow night. She's having the milk manufacturer over too and she wants
you to meet them. Here are directions and the time. Don't be late,
slut. She hates that."
Ever since her disastrous day of 'shopping' with Trisha, Jenna's life had
changed dramatically. She found herself 'serving' Trisha whenever the young
teenager wanted her too.
What choice did she have? The young teen had her by the balls, so to speak,
and they both knew it. Jenna knew that if she didn't do what the sick
teenager wanted, she would end up in prison or worse. She'd simply allowed
herself to do too many sick and depraved things to back out now. And
besides, something inside her was different too. Jenna's stomach flinched
when she admitted that to herself. I mean, here she was, a beautiful
attractive 22 year-old who was the envy of most women and the object lust
for most men and yet, not only had she allowed herself to be defiled and
humiliated beyond her wildest dreams, or more correctly, "nightmares", but
at times she thought she actually liked it.
Jenna felt a wave of depression sweep over her as she recollected what she
used to look like compared to now. She glanced at her reflection in the
glass of her front window as she twisted and turned to better see
herself. Her large firm breasts pushed outwardly through the tiny top and
her nipples, complete with the rings, were clearly visible. She pulled down
slowly on the top until those terrible tattoo's on the top of her breasts
shown through like blinking neon lights, "Trisha's Property! Trisha's
Jenna cupped her breasts and pushed up on them to get a better look at the
tattoo's in the reflection. She sighed deeply as their weight impressed
even her.
"Oh gawd," she sighed to herself, "what must I look like to others?"
Without really thinking about it, Jenna peeled off her top and stood
topless in her living room and stared at her reflection in the glass. She
ran her hands up her waist and again cupped her breasts. "Oooohhhh," she
sighed softly as her body tingled with a strange sense of arousal. Lightly
she tugged on the thick metal rings that hung from her swelling
nipples. "Ooooooohhhhhhh," she moaned again as the rings suddenly hung
freely beneath her hardened nipples.
Jenna started to move her hips, slowly and seductively as she began to
dance to her reflection. In her aroused state, she ran her hands all over
her body further exciting herself. Jenna breathed heavier as her body
tingled with excitement.
As she watched her sultry seductive moves in the glass, she became lost in
the moment. Her hands roamed her heated flesh and paused only to tug or
pinch her nipples. What was happening to her? She'd never acted like this
before. Thoughts, crazy thoughts, kept entering her mind and her exotic
dancing increased. She could feel her pussy heating up and her hands felt
like feathers as they lightly touched her skin.
Jenna slipped a finger past her lips and deep into her mouth where she
sucked on the digit with reckless abandon. She then took her hand and slid
it down her chest and past the waist band of her tiny skirt and into her
waiting slit. "OOOOOOHHHHHHHH," she groaned as her finger penetrated her
soft heated folds. Jenna pumped her finger in and out of her moistening
slit as she rubbed her breast with the other hand.
Those wild and crazy thoughts were driving this insane behavior and Jenna
felt powerless to stop it. She kept thinking of Trisha forcing her to her
knees and fucking her face with her teenage cunt. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH," Jenna
moaned as she could practically feel Trisha's hot cunt thumping on her
With both hands Jenna frantically pushed her tiny skirt to her knees and
immediately returned to finger fucking herself. Jenna was so aroused that
nothing seemed to matter. She was determined to make herself cum for the
first time in her life and she didn't care what fantasy she used. Jenna
rubbed her pussy and pinched her clit as she circled the swollen nub with
her finger. Her juices were really flowing and Jenna knew she was close.
With her free hand, Jenna tugged on her nipple rings just hard enough to
cause her a little pain, yet strong enough to stretch her nipples to
distortion. Her breathing became more and more erratic and Jenna could see
her stomach convulse in the reflection. She thrust her hips forward as her
finger continued its relentless assault on her clit causing her to tense
and relax alternately.
A light coat of sweat formed on her skin as her arousal continued to
build. Jenna was going to make herself cum and she knew it. She pictured
herself being pushed around by Trisha and her friends. They made her do
things, horrible, disgusting things and Jenna liked it. They made her crawl
on her knees and lick them in public. They took her to a park and in front
of everyone they made her strip naked and lick their pussies and
assholes. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH GAWD," Jenna breathed as her fantasy
continued. The girls made her say how much she wanted them to do those
horrible things. They made her tell them and everyone around them, how much
she liked it when they made her do those horrible things.
"OOOOOOHHHHHH MY-Y-Y-Y!!" Jenna screamed out loud as her fingers slopped
through her sopping wetness in search of her elusive clit. She was close to
orgasm and she focused even more intently on her fantasy. Her head rolled
loosely on her shoulders as she envisioned the girls encircling her,
taunting her, making fun of her and forcing her to tell everyone that she
was a submissive lesbian slut and that she liked little teenage girls.
A rush of girl cum filled her loin to the brink of climax as Jenna listened
to herself screaming vile phrases to Trisha and her friends as they
encouraged her to admit publicly that she was the slut she was. She heard
herself telling the world that she loved to kiss young teenage girl pussies
and drink their piss. Jenna sucked air and tensed when she pictured herself
finger fucking herself on a beach while screaming her admissions for
everyone to hear.
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Jenna groaned as she climaxed to her fantasy. Gooey
girl cum coated her pulsing hand as she involuntarily thrust her hips in
reflex to the orgasm. She gasp for breath as her pussy convulsed and her
anus tightened.
Jenna sighed and massaged her pussy as the effects of her orgasm slowly
began to wear off. Her heart rate began to quiet and body relax. She
glanced at her limp reflection in the glass and slowly regained her
focus. She staggered back and slumped in a chair that faced the street and
quietly dozed off in a nap.
Seconds later, Jenna was jarred awake by a sharp tapping noise on her front
window. It was Barb and Trisha standing on her front porch pointing
frantically at their wrists. It was 6:30 and dinner at Judge Landers was
scheduled for 7:00.
Jenna cringed once again. She hadn't been slapped around like this in her
whole life. She found it difficult to watch the road because of all the
tears that puddled in her eyes. As she blindly steered her car down the
long narrow country road en-route to Judge Landers house, Trisha kept up
her relentless badgering and slaps to the back of Jenna's bald stubbly
scalp every time Jenna made a mistake.
"What do you say if Barb's mom asks how you like school?" Trisha snapped.
Jenna winced and sniffed, "I'll tell her I like it...a lot."
"NO! You stupid cunt," Trisha shouted with another slap to the back of
Jenna's head, "you tell her you LOVE school, especially since I'M in charge
of it. Got it?!"
Jenna nodded her understanding. The continuous flow of nonsensical,
impossible-to-answer-correctly questions poured from Trisha's mouth like a
lawyer seeking a confession. No matter what Jenna said, it was wrong.
Jenna couldn't wait to get to the judge's house. Her ears were ringing and
her head hurt, she didn't think she could take much more. It was bad enough
that Trisha and Barb had seen her masturbating, the first time in her life
she actually pleasured HER SELF, but now she was on her way to have dinner
at the home of one of the most prominent women in the community and she had
to have her teenage tormentor along. Jenna wondered if her life could get
in any more disarray.
Jenna's mind drifted as Trisha's questioning just turned to yammering and
created a pause in the abuse. She gripped the steering wheel until her
knuckles turned white. She wondered how things had ever gotten this out of
control. Jenna reflected back on her life since coming to St. Monica's and
how drastically things had changed. Her stomach turned sour as she caught a
glimpse of herself in the rear view mirror and she saw her baldhead,
tattooed eyebrows and thick ring in her nose. That reminded her of her
other horrible disfigurements like the tattoos across her breasts, the one
above her cleanly plucked pubic mound and her still sore anus. As a shiver
ran up her spine causing her to wriggle, she wished she had another bottle
of Mother Nature's Dairy Delight to sooth her upset stomach.
"Thank goodness I'm going to meet the manufacturer tonight," Jenna thought
to herself, "at least now I can get a line on where to buy some more in the
future." A sly smile pursed her lips and she almost reveled in the fact
that she had completely ignored Trisha's yammering until now.
"So what do you say to that? Huh cunt?" Trisha egged.
Jenna's heart skipped a beat as she wheeled the car up the long driveway
and pretended to be focused on the road.
"Well cunt? What do you say?" Trisha repeated.
"Ms. Trisha, we're here," Jenna shyly replied hoping to avoid answering the
question she never heard as she parked the car in one of the many angular
parking spots across from the huge two-story mansion.
"Wow, that didn't take long at all," the youn g teenager said as she
realized where they were. "Here, put this on," she said as she handed Jenna
the leather collar and leash.
"PLEASE, Ms. Trisha, PLEASE don't make me wear that in there. PLEASE!"
Jenna cried. The thought of being led into the front room of this HUGE
house on the leash of one of her student's was almost too much to
bear. Jenna felt glued to her seat. Fear and humiliation gripped her like
an angry fist and she was powerless to move. She just couldn't imagine
walking across the driveway, leashed like a dog. What would the judge
think? What would she say? Jenna's mind went blank.
"Listen teach," Trisha sneered as she leaned in close to the petrified
older woman, "you either put this on right now, or I'll take you out in the
driveway and put you on your knees."
Jenna, snapped to total obedience, grabbed the leash and collar and quickly
put them on. Her clammy hands fumbled with buckle that she couldn't secure
fast enough. Trisha's threat was all she needed to motivate her to total
submission. Jenna knew the mean young teenage girl would do it, too and it
scared the hell out of her. Jenna hated the fact that the young teenager
was so much taller and athletic than she. She knew that even if she wanted
to resist physically, she couldn't. Jenna's stomach seemed as hard as a
rock. The tension was killing her.
"Okay, let's go," said Trisha as she slid out the passenger side
door. "Barbie, will you run in and tell your mom we're here? I want her to
meet us at the front door."
"Sure. Be right back," Barb sang as she skipped across the driveway and
into the front door.
Jenna straightened her pleated plaid school skirt and tucked in her white
cotton blouse. She slowly bent forward and pulled on her matching knee high
socks before straightening and handing Trisha the end of her
leash. Secretly she thanked the girls for allowing her to at least dress
appropriately for dinner, even though they insisted she dress like a
Catholic schoolgirl.
Jenna tugged at her bra and tried to straighten it as she waited for Trisha
to tell her to go. Jenna hadn't worn a bra for months and it felt weird. In
her own mind she again had to thank the girls for insisting she cut the
nipple section out, so that her large thick nipple rings could hand
freely. She hadn't realized until now, just how good it felt to have the
support of a bra, yet the freedom to expose her nipples.
"Stop fidgeting whore," Trisha said with a quick jerk on the leash.
Just then the front door slowly opened and Judge Landers appeared on the
stoop. Dressed in an all black shiny latex outfit that consisted of
skin-tight pants, a tube top that showed off her firm midriff and was
topped by a waist length jacket that she intentionally left open and
unbuttoned, Judge Landers sensually placed her hands on her hips and
seductively rolled them forward like a beauty queen.
Both Trisha and Jenna stood in awe for a moment and just stared. Neither
one of them had expected that. Not until Judge Landers sleek frame slipped
off the first step and headed toward them, did either one of them move.
Trisha, unsure of her self for the first time all year, took a half step
back as the domineering figure approached. She tried to quickly clear her
throat and squeaked out, "Uh, h-hello judge."
"Hello Trisha," Judge Landers began as she stood in front of the much
shorter Jenna and looked down at her, "what do we have here?" Judge Landers
took her gloved finger and placed it under the nervous school teacher's
chin and lifted her face so she could look in her eyes.
Jenna, her hands nervously clasp in front of her, nearly fainted when she
looked into those dark domineering eyes of Judge Landers. It felt like the
judge was looking straight into her soul and knew everything about
her. Inexplicably Jenna's nipples sprang to hardness and a sudden surge of
moisture filled her white panty covered pussy. Jenna didn't know what to
think. She'd never experienced such an instantaneous rush of obvious
arousal like that before, EVER! She didn't know where it came from or why,
but it felt TERRIFIC and she didn't care where it came from.
"My, my, my, don't we look like the sexy little schoolgirl today," purred
Judge Landers as her latex gloved fingers glided down Jenna's neck until
her hand was clasp around Jenna's throat, "are you trying to illicit some
form of arousal in someone tonight?"
Jenna stood motionless as the judges hand slowly and seductively slipped
behind her neck and firmly, yet gently pulled her face just an inch or two
closer to the judge's large breast, which Jenna could almost swear was
intentionally being pushed toward her. Instinctively and without thinking
about it, Jenna found herself automatically opening her mouth at the
"It's time for dinner," cooed the judge as she released her hold on Jenna's
neck. "I can see Trisha's efforts have paid off."
Jenna blinked as she closed her mouth and blindly followed the judge, Barb
and Trisha inside. She wasn't sure what just happened. It was all very
confusing. Did the judge know about Trisha? Jenna's mind was awash with
Inside, the four females sat around a huge dining table in an elaborately
decorated dining room with high ceilings. The table was exquisitely set
with fine china and silver flatware. The room sparkled with 'money'.
Jenna began to scoot her chair forward when Trisha cleared her throat,
"Uh-hem," and scowled at her teacher with a 'what the hell are you doing'
look. "Judge Landers, please excuse my teacher, Ms. Tarp, she seems to have
forgotten her place." With a firm downward jerk on the leash, Trisha nodded
to the floor and scowled.
Jenna felt sick. Her stomach tightened and she felt faint. Surely Trisha
couldn't be serious. Surely she didn't want her to kneel at THIS table? It
was one thing to make her do that at restaurants, but HERE, at THIS table?
Jenna could feel her heart pulsing in her neck. Her ears rang so loudly she
couldn't hear.
With cold clammy fingers, Jenna gripped the sides of her chair and scooted
back. She knew she had no choice but to obey her young teenage
tormentor. Taking shallow breaths and feeling light-headed, Jenna pushed
the chair against the back wall and knelt beside Trisha. Jenna, embarrassed
and humiliated, couldn't bear to look at anyone, but chose to stare at the
ground. "What must they think of me now?" Jenna felt like crying as she
awaited the impending line of questions. She knew the judge would ask her
why she was kneeling, why she was wearing the collar, why she obeyed Trisha
like a puppy.
Jenna knew that it was just a matter of seconds before her life changed
forever. She knew that she would have to come 'out' and admit that she was
Trisha's personal slave. "How humiliating," she sniffed to
herself. Thoughts, memories, and visions, raced through Jenna's mind as she
recalled all that she had done to get into this humiliating and
embarrassing position. She knew it was all her own fault, too. After all,
she was the adult, not Trisha. Trisha was a young teenage girl who was just
taking advantage of whatever Jenna gave her, which was EVERYTHING. How dumb
she was for letting things get so out of control!
Over the screeching in her ears, Jenna strained to hear the judges
"Are you feeling okay, Ms. Tarp?" asked the judge in a sincere tone. "Is
your stomach upset?"
Jenna's stomach WAS upset. Blindly, she nodded 'yes' without looking up.
"Here, drink this. It'll settle your stomach," reassured the judge as she
pushed a glass of milk towards Jenna.
Lifting only her eyes, Jenna reached up and grabbed the glass and drank the
silky contents. She closed her eyes, knowing it was another glass of
"Mother Nature's Dairy Delight", the wonderful, satisfying, soothing
nourishment that did wonders at settling her upset stomach. "Mmmm, thank
you, Ms. Landers. That was delicious."
A sly smile creased Judge Landers lips as she smirked and said, "Did Barb
tell you that the manufacturer of that product will be here for dinner?"
"Um, yes, she did Ms. Landers," Jenna said as she squirmed a bit on her
aching knees, "I can't wait to meet him."
"Him?" Judge Landers questioned, "did Barb tell you it was a man?"
"Uh, well, no, not exactly, I just assumed since it was a manufacturer,
that it was was a man. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have made such an
assumption," Jenna apologized sheepishly.
"In fact," began the judge, "not only is the manufacturer a 'woman', but
she also produces her product right here in my home."
"Really?" asked Jenna as her interest piqued. "Do you have a special
kitchen somewhere?"
"Well sort of. Would you like to see it?" offered the judge.
Jenna's face lifted upward for the first time. She felt as if she was
having a 'regular' conversation for the first time in a long time and she
was truly interested in seeing the milk production area. "Yes, of course I
would. I'd love to see it."
"Excellent. We'll do it right after you eat," insisted the judge. With two
sharp claps, the kitchen door flew open and slim shapely woman, covered in
shiny black latex from head-to-toe strode into the room carrying salads.
Jenna wished she could see the woman's face hidden inside the hood, because
her body was thin and sexy. Jenna kept staring at the hooded face as the
woman passed out the salads. There was something strangely familiar about
the way she moved, but Jenna couldn't put her finger on it.
Seconds later their eyes met and Jenna would have sworn that the servant
froze in her tracks for a second. But she blew it off because she continued
her service, uninterrupted.
Barb, Trisha and the judge chatted like Jenna wasn't even in the room. They
giggled, told jokes, discussed their day and basically ignored the fact
that Jenna was kneeling beside Trisha, eating her salad on the floor.
When they finished eating, the judge clapped her hands again and the
servant returned. This time she wasn't wearing her pants. She had tall,
calf length boots and latex panties, but NO pants.
Jenna noticed how firm and shapely her legs were and felt a strange wetness
between her own legs again. She didn't know why this woman was exciting her
but deep down, Jenna knew she was. Mentally, Jenna tried to shake the
inappropriate feeling. Since her experience in the jail that one dreadful
evening, she knew that she had "some sort of feeling" toward women, but
dismissed it as some latent behavior that would pass.
The three females secretly eyed Jenna and watched her reaction as the
servants naked thighs brushed up against the bald 'school girl'. They could
see that Jenna's eyes followed the servant's every move and there was
definite 'interest' on her part.
As the three quickly downed the fruit cocktail course of their meal, they
eagerly awaited as Jenna finished hers.
"Is everyone ready for the main course?" asked the judge, matter-of-factly.
"Yes," chimed Barb and Trisha simultaneously.
Jenna sensed something a little sinister sounding in their voices, but she,
herself, was eagerly awaiting the servant's reappearance. She could hardly
wait to see if something else would be 'missing'.
The sound of two sharp claps startled Jenna a little, but her eyes
instinctively went to the kitchen door. She didn't have to wait long and
she secretly held her breath as the door slowly opened.
Jenna's eyes widened as the servant gradually appeared. She was naked from
the waist down. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a tight rectangle
just above her slit. Her hips rolled easily from side-to-side as she
sauntered in her direction.
"Guests first," gestured Judge Landers toward Jenna, kneeling on her left.
Jenna hadn't even noticed that the servant wasn't carrying anything as she
strode confidently to her side of the table. Jenna's neck tightened as
Trisha jerked back on her leash. She didn't exactly know what it meant, but
leaned back just the same.
Without saying a word, the servant eased herself in front of Jenna,
straddled her knees with her feet and leaned against the table. Her pelvis
pushed outward ly, almost beckoning for Jenna's mouth.
Jenna didn't know what to do or say. She sat on her haunches until she felt
Trisha's hand on the back of her neck pushing her forward .
"Go ahead, slut," Trisha grinned, "eat."
Jenna was mortified. She wanted to resist, but then again, she didn't.
With Barb sitting up and leaning forward to get a better look and Judge
Landers tilting her head to the side so she could see better, Jenna shook
quietly as her face approached the servants sex.
Jenna could smell the heated woman and she could see her arousal
building. Jenna had seen enough aroused vagina's this past year to know
what one looked like when it was swelling with excitement. She could see
the woman's taut stomach tensing with anticipation. Jenna watched as the
woman's labia brightened with pinkness and blossomed like a flower. The
glistening moisture that coated the woman's unfolding lips began to ooze
from deep within and Jenna could almost taste it.
The pressure on the back of her neck increased and Jenna eventually lost
focus on the woman's cunt as it drew closer and closer. She knew there was
nothing she could do about it. Jenna knew that she was EXPECTED to service
the servant and even the servant knew it. She closed her eyes as her lips
were pressed against the woman's soft wetness and Jenna kissed her pussy.
"Mmmmm," she thought to herself as the taste of the servants juices slipped
past her lips. "She tastes good," she thought to herself as she extended
her tongue and licked upward.
Temporarily lost in the sensual moment, Jenna stopped her mental
questioning. She stopped wondering 'why' this was happening, and 'who' was
involved. It didn't seem to matter who knew what and why. All Jenna knew
was what was right in front of her, the wonderfully, tasty pussy of an
older woman servant.
Without being told and running on instinct, Jenna reached up and took hold
of the woman's hips and firmly held her still as she licked and sucked on
her drippy pussy. Jenna proceeded to make love to the succulent vagina, so
generously offered to her for dinner. She hadn't tasted another woman that
tasted so good before. She loved the way this woman tasted, so sweet, so
tangy, so silky.
Jenna knew she was doing well, by the way the servants hips pulsed and
rocked. Her oral overture was pleasing the servant and Jenna knew it. She
continued her oral assault and thrust her tongue deeply and shook her head
side-to-side, attacking the servants' clitoris.
Minutes passed and the room heated up. Jenna sensed everyone watching her
lewd display was getting turned on. Hands disappeared between legs and
panting could be heard as she squeezed tighter in the servants bare hips.
"Mmmmmhhhhh!" the servant moaned in a muffled tone, "mmmmmhhhhh"
Jenna was so enthralled with staying up with the servants thrusting, that
she didn't register a familiar tone. Instead, she drove her tongue in
deeper and licked, sucked and nibbled on the woman's gooey goodness.
"Mmmmhhhhh!" the servant moaned again.
Jenna knew she was close and so did everyone else. She wrapp ed her hands
around to the servant's sweaty buttocks and squeezed them. She pulled the
older woman's hips closer and jammed her face into the woman's pussy,
grinding, and rubbing her nose ring, teeth and lips on the servants'
swollen bud.
"MMMMMHHHH!" the servant moaned loudly, her legs tensing with orgasm.
Jenna felt the servant tighten, her ass muscles tensed and her legs locked.
"MMMMMMMHHHHHHHH!!!" groaned the woman as her hips reflexively jutted
forward in response to her hard orgasm.
Jenna slurped at the woman's orgasmic juices as they flooded her already
soaking cavity. The woman's snorts of air, f***ed through her nose excited
Jenna. She'd never heard such a strange sounding orgasm.
As the servants' orgasm slowly subsided and she began to relax, Jenna
licked the woman's inner thighs seeking any remaining residual cum.
The servant, spent and wasted, was dismissed by the judge. "Go prepare the
production room for our guest. We'll be down in a minute to observe it in
operation," the judge instructed the servant.
Jenna licked her lips and wiped her face as the servant staggered back into
the kitchen, never having spoken a word.
"Did you enjoy dinner Ms. Tarp?" asked the judge as she stroked Jenna's
bald head.
Almost ashamed to admit it, Jenna sheepishly looked down and shyly said,
"Yes, Ms. Landers, very much. Thank you."
"Good. I'm glad," replied the judge with a knowing, almost evil looking
smirk as she mentally recalled her own statement, ("Did Barb tell you that
the manufacturer of that product will be here for dinner?")
Jenna, Judge Landers, Trisha and Barb sat around the dinner table and
relaxed. Jenna truly felt like 'one of the girls' as they sat around and
chit chatted after dinner. The more the girls laughed and giggled, the more
relaxed Jenna became. She sighed to herself, "I haven't felt this good in a
long, long time."
Jenna wondered if Trisha had forgotten she was even there. I mean, she was
allowing Jenna to sit at the table and actually partake in trivial
conversation and everything. Jenna smirked and giggled at Barb's silliness
and gently winked and wrinkled her nose at Trisha when their eyes met
Trisha's expression changed instantly. Jenna knew she had just destroyed
the moment and her heart sank.
"Excuse me!" chirped Trisha as she glared at Jenna with a look that could
kill. "Just who in the Hell do you think YOU are?" she asked firmly.
Jenna's pale, open-mouthed face stared back at the young teenager in
disbelief at how quickly things had changed. Just seconds ago Jenna was
engaging in 'normal' conversation with a mother and her teenage daughter
and her friend and just like that, it all changed.
Here she was, a 24 year old teacher who technically was in charge of the
two teenage girls because she was THEIR teacher, yet here she was sitting
at the dinner table of one of the girls mother and taking orders like a slave. Jenna looked down at her lap and played with the pleats
on her green and blue plaid schoolgirl skirt that Trisha had made her
wear. She reached up to run her fingers through her golden locks until she
remembered that she was bald. Jenna choked back a tear at the sudden
Quick flashes of distinct images raced through Jenna's mind as her own
personal reality came back to her. The tattoo's, the shavings, the hair
removal, the piercing's all flickered around her distraught mind like
flashes from a disco ball. Jenna was whisked back to her own personal Hell
in an instant. She sat up and clasp her hands tightly in her lap.
"Hey," Trisha grabbed Jenna's attention, "I asked you who in the Hell you
thought you were!"
Jenna struggled to find the right words, "I, uh, I don't know what, uh, I
was thinking Ms. Trisha."
A long silence filled the room.
Jenna held her breath until Judge Landers finally intervened and offered,
"Trisha, I think we should cut our dinner plans short and let you take care
of Ms. Tarp. What do you think?"
"Yes, Ms. Landers, I agree," she concurred as she sneered down at Jenna.
"We can introduce her to the milk manufacturer another day," invoked the
Jenna once again was tossed into that strange surreal place that she had
reluctantly gotten used to. On one hand it felt simply awful to be
discussed and talked about like she wasn't even there, but on the other, it
gave her the strangest sensations deep inside. The weird internal conflict
was both humiliating and exciting at the same time. Jenna was becoming an
expert at recognizing her newfound condition by the way her body
reacted. She could feel her skin flush with embarrassment and get warm,
while it also rippled with goose bumps, which caused her nipples to tighten
and bristle. Jenna sighed and hoped none of them could she her hardened
nipples through her blouse and bra. She knew it would send the totally
wrong message.
But Jenna's sudden change in her condition did not go unnoticed. In fact,
all three females could clearly see Jenna's engorged nipples pressing her
thick metal rings firmly against the inside of her thin bra. The pure size
of Jenna's breasts left little to the imagination. Even when completely
covered in soft satiny material, it was blatantly obvious to everyone
around when she became aroused.
Trisha turned to Judge Landers and politely thanked her for the meal and
the company, "Thank you Ms. Landers, we had a wonderful time and dinner was
excellent." She faced Jenna and her eyes dropped to Jenna's breasts. "I
think it's time we departed. Thank Ms. Landers for dinner, whore."
A rush of warmth spilled into Jenna's loin when Trisha called her a 'whore'
right in front of Judge Landers. That strange two-edged sword cut deep into
her again. It was humiliating, yet she found it completely exhilarating to
be verbally abused by her young student like that. Jenna blinked her
disbelief at her sudden admission and stammered, "T-thank you for dinner
The two of them excused themselves from the table and walked out the front
door. As soon as the door closed behind them, Trisha grabbed the back of
Jenna's neck and pushed her toward the car, "Hurry up and get in whore."
The older female stumbled a bit, but hurriedly scampered to the car and got
in. As she sat behind the wheel and awaited instructions from her teenage
mentor, Jenna tensed.
"Drive, whore," Trisha ordered.
Jenna started her car and easily rolled off the judge's property.
"Head downtown," Trisha instructed. She was quickly formulating a plan to
humiliate her older teacher once again. She thought to herself, "Just who
in the Hell does she think she is? Sitting in there at dinner like she was
a peer or something. I'll teach this bitch to remember who she belongs
to. I'll humiliate her in ways she'll have nightmares about." Trisha
grinned to herself at her deviousness.
The sun was setting in the early summer sky and the warm daytime air was
beginning to cool as the car glided down a long rural road toward
town. Trees pulsed past like a picket fence as dirt and dust rose in a
horizontal vortex behind them.
The small downtown area was like most other towns, big or small. It, too,
had its 'good area' and 'bad area'. Jenna knew this, as did Trisha. The
towns' bad area ironically bordered the lakefront. Its parks and community
areas were more dangerous than fun, especially at night. Gangs were known
to control many parts of the downtown area and it was generally known that
the parks were 'hangouts' for them. Trisha was plotting to use that danger
as a tool to manipulate her naïve teacher.
Without saying a word, Trisha directed Jenna to drive to the seedy part of
town and park her car. This particular section of town was the oldest and
most run down. Its brown, dirty multi-storied buildings had been built near
the turn of the century and had run their course of usefulness. Nowadays,
mostly vagrants and bums used them as temporary shelters. Even the town
cops rarely frequented this area, just because the people down here were
'throwaways' and not worth their time. Only a few businesses actually
operated there and they were long since closed for the weekend.
Jenna wanted to remind Trisha of the danger in this area, but she knew she
was already in trouble and could tell Trisha was particularly upset with
her by her silence.
The street along this warehouse district ended two blocks away at a
lakefront park, which was supposed to close at dusk. Trisha mused to
herself, "This is perfect." She opened her door and got out. When Jenna
wasn't moving Trisha leaned in and said, "Get out whore, NOW!"
The sun was quickly disappearing behind the trees on the other side of the
lake and Trisha knew that a whole other part of life would soon rise from
the shadows. She had to finalize her preparations quickly or risk ruining
an otherwise perfect opportunity to humiliate her older teacher. Slyly she
looked at her nervous teacher, standing on the littered sidewalk and
dressed in her best 'schoolgirl' outfit with her plaid skirt and white
cotton blouse and matching knee high socks and Trisha couldn't help but
smile to herself.
Trisha had decided that she would make Jenna strip in public. She wanted
her teacher to show off her new tattoos and what better way than naked?
"Okay slut," Trisha began, "Take off your nipple rings."
Jenna was shocked but more than happy to comply. The thick metal rings were
a nuisance and she hated them. She reached inside her bra and disconnected
the first one and spun it free. She quickly did the same to the second
one. Her sense of 'freedom' was wonderful, but she still wondered what
Trisha had in mind for her.
"Now the clit ring," Trisha said as she held out her hand.
Again, Jenna was all too happy to comply. She reached under her skirt and
slid her white cotton panties aside and removed her clit ring.
"Keys," said Trisha with her hand still extended.
Jenna's face wrinkled with concern. "She's not going to leave me here is
she?" Jenna panicked in her mind. She felt her heart begin to beat a little
harder as she placed her keys in the teenager's hand.
"Put this on," Trisha ordered as she handed Jenna a plastic shopping bag
she pulled from the back seat.
Jenna opened the bag and removed a blonde wig. Her eyes filled with tears
of joy and she glanced up at Trisha who was smiling. Jenna straightened the
wig on her head and slowly stood erect with a newfound pride. She reasoned
that Trisha was letting her go. Like a new baby bird on its first flight
from the nest, Jenna was filled with excitement and anticipation. If Trisha
was letting her free, giving up her car was well worth it.
Jenna glanced over her shoulder and stole a quick glimpse of herself in a
dust-covered window. "I look positively wonderful," she told herself.
Trisha crawled into the drivers seat and started Jenna's car. "I'm going to
drive to the end of the street and park just outside Banyon Park," she told
Jenna. "You are to walk down this street to the park, understand?"
Jenna shrugged at the simplicity of Trisha's instructions.
"And when you get there," Trisha concluded, "you will be NAKED."
Jenna almost passed out. She felt a sudden weakness in her knees and she
braced herself against the roof of the car with one hand. Did she hear her
right? Jenna's thoughts became muddled with a jumble of repeated words as
she struggled to replay Trisha's request again in her mind. A loud thumping
sound resonated in her brain as Jenna's heart began to pound. Her feet and
hands became icy sticks as she careened in disbelief. She was sure this was
a huge mistake. She was positive that Trisha was going to let her go. What
happened? How did things change so rapidly?
Jenna's dry mouth could barely formulate the words, but she had to ask the
question, "W-what d-do I do with my c-clothes?" The idea of actually going
through with this was appalling, but what choice did she have? Trisha was
sitting in her only true means of escape, not to mention her possessive
control she had on her. Jenna knew she'd have to do it, no matter what the
"Leave them as you take them off. Like a trail of bird crumbs," Trisha
grinned evilly. "And here's the order in which you will do it: blouse,
skirt, left sock, right sock, bra and then panties. You can keep your shoes
on. I want a clothing item left at each half block from here to the park
entrance. Got it, slut?"
Jenna shuddered at the directive, but nodded her understanding as Trisha
put the car in gear and slowly rolled down the street. She could hardly
catch her breath as the car grew smaller and smaller until its brake lights
flashed as it eased to stop at the park entrance. Jenna glanced around the
desolate street. Litter gently danced across the street as the evening
winds picked up. It was only two blocks to the park, but it looked like a
mile from where she stood. Holding her breath and praying no one would see
her; Jenna unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it from the waistband of her skirt
and reluctantly slid it off her shoulders before dropping it to the ground
behind her.
Vainly she tried to cover her bra-covered breasts as she slowly made her
way down the block. Scanning both sides of the street for any signs of
life, Jenna was startled when a streetlamp overhead flickered to life. She
scurried to escape the impending cone of light that was sure to
follow. Halfway down the block, she paused, looked around again and quickly
unfastened her skirt and dropped it to the ground.
With one hand covering her breasts and the other pressed over her vagina,
Jenna huddled forward and slinked along the street next to the building. As
she passed an alleyway a slurred voice rang out, "HEY! Wut are ya doin'?"
Jenna gasped and peered down the darkening alley. A rumpled old man slumped
against a dumpster and obviously intoxicated, struggled to sit up and clear
his vision. His tattered coat-covered arms and fingerless gloved hands
groped at the air as he struggled to get up.
Jenna whimpered uncontrollably as she turned and shuffled down the
street. She still had more clothing to get rid of and now a d***ken bum was
pursuing her.
Jenna danced on one foot as she jerked off her shoe and yanked down her
left sock. The bum hadn't yet cleared the alleyway entrance and was a full
half block behind her now. She jammed her foot back in the shoe and
clambered toward the park still a block away.
"Hunny, come back!" shouted the old man as he rounded to street corner and
bounced off the wall.
Jenna squealed again, motivated by her fear and Trisha's orders. Again she
danced along the sidewalk on one foot as she pulled at her right shoe and
sock. Now wearing only panties and a bra, Jenna glanced over her shoulder
and saw the old man pick up one of her socks and examined it as he
continued to stagger in her direction.
Stripping naked took on a whole different meaning now that the old man was
following her. Jenna was more concerned about getting to the park safely
and less about how she was dressed. As she passed through another cone of
light from a streetlamp, she looked back again. Somehow the old man had
gained on her. He had both her socks d****d across his shoulders and was
trying his best to run in a straight line. "Oh no," she sniveled to herself
when she realized he had probably just seen her struggling with her bra
clasp as she passed under the streetlamp. "Now he'll really want to catch
Jenna pulled her bra free and tossed it against the last building before
the park. Her large breasts hung freely from their confines and the cool
evening air caused her nipples to spring to hardness. She could feel her
nipples bristle with tiny bumps and the rubbery texture of a hardened
aureole brushed against her palm.
One last look back over her shoulder and Jenna saw the old man bending over
picking up her bra. He held it out in front of him like a carrot in front
of a horse. With seeming sobering effects, the old man straightened and
began to run in a much straighter line.
Jenna was a half block from the park and the safety of her car. With her
breasts bouncing freely, she stopped jogging for a quick second. She needed
to get her panties off before she reached Trisha and before the old man
caught up with her. She could hardly breathe from fear as her thumbs dug
deep into her skin and frantically pushed her panties to her knees.
"Hey!" shouted the old man, closer than ever before and closing in quickly.
The old man's voice so near to her startled Jenna and she began to run
again. But her panties trapped her calves and she tripped. Kicking at them
and sliding her butt along the dirty sidewalk Jenna panicked as the old man
neared. The leg openings and waistband tangled on her shoes and kept her
from kicking them off. Jenna's panicked state caused her to kick her shoes
off along with her panties as she scrambled to her feet, moments before the
d***ken bum dove for her.
As the old man rolled on the sidewalk, Jenna scampered to the
car. Frantically she pulled at the door handle, but was shocked to find it
was locked. "PLEASE! LET ME IN!" she screamed as she looked back at the old
man as he struggled to his feet.
"Go into the park, whore," Trisha calmly gestured with her finger.
Jenna didn't have time to reason and raced, naked, into the park. The cool
summer grass tickled her bare feet as she crouched behind the first tree
she came upon. Her stomach heaved as she peered around the tree
trunk. Jenna watched the old man as he approached the park entrance and
then abruptly stop. She could tell he was trying to fo cus on the park
signage as he winced and tried to remain upright.
Just like she had walked onto holy ground, the old man turned and shuffled
away. Jenna sighed a sigh of relief and slowly began to breathe again.
Moonbeams danced on the calming lake behind her as daytime gave way to
night. Off in the distance a lone lamp ringed a single park bench in a cone
of light. Two young girls sat on the bench. Both girls had short-cropped
hair and dirty faces. They obviously lived on the street and both appeared
very street savvy.
Jenna didn't see either one of them, but they saw her. Moonlight glistened
off her back and shone like a beacon. "LOOK AT THAT!" one girl whispered to
the other as she elbowed her friend in the side.
"I'm calling the gang," said the other as she flipped open her cell phone
and pressed a couple keys. "Get the rest of the girls and come to the park
and HURRY. You're not going to believe what Jill and I found!"
The two teenage girls, both around 16, quietly got up and stealthily made
their way up behind the unsuspecting Jenna. Her naked form became more and
more enticing the closer the pair came. Her shapely hips and firm ass
quietly hid her best features, which were her awesome breasts and smoothly
shaven pussy. Sneaking up on the young woman on a sandy beach was no
problem for the experienced pair.
As they stood just a few feet from the naked young woman, they could tell
she was distraught and afraid. Her back heaved with each breath, which were
short and puffy. The two exchanged knowing looks when they realized the
young woman was already really scared.
"Whatcha doin'?" asked the girl named Jill.
"HUH!" Jenna gasped as she turned and fell on her butt.
As she braced herself on her hands, the two girls gasped at their
tremendous luck. The young woman sitting on her butt with her hands behind
her causing her large voluptuous breasts to protrude even more than normal,
sent shivers of ecstasy into both girls loin. "Oh my gawd," quietly gasp
one of them.
Jenna, panicked at being discovered. She froze.
For what seemed like forever, the three females just stared at each other
in total disbelief.
The girls' eyes roamed Jenna's exquisite nakedness, while Jenna tried to
get a grip on the situation.
Blinking, Jill finally spo ke up and said, "Here, let me help you up," and
she extended her hand.
Jenna, humiliated that she was naked in a public park, but glad that girls
rather than boys discovered her, reached up and took the girls hand. "Thank
you," she mumbled almost under her breath, ashamed at her condition.
"Let me dust you off. Turn around," Jill said.
Obediently and without question, Jenna turned around.
Jill looked at her friend, puzzled at how quickly Jenna had complied. She
thought she'd try something else, "Arch your back," she commanded a little
more f***efully.
Without hesitation, Jenna arched her back. She was getting used to taking
orders from younger females and this seemed almost natural to her.
Jill held her breath. She couldn't believe this complete stranger with an
almost perfect body and was NAKED, was taking orders like a well-trained
dog. "Grab some tree," she ordered, "and spread your legs."
Jenna did as the young teen asked. She reached out and leaned against the
tree, still arching her back and she spread her legs. Heavily her breasts
hung beneath her protruding chest and her pussy pushed high between her
legs. The position was a little uncomfortable, but if the girl needed her
to be in this position to dust her off, Jenna reasoned it was okay.
Both girls stepped along each side of Jenna. With lust in their hearts they
reached out and began to slowly run their hands along Jenna's naked
backside. Each one pretending to remove dirt as they stroked Jenna's firm
ass. The girls glanced at each other briefly as their hands brushed the
young woman's curvaceous lower back, ass and thighs.
Jenna gasped a couple times when she felt tiny fingertips inadvertently
brush against her swelling labia. Each time it happened, and it was
happening a little more each time, Jenna couldn't help but arch her back a
little more. She could feel her breathing begin to shallow and her stomach
heaved and tightened.
The sensation these tiny hands were giving her was making Jenna feel
heady. She closed her eyes as the hands roamed her skin in search of more
dirt to remove. The girls were so kind to do this for her and she really
appreciated it. But their hands were having a strange effect on the young
teacher. Tiny goose bumps covered her skin and she felt her nipples harden
in response. "Ooh," she moaned quietly.
"Does this feel good?" someone asked.
Jenna choked out, "Y-yes." She closed her eyes as the sensation of tiny
hands became overwhelming. It seemed like several hands roamed her heated
flesh. Her heavy breasts were being gently massaged and almost milked. Her
thighs, ass, back and stomach had hands on them simultaneously, but she
didn't try to figure out how. Her skin was on fire and she was approaching
an orgasm.
"Oooohhhh," Jenna moaned, "p lease stop. I'm feeling...I'm feeling..."
"Feeling? Feeling how?" someone breathed heavily into Jenna's ear sending
an uncontrollable rush of liquid into her swollen pussy.
"Oooooohhhhhhh, please don't do that," Jenna moaned again.
"Mmmm, look at that," cooed a female voice from behind Jenna. "She's hot."
"Let's fuck her then," breathed another female voice.
Jenna was barely able to comprehend the conversation. She was so high on
arousal that it didn't seem to make any sense.
One of the girls dipped two fingers into Jenna's swollen, gushy mound.
"OOOOHHHHHH," loudly groaned Jenna.
Another female voice chirped sarcastically, "Mikey thinks she likes it."
Jenna felt a knuckle press on her sopping opening as two fingers curled
into a fist. "Ooooohhhhhh, please," she moaned as the girls knuckles coated
themselves in her luscious liquid.
"Do it," encouraged a girl.
Jenna felt a great deal of pressure on her vaginal opening and she groaned
loudly, "OOOOOHHHHHHH!" Instinctively she spread her legs more in an effort
to reduce the pressure.
The girl standing behind Jenna took this as a sign she wanted more, despite
Jenna's pleas to stop. She balled her fist up tightly and began to push her
first knuckle firmly against Jenna's swollen gap.
"OOOOOOHHHHHHH," Jenna groaned again as the pressure increased again.
"DO IT!" encouraged another voice.
Hearing the heated pants of her friends, the girl standing behind Jenna
pushed her tightened fist past her sloppy ring with a thump.
Jenna cried out in pain, "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!" as the girls fist thumped
past her narrow opening up to her wrist. The girls tiny fist filled Jenna's
every void and felt like it entered her stomach.
"COOL!" shouted a female voice.
"AWESOME!" came another.
"Fuck her!" came yet another.
Jenna's mind was cleared somewhat by the sudden surge of pain. She realized
that she was not alone with just the two girls anymore, but there were many
Before she was able to accurately assess her situation, the fist deep in
her loin began to move.
Twisting side-to-side and moving in and out, the girl slowly began to fist
fuck poor Jenna. To the delight of everyone watching, Jenna moaned and
pleaded for the girl to stop. Her pleas only served to heighten the arousal
of the gang of girls. Shouts of encouragement poured onto their friend.
"P-Please STOP!" cried Jenna as the girls fist punched at her
insides. "Please! You're hurting me!"
"Fuck the bitch!" screamed a girl.
"Stop your fucking whining slut!" shouted another girl as she slapped
Jenna's vulnerable ass.
"OOOOOHHHHHH!" Jenna cringed at the sharp sting on her ass.
"Oh my gawd!" squealed the girl with her fist in Jenna, "she flushed with
pussy juice when you did that! Do it again!"
Before long that girls were taking turns spanking Jenna's reddened ass
cheeks. And Jenna couldn't explain it, but the girl was right. Each time
one of them spanked her she flooded with moisture. "What's happening to
me?" she screamed in her mind. "Oooohhhhh gawd," she moaned as the girls
fist slipped around inside her with increasing ease.
"Keep spanking this slut!" the fist fucker shouted, "I'm gonna make her
Jenna couldn't believe what was happening. A rogue gang of street girls was
spanking her while fist fucking her and she was...she was LIKING IT! As the
girls tiny fist pulsed in and out of her vagina with growing ease, Jenna
began to pant, "Oh, oh, oh."
Soon slaps on her huge hanging breasts began too. The street gang had
realized their power over this helpless young woman and they were intent on
maximizing it. Yanks on the poor woman's nipples accompanied the occasional
slap on her tits with each one acknowledged by a heated moan from the young
"OOOHHHH, OOOOHHHH," Jenna panted as the delirious mixture of pain and
pleasure was becoming unbearable. "OOOOOHHHHHH," she groaned again as the
tiny fist came out completely before being thrust deep inside again.
Jenna arched her back and spread her feet a little more. She pushed her
pussy back toward the stranger's tiny fist and bit her lower lip. Jenna was
cumming and everyone knew it.
Girls on each side of Jenna grabbed at her ass cheeks and spread her ass as
wide as they possibly could. All eyes were focused on the girls relentless
fisting of the young woman's pussy.
Seconds later, an uncontrollable orgasm spilled from the young woman's
pussy and coated the girls wrist and forearm with a frothy white foam.
Jenna groaned loudly, "OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" as her pussy convulsed
and constricted on the girls' thin wrist as it pushed in and out.
"OOOOHHHH COOOL" echoed voices of ecstatic girls as they watched in
"GAWD, what a total SLUT she is girls," exclaimed another.
"Man, you should have felt that. It was even better than it looked,"
offered the girl who had fisted Jenna.
Jenna moaned quietly when she felt the tiny fist squeeze from her sopping
cunt. Her bright red ass cheeks shimmered in the moonlight as she tried to
stand upright. Jenna was spent. Her pussy twitched and tightened as she
stood up and turned around to see her abusers.
The gang of street girls glared back at their newfound possession as all
eyes widened when they read "Trisha's Property" tattooed on the woman's
"Holy crap. Let's get outa here!" one girl yelled and they all ran down the
beach like they'd just seen a ghost, all except one.
The girl who had fisted poor Jenna stood in front of the young teacher and
sneered, "Before I leave, you need to clean my hand. Lick it." She pushed
her hand into Jenna's mouth and Jenna obediently bathed her fingers with
her tongue.
Lapping at her own secretions, Jenna once again delved into that strange
nether world of conflict.
The blonde bombshell bounded up the steps to St. Monica's School for
Girls. Her unusually large breasts bouncing up and down and side-to-side
like small cantaloupes trapped in a bra. Her petite frame and figure were
identical to Jenna, except her breasts were even LARGER than Jenna's. With
an easy pull she opened the large heavy wooden front door to the school and
walked in.
Her firm tight ass swayed easily from side-to-side and each step caused her
short navy mini to flip at the ends as she walked. Navy colored pumps with
four-inch heels echoed each confident step, as the perky nineteen year old
sauntered toward the school office.
"Hello," she bubbled to the school secretary, "I'm Jane. I'm here to see
Jenna Tarp. She's my cousin."
The elderly woman sized up the pretty young teenager and surmised that she
was indeed Ms. Tarp's cousin. "In fact," she breathed to herself, "they
could be s****rs." Not one to be particularly inclined to notice such
things the secretary absolutely could not stop staring Jane's HUGE
breasts. They were magnificent in size, shape and perkiness. And squished
into that tight crop top and push-up bra didn't help hide them. She had to
blink to stop the mental image of lifting both those mammary's in her hands
and hefting their weight as she squeezed them together. "Wonderful," she
unwittingly said out loud.
"Pardon me?" asked Jane.
Stunned, the secretary muttered, "I'm sorry. It was nothing." Chagrinned at
her verbal slip, the secretary broke her inappropriate stare at the
teenagers chest and told her she'd let Ms. Tarp know she was here.
Just by chance, Trisha and Barb happened by the office when their 'radar'
went off. Simultaneously they both looked in and saw that glorious figure
standing at the counter. As if walking into a wall, they both stopped dead
in their tracks and hugged each other like they'd just won the lottery.
Without uttering a word, the two knew they HAD to see her face. Seeing her
shapely frame from the rear sent bursts of arousal into both girls pussies.
"I hope she's in my Science class," whispered Trisha, assuming the girl was
a new student.
"Me too," agreed Barb. "She's so tiny. What grade do you think she's in?"
"Probably 6th," figured Trisha.
Quickly devising an excuse to enter the office the two taller domineering
teens walked in.
Making eye contact with the secretary, Trisha said, "We're here to get..."
Trisha's mouth fell open and the words stopped coming out as Jane turned to
see who had just walked in.
Both girls faces looked stunned and shocked and their eyes were glued to
the perfect set of the largest breasts they'd ever seen. Neither one moved
for several seconds. They couldn't believe their eyes.
Not until the secretary piped up and asked, "You're here for what?" did the
pair break off their stares at the "pair".
Trisha could barely speak. She forget her excuse and stammered, "Uh, we're
here, uh, for, uh..." She frantically turned to Barb and flapped her hand
for help.
"We, uh, need to know, uh, what time lunch is," winced Barb and the
ludicrous thing she blurted out.
"What?!" asked an annoyed secretary. "Hey, aren't you girls in Ms. Tarp's
English class?"
"Uh, yes," answered a confused Trisha.
"Well then maybe you can take this young woman to see her. This is her
cousin, Jane."
Then and only then was Trisha able to f***e her eyes from the mammoth,
succulent breasts within easy reach of her mouth to look higher and see the
girls face. Her mouth dropped open again when she saw the resemblance to
Ms. Tarp.
"Uh, sure, we can take her," Trisha said as she swallowed the pool of drool
that had formed in the back of her throat. "I'm Trisha," she said as she
extended her hand, "and this is Barb."
"Hi girls. I'm Jane," she said shaking their hands.
"Well come on, let's go," Trisha said as she elbowed Barb to lead the way.
The three girls chitchatted as they slowly walked down the empty
corridor. Trish and Barb pumped the young teen for information. They wanted
to know what she knew about Jenna's submission and it turned out that she
knew nothing. In fact, Jenna didn't even know she had a cousin. Jane had
only learned of Jenna about a month ago when her mom told her she had a
s****r Linda that she hadn't seen for years and that she'd heard Linda had
raised her other s****r's daughter after she died in an accident when the
girl was just a c***d.
As the trio strolled past the library, Trisha got a brilliant idea. What
better way to indoctrinate Ms. Tarp's long lost cousin than to have her
wait in the library with old s****r Elizabeth? s****r Elizabeth was well
known throughout the school for her blatant groping of the students. She
had been assigned to the library because of its infrequent contact with the
students and its public setting. Both things designed to limit her tendency
to 'feel up' some of the girls. Even Trisha hated the old nun because of
her shameless gooses in crowded hallways. When students saw her coming they
knew to give her a wide berth or risk a hand under their skirt or worse.
"Hey," Trish stopped, "I think it'd be best if we had Jane wait in here
until Ms. Tarp's class finishes," she said with a wink to Barb.
Instantly reading her friends' evil mind, Barb agreed, "Yeah, you're
Taking Jane by both arms the two girls ushered the unsuspecting teenager
into the library. "We'll introduce you to the librarian," informed Trisha,
barely able to contain her excitement at the thought of watching the old
nun grope the gorgeous teen.
s****r Elizabeth was sitting behind her desk doing paperwork when the
library doors swung open and three girls walked in. Looking over the top of
her glasses, she pushed them back on her nose to sharpen the fuzzy image of
three females. Her eyes widened and her tongue swept past her wrinkled lips
as her vision cleared on the center pair of tits.
"s****r Elizabeth can Ms. Tarp's cousin wait here for a couple hours until
Ms. Tarp's classes finish?" asked Trisha sweetly, knowing full well that
giving s****r Elizabeth a couple hours ALONE with a babe like this was like
throwing meat to a lion.
Choking on her own good fortune, s****r Elizabeth grunted, "Sure. But you
two can't stay." There was no way she was going to let a couple students
ruin an otherwise perfect opportunity. "You leave now, hear?"
"Okay, thanks s****r," giddily replied Trisha as she grabbed Barb's arm and
faked like they were going to leave.
After pushing open the library door, the two quickly ducked behind a
bookcase to safely watch the action that was sure to come.
s****r Elizabeth upon hearing the door close came out from behind her desk
and sized up the young delicacy that stood before her, "A cousin, eh?" she
began, "if you don't mind, could you give me a" she let her voice trail
off, "hand(ful)".
"Sure, be happy too," chirped the naive teenager. "What do you need help
"See these books over here?" s****r Elizabeth pointed with one hand while
the other made its way onto Jane's back and began to rub small circles
around her bra strap, "I need them put up on the top shelf over there. See
the ladder?"
"Uh huh," acknowledged Jane, ignoring the nice old nun's overture.
Jane picked up a small stack of the dusty old books and pulled them to her
chest and headed for the ladder. Clutching the books tightly she carefully
climbed up the ladder until her ass was just at s****r Elizabeth's face.
"That's far enough," s****r Elizabeth said, "put them on that shelf there."
She pointed to shelf that would cause Jane to reach, hoping that she'd
spread her legs for balance.
"I don't think I can reach it," whimpered a shaky Jane.
"Sure you can, just do it. Here, let me help you." The old nun ran her icy
cold lumpy fingers along Jane's outer thighs and upward toward her
hips. She intentionally ran her thumbs on the backside of her thighs so
that she fully cupped the firm tight ass with both hands.
"Oh," flinched Jane as the cold fingers made their way under her skirt and
came to rest under her ass. She didn't want to embarrass the old nun and
was sure it was just an accident, so she didn't say anything.
"Now lean over and put them there. I've got you."
Uncertain how much help this old woman would actually be if she slipped and
fell, Jane hesitated.
Annoyed and growing impatient, s****r Elizabeth urged, "Go on now. Do
it. Just stick one leg out for balance. I've got you." She squeezed Jane's
taut ass to encourage her and show her that she truly did have her. She
secretly slipped her fingertips into the leg bands of Jane's thong and
slowly started lifting it. She knew Jane was focused on reaching the shelf
and not on where her hands were.
Taking full advantage of Jane's distraught condition, the old nun caressed
and squeezed the twin globes of flesh nearly at will. She kept running her
fingers along the soft skin of Jane's hips and thighs pushing her panties
higher and deeper into her ass and crotch.
Jane knew she had to reach the shelf if she wanted the nun to
stop. Mustering all her will she lifted her left leg and put all her weight
on her right and she leaned out and stretched for the shelf.
When she was at her most vulnerable, the old nun reached around Jane's
front and tightly gripped her panties into a thin cord. With her other hand
pinching the rear part, she see-sawed them deep into the young teen's
pussy, effectively splitting it in two.
Jane groaned, "Ooooohhhhhh," when she felt her panties sc**** across her
clit and bunch in between her lips. She didn't know how this could happen
but figured it was because she was so splayed.
When s****r Elizabeth heard the girl moan she asked, "You okay honey?"
Still balanced on one foot and stretching for the shelf, Jane murmured,
"uh, y-yes, I, uh, think so."
Watching the old nun 'do her thing', Trish and Barb could barely contain
their excitement. Watching the old pervert grope and feel up a gorgeous
unsuspecting female was one thing, but knowing that she was Ms. Tarp's
cousin made it even better. They both reached under their skirts and
secretly slid their panties off to one side and dipped a finger into their
moistened slits. It took all their will not to moan out loud.
"Don't worry. I've got you," encouraged the old nun as she tilted her face
and peered under the teen's skirt. A young pussy so close to her nose was
more than she could bear. The tiny rosebud of her ass was staring her in
her face just begging, 'eat me'. She moved her hands back under the girls
butt cheeks and using her thumbs, she pried open the taut ass and stared at
the perfect tight little asshole just inches from her nose. It was taking
all her will not to press her tongue in it.
"There! I did it," squealed an excited Jane as she dropped her leg and
regained her balance after her success.
"Darn it," muttered s****r Elizabeth to herself as her windo w of
opportunity closed with Jane's legs.
Jane climbed down and let out an audible sigh of relief, "Phew. Thank God
that's over."
"Yeah. Thank God," sighed the disappo inted nun.
Suddenly another wonderful opportunity presented itself. "Oh my. You're all
dirty now. Let me dust you off," s****r Elizabeth offered. Without waiting
for permission she started stroking the young teens' massive
breasts. Enthusiastically brushing with both hands, she was delighted to
see two long nipples spring to life.
"Oh, that's okay," stammered an embarrassed Jane as she tried to dust her
own chest off.
"Now STOP THAT!" insisted the old nun. She was getting annoyed and the teen
had her so heated that she was tired of things getting in her way. "I'll do
The old nun grabbed the bottom of Jane's crop top and pulled it out and
away from her stomach. With the other hand she stroked at the fabric,
making sure she ended each stroke at those fabulous nipples.
Seizing an opportunity the old nun told the teen, "Oh, this just won't do,"
she ordered, "Raise your arms."
Jane didn't know what to make of the situation. She knew the old nun was
just trying to be helpful, but her top wasn't even that dirty, just a
couple smudges. Before she could even rationalize why the nun was making
such a big deal about nothing, she instinctively did as the nun ordered and
raised her arms.
Maybe it was all those years in Catholic school that made her so obedient
to the directives of a nun or maybe it was the nun's age or perhaps it was
the tone of voice she used or maybe it was because the nun was so much
taller than she. In any case, Jane never really questioned 'why', she just
did it.
But before Jane even figured it out, her top was yanked over her head and
off her arms.
"There now, let me get this cleaned up for you."
Jane cringed with embarrassment and crossed her arms over her chest.
"Now, now," started s****r Elizabeth, "there's no need for that. We're all
girls here," she smirked.
Jane smiled at her silliness and began to relax. "Yes, you're right. It
just took me a little by surprise. That's all."
"Let me check your bra to make sure none of this dirt made it through. Drop
your arms!" sternly ordered the nun, sensing Jane's submissive nature.
Jane immediately did as she was told. She didn't even know why, she just
did it.
Trish looked Barb as the two secretly crouched behind a bookcase. Barb knew
what the look was for. They both could see that Jane was ripe for the
picking. She was so submissive already. Furiously their fingers worked on
their throbbing clits as visions of mastering another little Tarp danced in
their heads.
The old nun grabbed the two huge melons like she were holding a
basketball. She lifted and hefted the huge pair of tits and pretended to
examine the bra for dirt.
Jane just stood there. Embarrassed, yes, but she just let the nun conduct
her silly inspection anyway. It was funny though, as she looked down at the
nun's old wrinkled bumpy fingers supporting her breasts as they did, Jane
felt something in her stomach. It was like a twinge or something. Seeing
those old hands manipulate her breasts the way they were was strange. The
old ladies face was so close to them, too.
Bending forward at the waist, s****r Elizabeth leaned close to the young
teens tits. So close in fact, that she could smell them. The aroma of damp,
dewy nervous sweat that clung to the girls' cleavage was intoxicating. She
lifted the breasts as she squeezed them together.
"Ooohhh," sighed Jane inadvertently. She bit her lower lip and hoped the
old nun didn't hear her mistaken sigh. "Can you please finish?" she
whispered hoping not to offend the old woman.
"My eyes aren't what they used to be," she said. "Come over here in the
light." She took Jane by the hand and led the young teen in front of one of
the large glass windows where sunlight poured through and overlooked the
playground where the underclass c***dren were playing. She faced Jane
toward the window and with her back to the glass she began her inspection
Jane stood there with her arms at her sides looking over top of the
crouching nun and out the window. Several grade school age girls noticed
her right away and watched the proceedings with interest.
"Can we move to somewhere more private?" Jane meekly requested.
"Oh stop being such a prude. It's not like they don't have these too you
Jane thought for minute and realized the nun was right. They were all girls
after all.
"Hmmmm," hummed the nun as she lifted, twisted and squeezed the huge pair
of tits. Her thumbs flicked across Jane's hardened nipples. The thin
material barely did anything to stop them from protruding to their full
With each flick across her nipples, Jane became weaker. Her eyes kept
closing and her breathing became shallower. She had to find out how much
longer the inspection was going to take. All the nun's manipulations were
having a strange effect on her and she didn't know what to do. Quietly she
pleaded, "Uh, may I ask, uh, how much, uh, longer will this take?"
s****r Elizabeth realized she had to get on with it or risk losing another
opportunity. "Can't tell if this is dirt or a shadow," she said flicking
her thumbs repeatedly across the pointy nipples. "Turn around."
Gladly, Jane turned around. Anything to stop the continuous sensation she
was feeling in her stomach that started at her nipples. The brief pause was
a welcome relief.
With the quick motion of experienced hands, s****r Elizabeth unclasped
Jane's bra and flicked it off her chest and arms with one bold movement.
Jane vainly tried to cover herself when she felt the support drop from her
breasts. "Hey!" she cried.
"STOP IT!" scolded the nun, "and TURN AROUND!"
The sharpness in the old nun's tone sent a shiver of fear up Jane's
spine. Without thinking she spun around and faced the old lady.
"That's better. Now drop your arms and stop being such a prude."
Reluctantly, Jane lowered her arms.
Outside several more girls had stopped playing and began watching. Jane's
discomfort grew as more girls caught wind of something happening in the
library and opted to check it out as opposed to playing on recess. A small
group of six or so had formed a semi-circle and weren't more than ten feet
Small beads of sweat formed on Janes' forehead and she wasn't sure if it
was from the situation or the sun.
"Oh my," breathed the old nun, "I think this bra was way too small for you
deary," she continued as she circled behind the unsuspecting teenager. "See
all those lines," she said as she slipped her hands under Jane's armpits
and cupped her breasts from behind.
Jane looked down as the nun hefted up her breasts. She was right. There
were lines of constraint on them. Funny, it never seemed to bother her
"And look," purred the nun as leaned in against Jane and whispered in her
ear, "see how your nipples can stretch out now? Doesn't it feel good when
they're free like this?" the old nun cooed as she gently pinched the
elongated nipples between her finger and thumb and lightly pulled them out
from her breasts.
Jane's knees became weak. The sensation was incredible. No one had ever
done that before. She'd never been with a boy, or girl, before for that
matter. All the boys thought she was way too beautiful to date, so she
never did. Jane was as virgin as they come.
The old nun's warm breath on her sensitive neck sent goose bumps streaming
down her back and arms. Jane's head began to roll loosely on her neck.
s****r Elizabeth didn't realize what she had in her hands. As she looked
out at the growing group of grade school age girls, she upped the ante. She
kissed and licked Jane's neck and milked her breasts with long sensual
strokes ending with firm stretches on her nipples.
Jane didn't know what she was feeling. It was as if she was losing
consciousness. She was having trouble keeping her eyes open and her knees
were weak. What was happening to her?
The old nun's fingers may have been old but they hadn't lost their sense of
touch. She could feel the unmistakable bristling and bumpiness of aroused
nipple. She knew her manipulations were having their desired effect. With
even greater f***e she cupped and squeezed on the voluptuous set of teenage
breasts. Tugging on those inch long nipples was a delight unlike any
other. Unrestrained the old nun bit down on the girls neck and shoulder and
ran her slithery dagger up to her ear.
"OOOOOHHHHHHH," loudly groaned Jane as she tilted her head away from the
tongue; thus encouraging it to continue.
s****r Elizabeth just about had the limp teenager where she wanted her. She
silently slipped one hand down Jane's stomach and dipped her fingertips
into the waistband. She looked outside at the group of girls eagerly
watching her lewd display and mouthed, "Should I?"
An excited nod from the girls was enough for her. s****r Elizabeth f***ed
Jane's skirt and panties off one hip before running her hand across the
girls tight abdomen and pushing down the other side. The soft firm skin
that encased the youthful waistline was incredible. s****r Elizabeth knew
the young teen must work out. No way do you get this firm if you don't.
Jane was a mental mess. Wild sensations rippled up and down her body with
reckless abandon. This nun's inspection for dirt had progressed to a place
Jane had never been before. She was like a limp dishrag. Putty in the hands
of the potter.
Running her tongue and lips along the exposed shoulder and neck of the
wanton teen, the old nun knew that with one good push on the waistband of
her skirt the teen would be completely naked.
Now numbering at least a dozen, the girls began to press in close to the
window. Using their hands to form dark tunnels, the girls leaned into the
window for the ultimate look. They could see the tiny petite teenage being
dwarfed from behind by the much larger and black clothed nun. The waistline
on the girls skirt was just above her pubic hairline and they eagerly
watched as the nun ran her hand behind the teen to her ass and begin to
push down. With a thump, it fell to the ground around her ankles.
s****r Elizabeth was in a world all her own. With one hand she continued
her relentless massage and tugs on Jane's breast and nipple and with the
other she slowly and seductively let her fingers dance along her hips,
buttocks and stomach. She teased the young teen, never really touching her
virgin pussy, just delicately brushing over her pubic hair. She knew she
was driving the girl to orgasm.
Jane could barely stand. Her eyes rolled around in her head. She could
barely breathe. Her stomach twitched each time the old nun's hand came
anywhere close to her pussy. The lightness of her touch was sending shivers
of uncontrollable arousal throughout her young body. Something was
happening to her and she didn't know what. Something deep inside her was
building. She felt like she had to pee or something.
s****r Elizabeth wanted Jane's ass in the worst way. She pulled her close
and pressed in. She nibbled her neck and licked at her ear. Jane's moans
said all she needed to hear. She whispered in the girls' ear, "Spread your
Jane stepped out of her skirt and panties that had trapped her feet and she
spread her legs.
Jane just did it.
With one hand still working on those massive tits, s****r Elizabeth pushed
her own hips back slightly and ran her other hand under Jane's bottom.
"Mmmmmmm," Jane moaned when she felt fingertips strumming at her fleshy
Not wanting to give the teen an option, s****r Elizabeth cooed, "Feels good
doesn't it sweetie?"
"Mmm hmmm," acknowledged the helpless teen.
That was all the old nun needed. She knew the girl was close to orgasm and
she was determined to make her have one in front of all those schoolgirls
watching her. Delicately probing for the entrance to Jane's asshole, the
old lady kept poking at her bottom. When she expertly located the tiny
puckered hole she withdrew her hand put it to Jane's mouth. She pushed her
middle finger into her mouth and whispered, "Suck it."
Jane obediently did as she was told. She didn't know what else to do. She
was at the mercy of the old nun.
s****r Elizabeth withdrew her freshly moistened finger and slipped it back
under Jane's tight bottom. Using her index finger and ring finger to part
the teens butt, she carefully relocated the tiny anus with the tip of her
middle finger. With gently increasing pressure she pushed her lumpy digit
inside and started finger fucking the girls ass.
Jane moaned loudly, "OOOOOHHHHHH," as the digit entered. Instinctively she
clenched her cheeks together, but it was too late. The slippery finger had
pushed in to the last knuckle. As it began to move around Jane could no
longer contain the pressure in her stomach.
With loud moans and groans, Jane had her first orgasm. Her pussy and ass
tightened repeatedly and her loin spilled copious amounts of girl cum. She
couldn't help but buck her hips in response. It just seemed natural to
It was all the old nun could do to keep her middle finger buried in the
girls ass. The pressure she generated when her ass tightened with orgasm
was almost painful. s****r Elizabeth loved it. She kissed the limp
teenagers neck and wrapped her arm around her for support as the girls'
orgasm subsided.
Jane was almost lifeless as she drooped in the nun's arms. The old nun
withdrew her middle finger from the girls ass and f***ed it in the girls
mouth. "Lick it you little slut. Clean your ass off my finger, whore."
The harshness of the nun's words aroused Jane from her state of
limpness. As she drifted to her knees while the crowd of young girls
watched outside, she slowly became aware o f her surroundings. Groggily, she
realized that she was naked.
s****r Elizabeth was intent on putting the final touches to an otherwise
perfect afternoon. Still standing behind her she grabbed the teen's hair on
top of her head and yanked it backward. Then being sure not to disturb the
girls view of the crowd of girls outside watching her defilement, she
reached around Jane's face and jammed her wrinkly old middle finger in her
mouth and growled, "I said SUCK IT, WHORE. Clean your ASS off my FINGER!"
Jane winced as her head was jerked from back and shaken side-to-side. The
wrinkled old finger tasted dirty and musty. She felt like crying as she
looked in the faces of the schoolgirls outside while being f***ed to bathe
the old nun's finger with her own spittle and tongue.
Whispering softly Trisha sighed, "Clean it good, whore," as she leaned back
in orgasm. Barb, too, had a wonderful orgasm as they watched the old nun
finger fuck Jane's face with a dirty digit. Their mission complete, they
lapped their own cum from their fingers and secretly snuck out the door.
Jenna was glad the school year was finally winding to a close. She yearned
for a peaceful summer and hoped Trisha's parents would take her on a nice
long vacation somewhere far far away. The late afternoon sun shone brightly
through her classroom window and warmed her desk. She sighed as she looked
out the window and felt a little sl**py. One more period to go and she
could head home for the night. The day had been pretty quiet since Trisha
had been off on a field trip and as much as she hated to admit it she
almost missed the mean little teen. There was something odd about having
the freedom to do 'normal' things for a change. It felt strange. She felt
Jenna shuddered when she recalled the events of the night before. When
Trisha made her strip and walk down that dark scary street it frightened
her. And then when those horrible teenage girls did what they did to her,
"Oh!" she gasped. She never wanted to go back there again.
Jenna straightened her wig and crossed her legs. The recurring memory of
walking down that darkening street and stripping kept spinning in Jenna's
mind. She wondered what she must have looked like. "Certainly that bum
thought I looked good", she mused to herself with a grin.
Tiny tingles electrified Jenna's skin when she closed her eyes and pictured
herself naked in the park and "oh, those girls," she moaned softly, "those
awful girls." Jenna wasn't ready to admit it j ust yet, but there was
something very exhilarating about that night. Being 'taken' in the park
that way was...Jenna paused and opened her eyes. She shook her head,
disbelieving that she was even thinking like this. What had gotten into
She got up and puttered around her classroom attempting to clear her mind
of such thoughts. It appalled her to think for one minute that the dreadful
events of the night before were somehow...dare she say, exciting? Jenna
shuddered at the thought, yet there it was, plain as day.
Overhead the loudspeaker bellowed, "Ms. Tarp, come to the office for a
telephone call, Ms. Tarp, telephone call in the office. Thank you."
Jenna tugged at her tiny skirt and straightened her tube top that barely
held her large breasts and did nothing to cover her awful tattoo. With her
four-inch pumps loudly clicking in the barren hallway, Jenna made her way
toward the office. "I wonder who's calling me here at the school?" Jenna
wasn't used to such disturbances and her curiosity was killing her. Who and
why someone would call her during the school day was highly unusual and her
anticipation grew into anxiety and she didn't even know why.
As she entered the school office the secretary just thumbed to the phone
sitting on the desk. Alone in the office except for the secretary, Jenna
felt an overwhelming urge to keep her voice down as she answered, "Uh,
"Jenna Tarp?" asked the female voice on the other end.
Feeling somewhat nervous that this person knew her name and Jenna didn't
know hers, she reluctantly replied, "Uh, y-yes, this is Jenna."
"Hello Jenna. I know you don't know me," began the assertive sounding
teenage voice, "but I know you."
Jenna felt a twinge of anxiety flash through her body. Her skin broke out
in a thin layer of sweat as numerous possibilities bounced around in her
head. Being 'known' by someone else could mean so many dangerous
things. Her job, her career, her reputation could all be at stake. What'd
it all mean?
The voice began again, "I have a business card with your name on it. Do you
know what business card I'm talking about?"
Jenna's heart sank. She felt flush and faint. "Oh my gawd," she gasped to
herself, "those CARDS!"
The long pause caused the caller to repeat, "Ms. Tarp, do you know what
cards I'm talking about?"
Jenna blinked repeatedly to clear her mind. Her mouth felt dry and she
found it hard to swallow. She knew she had to reply but what should she
say? Should she deny any knowledge? If she did and the caller really knew
about her, what would the caller do? Did she know Trisha? Had she seen her
get her haircut, her tattoo's, her body wax or had she seen her perform one
of the numerous sick and depraved things that Trisha had made her do
Jenna's mind clogged with the possibilities. Despite her confusion she
blindly choked out the words, "Y-yes, I know the card."
"Is it yours?" asked the caller.
"Y-yes," Jenna stammered at the awful admission.
"Is it true what it says here? That you're a lesbian teacher at
St. Monica's School for Girls and your motto is: "Have tongue, will grovel"
and that you will service for free and Party's are welcome?"
Jenna had no idea that when Trisha had made her walk the street and strip,
she had secretly littered the street with those awful business cards,
too. Jenna had no way of knowing that those girls had stumbled upon her
trail of cards and clothes and just put two and two together.
Giddiness weaved into the caller's voice when she heard Jenna's
admission. Jenna heard the mouthpiece get muffled with a hand and mumbling
take place on the other end. Although she couldn't make out what was being
said, Jenna could definitely tell that the voices were excited. It was as
if her admission had been like hitting the jackpot for the caller on the
other end.
"Do you have a pen and paper?" came the urgent sounding voice.
Jenna looked around the desk and gathered up the necessary tools. An
anxious grimace on her face she replied, "Yes, I have them."
"Take down this address," instructed the caller as she detailed a time and
place where Jenna was to meet her. "Be there and be ON TIME!"
Jenna was mortified. She didn't know what to do or say. Meeting some
stranger was scary enough, but Jenna knew the general vicinity of this
address and it was near that terrible park from the night before.
"Did you hear? Be ON TIME, slut!" asserted the young sounding voice.
Instinctively Jenna replied, "Okay, I'll be on time." Jenna's heart pounded
with anticipation. To make this time she'd have to leave right after
When Jenna's last class let out for the day, she gathered her things and
scurried to her car. Thankfully she hadn't encountered Trisha or any of her
friends and she actually stood a shot at making the designated time.
As she headed toward the address, the warm afternoon sun did little to help
cool her nervousness. Jenna's pulse quickened when she realized she
wouldn't have time to change. "Oh no," she said aloud as she steered her
car through the old part of town. She leaned forward hoping no one would
look in at her. Wearing only two narrow tubes for clothing was risky. She
knew that neither one of them did very much to cover her no matter how she
tried to adjust them.
She rolled to a stop at a stop sign on a street that looked strangely
familiar. She glanced left and right, reading street signs and verifying
addresses. She was on the right street and getting very close to her
destination. She could see the street ended about four blocks ahead and
that's when it hit her. This was the same street Trisha had made her strip
A cold sweat covered her skin as she slowly glided her car closer to the
park. She kept scanning the deserted looking warehouses for addresses as
she got closer and closer. She stopped her car when the addresses
matched. She was at the exact spot Trisha had dropped her off and made her
begin her humiliating strip tease into the park.
Jenna looked around as she cautiously opened her door. Fortunately the
street was deserted. She slid her legs out together and slowly stood. She
kept tugging at her narrow tube skirt pulling it down to cover her bald
pussy, yet not down too far as to show too much of her ass. It was a
balancing act she had grown accustomed to performing.
Jenna looked up at the old brick building with the address in stone above
the door. It looked like this place must be an apartment complex for
homeless people or something. As she tentatively walked up the steps to the
front door she took one last look up and down the street.
Blinking at the afternoon sun as it began to set behind the park off in the
distance, Jenna saw a small group of ten or so young girls emerge from the
park entrance. She saw them emphatically pointing in her direction and then
take off running toward her.
Scared and frightened of a repeat of the other night, Jenna frantically
twisted the knob on the door and pushed her way in. Stairs greeted her and
she didn't know which way to run. "Upstairs, downstairs," she panicked in
her mind. Jenna scampered down the stairs of the old building. When she hit
the landing at the bottom, a large corridor opened to a dirty, noisy boiler
room. Jenna quickly scanned the area, which was filled with nasty old pipes
overhead and along the walls and smelled musty like urine and mold. She
knew rats probably ran rampant in there and she cursed her decision to go
'down' and not 'up'.
The lighting was horrible, too. She groped her way along a wall and hoped
she wouldn't 'touch' anything. Hissing pipes and noisy generators
camouflaged her clacking heels. Jenna turned into a small opening that she
hoped would lead to a good hiding place.
Panic at not knowing which way the gang went motivated Jenna to hurry. She
slipped behind another large piece of machinery that stood between her and
another hallway. The hallway beyond had several doorways lining each side
and Jenna hoped she could find one open or better yet, maybe someone to
help her. As she took a step toward the hall, her heel sank into the floor.
Jenna froze and looked down, "Dammit!" she said aloud when she saw the
large metal grate beneath her. Her heel was jammed tightly in the grate and
it wasn't coming out! Jenna struggled for several seconds but it seemed
like minutes. Fear of getting caught by the group of girls was filled her
mind with panic. She wasn't thinking clearly and didn't know what to
do. She repeatedly pulled up on her foot but it wasn't coming out.
Meanwhile the gang of girls entered the building. Huffing and puffing at
just having sprinted for two blocks they asked each other where they
thought their prey had gone.
"Well," puffed one girl, "if she went down there, she can stay there. I'm
not going down there."
The other girls nodded their agreement and scampered upstairs hoping the
young teacher had gone there. The girls all knew the old janitor who ran
the building was as tough a 'woman', if you could call her a 'woman', as
any of them had ever seen. They'd seen her beat up two homeless guys once
and finish them off by grinding her meaty pussy in their faces. Those two
guys were never heard from again after that.
Streams of hissing steam and rattling motors masked Jenna's squeals and
grunts as she yanked up on her foot. She felt trapped and her mind went
blank. Logical solutions to her temporary entrapment never entered her
The dimly lit hallway just a few feet in front of her framed Jenna's tiny
slim silhouette. Her large breasts uniformly bounced with each lunging tug
on her foot. The heat and humidity in the room was beginning to show itself
as a thin layer of sweat on Jenna's skin.
When the door at the end of the hallway opened, Jenna froze. From the
darkness emerged a solid lumpy frame. "Oh NO!" she panicked in her
mind. The rumpled dumpy old man hadn't seen her yet and the tiny teacher
didn't know what to do. She was trapped.
As the husky figure grew closer, Jenna saw the tall, thick-armed man reach
in the back of his overalls and pull out a handkerchief and loudly blow his
nose. Jenna secretly prayed she'd become invisible. She did her best to
cover herself and not move. But it was all for naught.
When the old man stepped past the last light bulb overhead, he
stopped. Jamming the hanky back in his pocket a smile creased his lips and
Jenna shuddered.
"Please," screamed Jenna over the loud grinding motors, "I'm stuck. Can you
help me?" Jenna hoped her predicament would get her some sympathy from the
old janitor as he moved a bit closer as if not believing his eyes.
"Well, well, well, what have we here?" chuckled the gruff sounding voice.
"I'm lost and I got my shoe stuck. Please help me. Please!" Jenna
pleaded. She hoped upon hope that the old man wouldn't molest her, but
there was something strange in his eyes that made Jenna's discomfort rise
faster than her panic.
When the janitor stood over the hunching teacher, Jenna suddenly realized
that it wasn't a man after all but a WOMAN! The husky janitor was a large
framed woman who could have easily passed for a man, she thought to
herself. She was tall, very tall for a woman, nearly six foot and she was
big and strong, not fat but strong and muscular. Jenna noticed her big
thick hands were calloused and hard looking. The woman's arms were thick
and muscular, too. Her waist wasn't that thin, but it wasn't fat
either. The woman was just plain big. Her short-cropped blonde hair was
frazzled and dirty and framed her thick sweaty face. Jenna could see this
woman had worked her entire life in a place like this and it was her
comfort zone. The dirty bib overalls hung from her t-shirt covered chest
and upper body. Deep down Jenna knew this woman could crush her like a
g**** if she wanted to.
The old janitor leered at the near naked prize trapped like a small a****l
in a snare. She could sense the young woman's fear and she fed on it. The
young woman's huge milky white tits heaved with anxiety. The girls' skin
was covered in a thin layer of sweat and glistened and beckoned to be
touched. The janitor's knowledge that the two of them were alone in this
dark, dank, noisy place was exciting. She knew that rarely, if at all, did
anyone venture down there and certainly no one like this tiny little piece
of pussy, that was for sure. She glanced around to see if the girl was
alone and she asked, "You alone down here, girlie?"
Jenna wanted to say 'no', but she couldn't stop her head from sheepishly
nodding, "yes".
The janitor couldn't believe her luck. She straightened a bit, which made
her seem even more imposing. "Really?" she mused. Seeing that the young
woman was barely clad in clothing she asked, "Where's your clothes, girlie?
Don't tell me you run around like that all day."
Jenna was afraid and she found herself blindly answering the woman's
questions with utmost honesty, "Y-yes, this is my prescribed uniform," she
blurted out without thinking.
"Prescribed uniform," huffed the janitor, "prescribed by whom?"
Jenna instantly knew the woman was educated and she respected her for
it. She began to explain Trisha's instructions and said, "By my..." then
Jenna paused. She didn't know how to describe her relationship with
Trisha. As she tugged at her shoe, she looked up at the large hulking frame
and into the woman's deep set eyes. Jenna felt stupid saying that Trisha, a
young teenage girl was in charge of her, especially to a big domineering
woman like this. She realized the best way to describe her relationship was
to let the woman read her breasts. Reluctantly Jenna dropped her arms, drew
her shoulders back and pushed her tits outward.
Reading the small woman's tattoo on her huge soft buxom breasts, the woman
asked, "Who the Hell is Trisha?"
Embarrassed but backed into a corner, Jenna looked down and meekly replied,
"She's one of my students at St. Monica's." Jenna felt ashamed and
"A STUDENT?!" laughed the janitor loudly. "Kee-rist!" she exclaimed as she
grabbed Jenna's tube top and yanked it over the unsuspecting girls head.
"OOH!" Jenna squealed as her tits bounced with freedom. She tried to cover
her bulging breasts with her hands and arms, but it was useless. Her tits
were just too large to cover effectively and she knew it.
The janitor tossed the tiny elastic top over her shoulder. She glared at
the small quivering girl's blinking eyes as she desperately tried to cover
herself. With her big thick hand she grabbed both of Jenna's wrist and
jerked them over her head.
Jenna gasped out loud, "OH!" as her arms were pulled overhead. Her breath
quickened and her nipples hardened when she was f***ed to stand topless in
front of this large hulking woman. "Please," Jenna sniffled, "p-please
don't hurt me."
"Hurt you?" chuckled the woman, "I'm not gonna hurt you." With her other
hand she fully grabbed Jenna's tits. She massaged them openly, working the
thin layer of sweat into the young woman's skin.
Jenna squirmed as the strong calloused hand massaged her tits. No one's
hand had ever been able to fully encompass her breasts before and it sent
wild sensations through Jenna. Feeling the woman's calloused palm sc****
against her nipples sent shivers up her spine. She squirmed and wiggled
like a belly dancer under the woman's grasp.
Jenna's movements heightened the janitor's arousal and convinced her that
the little whore welcomed her blatant intrusion. "You like this don't you?"
Jenna's mind was clouding fast. Strange bursts of arousal pulsed into her
loin each time the woman's thick hand squeezed and groped her tits. She was
beginning to feel weak and it worried her. Her eyes kept closing and her
breathing quickened.
The janitor sensed Jenna's inability or unwillingness to struggle much. She
reached in her back pocket and pulled out a roll of duct tape. Using her
tooth to start a strip, she quickly wrapped it around Jenna's wrists and
threw it up over a pipe overhead. She yanked down hard and pulled the young
girls wrists firmly overhead, effectively stretching her tightly. The noisy
machinery muffled Jenna's pleas and gave the janitor all the more cause to
With the young woman secured overhead to the pipe and one foot still wedged
in the grate below, the janitor knelt down and took hold of Jenna's loose
foot and spread her foot to the side and then pushed her heel deeply into
the grate.
Jenna was spread-eagled and trapped. Still reeling from the janitor's
manipulations of her breasts, Jenna only whimpered her disapproval.
Eyeing her helpless prize the janitor reached out with both hands and
cupped the young woman's breasts in both hands. She lifted them and flicked
at her hardened nipples with her thumbs before leaning down and sucking on
them like they were the last pair of luscious tits on earth. She bathed the
girls' tits with her tongue and lips, tugging and sucking on the large
swollen nipples with reckless abandon.
Jenna could only whimper. She hung from the pipe overhead and the most she
could do was twist a little. Each time she did, all she managed to do was
push the other nipple into the janitors' hot mouth. The coarseness of the
janitors' tongue as it sc****d Jenna's sensitive nipple sent continuous
twitches to her moistening slit.
Being so helpless made Jenna feel strange. It was scary, but the woman's
gestures weren't aggressive or hurtful. The way she caressed her breasts
and suckled her nipples sent shivers up Jenna's spine. A trickle of sweat
squished between her ass cheeks as she squirmed.
The janitor ran her big hands under Jenna's arms and lifted her a little as
she ran her tongue from one breast to the other. Gently, yet firmly she
squeezed the young woman's sides as she slowly ran her hands to her
hips. Hearing the young woman squeal and pant when she rubbed the girls
taut stomach with her flat palm, inspired the janitor to continue.
Firmly she dipped her thick fingertips into the waistband of the young
woman's skirt and pushed down. The elastic material easily gave way. The
janitor felt the hairless mound push against her palm as she cupped and
squeezed the tiny mound.
Jenna could only moan as the wide palm gently held her pussy and
squeezed. The janitor's fingertips pressed against her anus, while her
thumb rested above her pubic area. Firm squeezes sent copious amounts of
fluid into Jenna's pussy, despite her inner desires to not show signs of
With one hand working over Jenna's tits and the other dipped in her skirt
and gently massaging the young woman's swollen mound, the janitor ran her
tongue up to Jenna's neck. When the young woman groaned loudly and tilted
her head so as to give her better access, the janitor knew she had her.
Using two fingers in alternating fashion, the janitor massaged the girls'
oozing slit. Hearing her heavy pants and feeling her hips push toward her
hand, she slipped a thick digit into the waiting hole.
"OOOOOHHHHHH," Jenna moaned loudly as the janitors' finger pushed inside
her. She tightened her abdomen and tilted her hips on the woman's
hand. Jenna couldn't help herself. All the woman's manipulations were
driving her mad. Being bound as she were and finger fucked while her tits
were sucked and her neck licked was more than the young teacher could
endure. "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH," she groaned as two thick fingers pushed into
her wanton slit. Jenna thrust her hips forward and tried to grind her pussy
on the woman's hand.
The janitor bit down hard on Jenna's neck and heard the young woman squeal
with delight. The girl started bucking her hips on her fingers and she
responded by fucking her harder and faster. Her hand was coated with
slippery girl juice, which told the janitor all she needed to know.
"You like this don't you whore?" the janitor breathed into Jenna's ear.
Jenna was beyond herself. Not only did she need to cum, but she WANTED to
cum. She wanted this big, husky, disgusting woman to MAKE her cum. "YES!"
she cried aloud, "I love it! Make me cum, PLEASE!" Jenna begged.
Before she knew it, the janitor had cut off her skirt with a razor
blade. She was naked and duct taped to a pipe overhead and the heels of her
shoes secured her feet. This hulk of a woman was now between her legs and
sucking on her pussy. Jenna was cumming in buckets and she couldn't stop.
Gushes of girl cum squirted from the young woman's pussy. The janitor
sucked and lapped at it all. Her thick tongue darted in and out of the
young woman's pussy and licked upward in long strokes that sc****d across
the girls swollen clit. She gripped the girls' ass cheeks tightly and
squeezed them together as she pulled the bucking girls hips into her mouth.
Each time Jenna came, she looked down at the woman's face and squeezed her
cunt forcing liquid from her loin. She was performing one of the most
disgusting acts in her life. A sick pleasure rocketed through her soul as
Jenna grit her teeth and bore down to expel girl cum into this woman's
mouth. She was deriving actual pleasure by f***efully cumming into another
woman's mouth. Jenna didn't understand it, but it felt powerful.
Gripping at the tape securing her hands, Jenna moaned and groaned as she
reached yet another orgasm. The sweaty heat from this dirty depraved act
was intoxicating. Jenna thrust her hips forward, looked down at the filthy
janitor nestled neatly between her legs and squeezed her loin again. Still
more girl cum jetted from her pussy as the lewdness of her act threw her
over the edge again.
Jenna had just done something she had never done before. She came because
she WANTED to cum. And it felt WONDERFUL. Her pussy throbbed with the after
effects of an awesome orgasm and she went limp as she twisted under the
The janitor felt the girl's pussy stop quivering and she knew the young
girl was spent. She ripped the tape and caught the passed out girl as her
bonds were released. She d****d the naked young woman over her shoulder and
easily pulled her feet free from her shoes. With the naked young woman over
her shoulder she stood and patted her naked ass like a trophy.
The janitor took Jenna into her room at the end of the hall. She laid the
young woman down in her bed covered in filthy sheets and covered her. Jenna
slept for hours.
Wakened by the smell of food, Jenna groggily tried to make sense of her
surroundings. She was naked and in a strange bed. Through the doorway, she
saw the disgusting janitor stirring something on the stove. Things became
clear immediately.
Jenna wrapped herself in the dirty sheet and went into the kitchen. "What
are you making?" she asked shyly.
"Chile," replied the old janitor. Knowing that as much as she'd like to
hold this perfect little whore against her will forever, it was impractical
not to mention i*****l. "If you want to leave, I'll let you if you do one
thing for me first."
Jenna felt a sudden empowerment like she'd never felt before. Trisha had
NEVER asked her for anything, she always TOLD her what to do. It was
strange being asked and Jenna didn't quite know how to react. "What do you
want?" asked Jenna, not quite sure even how to 'ask'.
"Will you sit on my face and fuck me?" asked the janitor almost
A twinge of excitement rushed into Jenna's pussy like never before. This
woman ASKED if she would sit on her face and face fuck her! It didn't make
sense. This woman could easily f***e Jenna to do whatever she wanted, but
she didn't. She ASKED Jenna if she'd do it for her. Jenna swelled
inside. She dropped her sheet and let the large woman stare at her near
perfect nakedness.
Jenna gushed as the woman's eyes roamed her body and filled with lust. "Do
you want me?" Jenna teased. "Do you want me to sit on your face and rub
myself on you?" Jenna nearly creamed her thighs at her own words. She'd
never talked to anyone like that before in her LIFE! Yet seeing this
woman's face practically pleading with her to do it was empowering.
Jenna placed her hands on her hips and swung her hips seductively from
side-to-side and asked again, "Do you want me to sit on your face?"
The janitor was beside herself with arousal. The excitement was
intoxicating. She swooned as she pictured herself on her back and the
perfect little pussy grinding on her face. The eroticism was
overwhelming. "Yes," she exhaled, "oh gawd, YES! Please sit on my face my
little Goddess, PLEASE!"
Jenna almost came at hearing those words. No one had EVER called her a
Goddess before and with such pleading sincerity, too. Seeing that this
older, larger, stronger, more aggressive woman wanted her in ways no one
else had sent shivers of arousal into Jenna like never before. Jenna's
thighs dripped with her arousal. Thoughts of telling this woman to lie on
her back raced through Jenna's mind. Dare she? Dare she TELL her to do
Jenna's pussy flooded with excitement. Her mind reeled with
possibilities. Without the ability to think clearly anymore she ordered,
"Lie on your back." A heady sense of power clouded Jenna's mind. She was
doing something she'd NEVER done before.
Seeing the old janitor scramble to her back and lie there passively nearly
sent Jenna over the edge. Her heart raced at her newfound power and she
straddled to old woman's head and looked down. Lewdly and unashamedly Jenna
reached between her legs and openly massaged her sopping wet pussy, "You
want this?" she breathed as best she could.
"YES! PLEASE!" begged the prone janitor.
Jenna was beside herself. It was as if she were having an out-of-body
experience. She massaged her pussy with one while she tugged and pulled at
a nipple with the other. Her disgusting display of open masturbation as she
stood over this woman was driving her over the edge. Jenna lifted her huge
breast to her mouth and sucked on her nipple as she looked down into the
janitor's eyes.
"PLEASE! OH GAWD, PLEASE SIT ON MY FACE!" begged the woman, "PLEASE!!"
Jenna's power was unmistakable. Hearing this woman beg for her pussy caused
her to gush even more. Her hand was coated in her sloppy goodness and the
thought of actively and willingly participating in a lesbian act was too
much for Jenna. She squatted down and jammed her pussy on the woman's
Both women eagerly did their thing. The janitor licked and sucked on
Jenna's pussy like it was the last one on earth and Jenna ground her pussy
and asshole on the woman's face like the janitor was the worst slut in the
Jenna came in seconds. Her pussy convulsed and twitched as it expelled girl
cum like never before. She groaned loudly, "OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" as she
ground her pussy on the woman's mouth, nose and chin. Her anus tightened
and relaxed in unison with her pussy.
Sweat droplets dribbled down her stomach and ass crack and mixed with her
girl cum to create a tonic so intoxicating that the janitor almost came
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